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Gibbage Cases for the Nokia Lumia 920; Simple, stylish and 3D printed

We've taken a look at Gibbage Cases before with the HTC 8X and recently the designer behind these 3D printed cases, Kevin Miller, expanded to offer similar cases for the Nokia Lumia 920.

The cases are skin like but don't completely cover the sides and backing of the Windows Phones. They offer a stylish alternative with minimal protection from scuff, nicks and dings. These cases may not tickle everyone's fancy but they can make your Nokia Lumia 920 stand out.

Currently, Gibbage Cases is offering seven design patterns for the Lumia 920 (some may be in limited supply). And if you have a custom design, the designer is open to giving it a try (no promises though).

If you followed the development of these cases you'll know that initial prototypes leached colors so the call was made to print them up without color. While the white doesn't look all that bad, these cases are easy to paint and customize. Just shoot a coating of primer and choose your favorite color spray paint.

For our test drive on the Lumia 920 cases, we took the String design around the block. The design reminds me a lot of some of Eddie Van Halen's (opens in new tab) guitars and had I the patient, I would have taped it up and painted it multi-colors. Instead, I opted for the safe route and choose a yellow that would compliment the black casing on my Lumia 920.

The case does have some flex to it, just enough for the corner tabs to pop into place and grab hold of the Windows Phone. The sides of the Gibbage Case is ribbed for additional grip and while the case adds a little bulk to the phone, it's not enough to be burdensome.

The fit is snug enough to stay in place but loose enough to remove without frustration.  Fit and feel is good with just a smidgen of girth added to the Lumia 920.  Not enough to be annoying but noticeable.  

The case mainly offers protection from scratches to the body of the Lumia 920. It also raises the phone when laid face down to lift the screen slightly, avoiding contact with surfaces. It may protect the phone from drops if it lands on a corner or possibly flat on it's back. But I wouldn't test that theory.

Overall, the Gibbage line of cases for the Lumia 920 is a group of stylish, nice cases. It may not turn everyone's tractor but if you're interested, you can find all the details on ordering here at Gibbage Art (opens in new tab) or directly from Shapeways 3D Printing (opens in new tab). Case selection varies based on inventory and run in the neighborhood of $25 and up.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • LOLZ xD no thanks
  • Spiderman yellow style LMAO ahahahaX_X
  • It does look kindacool though but too much if u gonna go out ^.^
  • Nice concept, but too expensive IMO
  • Agreed. I was going to buy one, but then I saw the price.
  • Agreed
  • I'm sorry but that's ugly
  • It looks like the icing that I drizzled on my toaster strudel this morning.
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  • Do not want.
  • Ugh. No way...
  • Love were this is going with 3d printing but the prices are a bit too high. Should be around the $10 to $15
  • It would be hard to sell so low since it cost so much to make
  • I have one but haven't painted it against my white 920. I had to switch to Verizon so I have a new 920 and that exact case unpainted, sad face.
  • Damn, that's ugly. Not sure why its even worth an article. Lol.
  • Because Mr. Gibbage is an active member of our community.
  • I hope they expand this to the 928
  • Nice!  Just bought one!  You cheap people who call this expensive just make me sick.  I'll bet you complain about apps that cost any $$.  Sad, entitlement society.
  • Nope. I am one of the people who called this too expensive. And I have bought multiple apps on the store. But according to me this is not worth the money they are asking for it as of now. Maybe because 3D printing is comparatively new and is not as cost effective.
    This is offering you basic protection, leaving most of the phone areas exposed, no colour options and personally, I even found a couple of designs ugly. For the price gibbage are asking, you can get plenty of beautiful cases from others and offering better protection. Heck, I can buy a number of basic cases (basic protection which is what this offers as well) in different colours and show a different colour each week.
    If they were offering to print what you want on a case then the price asked is justified. That ways you are paying a higher price for something unique.
  • If they were offering to print what you want on a case then the price asked is justified. That ways you are paying a higher price for something unique.
    From his website: "Cases can also be ordered with custom names and logo’s!"
  • How about you buy me one, and I'll pay you back later.  I promise!
  • No one said it should be free.
    To make a successful business, a business owner needs to evaluate value vs material.  What good is it that 10 people would pay $25 for this if 50 people are willing to pay $10?  
    But keep using words you read on  It makes you look so smart.
  • 928! 928! 928!
  • I emailed them about the 928, since that's what I have now. I may go with decal girl as well.
  • I can't find the one from in the article! :/
  • It is called the String case.
  • When I click buy now it says I don't have permission.
  • Oh, my first thought was that it looks kinda cool. Kevin, how much is the shipping to EU?
  • I wanna buy the one from the article, but I can't find that through the article!
  • I would take black for my white 920, but not at that price... Unfortunately I will only be buying it for uniqueness, but as a case it offers very little compare to my at most $15 cases. Maybe if we can work on the costs, he can get much more support.
  • Cool color
  • The one in the pic looks cool only problem I have is I have a focus and work in construction so I need a durable case
  • Wow that actually looks pretty cool. As long as the color or the case and the phone contrast.
    I'm not sure about the appearance on the front though.
  • Cool!!! *-*
  • Just ordered a one... Can't wait to get...
  • I'll send him an email about the 928
  • The biggest problem with the 928 is access too one.  In order to make a 3D printed case, I need to get a 3D scan of the phone and its very expensive.  I also dont have a 928!  I was able to buy a fake 920 on Ebay and have that 3D scanned, but it cost me a lot of money.
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