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GitHub makes private repositories available for free

Github (Image credit: GitHub)

GitHub revealed today that it's making a couple of big changes that should be good news for developers of all stripes. First and foremost: private repositories are now available for free to all users. Second, GitHub's Business Cloud and Enterprise services are being unified under one banner, called "Enterprise Cloud."

The biggest news here for most is the launch of free private repositories. Previously, private repositories were only available for those who shelled out $7 per month for a "Pro" account, or for free with a student account. Now, free users will be able to create an unlimited number of private repositories, with the only catch being that you're limited to three collaborators per private repository.

If the limit on collaborators gets in the way, you can upgrade to a "Pro" account to invite an unlimited number of collaborators and get access to advanced code review tools.

For those using GitHub in enterprise environments, the service's Business Cloud and Enterprise services are now unified in one offering. The new Enterprise Cloud plan will let organizations and businesses access cloud and self-hosted GitHub configurations for a single per-user price.

This is one of the first major changes to hit GitHub since Microsoft acquired the service for $7.5 billion last year. For more, you can check out GitHub's full announcement.

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  • Nice. The fee for personal code repositories is what made me choose BitBucket over GitHub back in the day (plus, I hate git, but have gotten used to it now)
  • I thought this would happen, Microsoft have offered free private git hosting along with other services through visual studio online for many years. I think it's now under azure branding but has never caught as bigger market as git hub.
  • A really good move!