Rainbow Six Siege is the latest edition from a beloved line of tactical shooters. This latest game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, pits teams of 5 players in attack/defend scenarios in highly destructible interior environments.

Gameplay revolves around planning, tactics and equipment, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication.

Defending teams can set up various defences, including staples like trip-mines, but also barbed wire and wall reinforcements. Speaking of which, Rainbow Six Siege utilizes dynamic environmental destruction to allow players to bypass walls, doors, and even floors.

It features a class-based system, with different 'Operators' taking on specific roles. One might have a drone camera, allowing him to sneak around and view the enemy team as they set up their defences. Another might have breaching charges, allowing him to destroy segments of wall or barricaded doors. Operators get unlocked over time by accruing Renown, a system similar to EXP.

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I played a single match at Gamescom 2015, but it probably wasn't a great example as the enemy team were so disorganised. The experience left me feeling that playing with randoms who refuse to communicate probably isn't the best way to play. Despite that, I was impressed with the meticulous design of the game's equipment mechanics, and I gleaned a high level of polish despite it being a comparatively early build. I wish I'd been able to play it with competent players, and thanks to the closed beta, this could be my chance - and yours!

The closed beta will run from September 21st, 2015, and these codes are good for all versions of the game - be it PC, PS4 or Xbox One. During the beta you'll be able to try three game modes:

TDM— Secure Area (PvP)

..."You and your team of attackers must locate the room housing the biochemical agent and hold your position inside for at least 10 consecutive seconds. On the other side, the team of defenders is working to prevent you from locking down the biohazard room by maintaining a presence within the same room. The timer can be interrupted by any defenders entering the room, so the attackers must work to either eliminate them, or force them out of the room."...

TDM— Bomb (PvP)

..."Two bombs have been placed within the objective location. As Attackers, you and your team must attempt to defuse one of the bombs by activating the defuser. Once activated, the defuser will take 45 seconds to disarm the bomb. The Attackers win the round if they can disarm one of the two bombs, or the enemy team is eliminated. The Defenders must prevent the Attackers from activating the defuser, or disable the defuser that already has been activated. The Defenders can also eliminate the enemy team to win."...


..."In the Closed Beta, this is the only Mode in which you will play against AI. Your mission is to eliminate all enemies, the White Masks, to complete your mission. Three difficulty levels are available for you to choose: Normal, Hard and Realistic. In Normal difficulty, no need to worry about time, but in Hard and Realistic, not only will you have more enemies up against you, but you will also be in a race against the clock."...

Keys are now going out! Congratulations if you won! Check your PMs using the link below.

Winners, selected at random, will receive a key via private message. The keys can be redeemed over here at the official Rainbow Six Siege website by hitting "Redeem your guaranteed access code". To enter, you'll need a uPlay account and be over 18 years of age.