Experiencing a bug in the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview? You’re probably not alone

Microsoft recently released the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, but already many consumers who opted to upgrade are experiencing some rather odd glitches. A popular thread is well under way on our community forum, enabling users to share issues they discover while using the latest version of Windows Phone on their devices.

Just like our previous article covering glitches on Windows Phone in general, we're interested to know what you've come across in 8.1. The thread is an invaluable place to not only file these issues, but also to help get some support by reading through to see if anyone has found a solution. There's also a handy reference with frequently reported bugs. Here's just a snippet of what has been shared already:

  • Bug: Screen does not wake up after hitting power button
  • Solution: With Wi-Fi off this doesn't happen on ICON // Remove Photostream app (if installed) // Soft reset your phone
  • Bug: Store icon buggy – updates vanish if not attended to
  • Solution: Force check for updates from within the store settings area
  • Bug: No comma button in keyboard
  • Solution: Settings > Keyboard > Advanced and select the necessary box
  • Bug: Alarms don't work
  • Solution: Remove Windows Phone 8 alarms, set new ones
  • Bug: Apps stored on SD cards are laggy
  • Solution: Use Class 6 or Class 10 SD cards

Windows Phone 8.1

However, it’s worth noting that these glitches you experience in the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers aren't unexpected. This build we’re all using hasn’t been fully optimized yet and firmware updates from carriers and OEMs will likely address any odd things you encounter. A lot of this stuff is likely to be addressed in the final update before it’s pushed over OTA to regular consumers.

So what strange, weird and wonderful things have you discovered while using the Preview for Developers? Be sure to head on over to our forum to join in the discussion.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I can't change the photo for the lockscreen on my Icon, anyone else having this issue?
  • Try lockmix
  • But what about internet connectivity bug?when ever switch on the data,mostly it is not connected
  • I can't get connected on WiFi or data. I tried two different networks and a restart...no luck.
  • Its one awesome lock screen customiser
  • And what about mobile data option in notification +action?why it is not included ?it is most needed
  • I'm with you ...
  • On my Nokia 1520 I had to change the photo on the lock screen, and then power off and back on for it to take.
  • I couldn't change lock screen photo on my 1520. Always now a piano keyboard pic is there.
  • That might be because your theme is synced up with your Windows 8/8.1 PC
  • Works fine on my Icon.
  • Yeah, I can't either. 3rd party app lockscreens work fine. But selecting one of my photos does not. I've tried restarting but does not work.
  • Not so iconic is it?
  • Mine Also, even calendar entries are not changing.
  • That happens with me too! But specifically for some third party apps. Simple calender, the app I just love cant change my lock screen!! It happens that whenever I attempt to do that one stupid preinstalled big wheel photo from the backgrounds folder gets pasted.... every time! Feeling irritated... 
  • Yes sometimes not able to make calls. Have to put into flight mode to fix. No other error showing, not good as possibly not able to receive calls either..
  • Are you on T-mobile? I have an 8x on T-mobile and it is only either on the AT&T network or it says "no service".  All my other phones work fine and they are all showing the T-mobile network. The T-mobile store couldn't figure out a way to fix it either. I like the WP 8.1 upgrade otherwise, but this makes the phone unusable.
  • No I'm in Australia, on the Optus network. I have a full signal at the time of the error, but but able to make calls. It has happened twice now.
  • I am facing this issue daily. Not able to make/ receive calls. SMS is also not working with latest WP 8.1 preview.
  • Mine cleared up and started working fine again the next day. Seems like t-mobile took a bit to get everything connected to the device.  Do turn off wifi calling though if you have T-mobile.  That T-mobile app has a known bug in the wp version that causes mms messages to not send or receive if it is near to or trying to connect to a wifi network of any kind. Typical of T-mobile, they still haven't fixed it after many months.
  • im not able to open texts too no one even MS can not solve it best way is switch to android and put this junk (wp) into the trash
  • None of these bugs are affecting my ATIV S!
  • Not affecting my Lumia 920 either.
  • I'm having a random bug on my ATIV S. I get a SD card error. Scan to fix. I have a class 10 64GB with about 42GB being used. It doesn't happen alot. Probably about 3 times so far. Also when I'm in a app I sometimes have to repeatedly hit the home button.
  • I've seen that when doing soft resets with the volume down/power (lock screen) key on my Lumia 820. That's the only time I've encountered it. When has it cropped up for you?
  • I've had this problem on my Lumia 820 twice now. My one has started restarting itself too and then showing up the 'Scan to fix' thing. Any ideas?
  • But we're getting that flash go off whenever we take a picture using the native camera app now....even with flash set to off.
  • Actually, I've been having this one too. Focus aide maybe? Still annoying.
  • It's not an aide, it's a bug.
  • You can change this behaviour in Photo Settings > Focus Assist Light (at the bottom of the settings list). However, this is not a new issue.. I've had it before WP8.1, somewhere, I remember.
  • Sure it's not the focus light?
  • No issues at all on my Lumia 920
  • Other than annoyingly filtered contacts still showing up when using 'Phone book' from PHONE app, my L920 is also working perfectly with WP8.1.
  • The camera issue sure is though. Have you tried recording video? Siwtch between video and picture mode a few times and the camera will lock up and won't work until you reboot.
  • Had this today. Had to soft reset the phone and then let it scan the card for errors.
  • I also have ativ s which not struggling at all! loving it :) in uk thinking ativ se if it is released here
  • I don't get notifications through mobile network. What can I do?
  • You might have data sense that has expired. I faced the same problem and reset the data sense and it worked.
  • Really? Interesting...
  • Thanks man! Worked! :D
  • That's right, games/apps on class 4 SD cards are really slow and laggy :P (need to buy new one)
  • Same on class 10 for me.
  • I had lag problems on my class 10 card as well, hard reset fixed the problem
  • Hi, I'd like to ask you something, what is your phone? I'd like to know if doing what you did will fix my lag problems. I've a Lumia 520 ;) thanks
  • I got the same problem with class 10 32gb and i can't transfer 1gb game OR bigger to my sd from my phone
  • Fine with me here on Sandisk Ultra MicroSD HC I 32GB. Asphalt 8, FIFA 14 runs fine.
  • Class .... 10 I think 64GB. Things are perfect.
  • Should I buy a new card? I own class 4 card and I want to buy class 10 but people are saying that it's not got either :/
  • Hi, I used a Class 4 and games didn't run good, I bought a Class 10 and didn't change a thing ¬_¬ haha but you could try it ;)
  • Thank you for the comma suggestion. Was driving me crazy!
  • It's actually (the box) still greyed out for me. Why is that?
  • I started to install another keyboard, but before the required reboot, I checked the comma box and then deleted the keyboard I had added. No reboot required!
  • Can't select the comma option. Why is that?
  • It's automatically selected if you only have 1 keyboard installed. If you have more then the comma is replaced by a keyboard selection button unless you check the box.
  • I only have one keyboard but I don't think I have any issues applying comma. It's right there on the screen
  • Because it's always there if you only have 1 keyboard installed. Once you install a second keyboard it's hidden and the keyboard toggle is shown instead. The checkbox makes the comma show when the keyboard toggle is showing but makes your space bar smaller.
  • And this is most likely because people are forcing Cortana from non US regions.
  • You could always long press the dot.
  • Yes, that is also what I do. No problem at all.
  • I didn't know about long pressing the full stop, but I did find the comma when switching to numbers. It was annoying me with the fact it wouldn't appear all the time, but that setting is useful. I guess it's a nice option for people who would like a longer space bar.
  • it slows down your writing A LOT :) especially if youre using languages like Polish wheres more commas than words ^^
  • Am using clasa 10,32 gb SD Card by nokia...in Nokia Lumia 720...still feels laggy
  • Guess it needs some more optimizations
  • I also use class 10 32 gb sd card, Lumia 720 and works fine.
  • I'm using a class 10 64gb sd in my 820 and apps don't feel laggy but storage sense never loads and music takes absolutely forever. At least music's definitely going to be fixed but I presume we'll need an OS update for storage sense to work.
  • Exactly my friend same here.. :(
  • Storage sense won't load for me either... Also, I can't add any email accounts to my phone. My second outlook account and my two Gmail accounts can't sync because the permissions sequence doesn't work. The dialogue box pops up, but when I tap connect it just goes back to the dialogue box endlessly.
  • My 925 is so laggy, and it doesn't even have an SD card slot...
  • I played Angry birds today, and extreme lag, to the point of freezing and then crashing. I have 920, so it is not the SD card problem. Anyone else having problems with this game?
  • I've had Anry Birds Rio freeze on me lately, but it was doing it even before I updated to 8.1.
  • All the games I tried today are as smooth as ever. Angry birds, Asphlat 8, Temple Run. (L920). But there is a general Lag while scrolling in the Games APP,I noticed, even after updating it, this morning.
  • App resume some times ends up shutting down my application
  • That's a problem from the app itself I had this since WP 8
  • Same on my Lumia 420.
  • That happens with the podcast app for me.
  • I wouldn't call the last one a bug. Isn't it to be expected?
  • Not really a bug but Cortana is a big battery drained. Went from all day to 50% batt to 20% battery after just 8 hours at work not even using my phone. Shut Cortana off and some of the notifications in the notification center and all better.
  • Yea I made my Cortana to not run in the background and my battery life got better.
  • Cortana is so greedy.
  • Ftfy: Cortana is a slut
  • She calls me "Big Daddy"!! Big old Hooker-Slut. She does aim to please though. 8)
  • Biggest bug is probably IE11 absolutely nuking the battery life. I've noticed up to a 26% per hour discharge rate using various battery meters just by browsing the web under IE11. I've compared this to a non-flashed 1020 and IE11 drains power roughly 1.5-1.8 times as fast now....which is brutal if you're used to WP 8.0 where browing the web will indeed drain your battery, but now it nukes it. 
  • I have noticed IE uses a lot more battery as well :/ saying that pages load quicker so should be open less.
  • I thought I was dreaming when I saw on Battrey usage that IE11 used most of it at the top! Is there a way out? I have already stopped it running in the background
  • Turn off tab syncing, fixed it for me.
  • I'll give that a try
  • How do you do this, thanks.
  • Settings>Sync my settings>internet explorer
  • Didn't seem to affect my 920 battery usage.
  • 920- IE is affecting the battery; But Cortana is not. She is nice to me so far. I love the remind me feature. Especially remind me when I am at a <Place>
  • I don't understand why IE 11 keeps reloading all previous pages/tabs when you open it. I usually kill all tabs from recent (using X) and disabled background process for IE.
  • Ie11 loads to blank page now unless I hold
  • My drive mode is not working!
  • Try to set it up again
  • Desktop view in internet explorer not working even if enabled.
  • I have this one
  • Yep, have this bug too...a lot of sites will redirect to mobile site...ebay was one I was notified this on...
  • I had found that this started to happen a lot more often after GDR3.
  • A severe bug. Wonder why wpcentral has not brought it up. A big miss by microsoft
  • IE Tap no longer syncs with my phone
  • None of this on my LUMIA 820
  • I'm not experiencing anything. Not a bug or Windows Phone 8.1 itself. -coming from a Lumia 810 owner. :/
  • You can get the preview like everyone else
  • How so? How would one go about previewing it?
  • There's an article that talks about it on this website.
  • I have a few words of caution if you do want to use the preview, be aware there are known issues with the preview, most of them relate to firmware though so they should clear up once new firmware is released. This has an effect on battery life and the camera in most cases. So of the built in apps have issues as well but Microsoft seems to be very quick releasing updates for the affected apps, most notably Xbox Music. Some people report lag after doing a factory reset and restoring from a backup, this is normal as the device is reinstalling all your apps. If you do decide to go ahead and update to the preview, make sure you have enough space on the phone, 4GB should be more than enough. Keep the phone plugged into the mains while doing the update and most importantly don't mess with the device while it's doing the update.
  • Facing some problems with whatsapp...The photos and videos are saved in a folder called 'other pictures'. Now the problem is I cant access the photos or the videos from within the app but I can send from the picture hub.
  • Same here. Other pictures is added by wp8.1 OS. Somehow the folder is not accesible for WhatsApp. I hope it will be fixed in next WhatsApp update .
  • I had WhatsApp on my SD card. Now when I press home button then I see blank tiles for about 1 second and also my WhatsApp seemed to be laggy. After moving it to phone memory again fixed the lag.
  • In general my Lumia 620 has gotten very laggy after the 8.1 update. And I'm not talking about apps on the SD card, but the OS itself (I am using a Class 10 card though). Often times I'll hit the home button and see a bunch of blank tiles for a while. If I tap on a system app, like Messages, I'll watch the tile sink in as normal, then sit there for 5 seconds, then finally pop back out and begin the animation to open the app. Even typing on the keyboard lags at time. I'm not the only one with this issue either, but it seems to affect the 620s the most...
  • Me too! My 720 is being laggy after 8.1 . I hope that Nokia optimizes WP8.1 with their Lumia Cyan update. If it keeps lagging then I'll have to go back to WP8, I just can't stand lag!
  • Have you guys tried a hard reset? That sorted out all my lag. I performed three and it seemed sorted after that but that was only because I was having glance issues too.
  • Yes I did a hard reset, still having animation stutters when closing apps, and it's really annoying!
  • same here did hard reset three times and still it lags, feels like using a android device in my hand
  • Same here bro. Can't stand those blank tiles.
  • Experienced same lag but after moving apps like WhatsApp from SD card to phone memory and a couple of hard resets fixed the lag(L520)
  • Same here about the blank tile. Lumia 620.
  • The wonky WiFi connection should be 'highlighted' as a bug too!
  • Yes, The WiFi connection is very weak and inconsistent now. 
  • Yep, Wifi issues are not exclusive to any one phone.
  • Especially with 5G band, I see only a single dot for signal strength, when before it used to be almost full strength. L920
  • I have the same problem... Lumia 920 downgraded to WP8, but the problem continues. :(
  • I have a class 10 card. Apps run as fast as the on phone apps.. Glad i put in that extra money.
  • Bug: Alarms don't work Solution: Remove Windows Phone 8 alarms, set new ones I tried that and I also even did a factory reset on the phone.
    If the phone was connected to a charger and then disconnect it, the alarm won't run.
    If I setup an alarm, again, it will run. Another thing that I noticed, after I unplug it, the level indicator still shows that the phone is charging.
    If I leave it like that for a few minutes, it will show correct, or if I restart the phone.
  • Yep, same. I think this is also device-centric. I've heard some people on the 1020's the erase and reset working even if it is on the charger. On my 920, doesn't work either way.
  • I can confirm behavior with alarms: after charging I need reset alarms to make them work
  • Bug: WPCentral tile transparency comes and goes as if it has some kind of built-in intelligence trying to make me go nuts.
    Fix: ?!? :)
  • I read on WP central update due next week. The transparency works when new articles appear and stops when you close app after reading an article. Roll on next week.
  • Thanks... I figured. It was a rather "tongue-in-cheek" comment. I knew they'd be fixing it. :)
  • When I scroll up and/or down, sometimes quicker than others, the tiles are blank only showing the respective app a few moments after. And a bit laggy too... But hey guys, it's a preview!!
  • It has been happening to me as well, it's very annoying. Weird thing is that it started after hard reset
  • I didn't hard reset it and is doing it...
  • On my 521 with 8.1 my brightness settings are wonky now. Sometimes switching from low to medium does nothing, I have to switch from high to low to get it to react. And some times the low settings is actually the high settings and vice versa.
  • The comma thing is not really a bug.
  • You will be surprised how many of such things are actually labelled as "bug" by so many users in the forum!
  • I'm happy it's gone by default when you have more than one keyboard installed.. I've never been able to stop pressing the comma instead of space
  • Battery indicator problems, jumps from 100% to 28% after a restart, restart again and now 98% per example.
  • I think the battery needs calibration after the update. Discharge it completely then charge to 100%. Discharge it back to 80% and then charge again to 100%. I did that and fixed most of my battery issues.
  • That happened to my 920 after the Amber update. Eventually got a replacement under warranty from Nokia.
  • Try soft reset.
  • Not getting any of these so far on my L928
  • Screen becomes unresponsive once in awhile
  • My 8X has become hyper-sensitive at times.
  • Internet Explorer Advanced Settings don't work, pressing on the button just returns the screen to IE. Also Reading Mode showing blank screen. Any fixes for this ? I am using HTC 8X International.
  • same phone same problems + screenshot don't work, hard reset with buttons don't work  
  • Screenshot is now Power + vol up
  • not working, already tried, looks no combo of power + vol up doesn't work, nor VOLUME UP > VOLUME DOWN > POWER > VOLUME DOWN sequence
  • I have the same issue, but it was not present at first. Just stopped to work after a while.
  • I even reset the phone, but no change.
  • Yep I tried many things, no luck.
  • I am also facing same problem on my htc 8x.
  • HTC clock doesn't work for me plz help
  • same phone same problem htc 8X
  • Ikr it's completely transparent I have 8x too
  • Same on 8s
  • Voice to text is not working
  • Maybe its just me but sometimes when I hit the search button by mistake the phone restarts :S running 8.1 with no cortona although I have had out on before when I had USA regional settings
  • I have the same problem/bug with wp8.1 preview on my Lumia 920.
    When I try to unlock the screen and therefore inserting my pincode, I accidentally press the second letter, a four simultaneously with the search button... Than my screen doesn't respond anymore and the phone restarts. Quite annoying...
    Have more people noticed this?
  • No bugs "yet" on my 822.
  • I'm mainly experiencing battery drain issues. It's 3:45 and I have 24% battery left. Usually at this time I still have about 75%. I know it'll be fixed with the official update. Just gotta go find my spare charger...
  • This helped me, although my drain wasn't as pronounced as yours:  Settings -> Applications -> Cortana -> Battery Saver -> Turn off "Allow app to run in the background."     
  • Did you check battery sense to see what's using up the juice? Might help you determine if it's a bug or app.
  • No pictures in my rooms. Very annoying
  • My buddy is having this issue too. My pictures and notes are there but Room live tiles have stopped working.
  • My Lumia 1520 bugs: Sometimes after unlock my phone the start screen takes forever to load; sometimes power button bug too.
  • My 1520 didn't wake up when pushing the power button this morning. After pushing it numerous times it still didn't respond. I then held out for about 15 seconds and it powered up, just like it had been turned off. It is just a preview though, and these things should be fixed in a short while.
  • I hope so...
  • Comma settings made my day, thank You sir
  • BUG ( on my phone ) : step1) Go to setting -> start + theme and remove the start background picture step2) Now choose a photo and press the windows key to see your photo on start screen... step3) Press back button and repeat step2 4times ( don't remove the picture , just change it ) On my phone , the background doesn't change anymore ( sometimes it shows the wrong photo on start ) unless I remove the photo and select it again...  
  • Yes i have the one problem too :)
  • There is also an issue with using Cortana for directions. If you don't cancel completely out of your desired navigation app, it just returns back to the navigation an sits there without getting fresh directions.
  • Hardly any issues on 920. After lots of use whatsapp gets a bit weird though. It refuses to show messages on tile and in action centre. Have to open app to see them. However shutting doen the app via back button fixes it (for a while). This could be more of a problem with the app itself.
  • This might not be the same, but I'm running GDR3 right now and have been having trouble with whatsapp not pushing messages intermittently for a few weeks now. Every once in a while I'll just get a pack of old messages. If this is like the problem you're having, it could just be the app.
  • Sounds like a slightly different problem. What youre describing sounds like how whatsapp acted in the early days, before it had a dedicated wp team.
  • Even I don't have any software issue on 920, but battery drains very faster. Do you have issue with battery?
  • Battery has always been an issue with my 920. Not sure of it got any worse. But I charge mine all Through the day so i wouldnt notice.
  • I used to get 20 hrs at least after black update. Hope cyan update improves it.
  • I can confirm i have experienced the alarm bug also i have noticed when trying to select the clock to show 12 hour or 24 hour there is a huge amount of lag.
  • When I go to camera, click camera roll circle button, and delete all photos, I get a black screen and have to restart the app.
  • So far no issues all working well. Even cortana and I'm in the UK... Love it its like a new phone.
  • Cortana is such a BIATCH... Oh wait! It's not a bug. I love her attitude! :D
  • I can't share items from apps via 3rd party accounts (such as Twitter) like I could in WP8.
  • Pandora can no longer play music via Bluetooth without breaking up. Not sure if it's BT that's the issue or Pandora not getting enough CPU in the new app model.
  • Tried Nokia Music and that was fine.. looks to just be Pandora.
  • I cant send video messages via email!
  • People can receive them, but they are not converted before being sent
  • I can't attach videos to e-mail at all either.  And Gmail is misbehaving since 8.1 as well.
  • I have always had a comma on my 521 keyboard.
  • No bugs yet on my 1020 but, do notice a bit of lag once in a while switching screens. I did lose a lot of battery today, never have before.
  • Also some apps don't show up under the action center settings.
  • Yep, have that too. Most notably, Facebook does not register any notifications in the action center. (and does not show up in notifications and alerts settings)
  • Make sure "Toasts" are turned on in the F'book App notification settings.  
  • It seems the app must first have a notification in order to get them to show in the settings.
  • When having a Skype video call, your own video feed is mirrored version.
  • Mine is upside down when on landscape.
  • Me too!
  • I'm having audio issues my lock and unlock and charging sound no longer work with all the respective sounds on :/ and heating issues and battery problems I hope cyan fixes it EDIT: Cortana apparently overrides the sounds :/
  • Same here with the sounds. How you fixed it? Just put Cortana off?
  • Turn quiet mode on then off apparently Cortana sometimes forgets to enable those particular sounds again
  • Facebook does not register notifications on the action center. Kinda important... :(
  • You MUST have "Toasts" on for that to happen (took me a while to figure that out).
  • Have toasts and live tiles on. Are you using Facebook beta, or the the new Facebook app?
  • Battery Saver app is missing for me, and I can't access it from settings. Would definitely appreciate some help here. :\ Lumia 820.
  • Settings > About > Reset Phone.
  • Not exactly a convenient fix. :\ I'm hoping there's another way.
  • None at all on Lumia 520
  • When I hit the back button to close apps in multitask, it duplicates the app I'm trying to close, and I need to close both the original and the duplicated app. Has anyone experienced that too?
  • Yes
  • My glance screen started bugging out. It wouldn't come on and when I went into settings there were no settings. A soft reset fixed the issue though. Also, I am having trouble with Nokia Motion Monitor - It tracks my steps then randomly I have 0 steps...no activity all day long. 
  • Navigation with internet explorer like computer problems!!!
  • Some times after using swype keyboard it freezes my text messages
  • Any ideas how to fix HTC clock tile bug?
  • and cortana bug too...
  • Wait for HTC to fix it?  Seriously.  
  • Nah .. i lost hope of HTC For a windows phone.
  • Connecting to a PC via USB is buggy sometimes. It doesn't "realize" it's been conncected. And when this happens, the power button stops working. Everything else works (scroll, swipe etc). However, if i long press the power button, it responds. Which allows me to restart the phone, after which USB works at first try.  Other than that, no bugs. Lumia 525.
  • Same USB connection problem on a 925
  • Phone not recognized by PC too but charging. Mine is 920 and now couldn't get my music on it
  • Lock screen takes 5 to 6 seconds to kick on after hitting the power button or tape a notification and it goes to the camera.Turning wifi off won't work for me sense I'm on 300 Mb data plan.
  • Favorites button on pictures is weird. Works on first two taps and then I have to double tap to make favorite again.
  • In general, it just seems a bit buggy and laggy. I have had to soft reset a few times because apps (not updated for 8.1) refused to open and the camera (Nokia) sometimes simply won't load.
  • Advanced option of IE doesn t work
  • On holding back button, start menu disappears and then sometimes it is there
  • When I skip in movies on YouTube, there is a sounds in repro. These wasn't in previous version of wp8
  • Like a scratching sound? Also when silent mode is activated? I have the same problem on my Lumia 925
  • Old reminder created using Cortana keeps showing up on my lock screen. I can't find a way to get rid of it. That's the only bug I've noticed so far.
  • Wow I have had no bugs so far. Hopefully it stays that way ... 928
  • Does your camera work on your 928?  I can't get mine to work at all through either the camera button or the "Camera" app tile.  I've tried deleting Nokia Camera, reinstalling Nokia Camera, a soft reset, a hard reset...  Nothing.  It just tries to open but then quickly goes back to the home screen. Any 928 users out there experiencing camera issues?
  • I am experiencing the same issue with my Lumia 920.  When I press the camera button it opens quickly and then goes to home screen.  Soft reset and hard reset did not resolve the issue.
  • Bad connection to bluetooth speakers (bose soundlink) since i did the upgrade & the laggy music app (which will hopefully be resolved by the upcoming update). I'd also appreciate the option to turn mobile data on or off using the shortcuts in the notification center.
  • <Deleted Comment>  I replied to the wrong post!  Sorry...
  • There's something wrong with a2dp. While playing music on my car radio through Bluetooth it doesn't show position. Only 0:00.
  • HTC clock doesn't work
  • My 8.1 920 is heating up a lot and running out of juice fast. :/
  • am having the exact same thing
  • Do a soft reset then charge full with original charger...don't use laptop USB or car charger first. You can also watch out for the last app you use before phone starts heating up, background apps and all. Funny enough, I got incredible battery performance since updating to 8.1!
  • IE 11 show me some webs in PC format even if I have set mobile version of web page and the mobile version on website exist. This worked on IE10 ok.
  • Is that a bug or the website. Often got a desktop webpage on WP when my wife got a mobile website on her iPhone.
  • HTC clock not working. Now its a transparent tile only
  • I get double notifications for things like FB messenger and whatsapp
  • The official Instagram App is supper buggy now always have to open it 2 or 3 times. On another note, I have been able to get Cortana in Australia an not loose access to the App store. +925
  • Have to close all my running apps for it work.
  • I have noticed a bug, my location icon appears but location service is switched off. To get rid of the icon I've got location in my action centre so I just turn on and turn off the location and the icon disappears.
  • When I open battery sense and press back button it is still in the background. Just close it there instead of pressing back button
  • The Facebook app does the same thing.
  • Ran a podcast while charging.920 got extremely hot and dropped to 35% battery. Not sure if recent update to podcast critter or the OS at fault.
  • Glance screen settings aren't visable
  • This is because you need to update glance first, restart and it will start working again. My phone actually prompted this instruction at first start.
  • I have a list of bugs I found on my HTC 8X and I think these bug are replicable only to HTC users.
    Issue 1:
    Language pack (English-US) does not allow users to set as default phone language.
    Steps to replicate:
    1. Go to settings > language.
    2. Locate English(US) language pack.
    3. Move to the top of the list.
    4. Verify that phone language is not set to English(US) only to keyboard, speech and region.
    No. Severity:
    Only HTC users are affected.
    No cortana.
    Issue 2:
    Internet explorer advanced settings does not work.
    Steps to replicate:
    1. Open IE11.
    2. Navigate to settings.
    3. Scroll to the bottom and locate advanced settings.
    4. Tap the advanced settings button.
    5. Verify that it will redirect you to the previous page you last visited.
    Medium - High.
    Users will not be able to use features under this setting.
  • do you mean that this can solve Cortana problem on HTC 8x ? i mean by downloading another language pack and then delete the English UK one ..  did it work for you?  
  • No mate, the work around is for you to have another language pack other than your default language pack. It's not the solution to cortana. Sorry if it's a bit confusing.
  • I confirm, but 1st Workaround is not a real workaround. You still cannot set system language to English (US) it stays English (UK) or whatever language you used, although all other settings are US. However there is no difference between these, it just affects the system locale which is required by Cortana.
  • There mate, i have updated it.
  • +1 Also it only affects unbranded HTC's.
  • Affect my lumia 920 too, it just doesn't change the idiom
  • I put 2 callers on hold after activating put on hold with my face/ear as my proximity sensor wasn't working to turn off the display when in a call.
  • The share button doesn't work on most sites
  • Worst and only thing I've experienced; T-Mobile Wifi calling doesn't allow me to send or receive SMS/MMS messages. Calling is fine.
    Granted, t-mobile will probably fix this once its released to consumers. Kinda forgivable since its apparently deeply integrated with the OS (or something)
  • I can confirm this behavior. Also, the swap between WiFi calling and Cellular calling seems to (often) require a re-boot, at least on my Lumia 925
  • Rich Edmonds I wonder where is keyboard under settings. I can't seem to find it
  • Lumia 1020 uploads full res pictures now.
  • There have been several users that reported their secondary microphones not working after the update. I've contacted Nokia Care and they seem to not want to acknowledge it.
  • I contacted Nokia via Live Care, he causually said there could be bug within Wp8.1 dev preview. They replaced a new one for me.  my solution is to wait for the Lumia Cyan update, if microphone breaks again, I will ask them to replace, and by that time, they will replace a phone with the Mumia Cyan update without microphone problem  
  • On Nokia Lumia Icon, I couldn't"connect" to Google accounts until I disabled Wi-Fi . The thinking dots would loop. Until I hit back button, there was no message. The message shown was something like "we're experiencing a problem right now." I've encountered the power button issue once. Triggered Cortana to wake screen.
  • Can anyone tell me where is keyboard?
  • The only "bug" I have encountered so far is that each time you ask Cortana to wake you up or set an alarm... She creates a new one. I wish she would just edit an unused alarm and only create a new alarm if there were no inactive alarms that weren't set to go on periodically.
  • Bluetooth for car is buggy. 1) B4, whatever music you were streaming when you turned off your car, the music will continue where it left off. 2), when listening to music and you use Cortana to make a call, the music pauses. When the call ends, the music doesn't resume. It stays paused. You have to manually resume the music from the phone.
  • THIS!  I hope this gets fixed but I am not very hopeful.  Also if you are using Here Drive+ everytime it says something the music pauses and does not resume, it is very annoying!!  Also on my deck not only does the music pauses but the "voice control" screen pops up and never goes away unless I press the button on my deck to close it and while that screen is open it will not play music!
  • Thanks for adding the Here Drive+ issue. I just expericened that!
  • Same issue here with a 920. Music or 3rd-party podcast app streams fine over BT but when interrupted by a call, text, or GPS navigation instructions, the main audio remains in paused mode and does not resume. This now becomes a huge issue as it's illegal to touch a screen while driving in this part of the world. Really hope this bug is fixed promptly. It's a major one for me.
  • IE11 seems to crash when some specific table or graphic is on the site. An example on this (Dutch) site, which uses them alot so it crashes alot:
    Not sure if its IE related as surfy crashed on it once as well.
  • On HTC 8S Internet Explorer advenced settings and Reading Mode don't work, the HTC app needs an update because the live tile doesn't work. The Music app extremly slow and it also hasn't got live tile. As I see the whole os slower and instabil but it's just dev prev. So go work and will be great!;) oh and Microsoft should do something with the battery life too..
  • Same here
  • Battery Life isn't a Microsoft issue and it doesn't just affect the 8S, it affects ALL Windows phones. It should be fixed when manufacturers update their firmware.
  • My alarms weren't sounding, bit this helped it out. Also my action centre is a little laggy
  • I encountered a bug where AutoPlaying inline video in IE11, @Japanese101.com triggered a soft reset twice. (seems an consistent error)
  • Battery drain quicker than expected. Random reboots usually while using podcast or Xbox music app. Other than those no notable issues. Lumia 920.
  • The apps and os becomes slower after use ...this happens especially you moved your apps to the SD card.. Then after soft resetting the phone it conducts a scan on the SD card ... Then after that the apps and os becomes faster
  • Facebook takes forever to upload photos. IE 11 is almost perfect, Nokia motion doesn't work Nokia play to doesn't work on my Lumia 1520.
  • Sometimes the background changer bugs out. I pick another picture to try out with the tiles, but it uses the one I chose previously. Rebooting fixes it, but its irritating nonetheless.
  • If I pin folders from my mail account to the start screen, I don't get sound and action center notifications when I get new emails. The number on the tile updates correctly though. In 8.0 the sound notifications were working just fine.
  • Can't send photos or videos directly to OneDrive anymore unless I create a room in people hub. Seems kind of strange.
  • I've also experienced interrupted audio not resuming after using Cortana. Again, using Nokia Lumia Icon, on Verizon
  • Bugs? Anyone would have thought this was some sort of preview!
  • My overall impression is like I'm back with Android. Lagging games (no sd card), start screen blank after waking up. And games app slow. Notifications works like before whenever they feel only help is that they keep record in notifications centre. Lumia 925
  • There are strange transition cracks between two songs while playing music with Xbox Music or Nokia MixRadio apps.
  • It's happening on all the music players. Tried heydj and Walkman player. It still does that sound. Probably has something to do with the music playback in WP8.1
  • Issue 3:
    Rotation Lock does not work on About Steps to replicate:
    1. Turn on your rotation lock to portrait.
    2. Go to settings > About
    3. Rotate your phone to landscape.
    4. Verify that the screen will rotate. Severity:
    Very Low Workaround?
    No Impact:
  • I have cortana in my 920 but not in the application menu and there is no live tile I have changed keyboard and language settings but to no avail and any query I ask cortana they go straight to the web no personal contact ?
  • I have the same problem. I would really like Cortana but she's not to be found on my phone either.
  • I noticed the battery drains much faster now on my 920 after the update. I have identified at least one app consuming quite a good amount of battery and I've disabled it, but it is still bad compared to how it was before the update.
  • Battery indicator goes to "battery saving" with low battery showing underneath, even with full charge, when changing language and rebooting
  • Music disappeared, like I never bought any.
  • - i cant access the advanced settings on IE 11. - its not easy to close notifications center by swiping up ( you need to be too presise and tap the clorored bar at the bottome ) - App store sometimes crashes. - the stagae actions center + Nitification center makes the swifping a bit laggy, even on high-speced devicees .. wish it was only one swipe to reveal everything, i guess no one will pull only action center. - XBOX games has some buggs and lags even after today's update. - and i wishe we kept the old photops hub.
  • Yup, I now use the back key to close the action center.
  • The no comma is not a bug, it is allowing for the most important UX improvement in all of 8.1: the bigger and more to the right spacebar! :) before I used to hit the comma key constantly, which drove me crazy.
  • 8.1 lags and freezes on me CONSTANTLY. (Lumia 520)
  • Freezes as in that you can't use the screen?
  • Mine is working good except for that the power button I is unresponsive from time to time. Rarely happens though.
  • Wifi has been sketchy. All of a sudden I will have limited access, or hardly any signal.  I reboot the wifi and it works great.  Nothing too big, just annoying
  • Remember everyone its still a preview a lot of phones need firmware updates to work properly.
  • I have to ask why WPCentral basically said that WP8.1 was ready for use by regular folk. The number of these bugs is massive. No thank you, id rather wait till the commercial release, and you know what, im pretty certain Microsoft will look to iron these kinks out before the actual release.
  • Can no longer download mms sent in a text message on my 1520 pretty annoying
  • Battery life since 8.1 update has been awful charged my phone one night 95% when I got up the following morn it was down to 50% and normally it would around 75% under old build
  • My wallet app doesn't work at all
  • How about in app purchases now showing not purchased. Mine is with Spohiecam HD
  • Also why do none of my photo editing apps show up in the photos hub or when you hit edit?
  • my lumia 920 is fine even it's the first wp8 lumia with mediocre specs. =P the only prob here is laggy Music Player which is known to others
  • Not effecting my Lumia 928. It froze once and power button did not work and after soft reset it is working fine. Battery draining is an issue.
  • Is there a structured way to report these problems to Microsoft with repro steps and so on, so they can triage them, rather than just chat about them here?
  • How can I find out what class is my SD card?
  • The Register actually referenced the WPC forum thread on 8.1 bugs.
  • On T-Mobile 925:
    Can no longer send nor receive any texts over Wi-Fi, phone tends to run on the hot to very hot side, battery life DRASTICALLY reduced (even with Cortana and location services off), right side audio drops out randomly, Here navigation now unusable due to constant freezing, phone frequently unresponsive to double tapping for screen to wake up, scrolling in any app lags, random screen scroll jumping while accessing music playlists. Don't know if this is a bug or the feature doesn't exist: Cortana will not play any music when issued the voice command "play" - all my playlists are in the cloud. However, even if the music is downloaded to my phone, she will only do a web search when told to "play". Just learned that album artwork no longer displays and audio playback via Dropbox introduces loud bit of noise between tracks.
  • I can confirm this behavior. Also, the swap between WiFi calling and Cellular calling seems to (often) require a re-boot, at least on my Lumia 925. However, I have not noticed any changed in battery usage. Gotta love beta
  • Bug: Apps stored on SD cards are laggy Solution: Use Class 6 or Class 10 SD cards Really? This is a solution for a damn lag ?
    Nope ! Because I have CLASS 10 and Asphalt 8's lagging only!  Even on 920 with internal memory.. I would say its a WP8.1 problem... BTW I guess on Class 4 u cannot even install / move any apps... 
  • Class 6 or class 10 doesn't guarantee good performance, for app installs the phone needs good random read speeds which varies a lot amongs different cards of even class 6 and class 10, just same case as windows phone 7 micro sd card thingy. A good card which i remember is Sandisk class 4 16gb for random read speeds better than sandisk class 10. 
  • Hey so anyone using a low end WP is. 520,620 you're phone is going to be laggy after the update I read somewhere that you have to hatred reset your phone so I tried it out on my 520 with ATT and it ruins a lot smoother than before. Also if your on Sprint or a CDMA network I would not try this method saw somewhere that the hard reset was causing issues. I'm thinking its messing with the provision. Hope this helps someone.
  • You are right it was very laggy on my lumia 620 but now i have flashed it with wp8, working great now:)
  • I have a problem with my 925, IE load every site extremely slow, even google movile version. Bing is really slow too and I cant find a solution.
  • Wi-Fi issues with power button locks up when connected to a secure Wi-Fi network...many phones have this issue!
  • 928 and I have Facebook Beta installed which doesn't integrate with the new Me tile. If I install regular FB app it won't even launch. Does nothing when I press it.
  • Can't send group texts or texts with any media content after the update... Lumia 925 on AT&T. Anybody else experiencing this?
  • App updates show a date for the FUTURE! At least that what it shows on my phone!
  • Issue 4:
    Start background does not update after two or more consecutive changes. Preconditions:
    No start background.
    Or if you have background on, you will notice the issue as well. Steps to replicate.
    1. Go to settings > Start + Theme.
    2. Choose a photo for your start background.
    3. Once set, press home button/start button.
    4. Verify that desired background is present on the start screen.
    5. Press back to return to start + theme and choose another background. It has to be different to notice the changes.
    6. After choosing, press home/start button again and verify that the chosen background is set on start screen.
    7. Repeat steps 5-6.
    8. At this point you should see the odd behavior of the start background. If not, then repeat steps 5-6 once more time or until you replicate the bug. Severity:
    Very Low. Only OC people are affected. Workaround?
    Yes. After a while the latest chosen background will appear. Impact: A bit mind blowing.
  • How about thin box lines in landscape mode with black background just above the three keys
    Secondly three tiles apps.. Scrolling is not smooth. Apps disappear and then comes
    Lock screen button sound comes after a while n is not synced
  • This issue is probably case to case basis. If you phone is high end then this SHOULD not be a problem. This is probably an issue to phones with lower computing capacity, where 8.1's performance is at optimum.
  • So u mean tho preview dev release is for higher end WP. Then this is utter non-sense. Yes I am using L625 and my fone is not so smooth as expected... But still its beta O.S. Final release should fix it all.. Finger crossed. :)
  • SD card laggy isnt a buggy.. the MS told all ones are able to install on class2/4 but they will face access problems..   well i sent an email asking about it 3days b4 //build and they sent a reply..
  • i have installed apps in a sandisk 8gb class 2 microsd, however the microsd seems to have a read/write error now, the phone says i have to scan the sd card, but it seems frozen. no choice but to hard reset the phone and look for a higher class and capacity card. it happened twice, the first time is when i tried to open Facebook beta app, and now, when i tried to open viber installed also in sd. i guess my microsd is already exhausted that even windows pc cannot fix and scan the error. the command promt (run as admin) format di the solution when it first time happened but now, for the second time, i guess i wont do it again, i dont want the same thing happen, i'll just buy a new sd, or else a new phone.. :) btw, im using it on HTC Windows Phone 8S. SD card app install is a big hit for devices with low internal memory, but we should be careful what card type or class to use. now, my work is delayed because of the frustration it brought. i hope this will be fixed in the final version.   another bugs: delayed power screen/on off screenshoting is frustrating. it always shows volume. i don't think this is a bug, but it wont let me choose which phone number of a contact will i include when creating a group, because when i'm sending group text via group hub, i don't know which phone numbers are the message sent to. you know, sometimes, people have more than one phone number. i hope they bring the old messaging in windows phone 8, integrated in facebook chat and add some more integration like whatsapp, wechat, twitter DM's, even instagram direct, that would be great. games hub is buggy, most of the games are installed on SD and it doenst show it up. and games are on the app list, they should bring it back to the hub itsel to avoid long list of apps.  
  • Can't open advance setting in internet explorer, reading mode not working, camera sometimes goes black on HTC 8X
  • Never had any problem so far on NL 920
  • some times to open FB !
  • My battery is getting destroyed. I get maybe 60% what I used to get before the update
  • Issue 5:
    Purchased apps needs to be repurchased (double charging) again. Steps to replicate:
    1. Open store and find any of the apps that you remember you purchased prior to 8.1 update.
    2. Verify that you will need to purchase the app again. Severity:
    Very High. Impact:
    Double charging of already purchased apps. The issue is not replicable to all apps you purchased, some users may not experience this at all, but my case I already bought 6tag (no ads + video upload) and to my surprise, I needed to purchase it again after the update. Some other apps I already bought that needs to be repurchased:
    Phototastic Pro
    Chaos Rings
    Phonly Pro
  • In India we cant dial a ten digit number for call wat the duck is this
  • Hahaha I also was looking for the comma
  • In windows phone 8 I was able to view facebook photos in people app..but in 8.1 they've removed this feature..anyone has any idea if it needs some sort of settings to get this feature back in 8.1.
  • download facebook app. They removed the built in Facebook.
  • And after deleting music files it doesn't clear the history...
  • As I'm sure we are all aware of the terms that we **agreed to** when we joined the programme, all this feedback should certainly make for a solid release when it eventually reaches commercial quality :) From the terms and conditions.... ".......... Non-Commercial Quality. The Deliverables may be prerelease and may not be compatible or work as well as a commercial, retail offering. The Deliverables may not work correctly and are not intended as a substitute for your primary means of telecommunications......"   “Deliverables” mean the following: The Windows Phone Preview for Developers app and Windows Phone software and updates provided to you under this Agreement, including any Third Party Software (as defined below); (2) Prerelease services available via the Windows Phone and other prerelease materials Microsoft may deliver in connection with the Windows Phone; and Support services, if any. ...... “Windows Phone(s) means a mobile phone or development hardware running (i) Windows Phone operating system software, including associated services offered by Microsoft and (ii) any Third Party Software.
  • The delay to detect when I plug the charger is freaky awful.
  • I am unable to disable PIN for my lockscreen. When I go to settings, the password mode is grayed out.
  • There is a one weird bug on Lumias... in WI-FI option is missing the ''keep Wi-Fi on when screen times out''... 
  • Also cannot say to not use 3G data if WiFi has no internet connection
    It might also explain why I haven't had a problem with the WiFi not working and having to put the phone in airplane mode. Only seemed to get this problem when WiFi was always on.
  • Correct, just noticed this too. I checked with my dads HTC 8x and he has the option and my lumia 920 doesn't ;(
  • IE11 not working on cellular data. Third party browsers work.
  • this is one of the things I tested in my sister's phone and it works fine on cellular data :P Im glad I dont have this problem
  • Freezing,screen not coming on after screen time out
  • Bug introduced in 8.1:
    Declined Facebook events correctly don't show in the Calendar, but still show on Calendar Live Tile, on Lock Screen, and Cortana even lists them when reading the day's activities.
    Bug FIXED in 8.1:
    Now when I have voice-only Bluetooth connected in my car, and a cable connected to my car from the headphone jack (thanks, Honda, for not introducing a2dp in 2009), calls CORRECTLY pause music and use Bluetooth for both mic and speakers for the phone call. This fixes a bug that was introduced in 8.0. Though the music is NOT resuming automatically after hang up.
  • Had only the comma bug on my 1020
  • I've experienced three bugs, one with volume buttons, one with IE and the third with Wi-fi.   I noticed the first one today, when I have my phone locked and try to change volume while listening to music, it won't work unless I wake the screen up first, after I wake the screen up and turn it off again it starts working again, it is annoying since I can't change the volume of the music with the phone in my pocket as I used to.   The other one is about IE11, Idk if it is just me, but sometimes the page is finished with loading but doesn't show much other than the header, taking an annoying while to the rest of the page to be rendered. The last one is the wi-fi, my house and college have more than a router extending the wi-fi range with the same network SSID, I've noticed my phone has trouble to change from one to the other, keeping connected to the further network with low signal instead of switching to the stronger signal. I have to switch the wi-fi off and on again for it to switch. I'm using a Nokia L520 I bought last Sunday, so I cannot say if that last bug happened since WP8 or happens because of the lower specificatinos of the L520, Wi-fi seems to be always with low signal even if I'm close to the router!
  • I open my "Xbox games" and a gray background will appear, so I have to close and re-open the app then its fine... A lot of my apps are going that.
  • Since I got the update, it seems like my processing speed has become slower, things are taking longer to load. And my Wi-Fi cuts in and out
  • How about missing some built-in apps like battery sense, calendar, music (u know, those that's got updated). Can't even manually install music app from the store (games hub is the exception). What s wrong? Updating process seemed ok ...
  • and this is why it's PREVIEW, I don't get any of these bugs in my sister and this phone I have... I made her upgrade to 8.1 today and it's all fine. so it seems I'm always lucky about my devices, or usually lucky :)
  • No bugs whatsoever here. Normal battery drain, moved ALL my apps to my SD card with no negative effects... Loving it
  • My 3G is no longer working, can only use WiFi now. Not good when I am out and about. Don't know how to resolve this
  • On Nokia1020 glance screen, reminders I make with Cortana say tomorrow even though they are today.
  • Alerts/toasts for Xbox live games or Xbox live messages don't work.
  • I can say, my bugs aren't major, the only main problems I'm having are the HTC time app not keeping the time properly, it's way behind on time. Alarms not going off. Battery performance app cant keep track of how much battery power is left. Other than that everything else is minor or works well.
  • After receiving a blocked call notification, you cant then allow from settings next time it calls
  • Volume popping noise, Cortana not connecting to home wifi. IE11 is connected to Cortana so can't type search in web address bar.
  • So far the only issue I have had is my phone on the charger saying 100% when it is actually flat.
  • My Lumia 520 don't have any sound in calls only works with headphones anyone knows a solution
  • I have two very noticeable bugs... 1. Start screen tiles are blank when I go to it from another app. Takes a few seconds to populate them sometimes. This has happened before, but is much more frequent now. 2. When typing, can't hold and bring up the selector bar for detail editing in between characters.
  • 1. Video player stopped working after update and HW decoding stopped in moliplayer pro.. Got ok after soft reset.
    2. Skype lost all the contacts after update, neither showing in Cortana app list (no solution yet)
    3. Start screen responds a bit late and slow after getting back from any app.
    4. Some times apps gets crashed like UC browser after playing online video.
    5. Cortana hangs on asking continue question.
    6. WP central app not showing twitter and LinkedIn in share option under social category.
  • Anybody else hear a pop when seeking through a video? Also my 1520 sometimes crashes if I seek too much
  • I have the same problem on my 1020. It's a pretting loud pop too
  • I disabled wifisense, battery saver and theme syncing and now my phone runs like it was before. I run Cortana and disabled unnecessary background apps. I'm using a Lumia 520 and have about 20-22 hours. Discharge rate averages 3-5%/hour. But other than battery, everything runs smoothly.
  • My Lumia 925 is flawless. No glitches so far
  • Also, I noticed back button doesn't always bring me back into a running app. I have to hold it down to see what's running
  • My games are not showing up in Games Hub. Only in app list. Anybody with the same problem?
  • I got the same problem too.
  • My lock and glance screen no longer refreshing....all other functions fine and also much better battery life
  • Is anyone else experiencing a stutter of the song that just played after the song ends?
  • İnline video playback problem. In some sites videos doesn't go full screen or loose control. Like dailymotion vk Vimeo...
  • Popping sound when forwarding a video, wifi turns back on after turning it off using cortana, slow response when hitting the home button, copacitive buttons do not respond when pressed, screen goes black, when screen does come up after going black it becomes unresponsive. Own a Lumia 1520.
  • Yeah that popping sound thing happened to me also with my Lumia 920 and 520, its really annoying
  • Urgh, sort out the battery issues! Cant go half a day without charging the phone...
  • you should check your email account to see if it's always checking for emails... and you can stop background process in battery saver you can find the background process thing. also remember now Wifi is always on, it's the opposite to what wp7 was xD or even wm6. now you have to switch it off manually. after 18 hours light, none, and heavy use and whatsapp and all that, it's still in 75%. you should check all that :) to see if you get better battery life
  • My phone chewed through battery life until I turned off WiFi altogether...its not right...see if that helps.
  • Skype not logging in. I was stuck on the rotating icon. Solution, uninstalled Skype app and reinstalled it. Other than that nothing yet on my 1520.3
    I read through all the above issues and couldn't reproduce any of them. The only thing I noticed, the battery drains faster. But that can be mitigated by turning background tasks off.
  • Omfg Cortana never identifies a song or always gets it wrong. FAIL. OMG AND SHE NEVER UNDERSTANDS MY VOICE! WTF! AND SHE HOGS UP MY BATTERY! I'M DISABLING THIS BITCH!
  • I'm still having issues with some websites, including wpcentral and ESPN.com. In wpcentral.com I only have issues in the forums (weird I know). But when I go into the forums the browser often crashes or it just simply stops loading a page and opens a blank tab. In ESPN.com, the videos don't play but the audio does. Was having issues with MSN.com as well but somehow it got fixed.
  • I've noticed charging problems. Not sure if this is a 8.1 problem or hardware issue. Leaning more towards a hardware problem.
  • Someone needs to tell me how all these users posting about an APP breaking, HTC Tile, equals a bug in the Preview?     It doesn't...it just means HTC needs to fix their app...NOT necessarily a Developer Preview bug....
  • It happened right after the update
  • You mean the Preview...Preview of the update...you know, where we all agreed that it wasn't final code? Oh and there's the little matter that the HTC tile is an APP ie...Not Part Of WP 8.1!!!! It has to be fixed by HTC!
  • Weeell, today my proximity sensor froze after updating glance in 8.1 after hard resetting after install. Froze my jimmies.
  • The roaming icon is there to never disappear. It's realy anoying me.
  • I can't open all webpages. Www.adressa.no (norwegian newspaper) need to long press and open I new tab.. Hate that games is I the app list and not in the gamefolder(hub). Makes the app list 100miles to long.
    Battery drains really fast. 2-3 charges every day since update.
    Misses the old sharing to fb opportunity. With the app I get a lots of error while upload photos.
  • On the 520 everything has run perfectly so far touch wood I have just started to notice a drain on my battery to be expected considering, but I suppose they will come up with a update fix please but apart from that its bloody good.
  • Cortana locations.. Actual city is not stored so for home, work, etc. The nearest matching address is used
  • I find: 1. Things are laggy. Apps seem slower in opening. 2. Notification center pull down is not smooth. 3. Battery life seems to have taken a b hit. Otherwise life is good!
  • Change power state, say take off charger and the phone hangs. Sometimes holding the power button in is non responsive. On 1020. Not sure how this build got released. Seems to be as buggy as rodney's mom bush!
  • A bug? How dear you say,
  • Skipping through videos in a browser other than IE (without the ability to choose exact position) makes a weird audio sound when volume is turned off
  • My 1020 does it whether the volume is on or off
  • I have a Lumia 920 and after the 8.1 update, i detect this "problems" - the battery life is less
    - when the battery is less than 10% the wireless charging does not work
    - after 2 days of continuous use, The phone starts to be slow. I detect that 'cuase the lock and unlock sound is delayed and apps and settigns are sloooooow
  • Well aside from the power button issues, it makes a funky glitchy sound in between songs. It also auto-ignores some phone calls
  • I got a bug on the calendar when i cant access because it was grayed and disabled. But for unkown reason, it updates automatically and able to use it now.
  • Class 10 transcend from Amazon works great on 1520
  • Xbox music streaming stutters a lot.
  • Cannot get Facebook notifications in notification centre, very laggy(phone was ringing for 20 secs before it gave me an option to answer the call). And many more.
  • I've had my share of software issues. My biggest problems come are now SIM card errors. Since 8.1, I've had this a few times - twice today, once yesterday. My Phone thinks the SIM card is not found, no data, not phone, just Wifi. Everything just looks normal, but when I wonder why I don't have any emails for a while I look and I was offline.  Rebooting solves this problem. I also had my phone lock up hard. I had to hold the vol down, power and camera button for 20-sec to get it to come back to life.  I was just looking at the phone moments before, I put it down on the desk face down and when I picked it up, it was dead.  3-finger salute solved the problem, no loss of data. Lastly, I've had recharging issues as well when plugged in. For the past 2 days, car and wall charger don't work. After my hard restart I tried to charge, neither the car charger nor the plug-in charger worked to recharge the phone. I have the 920 so luckily I have QI charging, that worked.  Now that the phone is fully charged, the plug-in chargers are working again. - Roger
  • Bought a song on Windows phone 8.1, accidently deleted it and now I'm trying to re download it... It says do you wanna purchase it again...
  • Click yes should say you already bought it would you like to redownload it
  • Okay so this is probably not a bug but rather wanted but I've noticed that when you're in the official photos hub/app and you have a picture opened, when you try to pull down the action center it only shows a small bar at first and you have to pull again to get to the actual action center.
    I just found that this is kinda weird but maybe there is a deeper meaning behind it.
  • Notifications on the bottom of my start screen aren't going away. They've had there bday for 3 days tried uninstall fb but no go
  • turning on internet sharing from action center freezes internet sharing page.   can only turn on directly from settings menu.  Not a deal-breaker but hope they fix!
  • What bugs me is that i can't install 8.1 because i get 80133809 error
  • Been working fine for me.
  • Nokia Lumia 720 the lag is on my screen only, the phone as gone speedy, very satisfied with the performance, oh boy am I glad for my 10sd card...16gb is not enough,need more
  • Facebook integration in people's hub iz very bad now. Everytime I I open a link, it opens in Facebook app which is slow and laggy. Also we cannot access facebook images directly from the contacts in hub. They too open the app.
  • Because they removed the built in Facebook...
  • If someone sends me a text message between 7pm and 10pm I keep receiving the same texto over and over again. 
  • I own an HTC 8S with 8.1 preview but I am ok with it! only bugs I found where 1. Internet Explorer settings and book view (can live with that) 2.Sometimes when I soft reset my phones says that my sd may have errors.(32gb class 10) Does a scan for 15secs and nothing else happens. Completely powering off the phone and re-starting it and... no more errors (can also live with that) 3.Battery considerably good. I charge it once a day and it is quite impresive considering that my phone is the extension of my hand. Also loooooving installing apps to my sd card. I have 1.04 gb free for my phone. Never happened before (of course) An updated firmware from HTC and all will be well! Plus, music,games,videos or even HTC app will get many updates for the months to come. Dev Preview means testing the phone and testing the phone means no final release, bugs and maybe lags in order for the final build to be perfect ;-)
  • I too have the 8S, and sitting at about 1.04gb free, and that's after installing Asphalt 8 (~800mb). It's great. Interenet explorer advanced settings also don't work, but I'm sure that will get fixed. 
  • Remember this is a preview
  • My music stopped working altogether... L920 aus
  • What about Skype calls from the lock screen via Cortana? While your screen is locked with a pin, try bringing up Cortana and telling her to make a call. She says ok and does it, then you are presented with the pin lock screen. After you unlock, nothing happens. This might not be the Skype app, but the OS itself. The Skype app itself has many many more problems...
  • My phone crashes two times on a day. Update needed badly to the os
  • There are so many glitches in wp8.1 . Facebook app is laggy, In lock screen AM/PM is not displayed along with time. Cortana she gets the words and displays it correctly but perform different task.
  • I'm pretty sure it didn't do this before but when using Cortana (voice command for windows phone 8) via headphones it turns the screen on. It used to stay off.
  • WARNING:  Do NOT reset your Sprint Ativ S NEO after installing the WP8.1 Developer Preview. There is a bit faster battery drain for me, but my biggest issue is the "debranding" of my Sprint Ativ S NEO after a hard reset and then losing data and MMS.  No more Sprint apps option in the store, no Activate this Device option in the menu and no Sprint logo on bootup.  Everything worked fine until the hard reset.  I've found this issue mentioned a few places on the interwebs and there is no known fix at this time.  I tried various entries found online in the APN settings, but nothing worked for me.  Calling and SMS did continue to work, though.  So, I'll be getting by with my Note II until Sprint releases their official update or a fix comes along.  Gotta love CDMA. Aside from that, I've been impressed with WP8.1.  It now feels like it's all there.  It even remembered all of my start-screen tiles after the reset.  
  • I can't receive or send text messages when I'm on Wi-Fi using my Lumia 925. Does anyone have a solution to this issue?
  • I had problems with apn. Had to put it manually. And the camera app has a bug when you change the orientation or resolution. After you take the pic, the flash just lightens. I can only take pics with the highest resolution and in portrait mode. And there are times that the app just have a black screen and the phone restart.
  • battery saving feature is acting loko, as it shows 1hr less of battery, with saver on...sometimes i get 1day and 11hrs, then click on saving, an it freezes to that, wont changed.
    battery icon goes from full to half after putting battery saver.
    after unpluging from power, the charging icon stays on... hmm!!
  • Cortana is not working on my home WiFi. She says" I can't seem to connect right now". Tried hard reset as well.
  • The Sims is not connecting to the server anymore :(
  • I have a Class 2 and Asphalt 8 and Angry Birds works great!
  • After the update my Lumia 920 thinks that my headphones are connected so I can't listen to music through my phone speakers not can I use my phones to make calls. Any advice ?
  • Facebook integration is gone for me under email and accounts in settings
  • It's not 'gone' It has been removed. To sync your phone with facebook updates you've to download the Facebook app.
  • I can't remove any pic from my favorites. Everytime i select 'remove from favorites' option, i pops up again. What to do?
  • I have a class 10 SD card and none of the apps a put on it work nor do my pictures or videos show. Does anyone have the same problem? I have a Lumia 822
  • i have the same problem the 822 as well. Doesnt matter if they are on a SD card or the phone. they disappear. I switched back to android because of this issue. I lost all my easter photos of my daughter.
  • Lumia 920 1. in email with allways download full message and internet images checked  it doesnt help, in fact the previous version downloaded more info 2. call to call skype button is greyed out and does not function....all in all so many things to appreciate these are small issues
  • A slight annoyance is that I have to go into Facebook to see a notification. The thing is that I have FB Beta and the other FB app installed. Beta opens and works fine but the other does nothing when tapped on. It's supposed to integrate into the hub but it isn't working yet I guess? I hope they fix that. I liked NOT having to go into FB to see a notification. Just seems like an extra and unecessary (AND SLOW) step. All in all it's great though. :)
  • 1080p full HD videos are not working with Lumia 520 now.I tried with default video player n moli player, but result is same. Before 8.1 update it works smoothly.
  • Skype = video is up side down when in landscape. Cortana = voice input (tell me a joke) spells out correctly but always tries to call a contact on my phonebook Cortana = Crashes (when does'nt understand then exits) NOkia Camera = Reframe, Doesn't save Using my Lumia 1020
  • no bug issue on my 720 just little lag when do animation to start menu, well hardware limit
  • My speakers make a jitter when seeking a video forward or backward even on absolutely no sound. This is quite irritating. Am I the only one?
  • Same here!!
  • Yes...same here!
  • I can share to Facebook, but that happened before the update. Anyone know how to sort that?
  • WiFi problems... It shows no internet connections many times
  • I have received Games update now. After the update the Games hub works fine.. :)
  • A lot of bugs here.
  • My 1520 was doing well but sometimes when I wake it up,it keeps looping and do not load the start screen...also today I had and issue with calls, not connecting to call....
  • Two not mentioned elsewhere : GIFS will stop background audio playback. Nokia Storyteller opens but appears to have problems displaying pictures. everything seems to be listed as a video.
  • Also when I put it to charge it takes some time to respond.
  • One thing I've noticed is that when I turn on the battery saver the location symbol pops up even when location is turned off..not a big issue but it is quite annoying...btw I'm having L620
  • Tats bcoz ur phone saves ur location before it switches off!! U can change it under settings!! But I recommend u to keep it same, if ur phone gets lost u can locate it easily!!
  • I just did a hard reset after updating my 1520 on the developer launch day and it fixed all my issues, so far no lag either on my class 10 32GB.  Thinking of putting a 64GB in it from my 2520 and get it a 128GB.
  • I'm not facing any bugs in my Lumia525.. Music player is buggy but I'm aware that thr is an update cumin up next week..
  • The folder that is storing the WhatsApp picture doesn't save pics anymore. Instead another folder called"other pics" is saving that pics. Please fix
  • When trying to send message and hit the button sent.. It will hang
  • No facebook notifications in ME tile!!!
  • Glad I didn't do it!
  • What? Are you serious? The 8.1 update im amazing!! All of these things that people are experience are either rare, or minor hassles. You're missing somethings good. Read some reviews.
  • My Nokia mix radio has become slow... It takes a lot time to open my music..
  • My Lumia 920 doesn't show any game in the game app.
  • just don't text to narator it will brink your phone
  • My 4G & 3G data don't seem to work with IE11 all of a sudden. Works fine with UC Browser but it's pretty annoying. Hope the official version will fix that!!
  • Tha only problem I had is that my phone freeze
  • My screen went unresponsive and after I reset it, texts weren't appearing in the threads even though they were being sent and received. Then I noticed the clock was set to 10:00 AM (instead of AM), march 22nd. All this happened when I was trying to show windows phone to some friends who'd never tried it out before...embarrassing
  • Have any of you been facing problems with Headphones since the update? I have to often restart my phone to make sure that they work. I use L920.
  • I can't open my video player pls fix it in ota update
  • I have no problems at all except with Wi-Fi,sometimes I cannot toggle it on or off and the only way to do so is ask Cortana to do it also when wifi is on my power button it un responcive and it phone is locked for over a min it powers off
  • Bug: Microsoft got rid of the Cigarette Emoji.
  • Whenever I'm watching a video and I hit fast forward, my speaker makes a pop noise. It's kind of annoying. That and the battery drain are the only bugs I've come across on my 1020
  • And voice directing interrupts my music while driving much more rudely
  • Cortana not working: It worked on first day. I connected to my car BT and it does not parse my speech anymore. Whatever I say, Cortana responds " Sorry I can't get that" :( Bad situation for me. I tried removing pairs, disabling BT but nothing is enabling Cortana anymore :( I have T Mobile 8X Anyone have any solutions?
  • You can't surf certain websites. Swedens biggest newspaper (the quality is another story) Aftonbladet doesn't work. Nothing happens when you click on links.
  • Off the record. My Lumia 1520's camera is grainy.
  • MIC does not work in Cortana, Microsoft Camera, Third Party Sound Recorders!!!! but is working perfectly in skype, nokia camera and calling... tried hard reset still no luck!...
  • No bug so far. Lumia 720.
  • Bing lock screen doesn't change automatically and notification centre is not smooth
  • My camera uses flash even if camera is Flash OFF. When flash is On, it shot flash twice for one photo. Cortana got lost on the way comming to my phone! She isnt here :'(
  • One more odd thing that I experienced is that delay of the sound(water drops) while locking and unlocking phone!
  • Another odd thing is the delay of the sound (water drops) when locking or unlocking the phone.
  • Another odd thing is the delay of the sound (water drops) when locking or unlocking the phone
  • For some reason on mine, it changed the Icon for Outlook.com to that of Exchange. For both the icons in the Apps list, and the Live Tile. *shrugs*  
  • My greatest issue is battery drain. Just hope it gets fixed when the final release arrives and yes I have disallowed most apps to run in the background but still too much juice wasted
  • Did anyone had a location icon issue even if it is turned off?
    Sometimes, it appears on my Lumia 620 even the location is turned off. Solution: turn the location on and turn it back off.
  • Can't see my my games on Xbox folder L920
  • This is another serious bug. When you pin a contact tile, and you decide to remove it.. that contact tile will keep coming back pinned at the bottom of the start screen every few minutes  
  • Glance settings MISSING lol
  • I have a glitch that calendar entry showed on lock screen is from 2 days ago and its not changing.
    The second thing is not glitch but the feature, i dont like that domain on keyboard depends on region, not on keyboard. Because i often use .com, .hr and .fi domains but if my region is croatia i only have .hr on all keyboards
  • After reading many bugs and problems here and on forums, I'm glad now I'm not updated to this beta/preview OS :)
  • Haha these bugs are nothing. 8.1 is siiiiick!, you're missing lots and lots of awesome features ;) It's like a whole new phone.
  • Windowsphone 8.1 developer preview is packed with bug..
  • Music player is good but slow and bugged.
  • Back button responses after 10 sec on my Lumia 625
  • Swipe keyboard and moving apps in SD card is two best feature in windows phone 8.1 preview with no bugs especially swipe keyboard.
  • Anybody want to go mad ..turn on narrator..lol.
  • Sucks to be you. Works perfect for me ;) maybe you dropped your phone in the toilet or someting??
  • I have a problem with 3G being dead after resetting my phone.
  • I am facing problem in playing videos on Lumia 620. Any body having this issue?
  • Podcasts are losing the ability to control the volume once the lock screen has come on. The volume slider goes up and down but the actual volume stays the same. Only way to fix it is to turn off and an again.
  • I couldn't stream my video in uc browser...
  • I hope they will release a bugfix release very soon, perhaps with some additional features. :)
  • I can't download Xbox Music & Xbox Video. I can't even update facebook app & OneDrive.
  • When I change the SIM in my phone, battery sense resets the "Time since last charge" period.
  • Not really a bug but I don't like how everything (texts, e-mail and app notifications) now had the same vibration pattern. I used to be able to tell them apart just by the way my phone vibrated but now everything feels like an app notification.
  • My onedrive is constantly frozen . Reset is not helping . It can not be deleted and reinstalled. L920
  • My onedrive is constantly frozen . Reset is not helping . It can not be deleted and reinstalled. L920
  • My onedrive is constantly frozen . Reset is not helping . It can not be deleted and reinstalled. L920
  • My onedrive is constantly frozen . Reset is not helping . It can not be deleted and reinstalled. L920
  • My onedrive is constantly frozen . Reset is not helping . It can not be deleted and reinstalled. L920
  • My onedrive is constantly frozen . Reset is not helping . It can not be deleted and reinstalled. L920
  • I don't know if its a bud or a removal of features, but where did the Bing local deals, events, and movies go? MS got to add that back! Geeze!
  • Bugs? I think they are. 1). You cannot delete a contact from the address book, you have to call them first (and quickly hang up), then tap their profile charm in call history to access their contact card to delete, stupid. 2). Done will argue, but the edit cursor is so much worse than before, please bring the old way back!! 3). Moving away from hubs. Another poor decision from Microsoft, this was a main selling point for me, please at least put the dang games where they belong.
  • Careful guys about games lagging on class4 cards it could be DATA ON causing the lag, whenever I put data off the games stop lagging
  • 928.... So far so good!
  • When you want to copy some text, the "copybutton" sometimes dosen't show up.
  • Is anybody else having charging issues when the phones power gets low, like I am?
  • Switching data off will ease or even end lagging of apps
  • "Ringer + Notifications" does not work now.. Used to work properly 2 days ago!!!!!
    Please help!
  • touch settings wont open now  nay one else have this issue
  • touch settings wont open now  nay one else have this issue
  • I can't take photos neither using nokia camera nor microsoft camera..Anyone facing the same situation with me? 
  • Same here! Lumia 920 and none of the Camera Apps is working anymore after approx one week of using WP 8.1. Also the flashligt-Apps are not working!
  • I try to reset the camera using  Go to settings>applications>photos+camera>reset
    mine one work as usual again...
  • thanx for your reply Unfortunately this button doesn't work too! Some minutes ago I received an update for my lumia - but no improvement - camera apps still not working!
  • Sorry for not helping...nw we cn just wait for the official update..
  • hey, no problem!   But waiting for the official update will take some months, right? I have to find another way to use the camera again - can't wait for so long!
  • Each Time I restart my phone I have to format the SD card .. Photos in the photo hub keeps doubling and songs too .. And I can't download apps I don't know why the moment I start the download it says there is an error .. Microsoft camera and Nokia cam crashes once in a while .. And when I make the start screen with 3 tiles it gets so laggy
  • What is excat day of the update next week!!!!???
  • laggy.....artist image is not showing even if turned it on in the settings...my images in the camera roll deleted automatically...no background image in gallery...i m very much dissapointed with this update
  • After typing two words with the swipe keyboard, the whole keyboard becomes inactive. Nothing. So damn annoying!
  • Only missed ,,,,, on my 1020 :) thanks
  • Since the update, Glance doesn't work anymore. The Glance settings section is completely blank too. Weird...
  • Since 8.1, Glance and Audio Settings screens are blank except for the title.
  • Glance still works, update glance, restart phone and try again. My phone actually prompted the instruction on first start after the update to 8.1
  • Update glance? How is this done? Blank glance settings on 8.1 928
  • Hi guys. I have a problem, I like to play heavy games (Asphalt 7/8, Six Guns, and others) so I'm glad to be able of installing these games on the SD Card. I used a Class 4 SD Card so games didn't run good, but then I bought a Class 10 SD Card and it's still being the same!! I've a Lumia 520 and those games did run perfectly installed on the internal memory of my phone. Do you guys have this same problem?? I'm kind of disappointed. )= I hope it'll be fixed or something U.U jeje
  • I have the lumia 925 and I can't send text messages while my phone is connected to wi-fi
  • Phone hearts up a lot. Post update
  • Screen non responsive sometimes.
  • Same here, the only bug I have noticed on my 920
  • I can't seem to open more than 2 tabs in internet explorer??
  • Anyone have issues with the contrast going all the way up unexpectedly? Like you pull it out of your pocket inside your home and its not bright enough to make it go all the way up, but it does. Doesn't do it all the time, just sometimes. I have a Lumia 1520
  • Battery icon in top bar is not updating ,whenin battery saver mode ...Anyone hav this prob???
  • My wifi keeps dropping sometimes works again with deleting the network and then connecting to it again but sometimes I have to restart it. Lumia 520
  •  encountered a wifi connectivity problem  .Its showing limited connection even if my all devices are working properly.Windows Store is not working .i 'm unable to download anything from windows store.  
  • I hate the wi-fi icon when the arrow appears it is jumping like a crazy
  • How can I manually send a movie to one drive, I can not find it in foto hub
  • In Internet explorer browser some function cant work like when am I open flipkart application ,there isn't work brand,os..etc option..kindly help me for fix my problem
  • In Internet explorer browser some function cant work like when am I open flipkart application ,there isn't work brand,os..etc option..kindly help me for fix my problem...
  • Rooms doesn't work anymore, only photo sharing works. (chat, places etc broken)
  • Well, all hell broke loose yesterday, I activated narrator but didn't note the shortcut keys to disable it and where in the settings the feature is. My phone was on edge and I was at home, we do not have internet at home so I couldn't connect to the net.
    The narrator feature can spoil your day buy rendering your phone useless, you can't Scroll, swipe or use the key as you should. Narrator disables a lot of features.
    I am using paper shuffle for the lock screen pictures and as well as a password. Once the phone's screen times out you can't swipe up to unlock. I had to use my computer to enable the phone to show the lock pad as I remembered that when you plug in the USB the phone automatically shows you the keypad to unlock. I tried every trick to no avail. Cortana come to my rescue
    I asked Cortana to open anything I could remember, I found something that warned me that it had been disabled becoz the narrator we as enabled, it gave me the name where this narrator is under settings, that's when I used Cortana to open 'ease of access' to disable the feature.
    the shortcut is up volume + window key.
  • I have a problem with internal memory my lumia 520 showing temporary files of 823 mb. Can anyone tell the solution
  • My battery drains much faster after upgrade to 8.1.
    Anyone else finding this ?
  • My battery drains much faster after upgrade to 8.1.
    Anyone else experiencing this ?
  • All fine here!
    Nokia Lumia 820.
  • 6tag notifications stop working :(
  • I'm having an odd battery issue on my Icon. After sitting idle for a while at home I picked my phone up and it was hot to the touch as if it had been doing some serious work. Woke the phone up and swiped the lock screen and was greeted with a black "Loading" screen. It was trying to load Start, but never did. Turned Wi-Fi off using the notification center and it magically started working normally again. Battery was also massively drained during this time and according to battery saver IE was using a large portion of power in the foreground, but IE wasn't even running... This has happened twice in the past two days
  • Problem with video streaming in IE 11
  • My problem is that it lags on my 620. Start screen tiles take a second or two to load up, getting the resuming dots more and more and the phone stutters occasionally. All this after 8.1 and a hard reset. 8.1 is a great update in my book but is totally worthless if it means the fluidity is gone. I feel like I went back to a lagdroid :(
  • So far awesome experience with wp8.1..Only thing missing is radio....For some reason they have switched options to selective genres with limited number of songs per artist...it does not play continuously therefore, have to select categories again and again after playing is stopped....there is no way to listen to local radio stations, I'm not sure why they did that...I am guessing its nokia's service for its Lumia devices...and I hope to get it bak when they release the general version for everyone...btw I am using Lumia 920..att
  • Facebook contact sync is not working on my lumia925
  • I have a problem with my battery on my Lumia 1520. It is very noticeable. It used to last 3 days but now it barley complete one day!
  • Music app crashes randomly, and quickly after opening, if not connected to internet.
  • After 8.1 update, recent texts are now mixed up with other old texts, recent calls are now on the bottom instead of being up on the history page....very annoying     Annoyed dude from Kenya
  • Samsung Ativ S: I have experienced battery drain as many others. The past week it has been 4.3-4.8% pr. hour in standby mode - twice that of my previous WP8. Then I did a hard reset yesterday, and now the standby consumption is down to 2.5% pr. hour again. After the hard reset I’ve had problems with the automatic APN setting not working. So I manually set it. I also found it stupid that in order to reinstall the phone using a previous backup to OneDrive I had to get a security code send by text message – but at that stage in the process network connection is not established! So I had to first void the backup – get the security code – hard reset again, and then use the previously acquired security code. As others I miss more shortcut toggles in the Action Center. Four really is not enough. And I've had some problems with the responsivness of the home-button, as others have reported.
  • My phone is mute, and Cortana don't recognize my voice. This changes when i plug the earphones.
  • Prior to my upgrade to WP8.1, if I used the camera shell with extended battery I could go a whole day without even using the phone's battery which means I could get two whole days of use. Right now I'm at 56% of the phone's battery since taking it off of charger and plugging it into the camera shell at 8am, about 12hrs ago. Noticeably shorter battery life...
  • My microphone does not work after update to wp8.1, anyone having this issue? Can't use it for apps that need mic, even phone call.
  • I'm having the same problem, it works if i restart the phone and it will stop working after a while.
  • I can't find cortana on my 925 iv checked every where I can't find her does anybody have the same problem
  • Your region probably is the problem, change to USA and enable location services for Cortana to work
  • i notice calendar is not updating on lock screen... also, in email and accounts, facebook is missing.....it only thru app, not thru the presetup on cell. plus im running both regular and beta facebook..bwhen i choose fb app, it let me chhose which one, :\
  • When skipping forward on q youtube video there is a loud popping sound each time I skip. Hopefully this bug is resolved before the official release. Some other slight issues the games hub being slow and having the games on the app list. I also don't like how if you click someone's name in the dial menu it automatically calls them, it can be quite annoying!
  • Lumia 925 updated today to wp8.1 dev prev, and i find out that when im seeing a video on any of streaming website and I try to move on the video after some seconds of buffering the speakers of the device scratch little bit (also using silent mode). Anyone else has the same problem? And I also noticed that they didn't fixed the previous problem of screen rotation lock (on extra info also using screen rotation locked the screen don't stop rotation)
  • I hate they took away the fb messaging from the messaging app
  • Samsung Ativ S: Odd: I can choose a custom ring tone, but if I turn the phone off and power it on again the ring tone reverts to a preset Samsung ring tone.
  • WTH? My lumia 920 on 8.1 crashed all network connectivity!
    I can't access the internet on WiFi or data! I restarted but no luck.
    Ive been on the update for three days. Also, i dont know about you but cortana has been a big disappointment. Her voice
    recognition has been terrible. I've asked full sentences and it'll write,
    "I love you".
    Please help!
  • locksreen is not geeting off,if any new notifaction comes how to resolve it
  • I am having a bunch of them on my 1020, heating up, shutting down, wifi is not stable, and of course battery drain due to all these. Any others seeing these isssues on a 1020 after the preview update? I will go back to black and check the condition of my phone. It is not recommended to operate the phone for long periods when hot. will update soon.
  • My pictures and videos disappear before they get backed up. I lost all the pictures of my daughter from easter. It does not matter if they are saved to a SD card or the phone. They disappear on both. So frustrated. Should have stayed with 8.0.
  • HTC 8x T-Mobile USA: Issues so far since acquired preview 4/23/2014 Issues So far: Apps will not update, even forcing them in store. Sits on Pending. DataSense no longer functioning. Sits on a LOADING screen. Cortina cannot find data connection Time/Date will not update automatically, had to change to Manually.  
  • Well, I don't know if this is a bug but I can't connect my Lumia 920 to laptop. Just want to sync my old music but phone not detected yet it's charging. Someone with a fix please?!
  • Except of the few small issues, I'm experiencing issues with Whatsapp not receiving toast notifications / updating live tile counter when running in background. I for sure checked Battery Saver and Whatsapp is allowed to run in background. There is even some small battery usage shown there for background run. Also checked notifications settings and Whatsapp is enabled including all the checks. Anybody experience same and by any luck solved this issue?
  • Every time I soft reset: new messages appear in action centre, but do not appear in the message thread, therefore in only see half of them or not at all.. the time changes even when the settings are in automatic just recently music saved into the phone has disappeared and in music app it only displays music saved into sd card anyony relate?
  • Same here not able to see any message or missed call on Lumia 625. Also message come 10 15 times. Thread are displaying randomly WTF
  • All games lag badly on my 1520, any known fixes for this? Please help
  • I've noticed that I am not received 'some' texts that are being sent to me. Fortunately it's not very many but I can confirm that I am definitely not receiving some of them. I had to update the SMS center number (it was not +13123149810) but am still experiencing this problem.
  • I'm having a wierd issue on my Lumia 925. Whenever my battery is low(around 30%) and leave it overnight, almost always i wake up to find the phone frozen on the glance screen or a blank screen depending on my setting. Has anyone else faced this issue?
  • Some of my alarms don't work. I'll try the solution described on here. But some of my reminders don't work. They don't go off at the correct times, if at all. 
  • i am also facing the issue is urs solved ..if so help me out
  • hey there!! I am not able to type more than one word using my keyboard in my windows 8.1 phone and the swype feature is not also working.Plz help guys
  • Just installed the update to 8.1 Preview and now my Alarms/audio works again.
  • I can't use the volume down button on videos, and after opening Internet Explorer. Does anyone else know how to fix it?
  • My wi-fi is completely broken now.
  • I can't use the volume down button, especially on videos and other media- I'm using the Nokia Lumia 520, with the newest version of the developer preview.
  • I'm using it on my lumia 920 seems to crash during anything I do when I restart txt or whatsapp messages received or sent within the 5min seem to disappear few issues with reception completely going the reconnecting
  • My wireless charging seems to be playing up on my Nokia lumia 920 and Nokia speaker dock
  • Since installing 8.1 on lumia 822 and lumia 920, I see fluxuating cellular antenna strength...sometimes one bar, sometimes full signal....couple of times no signal meaning no service.  Never happened before. Also the same happens when connected to wifi...signal is low low even when close to router... happens on both phones....never happened when I had wp8 installed.
  • only camera roll and saved picture are visible in photo galery on my l720, all the other pictures are not visible. Any body help
  • I'm hoping that this one is a bug. The lockscreen password option to turn on/off is greyed out. I first turned on the password couple weeks ago and I wanted to turn it off for a while and the option is greyed out. I can change the password and I can set the timing but it does not let me turn it off. I tried soft reset, didn't work..
  • Help Me! When i connect to my wifi It shows me No Internet Access..... Even if i am beside my wifi router.... What should i do?
  • <p>Lock screen blocked. Cant do anything to restart it. Only solution is to wait for my battery to go empty,then put it on a charger and then works fine. Please help.Lumia 720</p>
  • I can't share or Recieve files using Bluetooth... It is showing failed every time..
  • I have a Nokia Lumia 720. And i updated my phone to the latest version of OS and that is 8.10.12393.890. After the update I have a problem. While typing a sentence i can only type one word at a time. If I want to type the next word I need to press the back button once and again touch on the area where i need to type the next word. Its like this : Hi (back button) (touch) How (back button) (touch) are (back button) (touch) you (back button) (touch). Im sick of this. Please come up with a solution. Thanks.
  • OS : 8.10.12397.895 (Latest 8.1 Preview Update) Problem: No signal. Unable to make calls, receive calls. SMS in-out is also not working. This is creating lots of problems. I am facing this issue on 1320 and 625 both. Just because of this i have purchased another lower end phone (Rs. 1500) till the time this issue gets resolved from Microsoft. Is there any way to revert this OS to erlier one 8.0?
  • Sorry, but you can't actually revert back to Windows Phone 8. Try switching off your phone, removing the SIM card and putting the SIM card back in and turning it on again. I have a 625 but I don't have this issue. Hope this helps you out.  
  • My Icon with 8.1 does somethign strange (and it has the alarm problem, trying the solution now).  When I get home from work, my wifi still lists all the connetions avaiable at my offfice building and won't pick up my home, log in or clear them even though I am no longer in range of them.  I end up not noticing and using a ton of cell bandwith. 
  • The bugs on my Lumia 625 is that every time I lock it, the lock sound gets delayed for a second. The other bug is that every time someone sends a message (or a couple of messages) it notifies me really late.
  • My 1520 WP8.10 screen randomly opens/closes/scrolls on its own since the last WinP update. tried screen sensitivity and no change. any thoughts? I even reset my phone same issue.... Maybe a Nokia issue? had the phone a few months. My friend has a 1520 on WP8 and no issues.
  • My Lumia 520 suddely shuts down with a full battery, it never done that before. I am running the Dev. Preview 8.1. Please I wanna know why my phone is doing this 
  • we can't share apps/games all time..it stuck on loading screen but nthng happnd..
  • when i click on apps/games share button it stuck on loading screen..i cant share app via msg/othr until i connect wifi or data..i dont knw why this happend..
  • I cant view all my photo and pictures which store in the phone album but I can view them through my computer. Need help.
  • my startcreen lagging while scrolling, apps are hanging sometimes, & crashing. while returning to start screen it's resuming so long even after removing cortana live tile.  
  • Unforyunately , not a single application is being updated. It is being downloaded & fail to install . Even when installing sd card apps are not shown which are stored after the gdr1 update. The error code is 80080204 . Please suggest any solution. I have uninstall & tried reinstalling all.
  • Lumia 620 WP8.1 Update 1 DP, Vodafone GR: 1. No customization tile on kid's corner (had it also on WP8.1 DP) 2. Black screens from nowhere, frequently enough, and after that if i am luck i have a force restart, otherway i maually remove the battery. 3. Some times some apps won't open unless i force restart the phone 4. Luggy startscreen with the apps installed on my sd-card, but i think it's my 4class sd fault, not OS's. Propably i should buy i higher speed microsd. Till now, nothing else so far. I already did 2 times hard reset but no resault. Waiting for the official Cyan Update to fix these issues. (Sorry for my bad english :p )
  • I got new 8.1 Cyan official update today. Facebook is removed from email+accounts. One of the best feature of windows phone that facebook photos of people displayed on the screen when they call is not working after this. Please get the facebook back in email+account or make it work.
  • My Nokia Lumia 620 can't connect to any Wi-Fi network, it is always showing your mobile can't reach to the Wi-Fi network while my Nokia Lumia 1020 is working perfectly. Please provide me solution
  • The mic on my new Lumia 1320 comes and goes for all apps and during a call. Frustrated!!!!! It worked for a few days and now it is completely done!!!!
  • Hi i have lumia 820 with windows phone 8.1 . My many applications crashing. Yesterday i installed GT racing 2 and today its started crashing. Same thing happens with KIK n whatsapp after using it for 2-3 weeks. Please help.
  • I have the Lumia 1020 and I recently update to the 8.1 software. When I get on to browse the internet photos are so big I only see half the picture, I've tried everything I know to do to auto fit them but nothing works. Anyone know how to fix that ?
  • people hub and phone book not opening in lumia 520 , any one have a solution . help
  • I have Lumia 625 with windows 8.1 operating system. My phone was quite well but suddenly it appears with this no service problem. I don't know what's causing this problem but its really annoying and disturbing.
    I live in a high network area . There is no reason that network will disturb like this. I think windows phone has a weak network hardware or network connectivity bug in the OS and that's what causing this problem.
    Network appears in normal when I try to call any number. If someone has any permanent solution of this issue, I would appreciate that.
  • Lumia 920: Looses connection to hands free headset when listening to radio or playing a local mp3 file. Looses sense of headset presence.
  • lumia 920: By playing with sound volume, it looses sense of connected headset.