Go-Kart 3D, zipping around the indoor track on your Windows Phone

Go Kart 3D is a simple racing game for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. You race around a handful of race tracks in your go-kart trying to post the best time.

You do have computerized competition but for the most part, the clock is your opponent. Graphics are nice, controls are responsive but there just seems to be something missing with Go-Kart 3D.

With Go-Kart 3D you jump right into the action by selecting your race track. There are five tracks of various shapes and lengths. The current time record is displayed above the track.

Along the left edge of the screen are options to set your nickname for the online leaderboard, mute the sound and music, as well as switch from tilt or on-screen steering. In the bottom right corner is your earning amount that can be used to upgrade your go-cart.

Once you choose your course, you'll be sent to the racing screen and the green light countdown will begin. Your accelerator pedal is in the lower left corner of the screen with your racing time/position displayed in the upper left corner. Your time and speed are displayed across the top of the screen and in the upper right corner you can switch your camera views.

The racing reminds me of the amusement park go-kart races in that your performance is more about avoiding running into the sides of the track than how fast you can go. Your competition is fairly evenly matched but if you can cut the insides of curves and avoid bouncing off the track walls, you'll eventually work your way to the lead position. If you slow down just a little, your karts lack the speed to catch up.

Granted the upgrades help but if just felt that as you upgraded your kart, the other karts got a bump as well.  One downside to the game is that while in the race, you can't pause the game.  

All in all, Go-Kart 3D is a decent racing game for your Windows Phone that has potential. Nothing really glamorous but a nice way to pass the time. Go-Kart 3D is one of those games that's fun to play for a while, then you put it on the shelf for a while, and then pick it back up from time to time when the mood hits you to zip around a race track.  It's not that the game sucks wind but I found it to lack that intangible to keep you hooked though.  Maybe if you could bump the other racers, forcing them to crash or if the race tracks weren't so vanilla.  I could see an outdoor, amusement park theme brightening things up or stands full of cheering fans.

There is a free trial version that gives you access to the first two race courses for three races. The full version of Go-Kart 3D is currently running $.99 and you can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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