Goodbye, Windows Central

Over two years ago I met Daniel at Build 2012 on Microsoft's campus in Redmond. Little did I know that meeting would lead to an incredible journey at Windows Central and now a new chapter back on Microsoft's campus.

I'm beyond grateful for Daniel giving me a chance to share my passion for Windows Phone with a larger audience. An audience that was under 1 million unique visitors per month when I joined to one that today sees over 4 million visitors a month.

At the time, I was running a little site dedicated to Windows Phone by myself and had been faithfully sharing my knowledge for Windows Phone (to a nonexistent audience) for a few years. It was a labor of love and something I did because I was so in zealous with Windows Phone. A weird thing to say about a mobile operating system right? But I'm sure a few of you can relate when it comes to Windows Phone.

At Build 2012, I asked if Dan would be interested in having another writer on the site. And I'm so thankful he said yes. He took a chance on me, and I like to think it turned out well for everyone.

I've learned so much from the team here at Windows Central and Mobile Nations. Everyone here pushes one another to do more and do better. Mobile Nations is a big family of sites dedicated to all things mobile. I'm grateful for Kevin, Rene, Phil Adam and everyone else in the extended Mobile Nations family for helping make me a better writer and editor.

And I'll, of course, tremendously miss the immediate Windows Central team. Having the opportunity to work with Daniel, Richard, Mark, George, Seth, Paul, Jon, John, Abby and Rich. This site has a very bright future since these guys are so passionate and knowledgeable about Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and all things Microsoft.

This team works hard to bring our passion of phones, tablets, and PCs to you. Looking ahead, I think this site is in the best position to capitalize on the future of Windows and Microsoft.

Windows 10 will be the biggest thing for Windows Phone fans in 2015. Phone, tablets, PCs and Xbox are all on a collision course. We're rapidly approaching the future where apps made for Windows can run on any device within arm's reach. Microsoft has made strides over the past year to make it easier for developers to "code once, run anywhere" with Windows. But Windows 10 should improve further on those principles. I can't wait to see the platform one year from now.

And to everyone reading this, thank you.

The Windows Central community is a diverse and incredible place. I've always appreciated the feedback from all the readers in the comments and forums. You're amazing at sending in hot tips, new apps, games and more. You're the biggest source of inspiration and ideas for how-tos, tutorials, guides and everything else informative. Without you, this site wouldn't be what it is today. So many thanks for helping us get where we're at today and where the site heads in the future.

Don't worry, I won't be a stranger. You'll still see find me in the comments or forums here at Windows Central. I'm still a big cheerleader for this site and the work done here by the team.

What's next for me? I'm moving to Seattle in two weeks and will be joining Ben Rudolph's team at Microsoft. I'm so excited for this new chapter and to share my passion for technology.

You can keep up with me on Twitter (@samsabri), Instagram (@samsabri) or find me on Xbox Live as GeneralSham (opens in new tab) if you're up for some matchmaking in Halo.

Thank you!


  • That Photo!!! :(
  • I know. It gave me a case of the sads when I took it.
  • Its actually really creative though Sam!
  • Wish you all the best for your upcoming journey Sam!
  • Also happened here, though admitedly that photo gives me the same feeling for different reasons =P
  • It gave me the idea that both your and MS should have out changed to "seeYouLater" and have Cortana welcome you back when the phone boots up (after the MS logo that is, and make this optional for those that wouldn't let see like it...), that aside "hate to see you go, but love to see you leave" to greater things! Continue to shape the future!!!
  • We love you Sam.
  • Should kick off a "Goodbye Sam" Photo contest :D
    Hey but this picture would win great as your articles have been...thanks for all and good luck!
  • Good Luck Sam :)
  • Good luck Sam!
  • Would that mean no ICYMI?? Or some other person would now make ICYMI articles now. Bye and We'll surely miss you SAM.
  • I wish you well.
  • Oh Sam!! I have never seen you but I'll Miss You :(
  • Nadia, now I'm jealous. I have to find me a writer job, so I can have the attention of lady Nadia
  • Actually I love wcentral , we all are very much united here, it's just like another family of me and Sam in this case is just like a big brother going abroad for studies.
  • I'm not even mad Sam,because finally we have a great mind that understands the user's needs XD,I just hoped you could stay and be our inside job,you could leak stuff or you could deliver our message :)
  • :(
  • Seen your comment after a long time @unstoppablekem..!!
  • Wow you will work for me MS now. Do even better there than you did here. Good luck.
  • Typo there.. "Wow you will work for ​me MS now." Stupid site.. So hard to press the reply or edit post. Good luck
  • Easily one of the top three contributors on this site. Congratulations, Sam, and you will be missed! (Glad you will still be sticking around informally) ​
  • He's second..!!
  • Wish you all the best for your new journey Sam!
  • We'll miss you Sam
  • I really hope the job turns out to be everything you really want. Not to be negative, but you are not dumb either; prepare for some fools to work with. It's par for the course. After all, look at some of the morons here.
    Ok, I'm ready for the verbal battle, lets go.
  • You will be missed Sam :(
    Best of luck!
  • It's your creativity that took WC forward..Be it clicking the best shots for an article or even blurring a start screen to just show the app in question..!! Will miss the ICYMI and/or the Weekly Photo Contest..!! Your comments were more friendly and polite to us than other writers on this site..!!
  • probbaly this last post from Sam Sabri......
    we miss you alot.....
    best of luck for your new chapter...
  • Congratulations and good luck Sam. We'll miss you here but it's good to know that you got our backs on the mothership. See you on XBL.
  • Will there be a samyleaks like evleaks... ;) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Same here, that photo made me really sad
  • Yeah, even I, foul mouthed Peg Leg, will miss you. For it is sad when anyone moves on.... or, gets permanently banned in many of my cases.
  • Best of luck bro. Sounds like an offer you couldn't and shouldn't refuse. Have a great time at Microsoft. You're actually joining at the perfect time. A sincere and jealous congratulations!
  • Certainly at a right time..!!
  • Good luck in your new adventure, Sam!
  • Noooooo!!!
  • That username though.
  • Yeah lol Ikr! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • They better not take Daniel too! Good luck with your new job Sam, I think you'll love it.
  • It would have probably been Daniel if he wasn't such a bell end
  • Bye Sam! Happy new year and a merry Christmas to u!
  • On to Microsoft? Can't turn that down. Awesome, best of luck.
  • Yep best of luck with it!
  • I got so freaked out for a second. Thank you for your hard work.
  • We will miss you Sam! Congratulations on the new job!
  • Wow, you will be missed! Congrats on the amazing new job!
  • Making me sad over the holidays. :) Good luck with your new career.
  • See ya later
  • Farewell, Sam! Glad you'll still pop up now and then for comments. Best of luck to you at Microsoft! :)
  • Goodbye man we will miss you
  • All the best with MS!
  • Goodbye Sam, wish you all the best!
  • I was scared for a second...thought they were shutting down the site! Thanks Sam!
  • Me too
  • Me too... How scared I was... I will kill myself if this site goes down
  • Ok that's a bit extreme. LMAO !
  • At first glance I thought they had renamed the site once again lol... Anyway: The usual Thanks/Bye/Good luck Sam... you truly deserve it ;)
  • I thought the same way at first.
  • Good luck in your new assignment Sam. You'll be missed
  • bye guy
  • Sam is probably my favorite writer and the one I know well. He is leaving behind some tough shoes to fill. Best wishes to you and do some guest articles!
  • It was a pleasure reading your many articles, Sam, and congrats on your new job. Hope you enjoy working directly with something you are so passionate about!
  • Wish you luck Sam! We will miss you! :(
  • Yup! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Thanks a lot ! The best is yet to come ;)
  • Not the Christmas present I wanted from the site
  • make us proud at Microsoft, make sure and tell them we need a better Lumia 1020 with great updated chipsets and it MUST be waterproof ftw :D
  • Haha look forward to some leaks from first hand ;P
  • +1030
  • Goodbye and Happy new Year!
  • And Christmas!
  • Thank you guy! Good luck!
  • Congrats and best wishes my friend! :)
  • That sounds like an awesome next job! Thanks, Sam.
  • Wishing you the best Sam, and thanks for everything over the last two years
  • Enjoyed all your articles thanks for the work you did
  • Cheers! Congrats and good luck
  • Awesome! Congrats and good luck!
  • Congratulations and good luck Sam.
  • I can't think of a better way to start the new year :)
  • Goodbye Sam. Follow me on Xbox live.
  • Really?
  • Yes what's wrong with a follow request
  • Gay as balls, that's what's wrong. Like the man doesn't have enough problems, we got to toss in a cyber stalker.
  • Cyber stalker? Sam added his own gamer tag in his goodbye. Calm yo-self
  • I'm just playing. Now that you know that... It's funny, right.
  • Peg Leg I must say you are ill informed, and I'm sure the dude doesn't want to stalk another dude
  • I'm just playing. Now that you know that... It's funny.
  • Good luck at Microsoft Sam!
  • Microsoft Sam...
  • Oh god l thought they were getting rid of WP central!
  • Me too
  • They did, it's Windows Central now...
  • Say it ain't so! Congrats on the MS gig...
  • Hey i'm scared too. Congratulations Sam. Best luck on the job in ms..
  • Congratulations!! That's great to hear you're moving up. Best of wishes to you in your life and through 2015 :)
  • Congrats sam, btw I am ready to fill your shoe. Lool
  • Yeah, with the way you spell, this community would beat your ass and you would quit after your first article.
  • Sad to see you go man. Really sad to see my favorite person at windows central go. Same thing happened over at pocket now Taylor Martin left, he wasn't my favorite but I liked the guy. Merry Christmas and a happy new year man. Best wishes :)
  • I will sure miss your work here. I do look forwards to many more stories on here based on tips from a reliable source within Microsoft though :) thanks for all you did on this site! Good luck!
  • I tought windows central was shutting down when i read the title. Anyway, good luck with your new job.
  • I taught I taw a puddy tat.
  • Suerte, Sam. Wish you luck and happy holidays.
  • I am happy I got to meet you at E3! good luck with everything! and man, why do you have to use that photo? It hit me right in the feels
  • Good luck in the future buddy!
  • #Good_Buy_SAM !! Mr_Creative !!! :((
  • Farewell, Sam and best of luck at Microsoft!!
  • Hey Sam, thx for your work here and best of luck in Seattle.
  • Good luck Sam! You're the best!
  • Bye Sam! All the best x
  • What is your new job at Microsoft?:) good luck
  • Congrats man! Good luck at Microsoft - continue to put in the good word about Windows Phone! If you speak with the passion that is evident in your writing - then you can get them to do anything!
  • Best wishes Sam. Good to see you joining the Redmond company. You will keep our hopes alive. Windows phone rocks!
  • Best of luck at Microsoft Sam, hopefully u can convince them to build a flagship device because if they don't, myself n probably alot of others will be leaving too! Happy New Year brother ;)
  • Hate to say it, but too true.
  • Good luck on your new path :) make sure to stop by now and than, and say hi! :)
  • Thanks Sam!!! :)
  • Congrats and good luck!
  • Congrats and good Luck, thank you for the posts and participation here! See you around :D
  • When I downloaded the Windows Phone App, the only person I knew was Sam Sabri. I really wish you did not leave. But O'well, it must be for the best. Please keep commenting and keep in touch with us. I wish I too could somehow contribute to Microsoft as well, you are lucky Sam. You will be highly missed Sam Sabri.
  • You'll be missed for your insightful articles. Congrats on the new position, onward and upward.
  • Bye bye Sam. Thank for all.
  • thanks sam for all
  • Sam, you cad! =D
    Congratulations and send a friendly hello to Ben when you get there... You. Lucky. Duck. =P
  • Good luck and good Bye beast ❤
  • Good luck, god speed, and thanks for playing. See you around Sam
  • Lots to miss about Sam. I'll always remember a certain blip in a certain signature "...Halo 24/7..."; so eloquent.   Well wishes hombre. Good luck & make it count!!
  • I need your badge and gun sir...
  • You can have the badge, I'm keeping the gun.
  • It's Seattle. All you need is to offer them some Starbucks :)
  • Trust me, he'll need the gum in Seattle. Rains so much he'll be contemplating the worst.
  • Congrats on your new endeavor. Don't be a stranger now Sam! Sad to see you go but happy to see you manage to get called to the mother ship, as Daniel put it!
  • Good luck Sam, we'll miss you here.
  • Thank you sam
  • Sad to see you go Sam!
    What will you be doing at the new job?
    Hey, maybe you can do us all a favor and get the guys at Microsoft to keep the OneDrive placeholder system, and get them to announce a new flagship phone soon!
    Just kidding - but not really ;)
  • Already said goodbye, but congrats Sam :-) I wish you all the best for your new career at MS!
  • #classy Good Luck Sam!
  • congrats, sir! give us some inside scoop here about WP when you're at msft. ayt? :P danul, don't leave us yet. ok?
  • damn, when I saw the headline I thot wpcentral was shutting down, Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't trust thots bro
  • So sad to know you're leaving the Windows Central team, but at the same time I wish you the best in your new job!
  • Good luck, Sam, and welcome to Seattle! You have many passionate fans here to help you make the transition!
  • We'll miss you Sam! Best of luck!
  • Bye Sam! I love your articles and good luck at Microsoft!
  • Thank you Sam, your articles were always fun to read. You definitely will be missed. Goodbye man and good luck.
  • Enjoy the new job. Prosperous voyage! You'll be missed.
  • All the best, sir! More Achievements Unlocked ahead!
  • Awesome and congrats on the new job!
  • All the best fella. One of the best feature writers on here. And meeting Rudolph at Christmas? Dream come true.
  • Good luck Sam
  • You made me cry, Sam :-(
  • Thanks Sam! Scared of getting the "learn to read" comments next, but what exactly will your new job description be?
  • Congrats Sam. And kind regards. You will be missed. Thank You.
  • Looking forward to some leaks via Sam Sabri...haha Good luck at MS!
  • Congrats on your job at MS, dream job FTW!
  • We wil miss you here Sam. Thanks for all the work you put into Windows Central!
  • Good luck Sam
  • Wish you best of luck and had enjoyed all your articles.
  • Farewell and thank you! Not sure what your new team will do but hope you can help WP move along and at a brisker pace, hopefully. Good luck!
  • Well Sam good luck & all the Best for the future. I have actually learnt alot through reading your review's and Daniels reviews there's so much knowledge & information available on this WPC its the Best value for money I have ever had. Thankyou for sharing your passion because at the moment that's what windows phone is a passion it grows on you anyway take care & good luck.
  • Good Luck Sam.
    Wish you a Microsoft start in 2015.
  • Great articles and I will surely miss your writing in Windows Central
  • Thanks Sam for your contribution to the community!! Happy holidays
  • Good luck and have fun at Microsoft you lucky bastard ;)
  • All the best! I hope you work in Microsoft and still keep in touch with this community. Let Microsoft knows what their users think about their services and products.
  • You're a lucky dog Sam! I'm jealous and proud. I'll be adding you on Xbox live and LinkedIn (if you're there)
  • Just look for Sam Sabri on LinkedIn :)
  • Sad to see you go Sam but an opportunity at Microsoft is the bomb bro! Congratulations and all the best!
  • Congrats
  • Congratulations on the new gig. Enjoy!
  • I think everyone will agree to me that no matter how big or small you shared here will always be a part of their windows life.
  • Awesome Sam! Will I be seeing you in some ExpertZone stuff soon then?
  • For a second I thought WC is saying goodbye for holidays. It's sad to see someone from the team leaving but when we realise it's for a better opportunity ahead we seem to be happy for them. Best wishes Sam!
  • U'll be missed!
  • Goodbye Sam ... We will miss u bro and good luck ): ​
  • In the portuguese variant of Windows Phones, when turned off the text is "Até Breve", meaning in english "See you soon". So..see you soon hehe. Best wishes in your new team at Microsoft, Sam :)
  • Sad to see you leave.... Your articles were great... Congrats on your new job though! I would pay to work at Microsoft. 
  • Best of luck to you, I'll miss reading your quality articles.
  • You can still write you will have free time
  • I'll miss you, Sam!
  • Thanks for everything, this site is important for a lot of people and it's a great achievement to create something that wasn't there before. Best of lucks with your next challenge :)
  • Good luck man..! A Windows Central member's story couldnt get better than this..! Keep in touch with all of us, Daniel will miss you a lot.. so make him smile every now and then with juicy leaks alright..??? :P 
  • Goodbye Sam. You are really one of my best favorite writers. you will be really missed. Congrats for the new job.
  • Cool Sam. Congratulations!!! At least we got one more broker or a bridge between community and MS, please share our thoughts with your team at Microsoft. We are all betting a lot on Windows 10 for mobile.
  • You guys make a great team, sad to let you go. On the other side congratulations and live the dream!!
  • Enjoyed your articles Sam. Thanks and all the best as you take up the next chapter in your life! May you have a long and fruitful life at Microsoft!
  • I skipped all the way to the end to see where you were going. When I saw Microsoft it put a smile on my face. Best wishes on your new endeavor Sam!
  • Congratualations! So awesome! I feel like we now have an "insider". Not to tell us secrets, but more about advocating for us and being the voice of the rabid fan base we have here. I'll miss seeing your name in articles here. That alliteration was almost like a Stan Lee superhero.
  • Good luck Sam :)
  • From Portugal, i wish you good luck and... merry christmas!
  • My best to you Sam! You will be missed here... Take good care!
  • No.. No, no, no.. I HATE GOODBYES
  • But they're much better than BadByes.
  • Our loss is Microsoft's gain. Best of luck to you!
  • You'll be missed, Sam. Best of luck working at Microsoft.
  • Hope all goes well my friend! No matter what it is, you'll do good at it. :)
  • Well Damn Sam, good luck and what will you be doing at MS?
  • I will miss you and your posts on windows phone central and windows central. You are one of those without whom I don't know what my wp would be and what will i be doing with my wp right now. My wp and i are sure many thousands or millions of wp users around the globe are as thankful to you as my wp and I are to you.
  • Love you Sam... And good luck for your next chapter of life...
  • I'll miss you sooo much... ummm... so... this means there's a job opening right? 
  • good luck! but damn I almost thought this site was shutting down
  • Scared me too for a second.
  • :(
  • Happy face!
  • Good bye Sam. You will be missed. Best wishes.
  • Thank you good sir!
  • Bye, Sam. Here's to a wonderful career at Microsoft. ALl the best.
  • I'm about to cry.
  • Good luck Sam with all your success don't be a stranger now
  • Goodbye Sam.
    Will miss you, but happy for where you are headed.
  • MSFT just got a little stronger. Best of luck Sam!
  • Best wishes Sam.
  • Wow, what a surprise I did not see this coming at all. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  • Goodbye and Congratulations!
  • For a second I thought you were saying that Windows Central was shutting down. Omg! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Good luck, Sam!
  • Best of luck!  Working for Ben would be hard to turn down!
  • Congratulations man! Good luck.
  • I will miss you!!! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Good luck with your new career Sam I will miss your detailed oriented articles
  • Too good for us now?
  • Good Luck and thanks.
  • Best of luck Sam! It's been great having you here and all the best on your awesome new gig!
  • We will have an extra eye inside Microsoft! That's how I look into the whole situation 3:) Good luck though, Sam.
  • We'll miss you but also wish you the best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Enjoy your new job!
  • All the best Sam. I hope everything goes well.
  • Congrats Sam and I hope you can make a difference in MSFT's abominable marketing and communications campaigns!
  • Good luck on your new chapter
  • Congratulations, Sam.  I mean that sincerely and genuinely. That being said, does this mean WC is hiring ...?  :D
  • Good luck, and say hi to all the SMS&P Guys in Building 121 whilst your there!
  • Good luck and all the best in your new environment, Sam. Thanks for all the articles and hard works you've shared throughout these times. We will miss you dearly, sir!
  • Good luck Mr. Sabri, I wish you the best
  • Congratulations Sam. Wishing you the very best.
  • Later Sam!
  • I am insanely jealous over your escape from Crazyfornia to the awesome northwest. I'll get as far as Portland eventually. I will definitely miss seeing your byline here, but kinda hope that being a Softy will give you insider info you'll be authorized to leak here ;-) e.g., next flagship-worthy Lumia? Wishing you all the best.
  • Best wishes in your future, and welcome to Microsoft :D
  • Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!
  • Wow that's amazing
  • Thanks for all Sam! Gonna miss you so much! :(
  • Hey Sam, I could "see" your passion for Windows Phone in your writing. It's a passion shared by many including myself. All the best with Ben in the future!! Regards...
  • Welcome to the team Sam. I'm on the other side of the Big pond called the Atlantic.
  • Right on Sam. Good luck at Microsoft. Lord knows I'd love to be working with you there. And about Halo... I'll be hitting you up in the near future. We can win some Halo 5 matches together. Enjoy Seattle. I visited there often. It's a great place to live.
  • Congrats. Make the Windows Phone team even greater!
  • Good luck in your new job @MSFT. I was getting worried that WMPoweruser actually offered you a contract. Phew
  • Good luck Sam!
  • Congratulations man. Microsoft made a good choice here!
  • Hey Sam, Good luck on your new endeavor and help Microsoft to make Windows 10 a success. This ain't Goodbye....just a different Job and still yur are connected in the web. May the force be you.   (P.S.) may you can have a secret twitter account like @samleaks. hehehe. (just kidding).
  • Wouldn't it be like @ssleaks?:P
  • Best of luck for the future and don't be a stranger.
  • Just before you go, I have a new windows device you need to see.... We call it the NEURALYZER.
  • Share Microsoft news with us.
  • It was great reading your articles Sam! Congrats on your jew job, and see ya in the windows central comments!
  • Hope you find some great successes in the future!
  • congrats on your next adventure!!
  • All the best Sam. Best wishes and welcome to the West (Wet) Coast in advance.
  • Best wishes and thanks for all the news and reviews!
  • This news made me sad, we are going to miss you Sam :(. Congratulations on your new adventure and good luck.
  • Good luck Sam, I'll sure miss those photo contests
  • See ya Sam!
  • Man, hate to see you go, but happy it's a step up and in a direction you want. I'll be curious to know your work at Microsoft, so if I'm not already, you can expect a Twitter follow from me soon.
  • Congrats Sam! And we miss u.. :/
  • Goodbye... :( Build the world something awesome at Microsoft!! :D
  • Just do both. Lol farewell friend! It was a pleasure!
  • Good luck Sam
  • Congratulations. I'm sure you've studied every algorithm, tree and graph in the book and are mentally drained. Get some rest, you earned it.
  • Best wishes Sam. Thanks for all the great posts and info. Happy new year.
  • You've done a great job while you were here.
  • Good luck Sam in the mothership. But just before you leave, I've always been wondering where you are originally from. Your name sounds Egyptian or Arabic.
  • thanks sam....will miss you a lot here and best of luck for your future endeavors :)
  • Congratulations Sam and best wishes in all your future endeavours!
  • I have been an avid follower of this site now for about a year, and I have really enjoyed your articles.  Thanks for all you did at WC.  I would hate to have to move to Seattle ... but who could pass up a job at Microsoft, for heavens sake!  All the best to you in your new endeavor ... and have FUN!!
  • Best wishes Sam.... Merry Christmas too....
  • Thanks for your work, Sam! Good luck and Happy Holidays! :)
  • Sad to hear you're leaving Windows Central, but excited for your next adventure. Best of luck to you!
  • Congratulations!! Let the confetti fly. You'll be missed.
  • Thank you Sam! Wish you the best
  • Damn, sad news! Congrats though! Sounds like an amazing opportunity!
  • Congrats for your new job. who will be doing photo contests? what is your new job description?
  • Bye sam
  • Wish you the best of luck Sam.
  • Best wishes Sam. Speaking from experience, be sure not to spend your entire employee store allocation on your first visit since you have six months left before reset! Good luck on what will be one of the best experiences of your life.
  • Congrats for microsoft job, little sad all articles I read are good and helped me a good knowledge of windows phone. Thanks sam
  • Good Luck Sam and Wish you best of luck in your Future Endeavors :-)
  • Best of luck, man! You're very talented and I'm sure Microsoft will be better with you there. Keep it up! Posted from The Dark Side.
  • Gee, I'm late reading this... I'm gonna miss Sam as a regular writer. Having said that I'm excited for him and I think both Ben and MS will benefit from the addition of Sam to the team. Sad to see you go, but best of luck in the future!
  • Congratulations on your new journey! We'll really miss your articles, you are one of my favorites here! I'm happy for you! Regards from Costa Rica :D
  • Good luck!!
  • Bye Sam and good luck for your new challenge.
  • Farewell Sam... Good luck with your next job and have a merry Xmass...
  • Good to know that we know a msft employ that closely :) *cryingface*
    We all minions Miss u S!R!
    No seems faster today
  • Best of luck sir. Will really miss u here
  • Sam, have my babiessss! Lol
    Farewell bro, have a great one with Microsoft! All the best!
  • Happy for you Sam, wish you the best of luck in your new adventure!
  • Farewell sam:)
  • Good luck in your new venture.
  • Gratz :D
  • We'll miss you here, but it's great that you're going to be working in a place where your insight and experience will continue to add value to the products. Maybe we'll get a couple of guest articles from a "new" Microsoft staff member? :) Enjoy the new job!
  • The best ones never stay long, all the best Sam. We miss you already.
  • Come visit us Mr. Sabri! You'll be missed! You've been one of my favorites around here and I'm happy for you!!
  • Superb guy
  • Good for you :-) we'll miss you.
  • Sam congrats and wish you the best of luck in Microsoft HQ
    So what does Ben Rudolf's team do?
  • The photo contests and ICYMI...... I Looked a sad news after I woke up after sleep Thank god , you will be there in comments section
  • Ciao Sam and best of luck with your new venture with Ben. If you need a man in the UK to spread the love for WP then let me know...
  • Cya Sam thanks for all the helpful information that put out. Good luck in your new endeavor
  • Congratulations Sam.. We always support you. Best wishes to you for new life.. Happy Christmas and new year...
  • Congrats Sam! And thanks for the great posts!
  • Congrats Sam! I'll miss your articles here, but look forward to seeing what you'll bring to Microsoft (my wife and I both work there, and my wife in the same org as Ben). Sorry to see you leave, but congrats and welcome to Microsoft!
  • Good Luck Sam! Wish you all the best at Microsoft! I am instagram follower @t_arachchige.
  • Good luck Sam. Wish you the best.
  • Wow I have to say I'm really shocked by this news. Sam Sabri like Daniel is really the "identity" of Windows Central. Anyway I wish you all the best at Microsoft and have great holidays. 
  • Sam i am happy for you. .Thanks and Godbless
  • Congrats!!and we will miss you that's for sure...
  • Good luck Sam. Seriously gonna miss u and your playfulness. Came to WPC to find all I could bout WP, didn't know I was gonna stay hooked. I can easily say it was due to u n dans master piece articles and the way you guys interacted with the readers. Good luck brother, I'm sure u will humbly move mountains.
  • Thank you for your contribution and best wishes in your next chapter!
  • Good luck Sam. You will be missed.
  • I'm wondering why u guys are saying good bye to sam... he clearly told us he is not leaving Windows central... we love you sam.. and want to see your comments in our forum... and all the best for your new job.. merry Christmas.. Posted via the Windows Central
  • No :(
  • Goodbye Sam, Best of luck for Microsoft!!!
  • All the very best Sam. Now you can Send "Anonymous" tips to us about windows 10 for phone! ;)
  • Good luck, good to know they're taking the best.
  • I sees a WC mole in Microsoft soon.  Muahaha.  I cant wait to read rumor articles verified by "an insider" in the near future 
  • You'll be missed by all of us Sam, your articles were top notch. Best of luck at Microsoft man.
  • Best wishes Sam. Will be missing you.
  • Congrats Sam from one softie to another. I made the move to Redmond 4 1/2 years ago and it has been an amazing adventure. Good luck and hope our paths cross at Scorpio's headquarters.
  • All the Best Sam for the new chapter and with wishes for Merry Christmas and a successful 2015 ahead!!
  • Good luck! I liked your articles.
  • GL sam.:)
  • All the best!
  • The enthusiasm of Sam and Daniel is what hooked me on to Windows Phone after my Nokia N8 fell in water and died. And now it seems as if one half of Windows (Phone) Central will be gone. I enjoyed reading Sam's articles, some of which were offbeat. However, I feel a little guilty I didn't know Sam had the goods to make it to Microsoft, and now that he has, I feel extremely proud to have come in contact with a future Microsoftie. In fact, have had a couple of light-hearted exchanges too on Twitter, which hopefully shall continue even when Sam is ensconced in the Mothership. Good luck, mate. :)
  • Congrats Sam. Reading one of your articles was the reason I joined Windows Central in the first place and will miss those every day. Hope you'll stick around and do a guest piece or 2 every once in awhile.
  • So that's why you're buying a Porsche 911 GT2.. lol.. Best of luck for you and your new team.. 
  • Congratulations!
  • Sam will certainly be missed, but I'm glad he'll still be "in the ecosystem". Good luck Sam!!!
  • Good luck!
  • Good luck Sam. :) You'll definitely be missed.
  • Good Luck..!!
  • Good luck bro!
  • Definitely going to miss your articles( one of the few that I can recognize the writer without seeing the name) good luck at Microsoft and make us proud! ;)
  • Hated to read this, but take care, don't be a stranger, and good luck on all your future endeavors!!
  • Godspeed.
  • Good luck on your future endeavors and enjoy your time at Microsoft. I can only hope to see your impact there as its been here, you've been an awesome part of the windows central team and its great to see you expand your horizons in the natural growth direction that is Microsoft!
  • more like congratulations than goodbye if you ask me :)
  • I suggested to a friend at Microsoft to look you up. His name is Patrick I said he would enjoy meeting you and that Windows Central won't be the same without you. Good luck and best wishes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
  • Damn... You were my favorite writer.
  • I heard about windows central through Sam on twitter... i will never forget that. :)
  • Good luck!
  • Congrats! See you around the forums and hopefully you will be an insider now :) It was always nice to ready your posts and articles.
  • Will miss you brother
  • Good luck on your new chapter Sam.
  • Goodbye sam! Thanks for all your posts. You will be missed. And congratulations for your new job at microsoft. You're worth it. Good luck! :)
  • Congratulations for the new job Sam! And thanks for what you gave to this site... We'll miss you and your articles! Best wishes from Italy!
  • An early Christmas gift for Microsoft. You will be missed.
  • sorry to see you go, sam! thanks for all the hard work you've put in for us! congradulations and good luck at microsoft, that's such an incredible opportunity!
  • Thank you Sam for your immense contribution to Windows Central... Or wouldn't be so much fun without you...and good luck for your stint with Microsoft...hope you be our representative to them...and put some sense when they wander off...would be great if you could convey our thoughts out to the MS team..
  • Way to go, Sam! Good luck and thanks for all the good stuff you did here.
  • Bye Sam.We will miss your post for sure anyways Good Luck for future work and I think you're great Windows phone enthusiastic and also be best at Microsoft :)
  • All the best Sam
  • Congratulations and good luck. ^_~
  • Looking forward to hooking up with GeneralSham on Xbox live. Even though his drivatar kicks my butt lol. GL Sam
  • Bye Sam, I appreciate the work you've done for the site. Been using it since I got my Lumia in late 2013 and have found it extremely useful to keep track of what's going on with the platform. Thanks a lot for your contributions, all the best with your future endeavours. :)
  • Thanks for your work, Sam. Good luck to you.
  • Hate to see you go, but wishing you all the best, Sam.
  • Wow shot bro working with Ben, exciting, good luck!!
  • We'll miss you, thank you for all these beautiful articles that you have written. Personally using an Xbox One and a Windows 8 PC I have to say that was very helpful to me.
  • Money talks. Don't worry, that's life.
  • Best of luck!
  • May the force be with you.....
  • it si kinda sad, but then he is joining the "mothership" in seattle, it is time to celebrate his bright future in Microsoft.
  • Thanks Sam for your efforts and contributions, we wish you very best for your future...may your passion be blessed!!
  • See ya
  • Well I follow you on Instagram so I'll be keeping in touch there as well. Must be amazing to get to work at Microsoft soon though. Keep up the great work Sam. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Sad to see you leaving the Windows Central team. I wish you all the best at Microsoft.
  • All the best Sam!!
  • Gonna miss you sam, and good luck with your new work.....
  • Will miss your inputs for sure...
    Best wishes.. Sam.
  • So now, publishing of new articles would fall to almost half on this site.... Coz 45-50% of the most imp blogs were usually written by Sam but still happy that he got a job at one of the world's biggest IT firm.
  • Bye Sam. Thanks for bringing all that news to us.
  • Sam,
    No more ICYMI's.
    No more those creative stuffs.
    No more those articles with a little funny accent.
    No more you in this site as writer.
  • Goodbye Sam.. And best luck for your new job
  • Congrats Sam. We will miss you. But as you said you will be visiting us. Please don't forget share information with us. Wish you happy merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year in advance. Take care.
  • The first thing that came to my mind when I read the headline was like "what? after Paul, then Ed, and now it's Sam?". I felt sadness. :( But after reading the whole article, I'm glad and very happy to see you go Sam, and fly to Microsoft. Spread your wings wide Sam. Best of luck!
  • Adios my friend
  • I swear my heart just sank. Goodbye Sam. Good luck on all your future endeavours.
  • Farewell & goodluck sam
  • Goodbye and good luck Sam! :) :'(
  • Sam, don't go...... Lord of the Rings, lol.
  • Goodbye! Sam
    I will miss you. :(
    You were the first one here who made an impact on me. :)
    Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
  • y you're going?
  • It means we loose someone here??? I join this site for few months but.... Let me tell you something....... We love you and your articles.... And of course we love you Microsoft.... Good luck Sam.... We miss you here but Maybe your ideas and work help the WP to improve.... Buy man.
  • Best of luck Sir.You will be missed.Thank you for your Short but nice and sweet stay.
  • Good luck at your new job Sam!
  • You were one of the best members of this site. We are all gonna miss you :'(
  • I would only read from Daniel Rubino or Sam sabri, no one else....
  • All the best Sam :)
  • Best to you Sam! Congrats!
  • Congrats
  • Good luck Sam, I wish you all the best!
  • Bye Sam, I hope you enjoy your new job at Microsoft just as much (and even more!) as your job at Windows Central!
  • Good luck Sam in your new endeavor. I've greatly enjoyed your contributions since I switched to Windows Phone when the 920 was released. I'll miss your influence here at Windows Central, but I truly hope you will have a positive impact at Microsoft. They got a real gem in you and I hope they use you to your full potential.
  • Good Luck Sam :)
  • Good luck and we will miss you...
  • Thank you for everything Sam. Everybody here will miss you and your puns.
    Wish you all the very best in future endeavours.
  • I wish you'll be doing your job without having too much hesitation. In person, I'm glad to read every one of your news :)
  • So.. Do we have a vacancy Dan? O_O
  • Good on you Sam. I hope you make great strides while at MS. Wish you very bright future ahead. You will be immensly missed.   PS: Merry Christmas everyone.
  • All the best Sam!
  • Take care mate!!
  • Congrarulation man. thats good thing for you and us :)
  • good luck sam. wonder who will handle weekly photo contest or it will also end as you step away :(
  • thank you for all your devotion to this community sam, it's much appreciated :) i'm sure the team loved having you aboard. good luck with whatever life has to offer to you :)
  • What if this is an undercover mission by WC to influence more flagships. :P
  • Bye Sam.... Do good work at Microsoft ... N make the guys at Microsoft do good work as well....
  • Good luck for your new journey Sam, gonna miss ya.
  • Happy to hear of this opportunity for you Sam! Hate to lose you as a regular contributor here at Windows Central, but I look forward to seeing the results of your collaboration with Ben and the rest of Microsoft. Congrats! Posted from the Nexus 6 via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good for you, not so good for us. The site's been getting worse IMO over the past year with what I consider questionable 'new hires' and what seems to be a lack of real interest in the platform. Guess it's become more of a living now for most writers.   Your articles were, for me, better than most others and you will be missed..
  • Best of Luck Sam and happy to hear that you'll be in good hands of Microsoft :-)
  • Good luck at your next job, Sam :)
  • All the best...
  • Goodbye sam ... Congrats for your new job... :) good luck for ur future... :)
  • Good luck mate, thanks for your passionate work
  • I wish good luck and success to you Sam! Thank you very much for your effort for all these years.
  • All the best sam :)
  • Will miss reading your quality articles. Congratulations, and good luck!
  • I will miss you, and you scared me with that photo bro!
  • Oh man, you were one of the best here, your articles will surely be missed, windows central is a very important part of the whole Microsoft environment and you are not leaving just moving to other place where you will do hopefully more things to help this platform that we love so much. Thank you for everything Sam
  • Sam, just looked up who your new boss is and what your new team does... You guys have got to do something about the retail training man! especially around the phone/carrier in store staff. Shopping around for x-mas, I've been to a couple of operators' stores. Even here in Europe it is incredible how little these people know about Windows Phone and how bad the impression is they make. They cant use e phones and customers feel like they are complicated, can't do stuff, etc. or they outright tell people how bad WP is. I heard Telenor agents tell customers WP is slow, buggy, crashes, has no apps, etc... on manymoccasions. I had friends being talked out of buying WP by the agent.
  • After a month or so, Sam will comment on WC "Somebody help me! I'm turning into one of them!I can't escape from the mothership! My sense of humour is dropping by the minute!" =D
  • After a month or so, Sam will comment on WC "Somebody help me! I'm turning into one of them!I can't escape from the mothership! My sense of humour is dropping by the minute!" =D
  • Good luck and Godspeed...
  • Cheers Sam, and goid luck.
  • Good luck.
  • Thank Sam! We wish you all then best
  • Holy crap Sam! You joining Microsoft? :D Congratulations!
  • Good luck Sam.
  • GooD Luck in your life bro
  • Thanks, Sam! Have thoroughly enjoyed your contributions. Put in a good word for the WP community in Redmond!
  • All the best in your new adventure Sam. You will be missed..:(
  • We miss u dear
  • Good luck in your new job and thanks for the articles. The windows central community will miss you. I think we're all pretty passionate about wp and seeing it grow and improve, now the os is as good (or better) than its rivals. windows 10 will be a game changer.
  • All the best Sam!
  • This is my first comment over wc .. Sam.. Its only because of ur love towards wp that we eventually get maximum out of our phones... Bt believe me i m just a bit bigger fan of wp that i used to live as a compatible human to wp... Stay blessed nd hv fun .. :)
  • Good luck and Merry Christmas Sam. You will be missed, but hopefully you can bring back the hubs to WP now. ❤
  • Best of luck to you, Sam. And congratulations. :)
  • Thank You Sam !.. You're truly Amazing and I'll miss you
  • Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  • Noooooo! ;)
  • Miss you Sam, and I'm sure all the others reader do.
    Good luck Sam. Merry Christmas and Gifs Bless you.
  • There will be no photo contest from now???
  • Best wishes Sam, we certainly miss you.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless You.
  • With best wishes, Farewell Sam
  • Cool! Now Sam will only be a couple hours away from me and I can go bug him in person. ;P Honestly though, congrats on the new job at MS Sam. We will all miss you and your great articles! Though we fully expect you to pop in here now and then and keep us laughing. Give em hell!
  • The sadest news of 2014
  • All the best mate ;)
  • Probably last post from Sam......
    We miss you....
    Best of luck for your new chapter....
  • Good luck Mr. Sam and a merry Christmas :-)
  • Congratulations! I wish you all the best!
  • Bye Sam. Take care and Keep up the good work..
  • Congratulations Sam, for your new job. Knowing that you will be working with Microsoft only, gives me warmth and comfort.
    You, Daniel, and George have been my favourites. Perhaps everybody's favourites. We will miss you bad. Really.
    Believe it or not, I am feeling terrible that you left. :'( I am not on instagram or twitter. But I will make accounts there just to follow you!
    Miss you, have a great life ahead. :)
  • Thanks for your contributions! Enjoy the next chapter in your life.
  • Goodbye sam you will be dearly missed! Good luck for your future.... Love from India!!
  • All the best!
  • Sam I am from Bangladesh and I am a great fun of u. Good luck to your new job.
  • Good luck Sam will miss you
  • Best wishes on your move to Seattle and future with Microsoft! Pretty sure we will all miss you round here! Cheers!
  • Thank you Sam for all the things that you've shared here at Windows Central. We will surely miss you. God bless your new career at MS. :)
  • So long and good luck!
  • Sam, It's been great, you will be missed. I do follow you on twitter (I'm @TheCoolDave). Nice to see you move back to Microsoft. Hope your Seahawks make it to the superbowl, as I know my Patriots will and wipe the Seahawks up :) LOL I'll add you on Xbox, maybe we can meet up for a game some time ! My Xbox live name is my user name on here. -Dave 
  • So long and thanks for all the fish. I wish you luck!
  • Congratulations to you :) 
    but we will miss your artcles.
  • wow! good luck with your new  job! you will be missed here...
  • Bye
  • Suddenly thought WC shutting down. ufff!
  • Hey, Sam, Thanks for everything.  We'll miss you.  Please help Microsoft understand that they are doing a horrible job marketing products to consumers.  They have a technically great product in Windows Phone and they are utterly clueless about how to market it. Eric
  • All the best Sam for future!
    And really really thanks for the knowledge you shared!!!
  • That's great news for you! ICYMI we will miss you
  • Good Bye Sam, best wishes and merry christmas!
  • Sad that you're leaving, but happy that now we "windows phone users" have someone inside Microsoft to share our thoughts and work hard for us .. Good luck Sam we will miss you.
    P.S. Merry Christmas :D
  • Best of luck for your future.
  • Nice!! Best of luck!
  • Thank You, Congrats & Good Luck... you shall not be forgotten !!
  • If you get through all these posts Sam, just want you to know are appriciated and you'll be missed. Good luck in your next chapter.
  • Thank you Jazmac! See you around the web!
  • Congrats man! I wish I had a job at Microsoft!
  • Congrats I think MS has made a great choice in bringing someone that has worked with its community extensively. Bring them that customer voice!
  • Congrats on the new job Sam! Hope you enjoy it. If you don't mind me being possibly rude, what is it that you're off to do with Microsoft? 
  • Wish you well and congrats again!
  • Goodbye best of luck!!
  • I was there with the days, Sam. Will miss you.
  • Good luck in the Mother Ship, Sam!
  • Mazel tov.
  • Congrats!
  • Congratulations on new job Sam....and keep checking in from time to time
  • A perfect image "Bye Sam"
  • Good Luck Sam
  • Best wishes, Sam! Thank you for your tremendous work here on this fantastic site! I'm presently primarily an Apple guy for desktop/laptop computing, and Android for mobile, but the fact that I am following this site so closely (and benefitting so much from it), paired with the facts that I have a running install of Windows 10 on a PC laptop, and that just yesterday, I got myself a Lumia 520, so I can familiarize myself and get hands on with the Windows ecosystem shows just how seriously I'm taking the platform, and how open minded I am to being "converted". I also intend to buy an XBox One sooner than I buy a PS4 (though both are on an "as soon as feasible" timetable) Keep up the great work at Microsoft Sam that you demonstrated here, and I'll continue paying close attention. Maybe the next time we interact, it'll be mediated by a Windows device on my end, rather than this Galaxy Note 3, which is still waiting in frustration for Lollipop. ;-) God Bless! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • We'll miss you buddy
  • You did a great job! I hope the future will be amazing!
    We'll keep following you on social networks. Merry Christmas!
  • I always loved reading your articles. So thanks. Good luck with the new job.
  • Sad man, farewell and good luck. Always been a fan of you and Daniel. It's why I come to this site.
  • Sam, keep on the good work.
  • Good luck and best wishes.
  • All the best for the future, Sam :)
  • We will never know what app there was under your SoundCloud tile ;(