Google fixes Windows 10 10525 crashing bug for Chrome Canary builds

If you are using Windows 10 build 10525 and were using Google Chrome beta browser with 64-bit support, the company is one-step closer to a release. Within the last few hours, the Chrome team has pushed an update to the Canary channel. The update adds "support for int 2e fallback system call stub in Win10 " and fixes the crashes.

For those who do not know, Chrome Canary is the nightly build channel for the Google Chrome browser. As such, it cannot be installed as a default browser and in fact, installs alongside a public or beta build of Chrome on your system. Although the browser works just fine, due to its frequent experimental nature, it is not recommended for daily use (having said that I do use it for that and have for a long time).

Starting with Windows 10 build 10525 for Insider the 64-bit versions of Chrome were crashing (Beta and Canary). The fault is with Google as they were using unauthorized 'hooking' to work around Microsoft's APIs. Evidently, Microsoft's tools for 64-bit systems costs (no joke) $9,995 (opens in new tab) and Google opted to work around instead of paying up. Microsoft changed how memory is handled in this build and it broke Google's hack. You can read more from Windows Central member nohone, who left some detailed comments about the bug here.

The good news today is the fix is working in Chrome Canary 46.0.2489.0 (64-bit), and you can see the commit right here. The next step, after further testing and feedback, is to push it up to the Chrome beta channel, where the 64-bit version of the browser is at right now. This process could be just a few days or a week or more as beta builds are not as frequent as Canary ones. We'll, of course, keep you posted of when that happens.

For now, if you are using the Chrome beta 64-bit on Widows 10 10525, you can still use the –no-sandbox flag to get around the hooking issue.

Source: Google

Daniel Rubino

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  • Serve them right. Come up with your money are gu dun Ina hole.:)
  • What even.
  • I'm talking about Google, serve Google right. Microsoft should find away to block them permanently. I just don't like them because of their lack of support on Windows phone. Windows PC is where they get most of the users yet they fail to support the WP platform. Without Windows where would Google be because chrome book sucks.
  • *cough* android
  • "find away to block them permanently."
    "Windows PC is where they get most of the users."  Woah, there! Put down the pitchfork. Just as many of Google's offerings are most often used on Windows, Microsoft services on mobile are most popular on Android. So if Microsoft blocked Google(they can't) Google would block Microsoft(they can't though), making Microsoft's mobile presence go down by a significant notch. Also, Microsoft has a lots of benefits of keeping Google around. Not only does Microsoft use open source programs made by Google for their own work( but they also try to emulate a lot of what Google innovates(
  • Seriously though Google is just playing scared because they know that Windows phone is a much better platform than Android. It will also keep getting better (WP). I tell you though that with the release of the surface phone and Windows mobile 10 that one will see a significant increase in users on WP and a significant decrease in lag Droid users. :)
  • I am not so sure about a flagship Lumia taking away a lot of android users. Only time will tell...
  • Just saw a link to this article on /r/Windows10, and oh boy how time has told...
  • When Microsoft blocks someone else app just because is where it will be the final nail in the coffin about Windows for me. Yeah, it sucks that Google aren't making any apps for WP, but they don't have to. Apple doesn't make apps on WP either.
  • Apple doesn't have anything I need. On the other hand Google has YouTube and magic jack.
  • Thx for the news. I updated my canary build. Good job google for fixing it so quick!
  • $10k?? Google were probably just hoping for ad-supported APIs... ;)
  • They were just hoping to say it was MS fault
  • Microsoft's tools for 64-bit systems costs (no joke) $9,995  : lol astonished
  • It is an enterprise tool, no surprise.
  • I didn't realize Google was struggling so bad that they couldn't afford to spend 1/10 of the salary of an engineer to make sure things don't break. I know some will say that's expensive, but I'd imagine having to constantly hack DLLs to make this work would cost them (in the long run) a lot more than $10,000. That being said, that price should probably come down. I like Dr Pizza's suggestion that they open source it.
  • OMG MS charges for enterprise level tools and Google tried to cheat out of paying for something, I'm shocked
  • don't shocked - it's human nature - to do their best 
  • For a while i thought you meant windows phone :'D
  • no need chrome on wp 
  • Would have been to good haha.
  • Actually if you want it you can. Just take the source code on Chromium site. And reconstruct it as WP apps.
  • How can you do that when (AFAIK), you can only use Trident/Edge rendering engine on WP?
  • WP8.x lets you run native code.
  • So I can have a WP 8.X app that runs the Blink rendering engine? I don't think that's the case, but if it is, that would be interesting.
  • What is funny is that Google blocked all access to YouTube for the WP app MS built by reverse engineering around the API since Google wouldn't make an app or give them access. MS provided access and charge a pittance, from Google's perspective, for the tool yet Google did the exact same thing (worked around)... I don't see Chrome being banned... Of course MS didn't screw up their reverse engineering.
  • Lol bann chrome on windows would make a lot of people angry. That idea is just insane. Windows is so famous because of the many programs
  • IDC about Google at all on windows or otherwise.
  • Wow google are kinda cheap hypocrites. They didn't like MS working around their coding to make a youtube app, but they are more than willing to do the same thing to MS to work around the price which is probs a fraction of an individual's pay in Google XD
  • I say you write a kindly worded, albeit frustrated, letter about their hypocrisy to them. I really mean it. I support google in a lot of things... But I'm honestly getting really tired of their bullshit.
  • Never will install chrome
  • Same here. I needed Chrome for a couple of sites in W8 (because of some nonstandard webkit crap) but Edge is more than enough
  • That's the best idea
  • Why is there so much hate against google. Yeah they didn't make an yt app. Yeah they blocked the API when Microsoft made one. But what do you expect when you've made an marketing campaign called "scroogle"...
  • They were like this prior to Microsoft's campaigning...not the result of.
  • Still that marketing campaign was horrible...
  • Just wanted to make clear that Microsoft wasn't very nice to them either. All the stuff I read here makes it look like that Microsoft is the good brand that never makes bad things...
  • You'll notice that the Scroogled guy left the company.
  • and make a company named Alphabet.
  • It isn't so much google hate as noting the huge hypocrisy of their stances.
  • That's just at this moment. There has been worse done and said in the past.
  • So this is what you would expect of a "Don't be evil" company? Like make sure another platform and 'your' users suffer because the owner of another platform made a marketing campaign? Truly noble indeed ;-)
  • Why i m not seeing 10525 update ?
  • No it's a google update not Microsoft update. In a couple of days you should update your browser to get a google update that fixes bugs
  • Hey Daniel, are you hidden part of the WinVer Window because it shows "Windows 8"? Like you asked Gabe on Twitter. ahahah
  • Plz say something?
  • Wait a it's okay for Google to circumvent Microsoft's APIs for 64bit but Microsoft isn't allowed to do the same for the YouTube APIs? Hypocrisy at its finest.
  • Nandela is Google 1st.
  • Considering their Android empire is built on doing the same with Java, I'm not surprised.
  • Poor alphabets. They should ask NSA to give them raise.
  • You do know Microsoft also complies wth the law, right? 
  • What law NSA complies with?
  • So how are they gunna inject this update to regular users without the canary builds. Even if I now open up my google chrome browser it crashes and I can't even update settings as it doesn't open?
  • Idc