Google Sync Down Again


For those of you syncing your Gmail and such using Google Sync, you’ve probably noticed that it hasn’t been feeling like itself the last couple days (not the first time). According to Google’s Mobile Help Forum, the issue stems from an extended problem with one of Google’s datacenters.

This problem only affects users running Google Sync, meaning a manual update should allow you to reach your data just fine. It’s also worth noting that this only seems to be a problem for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and S60 devices. Also those of you using a third party tool such as the SEVEN Beta, PushEffect, or XImapPusher to get your Gmail should be immune.

[via the::unwired]

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  • This one had affected me. (I wasn't really touched by the earlier hiccups.)
    Hopefully they'll straighten this out ASAP as I've really come to depend on Google Sync.
  • It's working for me, but email is hitting my phone with a 3-4 minute delay. Better than nothing.
  • DOH!!! Spoke to soon...
  • Too bad. I didn't realize that Seven was connecting this way as well. Their service was unreliable at the end of last year and in recent weeks their "push" email service has taken a consistent 3 or more minutes to deliver messages...
  • looks like it's coming back to life now. Just got 2 push emails on my iphone, first in 3 days...
  • I paid for Exchange hosting from Sherweb for a few months, but they were horribly slow. When I complained, they said it's "normal" to have mail be delayed several minutes. Hotmail and Google have been unreliable. I'm trying PushEffect now. It's working fine, but it seems to be eating battery. I'll know better after a full day if it running tomorrow.
  • A free service in the cloud that solved a host of email access problems. It was in the cloud, could be accessed from both on and off campus, from Windows and Mac computers, Pocket PC and Palm PDAs and smart phones. There was much rejoicing.