GoPayment abandons Windows Phone. Asks you to switch to iOS or Android

GoPayment will no longer be supported on Windows Phone (or "Windows 7 mobile devices") due to the developing team pulling all efforts from the platform. This rules out any future releases for Windows Phone 8, that's until the team reconsider Microsoft's mobile platform as a solid choice for development to continue.

Customers who currently use GoPayment for credit card processing (and more) have until February 5th to either find a new solution or hop over to a competing platform where support will continue to be provided, which is what the team has suggested in emails sent out to its user base. Unfortunately the reasoning behind the withdrawal from Windows Phone is pretty weak.

The email sent out to customers read as follows:

We are reaching out to let you know in advance that - for Windows 7 mobile devices - we will soon discontinue the GoPayment App. This decision was made after careful consideration, to ensure that we can continue offering the best possible user experience for our customers. As a result, the GoPayment App will no longer function on your Windows 7 mobile device beginning February 5, 2013.You will be able to take payments on your phone by accessing on your mobile browser. To continue using the GoPayment App, we recommend that you switch to an Apple or Android mobile device supported by GoPayment. Click here to find the list of supported phones and devices.We apologize for any inconvenience this change will cause you. Thank you again for using GoPayment.

It's almost amusing how the team actively recommends the customer to switch platforms. It's somewhat useful because consumers can obviously afford to purchase brand new smartphones, or engage in new contracts being drawn up, right? We didn't think so either. The app itself is still listed on the Store (but isn't published / available for consumers to use). It's a shame.

Be sure to head on over to our forums to join in the discussion surrounding GoPayment. 

Thanks, Luis, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • PayPal is a better alternative, and they support wp.
  • Not for CC processing they don't.
  • And this is what people want. There is no solution for credit card swiping on and iteration of windows now. Sad.
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  • There is definitely another card charging solution. AirCharge supports all platforms including WP7 and WP8. Search for AirCharge in the WP app store.
  • I believe they will add support for CC on WP, they already do for web based transactions. Its only a matter of time, and when they do, they will be the best platform for processing payments, they already are for web.
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  • Lets not give the deserters free advertising. Just let them leave in peace. Why even announce your leaving just go
  • No, it's important to call them out on it, because maybe they'll get enough consumer rage to reconsider in light of WP8. There is a workaround, of course:
  • Even if they came back they are done in my book. On my other devices I will not use the app just because of this.
  • Since AirCharge is an alternative, and is now one of the only alternatives with WP7 and WP8 compatible apps, go to their website and email them some encouragement to continue support of Windows Phone. All this down on Intuit talk is pointless at this point. Support their competitors.
  • there is an anti-MS bigot inside Intuit, looking at their twitter they have announced some new program for employees to get iOS or a variety of 'roid devices.  This development is probably an extension of that.  Some d-bag inside intuit (CIO) didn't get a CHristmas ham from Microsoft and is being a ahole.
  • There are developers that have extreme prejudice against anything Microsoft. They're younger and are influenced by what everyone else thinks is cool and what they see in the media.
  • I bet a crapple fanboy!!
  • Another deadbeat developer. They shouldn't be allowed back or if they do come back, charge at premium price. Urge to go Android or iOS, Flubber you!!!!
  • This is Intuit right? That's huge. TurboTax, smart books, quicken, many small business apps. Can we say bye to the chance of these apps coming then?
  • And most importantly, Mint
  • I don't use any of them, but its good to know if you use Microsoft products to stay far away. Intuit is actively telling you that they don't want you as a customer. Anyone have a list of Intuit products with quality alternatives?
  • An alternative to GoPayment (and Square, which has never been on WP and doesn't intend to be) doesn't exist.
    This is huge for small business owners. If I had made the decision to buy into this platform based on the existence of GoPayment, even in it's really underdeveloped WP7 form (the iPhone/Android versions are far more robust and support swiping/etc), and found this out? I'd break my contract and buy a new phone, unfortunately.
    This doesn't apply to me, but I am thoroughly relieved that a few people I had been trying to convert into WP8 ignored me and went with an iPhone now. This would have been detrimental to their business, something they depend on being able to process payments without relying on wifi availability when negotiating sales on the go. I'd have been eating serious crow and likely helping pay for them to get out of it right now thanks tot his.
    Harumphing about just using alternatives is all well and good, but there *are* no alternatives now. Many of these processors, like Square, have contracts of their own as well.
  • Oh please, calm the melodrama down its a phone. No one invested 10,000 dollars.
    Keep a Win7/8 phone for calls enjoyment/life - go get a 50 dollar Android clunker and put Square or GoPayment on it to perform the transactions.
    This really isn't anything to get too exercised about. This is such a small part of the space for smartphones its not really going to matter. Is it annoying/dumb/stupid of the company yes.
    Is it the end of the world, hardly.
  • Yeah, that's what I am planning to do as well - to find an Android clunker for some PC-like flexibility and as a spare phone. My Lumia 800 will still be my main phone, though. :p
  • Correcto mundo. Why run payments on your personal phone.
  • I don't use any of them, but its good to know if you use Microsoft products to stay far away. Intuit is actively telling you that they don't want you as a customer. Anyone have a list of Intuit products with quality alternatives?
  • Based on upper comments some are saying AirCharge supports this functionality.
  • I think more importantly than Mint, Intuit provides the interactive account management website for many banks (mine included), and the companion mobile phone apps. That means that a lot of smaller regional bank customers won't have a Windows Phone app for their bank.
    That is, if Intuit is off WIndows Phone.
  • Actually, PageOnce is quite good.
  • Citibank provide a decent tool to do that, and honestly speaking you should not rely on They sell your information
  • Wow...
    -Waves Goodbye-
  • Yeah, easier to use PayPal or Interac. Never used anything else or needed to. Their loss
  • How do you swipe credit cards at point of sale?
  • Simple, I pull out my wallet, retrieve desired credit card and swipe it!  I do not want such information on a phone, at all.
  • I'm personally far more likely to lose my credit card than my phone... I can leave my card on the table after paying for lunch/dinner or hand it to a cashier that accidentally doesn't return it with my receipt, etc.
    Then, I have to know a number to call to report it lost/stolen. My phone, I logon to and locate it, lock it, erase it, etc. Nothing lost, and when I restore settings from backup on a replacement, everything is there waiting.
  • Sorry but if you hand your credit card to a waitress and you don't ask them why they didn't return your card, you DESERVE to have it stolen.
    Seriously, how distracted do you have to be to realize that you card wasn't returned???? Now leaving a phone behind is a far more common occurance...
  • In Canada they all have mandatory chips so really, the technology is moot. It's all the same payment type physically, unless NFC or something else makes headway
  • PayPal is becoming the standard so.... I didn't know there were alternatives
  • Who the help års they
  • Yeah, I'm going to sell my phone and buy one someone I don't care about tells me to. F*** sake...
  • What's Gopayment? Never heard of it. Is that a Wallet thing? I use Paypal.
  • 1
  • it's for people who want to accept credit card payments, but can't use Square, since it's Windows Phone.
  • Same here.. Never had of them until now. I use Paypal for my business and have not had any major issues. But I still use the old method for credit cards. I will still recommend Winows Phones for all by associates and colleagues.
  • Dumb! The OS is just getting started
  • Never heard of it, why not use PayPal?
  • No sour grapes. I genuinely never heard of this app before.
  • obviously windows phone will become much more popular very soon and Gopayment will be back in a year or two, but please everybody remember this case and never use this product. Remember to tell them to GoFck themselves.
  • +1
  • +9000
  • I don't use them at all they can go hand in hand with Google.
  • Fudge.. Gopayment
  • I don't even know who they are..
  • Gopay..what?? I use PayPal..
  • How do you swipe credit cards?
  • Most people aren't retailers! Most people buy stuff, not sell stuff in person. PayPal works fine for the average consumer. GoPayment won't be missed by most.
  • So right most people aren't retailers. Folks that want to use this are small business owners. Maybe working our of their own house. People just getting started. I use this type of app when someone makes a lunch run ay work. Because when I ask do you have PayPal they stare at me blankly, when I ask if they have a credit or debit card, they say yes.
  • If anything people should be emailing paypal to release their card reader app for WP
  • Wow! We clearly live in different Worlds! There isn't a single person I've ever met who doesn't know what PayPal is and when I do a lunch run, people give me cash, not credit cards. There's no credit card accepting solution out there that doesn't take a percentage slice from each transaction, or costs you a fee to use. PayPal allows you to transfer cash. Simple and quick.
  • This shows the obvious threat windows poses to the competition. I wouldn't doubt if some nudging is being done by the competing platforms saying something like"if u were to drop support for windows , your name among our sea of apps might always come up on top.." They'll be back...
  • I think you dropped your tinfoil hat.
  • Considering their past actions, I would not be surprised is Google encouraged this somehow
  • Looks like I'm not the only person who submitted this tip. Though I rarely accept cc's from clients anymore, I'm not interested in Intuit sharing in any of the processing fees.
  • ..and FCK google&youtube too!!!
  • How can they "ensure that we can continue offering the best possible user experience for our customers" by leaving the platform? LOL!
  • It allows them to focus their resources on making the existing apps better
  • Its intuit for gods sake. Its a pretty lame excuse; they aren't at a loss for resources unless the business isnt as profitable over all; why not be the first (exclusive for now) vendor providing a product to a subset of business users with a need? Someone will fill the gap, so frankly good riddance.
  • Never even heard of this app, maybe they should have put themselves in the spotlight a bit more ehhh. Whatever u can't win em all!!!
  • What the hell is go payment?
  • I really don't understand all these devs leaving WP 2 months after just refreshing their platform. Did they just somehow miss all news? And even if you don't care about this platform now, bit already have an app out why not just say "hey customers were not making any money off this app so we're stopping development for now use what's already there if you want"
  • I would too if I had spent more time developing for an operating system that was being left behind
  • PLS! Shut the f***ing HELL UP!
  • +1
  • MS didn't refresh their platform, they abandonded the old WP7 APIs after only two years on the market and are forcing developers to learn a whole new set of APIs. Developers who did not enjoy robust sales on WP7 may not feel WP8 is worth the effort.
    BTW MS frequently makes radical changes in direction with its APIs. It's something a lot of developers find very annoying.
  • No matter what the diehards say, things like this are genuinely bad for the platform.
    GoPayment wasn't a PayPal alternative, it was a competitor to Square for small business owners to accept and process credit card payments directly from their phone. The WP7 app was already weak in that it didn't support swiping so manual input of the CC info was required, but at least we had something. Now we don't have a single app capable of providing this function.
    I've lost two possible WP8 converts due to the lack of banking apps, specifically Square. This is a genuine problem and brushing it off and going LOLPAYPAL is ignorant at best.
  • I agree, when it comes to this day and age for smart phones and a mobile ecosystem, this is a necessary type of app.
  • With any luck square will come. Users are coming on board and go pay just left. Meaning if they jump in now with even wp8 and win8 they will be the only game in town. Also people will remember intuit giving the platform the finger.
  • You've got to just think it's a matter of the lack of revenue from the WP versions of the app because they are in no hurry to turn away the $$ coming in from Window's users of TurboTax. But they should remember, nobody wants to hear their crying and moaning when their short-sighted actions leave them with only 2 platforms to develop for and they see that "Think Differently" and "Don't be evil" were nothing more than PR slogans and they get manhandled because of lack of competition. Obviously they have not learned anything from 30% fees and banning apps that "duplicate functionality". When Apple decides to get into the payment processing business and likewise Google has their own solution, they will have nowhere else to turn to because they turned their noses up at WP and BB. I can understand resource limited companies taking a trim back approach, but Intuit? Really?
  • I don't see how this is necessary or vital for the platform. I have NEVER met anyone with a CC processing unit attached to their phone to accept payments. Join your local chamber of commerce and take advantage of the group deals for a mobile payment unit that accepts debit and CC and be done with it. No fancy gadgets, no need for an app, and its platform neutral.
  • i do it all the time. its vital to my business and im sad they made this move. fyi, you can still process payments online by putting a link as a tole on your start screen. The only p i really care about is squareup and i hope they eventually come to windows. If i were to buy a cheap android tablets to run card i wouldnt use gopayment i would use square not intiit. I only used them on wondows phone because they were the only game in town.
  • Just get aircharge, they even offer hardware to swipe cards.
  • So aircharge is similar to square?  I see areview with a 350 card reader?
  • Btw, this app seems more in line with Square than it does PayPal. It is for accepting credit card transactions via phone. So more business oriented, less consumer...
  • 'Sorry, you know that new contract you signed with your mobile provider and that brand new sim free phone you just paid a few hundred quid for, can you just say fuck it to them and switch platforms and buy new phones so you use our app that you most probably haven't heard of or the need for? Thanks'
  • Sure because it seems that by allowing me a point if sale system was actually bringing me in money. Now I can't do that. So I should just switch so I can still do some business. WP needs parity. This is a hit against WP.
  • Ugh another company moving away. I hope and hope for apps like this in the store but all too often I see this. Intuit go payment is a great app on other platforms. Its works exactly like it should. I really want to be able to use this type of app on my windows phone. Its troubling to see this, intuit even supports blackberry.
  • Agree with lubbalots
  • I guess this pretty much kills all hope for Mint since its same developer.
  • Of course they left. Why not. Whatever.
  • "Windows 7 mobile"... They don't even know how to call it.
  • Dunno about you, but when I see people using Square and other phone swipers I pay cash or bypass them completely.  Most of those devices are not encrypted on the swipe; in fact very very few are.  They get around PCI because there is "no PCI regulation on mobile payments yet."  Well, expect all those devices to be defunct within a year.  You'll need a bigger bulkier dongle that can really encrypt a transaction fully.  There are a few vendors offerings these now, but none that don't also require a Merchant account, which typically stops the microbusiness or individual "lemonaid stand" type of guy.  Frankly, by time they get it all done right, everyone will be bumping phones and using Wallet equivalents any way.
    Verifone just abandoned its Sail platform.  Margins on these types of transactions are very thin.  Once Square's funding runs out watch the fees (already insane by normal standards) go through the roof.
  • I would prefer the option to choose. Now I don't even have a choice. I have been using square for quite sometime and intuit for a little bit. Never had an issue. Customer support was amazing.
  • I tend to agree about being wary of the mobile swipers/processors but that's not really what this is about. WP8 needs to sell and get into the hands of more people in order to draw in more apps and support, having the equivalent of a black hole for an extremely popular and wanted (if misguided) market doesn't help with that.
    WP has a serious problem with banking apps and this doesn't help at all. I want the platform to grow and succeed and it needs apps like this to do so, otherwise genuinely interested people that rely on them (again, perhaps unwisely) simply won't buy the phone.
  • As in person working in IT and dealing with PCI regulation on a daily basis, I've always wondered how Square gets a free pass. We literally spend millions to meet those requirements yet a plugin device on a proven virus/span platform ( gets a pass.
  • Tell me about it, I have a Nexus 7 and it got infected with malware, and I don't even know how I got it. The only way I is from the Android market place. Imagine having a gopayment and swiping your credit card with malware infested phone. Good bye CC!
  • I must admit I had to read through the comments to figure out what this app was actually doing.
    But the idea of taking any phone, especially one that allows easy rooting to read my credit card info + pin numbers etc to process a payment is just reckless. 
    If I was scammed by some lemonade stand type outfit and my bank found out I had waved my card in front of someone's mobile phone and typed my pin into their phone (or some custom dongle they had attached - still hazy on the details) then they would turn around and tell me all charges are my fault completely - 100% certain of that!
    This is just insane to put a app on a phone from some 2 bit outfit to perform this sort of operation.
    Personally I thought the future was NFC anyway, I really do expect that one day Visa, Mastercard and American Express will wake up and have some sort of account to swipe against, otherwise Paypal will have the market to itself as a secure account that then taps into our credit cards. 
    Even there though the security really does need to be built into the phone to prevent scamming, I can't see some homebrew app being able to offer that.
  • They are making a huge mistake.
  • This sucks, but it's not a big loss. At best they released up to version 1.1 and it SUCKED royally. We tried to use it where I work, and it was never a good solution. Intuit never tried, and probably never will. I currently use and hopefully will be able to find a decent alternative.
  • I never heard of that app but it sounds like it would be a useful app for the few that would use it. I'm seeing a pattern where apps are being pulled and then we find out that most have never heard of them. Maybe the platform needs a better way of promoting useful apps when they are more obssure. I know we almost lost Parcel Tracker because of obscurity and it is the best of breed on Windows Phone for parcel tracking.
  • This sucks, since I planned to fully equip my business with WP8 devices and also planned to use this SW for accepting payments. That's not an option now, but I will find a way. I will not ditch WP. Windows is the business software and windows will be my ecosystem. WP is a part of tjis ecosystem. Some smart company will come around and offer a solution. Just wait until one of the big companies implements WP... Then Inuit will come crawling back
  • Search the app store for aircharge. They offer everything you'll need to accept credit cards.
  • Shouldn't you decide the apps you need to run your business and then chose the appropriate platform/ecosystem (like the Mac guys who run Windows in a VM).
  • I think what most are missing is that the beauty of Square and GoPayment is that ANYONE can sign up for a merchant account.  And Square only charges per transaction - not per month + transactions and no side fees.  This means, you as an individual can take credit cards.  Having a garage sale... you can now take swipe cards, have a guitar you are selling on craigs list, you can now take credit cards.  The list goes on.  It was once expensive to process cards and now anyone is empowered to sell whatever or start a business at home and play with the big guys.  This is why it hurts that Square and GoPayment aren't available.  So, now I have to have a google tablet or spare android or iphone sitting around doing nothing except when I want to take payments.  It's a bummer to say the least.  I'll get by, but it sure would be nice to have them.  Critical mass of the WP platform is needed.  Hopefully in the next couple years we'll get there.
  • There is an alternative from They also offer hardware to swipe cards.
  • Never heard it so I guess it doesn't matter.
  • The really bad thing is that Microsoft used this app as a Case Study for how beneficial Windows Phone apps are:

  • WHOA!
  • I have one word for GoPayment...
  • Time to bring back MS Money...loved that app..
  • When Square comes along and sweeps up the platform they could have helped established they will be regretful... If that ever does happen
  • Just use Aircharge instead to process credit card payments. They even offer a swipe add-on, the airBLUE mini card reader.
  • Unfortunately, Microsoft will not use its muscle to resolve this sort of thing. One call to Intuit's CEO informing him that Microsoft was making a minor coding change in Windows 7 and 8 and that QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Quicken would no longer work and there would be a full blown gopayment app, Mint app, etc. for Windows Phone and Windows 8 in very short order. I have never been able to understand why Microsoft as a corporation does not use its cross-platform power, which dwarfs Apple and Google combined, to ensure support for its mobile platforms.
  • I'm with you just tweak the codes in Windows OS and kiss Quickbook goodbye beside intuits overcharge for Quickbook upgrade.
  • Users should check to see if there legal action for disrupting the ability for someone to accept payment for their business. Its an insult for a company to try to promote or suggest for people to give up a product they love for another provider because if there unwillingness to continue their business with Windows Phone. Its very disappointing. I suggest to give them up all together. There are other companies out there.. Microsoft should try to get SQUARE..
  • If I remember correctly, Square will be coming to WP8 and the Windows 8 platforms. When that happens, we may see an increase in the business user base. WP8 and Windows 8 aren't going anywhere so, developers might as well develop for the platform. Why keep developing for only two platforms? Besides, what they dont realize is, they would get more exposure, if people realize that they develop developer WP and more people would be willing to switch to WP. It's not that the OS is bad, quite the contrary. The issue is, lack of major developers from iOS and Android.
  • This is funny... Never used it, guess I never will... Good riddance!
  • Next time when you are buying something from a small business, make sure you ask them if they are using Gopayment. If they are go somewhere else and tell the merchant why.
  • I get what you are saying but you shouldn't punish the small business owner. Just use cash.
  • That's not cool, I am sure there will be alternatives soon, if there weren't any right now.
    I will never use such company's products with this attitude and mentality towards consumers.
  • Well, reading their Wikipedia entrance it's not the first time they've been involved in anti-consumer practices, they don't seem to be right people to have in our ecosystem. Read about Intuit, inc. on Wikipedia.
  • now i know how all those fake credit cards popup.. you swipe your cards at these stuff and your details get recorded.. paypal is more secure thats why they stop going the physical card scanning thing.. Paypal use to be testing that years back but decided not to go ahead with it
  • As someone who used this app daily for my business I am deeply upset by this news.  I have emailed Intuit about it and they want me to only use the site from here.  I will be switching to another service.  Intuit has lost a customer and I will be telling all of the people I told to go get gopayment to leave them as well.  It may not hurt their bottom line enough but in the original terms and conditions it states they have to provide support for it.  They have opened themselves up for a lawsuit.  I wouldn't be suprised if in a few months there was a class action lawsuit with this.  I will be apart of it for sure.  They have colected thousands of dollars in fees from me.  I will get that all back thank you very much.
  • This trend will continue, developers are not getting any incentive from MS and the reality is that WP8 is not yet a lucrative platform, and sadly is is about making money.
  • Everyone that uses any Windows product (Win 7, Win 8, WinRT, WP7, WP8) should boycott all Intuit products. That might get their attention.
  • That's messed up
  • Go to on contact us and request that they promote their service more for Windows phone 7/ that the platforms are growing and one of their stupid major competitors bowed out...there is a gaping hole that they could now that their service is not only needed but wanted here...oh, and then go to the Windows Store and download the app even if you don't use the's good to have in the off chance that you need it
  • Copy of request sent to aircharge:
    To Whom it may concern:
    I am not yet an aircharge customer but I plan to be (downloaded app and currently looking to buy equipment abd set up account) Did you know that one of your competitors (Intuit/GoPayment) dropped Windows phone 7/8 support...just as the new Windows Phone 8 OS is gaining traction? With the newfound popularity of the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8x, Windows Phone 8 is selling at a quadruple rate this quarter compared to last year, and it is projected to increase exponentially with the business potential of the platform and its alignment with Windows 8/RT tablets and PC's. Your service is greatly needed to fill the hole left by Intuit and lack of support by Square. So why do I see that your website barely mentions Windows Phone 7 at all and nothing about Windows Phone 8 even though you have an app in the Marketplace/Store. Now is the time to step in and fill the void...before your competitors realize their mistakes and backtrack! Even if the going now is slow and tough, it'll be well worth it later. Sent from my Windows Phone 8
  • Professional. Well said. Brilliant! I hope they take note. I will submit an email as well.
  • Your email is a sound strategy. Nothing spurs a company into action like the smell of cold, hard cash. I don't use these kinds of apps but I can see the obvious importance to the WP8 platform and for the people who do. I hope you find some success; a bit of help from MSFT wouldn't hurt either.
  • There are a number of cc processing apps for WP8: Credit Card Machine, AirCharge, OnSite Invoicing, Credit Card Sales System, MerchantPlus.  Magtek makes a slick, Bluetooth cc reader called BulleT for about $140. Anyone tried these together?
  • Great info. I hope everyone that needs CC swipe will read this.
  • So, everyone switching to Apple or Android will be pissed and use Square instead. And if they come back to WP8 no one will trust them. Smart business decision
  • This is pretty simple; Either we get the same functionality in apps as iOS and Android and then there is no looking back as WP gains on those two, or we don't and we are a less then 10% option for as long as apps are important in Mobil. My wife loves her Titan 2, loves WP, and enjoys the UI better then anything else out there. But she is trying to start her own business and she needs to process payments quickly at large, huge craft shows. Typing in the info is not an option. Sorry, but as much as we like WP, growing her business is more important. She will end up moving to Android and that will be one very loyal customer lost. This is just one example of many, just one that hits me in my home. All these slams saying Intuit can kiss this or pee on that is just silly. This is the huge hurtle Microsoft needs to jump.
  • Other people are saying use "" for your business it's the same.
  • If there are other comparable or better alternatives, then screw Intuit.
  • I love my phone, but all the big app developers are not interested, it reminds me of apple 20yrs ago when apple computers were not compatible with most software that was available at the time, tables have turned
  • I love my phone, but all the big app developers are not interested, it reminds me of apple 20yrs ago when apple computers were not compatible with most software that was available at the time, tables have turned.
  • Screw you, Intuit
  • Actually i got an impression of that they're leaving WP7 and are not yet convinced to develop the app for WP8. Well IMO they will be in a couple of months. The recommendation of switching to other platforms is just a nudge for the customer to pay for the app on another platform while they're considering the WP8 option. Anyways, from a PR perspective this is really bad publicity for them.
  • Except the app itself is free on other platforms.
  • Who? Never heard of them.
  • These f.... paid by Apple or Google?
  • Doesn't Intuit also make If so, they probably won't be making an app for Mint either.
  • Huh? Never heard of them.
  • Never heard of them. And in think I'll stick with WP, thanks.
  • I used Sail and Square on iPhone for 2 separate businesses. I've reached out to both. Sail says it is in the works for WP8, but with no solid date. They are aiming for spring of 2013.
  • Honestly, I've never heard of the app. Other than carbon, For every developer who dropped Windows Phone; I've only found out about the app for the first time after the developer announces the app would be discontinued. LMAO. I even keep track of iOS and Android apps but I've never heard of GoPayment. The closest thing to wallet/payment processing apps I've heard about so far are: Square, LevelUp and Paypal (obviously).
  • Yeah! How about that?
  • Meh...if its that important buy an iPod touch, tether to your WP8 when in the field, and get iOS apps to your hearts desire, including Square and its reader. For those that really *need* this I would think having a dedicated device might be better than letting tens/hundreds of people get their hands all over your phone. Just my $.02.
  • They want to "provide the best possible user experience" and "suggest switching to iOS or Android". Two double negatives used to explain/justify their dropping of support for WP. Come on PayPal. You're our only hope...for now...
  • We need to send Intuit emails describing how we never heard of GoPayments and how insulting it is to the WP platform and community to suggest switching to iOS and Android will provide a better user experience. That's a serious PR mistake made by Intuit. We need to make them know it.
  • The fact that they refer to "Windows 7 mobile devices" proves that Intuit haven't got the faintest idea about the platform. Let them go, I say.
  • Microsoft is now a devices and services company. Here's an opportunity for them to prove it.
  • I don't even use this app like hell would I get a stupid android or craple iPhone haha windows 8 phone rules !
  • Time for Microsoft to wine and dine the Square folks.
  • I'm sick of this dude stefaliennaeiao advertising his stupid site in every damn forum. We get your rich for being a lazy fat slob. Who cares
  • I'd say "screw them and let them move on" but it seems their service is very unique.  The best thing to do is make some noise and let them know their decision is a piss poor one.
    I've been to the Mint forums before and they do seem to have their head in the sand.  Someone suggest an app for Windows 8 and they redirected them to the two year old Windows Phone 7 thread.  So it's no surprise.
    Again, making noise is the best thing to do.  Be nice and to the point and let them know this is a bad decision.  I don't even use GoPayment and I'm going to. :)  (I mostly just want a damn mint app!)
  • Microsoft needs to get more phones in peoples hands, they need to make a phone for no contract at $149 and $199, and make it better then android product, this would put the phone in the hands of millions of people, then keep really high end phones for people who want a flagship phone. Then developer would be to be on the platform. That's the way for Microsoft. The could sell million to metro, us cellular, virgin, china mobile etc.... HTC s should be $99.00 at metro, keep flag ship at 599, but developers will flood the market then increase the price 3 yrs from now
  • Ballmer let's buy Intuit.
  • Chase Paymentech could probably make something but they are on the middle to high end as far as the pricing is concerned... 
  • Wow!
    OK gang, I like my L920 a lot but to not see what is going on and to just bash blindly is silly. There are a lot of things that I am limited in doing on my WP8 phone now for my business that I keep a second phone around... but I don't want to. This is a bad sign no matter how you might feel about your device. If MS doesn't do something fast to get better market penetration then the platform is done.
  • Go what? Never used it, don't care. Paypal is better.
  • Apple is losing their coolness' according fox business WP in looking promising. I think this ms has got it right. Who wants a crappy ios or Droid no thanks, I'll always be a wins guy!.
  • lol Windows Mobile platform will never vanish!
    This is what the Windows Phone needs for Merchants...
    I think the cost of use is decent....
  • What is GoPayment anyway ?