Grab the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update NinjaCat wallpaper

Microsoft continues the legendary meme that is NinjaCat with new official wallpapers that are meant to celebrate the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2.

The new wallpaers were revealed in a Twitter post by Microsoft's KC Lemson, and come in PC, Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft Band versions:

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This is just the latest entry in the NinjaCat saga; you can learn much more about the history of this Microsoft meme from our own Daniel Rubino. Microsoft's Windows and Devices head Terry Myerson also made his own NinjaCat GIF today.

Download the NinjaCat Windows 10 Anniversary Update wallpapers

John Callaham
  • How can I unzip it on my phone?
  • Grab any archive manager from the store.
  • 8Zip (Lite) bro... :D
  • 8zip now costs only 0,99€ (I don't know how many dollars)
  • 10 Zip RAR Achiver, it's free from the Store
  • I use Metro file manager rather than Microsoft's file manager. When you download it, the program will ask you which folders you want to access from it.
    You can unzip files directly in the program. Just open the file, long tap on what's inside and from drop down menu select "extract". Choose destination for unzipped file, and that's it!
    It sounds like you need an hour to do all that, but it's just two seconds long process!
  • Let the celebration go on! :D I retired my toast (you know the OMFG one :D) from my lock screen for some time now, to make room for Ninja Cat :D
  • Is MS releasing cumulative update for mobile insiders today..
  • Well I can't enjoy it on my now broken 640
  • bummer dude, that sucks... wanna buy an 830? :-)
  • I'll give you my 640 if you buy me a 950. ;)
  • Omo Salami, kini sho re aburo?
  • I'll give you my 950 if you give me $1000+shipping.
  • awesome,,,,
  • omg doing!
  • Looks really good on my desktop, awesome stuff!!
  • I hate cats...
  • ... but you love ninjas! Oh the dilemma :P
  • Why not a monkey?
  • How do you load the wallpaper to your band? edit: just remembered Pimp my Band :)
  • Gotta catch 'em, uh, it all.
  • Got mine today from Microsoft... Sweet... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Need something for non cat people...the ninja lunar monkey was cool.
  • Love them! (Even cats). What fun. Just put them on 2 pcs, two laptops and am trying to figure out how to put the wallpaper on my band2.
  • Miss the days with betta fish. These have been lame. Bacon, unicorn, t-rex, cat...
  • Am I the only one who thinks these "wallpaper"s are ugly?
  • I am loving it.
  • Haa, a black cat. Noice! But I hope there's no paranoid gun trotting, trigger happy American cop around. I don't want this handsome black fella to end a victim of the paranoia against black people (Ninja cat) [/s.]
  • Ok I downloaded the wallpapers and they're cool but I still use Bing cos the photos are all terrific and it changes everyday.
  • Nice one Guys, I was looking for something to replace my Avengers lock screen, now it's both my lock screen and backgound, because it's quite a nice colour for the tiles!!!! :P
  • Already set wallpaper and gif
  • hey @FizzySignal can u send me your avenger lock screen wallpaper to please
  • Got mine in my email ❤❤❤
  • Rocking this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and plan on rocking it on my 1520 and PC's, plus Xbox. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android