Microsoft's image teasing Windows 11 is now available as a wallpaper

Windows 11 Tease
Windows 11 Tease (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's image teasing the "next generation of Windows" is now available on Wallpaper Hub.
  • Wallpaper Hub is a website that gathers together Microsoft and Windows-related wallpapers.
  • Many believe that the image is teasing the name of the next version of Windows.

An image from Microsoft is causing Windows fans to hunt for clues about the future of Windows. The image, which looks somewhat like it has an "11" created by the light shining through the window, has caused quite the flutter. People around the web have broken out their magnifying glasses and analyzed every pixel of Microsoft's image. Many believe that it teases that the "next generation of Windows" will be called Windows 11.

You can now easily download the image through Wallpaper Hub, a website dedicated to Windows and Microsoft-related wallpapers. Many of the images on Wallpaper Hub are 4K, but the one teasing the next generation of Windows is only available in FHD for now.

Many hypothesize that the lack of a crossbar shadow is the crux of the image. Microsoft used a similar image to celebrate the 46th anniversary of Windows earlier this year, but that image shows the shadow of the crossbar. The new image teasing the next generation of Windows lacks the shadow in the middle, making the blocks of light look more like the number 11.

We'll have to wait a few weeks to see if this is a troll from Microsoft, a coincidence, or a tease of something more. Microsoft will hold an event to showcase the next generation of Windows on June 24. Until then, you can set the teasing image as your background.

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