Grey Lumia 920

Although we’re kind of in love with yellow for our Lumia 920, there’s one even more elusive color out there that’s kind of hard to find depending on your geo-location: Grey.

Yup, Nokia does make an all matte grey Lumia 920 and while it’s difficult to find, you can now order the original housing for that device on eBay from a UK seller. The price of the housing (which may not include the SIM tray, so contact the seller first!) is going for £39.95 (~$60 USD), which isn’t cheap but for an accessory that will literally make you feel like you have a brand new phone? That’s not too bad.

Of course you can also find replacement chassis for the 920 in yellow, red and black online too but the grey is what has our interest piqued…we’re mighty tempted to try the DIY replacement method ourselves.

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We recently covered the topic in our forums, where user Lemmiwinkles walked us through the process. We hear a full on video with a red conversion is in the works for even more detail, should you want to pursue such a project. You can also check out this post on how to disassemble a 920 in all its glory.

So, any takers? Or do you want us to be the guinea pig? (Note: we won’t be changing our lovely yellow to grey, we’re not masochists. But we do have a matte black one here that is desperate for some life.)

Source: eBay; Thanks, Owen S., for the heads up!