Groove Music for Windows 10 Mobile gets massive update with new features, tweaks and improvements

Right now, Microsoft is pushing out a rather large update for their Groove music app on Windows 10 Mobile (not for PC). The update brings with it a rather hefty changelog of 15 items showing that the Groove team is hard at work at bringing this app up to speed.

Version 3.6.1573.0 is now live in the Store and while you wait you can peruse the changelog.

Groove 3.6.1573.0

  • Songs and albums in your collection now sort by the date you've added them by default. You can still switch to sorting alphabetically (or by artist in the case of albums).
  • You can now swipe from the left to bring up the hamburger menu. It makes it easier to use the app with a single hand!
  • Press-hold to re-order tracks within a playlist.
  • Previously only plays from your collection would appear in Recent Plays - now it also includes things you've played directly from Explore.[Groove Music Pass Required]
  • We now show download progress in the title bar, and also provide an entry point to the download manager from within the left nav menu. This aligns with what the Movies & TV app includes.
  • Tell Cortana to 'Play Electronic' and she will shuffle all your electronic music for you. [where Cortana is supported]
  • In the event that, during an upgrade, we need to rebuild the database (this should be very infrequent), we'll show a little explanatory dialog explaining what's happening.
  • If we detected songs which are duplicated between OneDrive and Music Pass we pop a notification asking if you'd like us to automatically remove them.
  • We reverted the recent change to the font size of the song title in Now Playing. It's smaller now.

Continuum support is also updated with the following changes:

  • We've updated the layout of the artist gallery to have proper spacing, alignment and remove the color-matched square backgrounds.
  • We've added the Explore modules to the Artist Details page at larger resolutions. [Groove Music Pass Required]
  • We've updated the layout of Explore at higher resolutions to look correct, and also respond better to scroll wheel. The modules also have a flipper control to allow scrolling within the page. [Groove Music Pass Required]
  • Updates to the Search results page layouts to look good at higher resolutions.
  • Updates to the layout of the Add to menu at higher resolutions.
  • Updates to the layout of the Recent Plays gallery at higher resolutions.

Perhaps the most fun new feature is the ability to swipe to bring up the hamburger button instead of tapping it the corner. This move obviously makes one-handed usage much better, and something users have been asking for system-wide in Windows 10 Mobile.

Unfortunately, Groove lockscreen support is still not there. Microsoft's Ellen Kilbourne notes that an OS update will be needed to make that happen, so hopefully it's not too far off.

The Groove update is now live!

Download Groove app for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Sweet!! Keep em coming Microsoft!!
  • YEP... Been a big week!!!
  • Have there been any deals on the groove music pass? The Xbox music pass $49 deal from last year was great.
  • Check ebay for Xbox music passes. I did that about a week ago and got a year for $42.
  • Got one for $55. Thanks for the tip.
  • If only the FB app could get this much attention... Sucks.
    WOW! Second time in a row I wished for a FB update,and got it.. I need to complain about it everyday till it's adequate...
  • i love the facebook ap its had some nice updates recently.
  • * Swipe from the Left* Needs to be UNIVERSAL as reaching Hamburger Menus is just ridiculous.
  • SO.. you're THAT guy... You know, the one who says "Doesn't help those who already died!" when a cure for Cancer is found.
    Who says "Now there's no reason for fat people to lose weight" when we end world hunger. Jesus, man... look at the bright side!
  • The Wp "community" refuses to do that. They think constant complaining gets results.
  • @Sean Well, the Xbox Music/Groove app has been one of the most slated apps in the comments and they have been doing some serious work on it. So you may be onto something here - complaining results in action...... sort of constructive criticism.
  • @2tomtom You don't think the feedback app has anything to do with it?
  • I Agree Sean, every second post on windows central is very negative. been using windows 10 on my old 920 and seeing great improvements every update. Don't get why people are still hanging around if you have so much hate for windows move to Android or Apple products and share it there.
  • the problem is we love windows phones but microsft tend not to do anything fopr a year untill the comunity complain and get in a uproar.  A good examle of this is, linked inbox, wweekly calender view both took over a year to come and yet both were already 8.1 features that windows 10 took away.  Thats the real reason people moan cause microsoft dont tend to listen otherwise.
  • 'Took over a year to come'
    Windows 10 mobile has barely come out, I really think your missing the point of the INSIDER preview program.
  • @Devan If you bothered to read the comments here, and also the article, you would understand this is a greatly requested feature. As for the rest of your inappropriate and misjudged gobbledygook nonsense..... ignored as you must have issues!
  • @Devan Hammack.......Thank you!!! I've always wanted to say this yet I haven't been able to express myself as you did. THANKS again. Some people are never satisfied. I actually reduce my visits to the comment section for this exact reason.
  • Maybe you should join the crowd of loud voices making requests... I dislike trolls and those who say whatever is crap - but we are asking for something specific here in response to something highly appreciated. I would not like to guess how many have requested swipe from the left for the hamburger menu, but, I believe that it will come on a system wide basis. I do not feel bad for making this request - though the complainers about complainers here try!!!
  • @Devan - I feel your pain. "They" are never pleased.
  • i agree hamburger menu sucks when it takes the pivoting away, would be nice to have both so people like me could chose which to use.
  • Hopefully they'll make it Universal. I've had my mum's Moto G for almost a month now and this ability is everywhere, even on Microsoft's own Apps (Outlook, OneNote, etc). I'll sure miss it when I come back to my 930. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yesss.. Need swipe feature for hamburger menu OS Wide and for all the apps.
  • Just spotted that swipe from the left is also in Films & TV. Brilliant :)
  • Yeah, this needs to be mandatory or at least a default behavior for Hamburger menus. Swipe from the left edge is way to go.
  • The hamburger itself is rediculous but not being able to swipe it open even like lowly Android is just sad.
  • And the bad joke is that even Android use pivot controls on Google Music app while Groove Music is stuck being like old music app from 2011. Hamburger isn't that bad but like come-on! Not all use-case and yeah, gestures to open Hamburger is a must...or mandatory. Even Spotify and Slack apps on W10M that I use alot use nicely implemented gesture to open Hamburger menu.
  • yerh didnt know google music app was all pivoting, i know my 6 years on iphone wasnt and i would love to see it in groove.  I defo prefere grove to the old one but thats only cause i see 4-5 of my own albums at any time compared to xbox one and it has nothing to do with anything else for me.  I just wish we could have different albuum vies as our4 phones new 5inch sizes could easyly fit 27-30 albums per page.
  • * swipe from left yay yay*
  • I'm only getting 3.6.1537.0 But the article says Version 3.6.1573.0 I guess we'll see "later today"  
  • I'm using groove like 98.5% of the time these days.
  • It'd be nice if we could get groove music in wp8.1. It has much more users than wp10 and MS is probably looking at the possibility of an android and ios app before wp8.1
  • Groove is already on Android. Isn't it on WP8? I thought it was. Even if it's just the new name for the Music app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope.  Xbox music on WP8.
  • I doubt that Microsoft would bother going to the effort of creating the app for WP8.1 when it's their intention that everyone on WP8.1 be upgraded to W10M as soon as possible.  I'd say that that's why a number of Microsoft apps have been seen on WP8.1 after iOS and Android or not at all: because Microsoft intend to focus their efforts on W10M.  The reality is that many users will not be upgraded for a while because of carriers dragging the chain and a minority will not get upgraded at all but I still think it's reasonable for Microsoft to view significant updates for WP8.1 as not worthwhile.  It would take resources away from W10 development and that is their future.
  • One of the worse music apps. Light years behind 2001 winamp, no equalizer, very stupid playlist behaviour, bugs and bugs, no effects, nothing, a plain simple and basic 1995 music app
  • Use the equalizer in the phone?
  • equalizer is in settings - extra - audio
  • How long since you last gave it a good run? Groove has more code enhancements in the last 90 days than any other app that I go to. I do admit to a bit of pain early on in the "preview" world. And it was trying since I'm a Music Pass junkie. But I'm all smiles now. Especially in the truck with all my amps and speakers. Cortana promises to make Groove the smartest jukebox in the world.  
  • Agree Snakebitten. This app now exceeds my needs and is just awesome on my Lumia 930 and SP3.
  • LOL "Winamp". Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
  • I cannot play music using headphones. It keeps stopping, or cutting in and out. The new .29 update did not help. Seems my device is faulty. Plays ok through speakers though. Shame.
  • are they wireless? i've had a problem with music cutting out on my car bluetooth. it's not continuous though. it happens for a few seconds and stops.
  • Still no feature parity between the "universal" desktop and the "universal" mobile apps...
  • Not sure why... but the Groove app is not actually a 'true' universal app.  They are just 2 separate apps that are linked together (similiar to how 8.1 universal apps were).  They should really upgrade it to a proper Windows 10 universal app.   The features on mobile are much ahead than the PC version now.
  • Being universal doesnt neccessarily mean feature parity. It just mean the code between them is shared. Things like the left swipe gesture dont really make sense on a desktop app, but is fitting for a phone layout. Apps may drop features on the phone either for resource or layout/UI purposes. I dont know what the status is on Groove. Seems like separate apps.
  • Swipe from the left DOES make sense for Tablets/Tablet mode touchscreens. Hoping swipe from the left is implemented for all Hamburger Menus.
  • Swipe from left on tablets brings multi-tasking (Task View), so no - it doesn't make sense on tablets.
  • Guess so - just hate Hamburger Menus and got carried away - still missing pivots, hubs and panoramas- mi bad :)
  • This is why Swipe To "Task View" needs to go away, as it's no where near as useful as it was in Windows 8. You swipe to "Task View", but you still have to lift your hand and move to the center of the screen to actually select an app to change the window. See my point? Swipe to deploy the hamburger menu would be much more useful. Why? 1) Your left thumb is naturally there on a tablet.
    2) The menu will naturally under where your thumb already is.
    3) There is less travel to tap a menu item with your inde finger, than in comparison to the Task View grid.
    4) Task View has a dedicated button at the bottom of the screen, next to start, which is already easily reachable. This feature is just as useful as it would be on a small mobile device.
  • You are right about additional steps in some instances but as I use the pen, keyboard with touchpad and touch on my SP3, I would prefer W10 now to 8.1. W10 on my phone and SP3 is the best Windows experience ever. I know some will disagree but that is my view.
  • No way dude, I like the swipe from edge task view ... U_U
  • One handed usage on a tablet? Seriously big hands, apparently.
  • ^_^
  • One handed typing? Mmmm hmmm.... lol
  • Or a seriously small tablet
  • LOL see what you did there, but just the regular 12" Surface Pro :)
  • Universal aps refer to apps that are built using Winows Runtime targeted at Windows 10. Universal app does NOT necessarily mean it has to be the same app for phones, PCs, Xbox, and Hololens. An universal app can be 3 Types. 1) Same binary: these apps are the SAME app on PCs, phones, Xbox, Hololens. They are the same .exe files running, unchanged between platforms. Examples of these apps include Calculator, Audible, Alarms & clock, Uber, etc. 2) Tailered: these apps are all written in the same Universal API, but are not the same binary for each platform. Each platforms are forked with most of the code being shared. But the apps are tuned to be optimized for a platform. Examples of these include Groove Music, Microsoft Edge. 3) Single Platform. Yes, a universal app CAN INDEED be mobile only or PC only. Example of this app include the Pandora app. It is mobile only but is a UWP app. It even supports phone continuum. But the app is not offered for PCs, Xbox, or hololens. Hope this helps.
  • This. Wish I could sticky this to the front page and make everyone read it before entering the site. (Although not sure about the .exe part)
  • Make a article saying this Daniel. It will clear up a lot of people's minds.
  • This actually needs to be explained??? Seems like common sense.
  • Yes, well put! I believe APPX is the executable file format to use these days, at least in Windows 8 it is (Modern UI apps). Exe files are for Win16, Win32 and DOS applications.
  • APPX is not an executable file format, it's for app packages. UWP apps still run as .exe files. What Daniel means is that he doesn't know if the .exe files are really the same, which they probably aren't because one is compiled for ARM and one is compiled for x86 / x86-64.
  • It's quite interesting that after Nadella's statement that universal apps are not working to bring developers to Windows/Windows Mobile everyone now just denies the idea of true universal apps...
  • What? Who is denying anything? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ummm, Nadella didn't say that. 
  • Of course he did. Someone just min-infer-iphrased it must be true.  /s
  • Do you mean Balmer? The guy who almost killed mobile and is no longer at MS at all? With that, I liked Steve, he just missed a really big boat.
  • Thank you. Some very interesting and insightful info there
  • If its not the same app then still it would be difficult for Windows 10 mobile to get latest apps and also regular update support. Assume that we might get the apps but what about its regular support where developers have to work on it. Here on WP platform we don't have many users. And devs finally they have to target ppl whatever platform they are on. I think windows 10 reduces the efforts for the developer to make apps. But that might just one of smaller way to attract them. As of now windows 10 just reduces Microsofts effort and costs to invest less on windows 10 mobile. That's good but to attract developers I guess nope.
  • I know the rule.... But 'an universal app' just doesn't seem right. 'A universal app' just reads better
  • Actually, the rule is based on the sound, not on the written letter. So, "a universal app" is correct, as "universal" starts with a "y" consonant sound, just as "an honest opinion" is correct, as the "h" is silent.
  • Thank you
  • So they should named this "Windows Runtime app". not Universal Windows App...
  • Actually the right name is Universal Windows Platform.
  • Thanks for this information!
  • Adding to this, when you write a UWPA, you must target at least one device group (desktop, mobile, IoT, etc.), but you can also target all of them. You can in fact write a single application that will run on any supported hardware. It is up to the developer to decide what functionality will be available (also limited by hardware) and how the UI/UX will work by device. Basically it's responsive web design for Windows applications.
  • Well said. Sentence #1 is literally accurate.
  • Awesome
  • Nice to hear it
  • Cool, I just switched to Groove music pass from Spotify.
  • Just in time for MS to break landscape mode on the app... Welcome!
  • landscape mode is there, thats something im loving about those hamburgered apps, they all switch to landscape, a rarity in previous wp OSes, now if they make it system-wide i would be pleased
  • Thanks, it i