Groove Music adds an equalizer for Fast ring Insiders

Groove Music's streaming service may no longer be available, but the app is still a solid option for playing your own local files and Microsoft is continuing to tailor the experience with new features. The latest example is an update now available for Fast ring Insiders, which brings an equalizer to the app's settings.

The equalizer operates much as you'd expect, allowing you to tweak frequency responses to your liking. Aside from being able to tweak five individual bands, the equalizer also includes pre-set settings for quick changes.

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While it's only just now available to Fast ring Insiders, the equalizer was part of a range of new features for Groove that Microsoft was said to be working on as of August of last year. Other tidbits revealed at the time included new visualizations and personalization features, but it's unclear if or when we may see those arrive.

Still, if you're a Fast ring Insider, you should be able to check out the new equalizer settings with Groove Music version 10.18011.1141.0. Keep in mind that the update may not be available to everyone right away, but it's rolling out now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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