Groove Music and Movies & TV updated on Windows 10

Following up on updates to Windows Alarms & Clock and Maps today, Microsoft is pushing out updates to two more Windows 10 core apps, this time pushing new versions of Groove Music and Movies & TV.

Groove Music and Movies & TV are both now at version 3.6.1239.0 with today's updates. For Groove Music, the now has a Live Tile on Windows Phone, which you can see in action below. The Windows Store also lists the following changes, though we're uncertain if the changelog is new:

  • On PC
    • Gave parents the ability to control what content their kids can access
    • Added visual indicators for playlists that are local only
  • On phone
    • Minor fixes and improvements

Groove Music Live Tile

Movies & TV on the other hand appears to have added new sections to each title showing similar movies and TV shows you may be interested in:

  • Movie and TV pages now include similar movies and TV shows so you can easily find new favorites right in the app.
  • Minor fixes and improvements throughout the app.

Movies & TV Similar Titles

Since the apps are universal, you'll be able to nab these on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. To grab the updates, you can hit up the Windows Store links below. And, as always, if you happen to spot anything new that we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Kavi for the tip!

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  • Anybody no what the bit rate is for groove music?
  • Purchased music is mp3 320kb/s, for streaming your purchased music I don't have the answer.Also, I don't have a Music Pass, so I don't know how that music works, I think it's similar than Spotify, in the way you can only listen to it inside the Groove App.    
  • Streamed is mp3 320, no idea if upconverted or actually good quality. Purchased music has many reports of not being actually 320kbps even though advertised as such. Music from OneDrive is streamed as is. So lossless for WAV and FLAC.
  • "Purchased music has many reports of not being actually 320kbps even though advertised as such" I confirm it is 320kpbs since I purchased albums before Groove was launched (using Xbox Music) and when you download using Groove you get 320kbps. How to check? Easy, open your purchased music from your local machine using a program like VLC, go to codec information and you can see it is actually 320kbps.
  • Of course the file is 320kbps. I meant there are reports that it's just upconverted from 256 or 192. Big difference, you can't just make better audio from a bad file.
  • It's not actually 320 or 256. Use spekto to check for bit rate. I think its actually a 192 upconverted....
  • Sorry I meant spek. I felt ripped off the last time I bought music from MS. No longer buy tracks from them.
  • Ah, but is it 192 kbps WMA to 320 kbps MP3? If that's the case, that's very different. WMA is much more efficient, using about half the storage for equivalent quality. That said, I would download 192 kbps WMA instead of 320 kbps MP3.
  • Live tile on groove now available with latest update!
  • Read the article...sllooowllyy
  • LOL.. I took your advise
  • We need an update for the phone version for WP10. Can't use the music pass
  • It is updated. Please read the article first! ;)
  • Still needs an update for the music pass! :(
  • My music pass works just fine. Are you sure you haven't reached your device limit?
  • The mobile app doesn't let you explore and search for music to stream with music pass.
  • Thank you. I feel like people keep complaining about lack of small features, but the lack of the ability to get new tracks is a major issue to me. The explore feature is one of the main reasons I even have a music pass. Otherwise I'd just use an mp3 downloader? I don't know how Groove expects to survive without this function. There is no reason to pay for the service.
  • Considering Windows 10 Mobile is only in preview right now, some might say Microsoft has time to finish things off ;-)
  • Glad to hear it works for someone, but Music Pass, OneDrive streaming and playlist sync is either nit working at all or partially working for many, as evident in the forums and Insider feedback.
  • All work fine for me
  • You can't search for music still from the phone except in the store
  • ;D
  • XBox Music used 192K WMA. I have not heard of any changes since the rebranding, and it sounds the same to me...
  • Really? I suspected that once I checked a purchased track with spek. Definitely not 320 nor 256.
  • More evidence here: Definately 192K WMA. Doesn't sound great on good gear, but OK for out and about with earbuds. Much better than our local Digital radio stations in Australia...
  • In win10 64 bit pc while playing music in groove I am listening cracking sound like alien.. Pls help me.. I think there is a problem with media feature pack
  • Quick question (that kinda has nothing to do with the article). When windows 10 is finally running on all devices i.e. Xbox, computer & phone. Is it going to be an easy process to bring apps that exist on one platform to the others. Because, my Xbox has a TON of video streaming apps that would be amazing to have on my windows phone (e.g. HBO go, Amazon instant video, FXNOW, encore etc!!!)
  • Apps made for Xbox are Windows 8 apps and are only compatible with PC if the permission is given by the developer, as far as I know. If these apps are updated to Windows 10 then they would definitely be Universal, since it's just stupid not to make a universal app considering the support and tools being given by Microsoft.
  • We have update for phones as well. I can confirm we now have live tile for Groove.
  • I guess Outlook Mail is next to end a day of updates... fingersCrossed
  • They need to launch it first. I'm sure the mail app isn't Outlook. 1) it's super crappy 2) it doesn't have the Outlook logo
  • But it does have the outlook name: Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar.
  • Where? Where does it say that? Mine just says Mail. Honestly, I don't think it is Outlook branded. Maybe because it is so poor.
  • The Mail and Calendar apps on the PC are labeled with the Outlook prefix, mobile apps aren't. I believe this was mentioned by Microsoft before
  • Apps on mobile ARE labeled Outlook!!! Obviously you are not using W10 Mobile.
  • They are both outlook in windows 10 both say Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar. I don't think you are informed
  • Ok. So here's the thing. That screenshot is from Windows 10 Mobile. In Windows 10 on PC Mail is just called mail. ;Outlook confirmed for me today via official, twitter account that it is technically just Mail. So does that mean we can expect Outlook mail to roll out separately later as a Universal app, to replace the garbage Mail app? I think so. Can anyone confirm if Win 10Mobile Outlook Mail has unified Inbox and swipe gestures? If so then I think that's the real one and PC "Mail" is just a temporary stand in.
  • It's launched on Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview.
  • The basics of the Groove app seem solid to me, time for long overdue features like gapless playback to be implemented.
  • Can Groove Music download podcasts?
  • No, that's what the podcast app is for.
  • They're too busy reimplementing features we had in the Music+Videos Hub 5 years ago.
  • Have they fixed the artist image on lock screen issue yet. I swear with every update we lose features already previously available and then they're added again.
  • haha i know...
  • It's unbelievable that it is 2015 and still no gapless playback... Actually the better word is embarrassing.
  • More like deplorable.
  • Hear, hear. Also, no curated playlists, no playlist sharing, no social integration, no likes, no proper radio, no family sharing or family subscriptions. On this point, I don't understand what the parental controls are doing here. I'm not going to pay a whole new subscription for each family member.
  • Tell me about it. Even worse, the playback controls timeout from the volume bar after being paused for a few minutes. Who the hell asked for that? I've been using the service for 5 years now and every iteration they continue to take steps back. The only reason why I stick with them is because the competition doesn't have a good enough selection for the genre (caribbean) of music I listen to. iTunes and Google Play actually have a superior selection with the genre but I don't think I have to explain that situation.
  • ....had downloaded an app to clear it immediately. Now there is no need for the app. :)
  • If they incorporated the stop button into the now playing bar there would be no need for that app and the auto removal the now playing bar when paused. The lack of the stop button is one of THE pet peeves of WP for me. Call me old school or whatever but I find it ridiculous that we have to pin an app for a function that should be a no brainer.
  • thousands of people whined for that =/
  • Okay, you stated you don't understand what parental controls are doing here. I think you misunderstand what they are. Parental controls aren't about managing a families content/subscriptions. Parental controls are all about a parent being able to block objectionable content for their children and that is all. As a parent, I am very happy to see this. Should family subscriptions be available? I think they should be. However, that has nothing to do with parental controls.
  • But if my son logs in he can't sign into Groove and stream at all because he isn't a subscriber. So why bother?
  • I don't get why gapless playback is so important. The gap is so tiny, barely noticeable, but noticeable enough that you know you're now on the next track.
  • If you were at a venue and the DJ kept leaving gaps between every song you would find it real annoying real quick. Same thing if you're listening to dance music, compilation/mash-up or anything else where the continuity is broke by moments of silence.
  • Wrong. Try listening to the B side  The Beatle's Abbey Road. Or the seque from Bungalow Bill to While my Guitar Gently Weeps on the White Album.   I also have symphonic works and opera on my oneDrive and moving between movements etc. requires gapless playback. These are the way these albums were intended by the artists. Now, I do understand if you are only creating playlists of unrelated tracks or listening to shuffled tunes. But it is quite important and certainly not barely noticable when missing.
  • Completely agree. I am a musician. The gaps between tracks were immediately noticeable to me. This is so irritating. If the artist did not intend for a gap, don't put one, unless the user enables it by preference. It's like those old video games that had to pause to load at random times.
  • Madonna's Confessions on a Dancefloor
    Pink Floyd too (the wall? Not really sure, it's my sister's)
    At least one album by Argentinian band "Babasónicos"
    Not sure, but "Monkey business" by the Black Eyed Peas.
  • I thought Groove Music App was good at first but the past week it just won't even open on my PC at all. Absolutely useless
  • you need to run system update & store updates if you havent already
  • How do you run store updates in Windows do you know what needs updating? I have automatic update and install running so thought this would cover everything?
  • @2tomtom. Not sure if your serious or being sarcastic lol.
  • Being serious.....I thought it was done automatically as on the Windows Phone? If not, do I need to be checking for updates on all apps every day?
  • it needs dark mode.
  • Now you dont have?
  • Groove already comes with dark theme, just go to settings and change the background.
  • Movies & TV doesn’t have that preference.
  • Yes, I NEED dark mode In Movies and TV.
  • Until they offer like/unlike track and create playlist based on that, I will stick with Zune.
  • Too hard to manually create a playlist of your favorite tracks?
  • Yes. And if eveybody think like you, nothing will evolve or get better.
  • I thought 2015 should have smart playlist?
  • Hated the new live tile! Please bring back the old one! I cant believe that after months they cant simple make Music Pass work (Explore)!!! Is a shame!!
  • They don't care. The music and movies apps exist just so they can say they have one. They will never be competitive or feature complete. The end of Zune marked Microsoft's attempt to compete in those spaces.
  • Needs a way to Play To Xbox.
  • PC- When you point over a music file(located anywhere), it shows available offline.
  • I really wanted to use Groove. I really do. I love the Black+Accent interface. But unfortunately it's still AGES away from being as good as good old Windows Media Player. Which is kinda ridiculous when you think about it...   Maybe Microsoft should just stop it and simply replace the stores in WMP with the new Windows Store and be done with it. Add the new UI to WMP skins and done. It would be easier than constantly trying to build a new music player. Because they've constantly failed in doing it.
  • I know right! Maybe WMP can be ported with a UWP bridge ;)
  • Groove Music crashing on mobile
  • You need to restart your phone after the update. It was mentioned in the bug list when this build was released.
  • Can't play Music Pass music after update and restart.
  • yup, tried that right after i posted the comment. works fine now!
  • Even after multiple restarts, I can't play any Music Pass songs. It worked fine before the update.
  • Works fine for me
  • After update keeps crashing for me on my L640
  • restart your phone.