Groove Music gets personal playlist sharing on iOS

If you happen to use Groove Music on iOS, there are some new sharing features to check out. Following in the footsteps of a recent Windows 10 Mobile update, Groove for iOS will now let you share your personal playlists with others. And if you don't already subscribe to Groove Music pass, you can now preview songs right through the app.

Here's the official look at what's new in Groove Music for iOS:

  • Share your personal playlists with friends on social media, in email, and in other apps
  • Not decided on Groove Music Pass? Previews for millions of songs let you hear what you're missing

That's not too shabby at all, and it's good to see Groove is taking a solid shot at maintaining feature parity across platforms. For this update, you're looking at version 11.0221.1837 of the app, which you can grab now at the App Store.

Download Groove Music from the App Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I previously used Groove Music on my iPhone when I made the switch from WindowsPhone, but after too many bugs with the App, constantly not having enough content I left for the newer Apple Music.  I'm glad they made improvements and I'll maybe take them up on one of those free monthly trials just to see how things are.
  • Where is your app porting software Microsoft...coming to IOs, first thing is, you don't know very well your own os
  • ?
  • Only real thing missing, Family Sharing.
    ​Wife and four kids 8, 10, 10 and 12, I can't buy one for each of them.
  • Don't be a cheap dad!
  • So am I missing something or can you really not play local music in Groove on iOS? Other apps can do this, so it's not an iOS limitation.
  • My daughter plays offline in Groove on her iPhone. Don't know how it's done there, but on W10m you can hold a single song and select download, or you could select a playlist and then on the pictore for that playlist, under play all you should see make available offline.  
  • Thanks, this part I knew. What I meant was "can we access songs that we transferred to the iOS Music library and play them using Groove"? I have a few thousand songs that I transferred to my iPhone (mp3s from CDs that I ripped - I feel old..). They are on the phone, an app like Cesium can play them, but I can't find a way to have Groove scan the local library. On WP they index all local songs that users add, so it doesn't seem to go against any official policy. Am I just overlooking this option on iOS, or is it simply not there?  
  • Another vote for family plan. For now will stay with Spotify.
  • Need an AppleTV app, also an AppleTV app for OneDrive too so I can play music and see my photos
  • AWESOME! I love MS services on iOS! Keep up the great work MS!
  • Groove for iOS has been slowly improving. It not supports album art over bluetooth so I'm happy. :) If only there was a way to purchase music and have it bill the mobile operator I think it would be complete.
  • I guess I have to replace my X3 by iPhone 7 soon to get the best MS products.
  • No. Keep the X3 and still purchase the iPhone 7. I use Windows 10 Mobile and iOS10 myself and I'm really happy. You get the best of both OSes. Where one lacks the other fills in. You have to accept the fact that it takes multiple Mobile OSes to fulfill your needs entirely.
  • Microsoft, please bring Groove Music to Android. Google Play Music is terribly resource heavy - animations are always jerky unless you have top of the line SOC.