Groove Music gets personal playlist sharing on iOS

If you happen to use Groove Music on iOS, there are some new sharing features to check out. Following in the footsteps of a recent Windows 10 Mobile update, Groove for iOS will now let you share your personal playlists with others. And if you don't already subscribe to Groove Music pass, you can now preview songs right through the app.

Here's the official look at what's new in Groove Music for iOS:

  • Share your personal playlists with friends on social media, in email, and in other apps
  • Not decided on Groove Music Pass? Previews for millions of songs let you hear what you're missing

That's not too shabby at all, and it's good to see Groove is taking a solid shot at maintaining feature parity across platforms. For this update, you're looking at version 11.0221.1837 of the app, which you can grab now at the App Store.

Download Groove Music from the App Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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