Groove Music Labor Day deal offers 6 free months for new subscribers

If you've been looking for a good excuse to sign up for a Groove Music premium subscription, Microsoft's latest offer may be the ticket. Billed as a special Labor Day deal, Microsoft is now offering new subscribers six free months (opens in new tab) of Groove Music Pass after they pay for one.

Microsoft frequently offers deals like this for new subscribers, and this one works much like the others. You must first sign up for a one-month subscription and pay the $9.99 fee. After you've bought your initial month, Microsoft will follow up by emailing you two three-month subscription codes within 30 days. The only catch is that the codes must be redeemed by October 31 at the latest.

This is a flash sale, so it's only set to run from August 29 through 12 a.m. PT on September 5. It's also limited to new subscribers in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Mexico. Still, $9.99 for seven months of Groove Music pass isn't a bad deal. And if Groove isn't for you, you can always share the codes with a friend.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I'm confused how they figure "new customer". I don't currently have a subscription, but I have had a subscription in the past. They mention the promotional period. Does this mean that if (using the account that I had a subscription w in the past) I don't have a promotion period, and that I'm not defined as a new customer? OR since I'm not a current paying subscriber (and haven't been for a while) would I still get the free 6 months? Oh MS, why don't you make this simple! |-P
  • I have the same question.
  • i would guess if you paid in the past/tried a pass all ready. 
  • I would assume it's anybody who has not had an paid subscription or trial with that account in the past. So you could get around it by using a different email, which I have considered doing, but then it's annoying for automatically syncing with all of your other Microsoft stuff (like saving the files in OneDrive, or automatically be logged in with a new Windows device). Everytime I see these I consider going back to it but then I realize it doesn't apply to me anyway since we did have it for a year a while ago.
  • You could always sign up with the alternate account and like the article says you can transfer those free coupons over to your main account, then you'll get 6 months. For the main account.  
  • This is not just MS, all companies usually do it the same way. Normally when any company says "new customer" they mean if you've ever had a subscription at all in the past with your account. Like with Spotify for example all of their promotions always apply to "new customers" and there was one time where I signed up for a free 30 day trial of premium but then a promotion came out for a 3 month trial, I tried to cancel and sign up for the 3 month trial but it said I was not a new customer. Same with things like Amazone prime subscription, I had free amazon prime for a year years ago because of my student status, but didn't renew. Later when a new promotion came out I tried to take advantage of it, but it said I wasn't a new subscriber. More recently, I guess it's been so long since I've had it that recently I've received emails from Amazon saying they are re-inviting me back to be able to do another new trial of amazon prime (so now I qualify for new promotions again).
  • You would be considered a returning customer and not a new customer. It's pretty simple. No you don't have a promotion period. 
  • Microsoft should just compete with Spotify and do a 5.99/month. This is ridic.
  • Desperate move
  • For once this is not reserved for the US market only... I got three free months with the Bing Rewards program (until November 04, 2017). So I do not think I can cumulate all that.
  • Usually you can. I bought 2 codes (12 month each) on PI Day 2015 i believe and it stacked up to my existing 1 year subscription. 3 years is the max you can stack it up i believe
  • Thanks for the answer and the trick I think I will try.
  • Have passed years me waiting this service on my country.... I can't even use it to hear my own Onedrive' music collection.... 
  • I tried when they offered free one plus three months. I got billed after one month and couldn't get it straightened out, so I cancelled the service. There are alternatives to groove, thankfully.