Groove Music production update adds NEON blur, music videos and more on PC

After around a month of testing with Insiders, it looks like Microsoft has started pushing a new look and new features to Groove Music production users. The app has been updated for PC to version 10.17032.10331.0 with a bit of Project NEON's signature blur effect on the sidebar, music videos, and more.

Here's a look at what's new according to the release notes on startup:

  • Music Videos: Watch music videos for songs that have them.
  • More like this: Instantly add 10 more songs to any playlist.
  • Follow playlists: Hear the latest tracks as they're added to featured playlists.

As for the app's design, the sidebar now features a transparent blur effect, placing an obfuscated view of what's behind the Groove Music window below the app's various menu options. The design element is part of a larger overhaul that Microsoft has started testing in its other stock apps as well. We should see more NEON elements work their way into Windows 10 over the coming months as we approach the release of the next major update later this year.

Microsoft is working on a new design language for Windows 10 codenamed Project NEON

In any case, if you want to check out the latest tweaks to Groove, the update is at least rolling out on PC now. Presumably, it should also make its way to mobile shortly, with the blurred effect appearing on the now playing screen.

Thanks to Jasper for the tip!

Download Groove Music from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • The blur effect is incredibly subtle. Like a 98% opacity or something
  • looks a lot nicer than the opaque gray they used to put up tho
  • Slightly bit nicer 😄
  • and even it works!
  • and why is it so grainy? Not even a clean blur like the Taskbar
  • What blur? That taskbar is transparent not  translucent. Do you know what blur means?
  • I've noticed that becaue Windows Vista & 7 had blurred transparency, many people seem to think that blur and transparency are the same thing.
  • But the start menu is translucent.
  • Even I'm not liking that grainy thing. But it's fine for now.
  • Blur effect remove from phone app☹
  • Got this version on phone?
  • It's Microsoft...if they hear a whisper about how their fans like it, it will be put on the chopping block.
  • Trollolololol
  • Haha! Sad but it seems that way sometimes.
  • when in india
  • Be indian 😆
  • Microsoft better curry up.
  • Typical Indian ill-mentally from Nadella.
  • whoa there cowgirl lets not start a rodeo now
  • Get microwave, it will send you!
  • i mean mobile
  • Glad to see this update in Production. I'm about to reinstall Windows on my laptop after nearly two years of Insider builds and I rather stay on a stable build for a while now. On the other side its mobile counterpart has lost artists art support on the now playing screen. As much as the new update seems faster on my 830, I wish the artist arts were kept, in a similar way as the good old Zune/Xbox Music apps used to work on WP7/8.x.
  • Switch to Insider release preview, you get to stay on the current branch build (currently 15063) but also get app updates before general release
  • Does this means it's available for the non-insider users
  • Yes, I'm on 14393.1066 with my 930 and got that update few days ago. Must say I don't like that they removed Artist picture from Now playing. This really sucks!
  • I'm on latest RS2 build, Release Preview and didn't get the update, interesting enough.
  • Probably US only. I didn't get it either.
  • I take it from these comments that it wasn't released outside US. If that was the case, they should update the article title. Or it would be nice if they did some research first. It's really annoying to see an article saying there's a new version, then you force update and don't get it. It used to be them omitting the fact that the update was just for Insider, now it's a region thing...
  • I have it in Canada.
  • wen in India?
  • Blur effect... Meh. It's just ok.
  • Cool and all, but I've got my wife and four kids asking me for their own music accounts as well. Now, let's see. 6x Groove vs 6x Spotify femily. Sorry, but Neon and Music videos just don't cut it for families...
  • Amen to that!
  • Hey ppl, I'm on release preview on windows 10 mobile and Lumia 650. I see no project neon. What's wrong?
  • I can't see the music video option!Do u have to buy via store in order to watch music video?
  • No you don't have to buy a song to see the video. Not every video is available. Play a song and go to now playing. At the far right is the full screen option, just to the left is the option to turn on videos. Hope this helps. I am so glad this finally came to the pc app, xbox app has had videos since xbox music.
  • Is this the same on mobile? I got the update saying music videos are available but either they aren't on mobile or it's a very small selection because I can't find any in my library.
  • I'm not getting the blur on the menu bar. Still grey for me.
  • Even at fullscreen...on a desktop version?
  • Same here. It updated properly too since I got the splash screen with the whats new.
  • same here.
  • Do I need the music pass for the music videos? And why is the blur so grainy?
  • @Dan Thorp-Lancaster, please write an article sharing the new features added on Skype. Now, we can see live tile showing the messages we receive from our friends. Sending SMS using Skype is now faster than the regular SMS app.
  • I disagree about sms messages being faster as I still use the regular app while skype is set at default. There is a big noticeable difference between when skype notifies about the message and when the messaging app does. But have you been able to figure out how to transfer a skype call from one device to another? I think this functionality is for the upcoming Invoke bc I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
  • Say goodbye to artist imagery. Not a good move, Microsoft! It's what made your music offerings a cut above the competition.
  • I didn't get it for my PC, what's up? It's also a bit annoying that they start updating individual apps to the Neon style. They should do them all together when the OS incorporates it. Otherwise everything looks different. It shouldn't be that hard.
  • Mmmm.... Blur behind is almost nothing. It should be more transparent and without grain! And they ruined album cover view... Now it shows a smaller cover art! They've ruined the experience. I much prefer a cover art that adjust to the border of the window, instead of a supersmall cover art in the middle. Uf!
  • Just like they ruined incoming call screen. First it was a full screen pic, now it's a small circle. Microsoft likes to make things smaller. Just like the icons in tiles in random places in Windows mobile lol
  • How about they add the ability to sync songs to your phone through the desktop app! Sigh, I miss zune
  • That's the point of OneDrive. No need for a wired sync.
  • Why did you get downvoted? This is exactly right.
  • Just saw saw it tonight. Looks good
  • Can they fix the Groove icon design.  That is one of the ugliest designs ever!  Visually not impressive at all.
  • The fact that I now have to cut on Groove Music Pass features to get the recommended playlists suck--even though these playlists use my own music.
  • Does this even matter? How many people use their PCs to listen to music in comparison to a smartphone, Ipod or tablet? Seriously how many? As I see it all these features that are introduced for the PC that would be better served on a mobile phone is a waste of time and resources that should have been put into doing more for the mobile phone. When MS scares off the remaining few on mobile, I want to see what device and strategy will be used to regain those millions who left for IOS and Android. I really want to see the ad campaign that will magically get those to drop their perfect IOS and Android devices for a Windows mobile device no matter what revolutionary segment it may be creating for the future.
  • ^^ I take back what I said. I just tried it and it looks great. I also spoke out of turn forgetting that laptops and tablets will be running windows 10 and will get this app update as well
  • Lol
  • Send it to mobile now, and I'm sure it'll look 10X better on mobile.
  • Still no ability to change track order in the Now Playing list or remove tracks...Microsoft, these are basic functions of music player software. I'd best submit some more feedback.
  • Would like to see semi transparency on notification panel and lockscreen for mobile.
  • Will be available for window 10 phones also?
  • Still looks ugly ! (You can down vote !)
  • The edition of the videos are extremely pleasing and the new look is by far the best one yet! Diggin it!
  • Anyone else who's phone restarts at the Intro?
    Have this issue for a month now. I don't know how can an app crash a whole OS. And why won't MS address it.
  • One of the things that made my switch to Android so hard was Groove. I really hope they update the Android Groove app ASAP!
  • ..feels like sanded glass..pretty cool and all in all it's bringing something new to the abused transparency blur effects we are seeing everywhere. I like it!
  • How can they be releasing this to the public? It looks incomplete, just unfinished. The colour scheme (or lack thereof) don’t match, it doesn’t use system colour settings, it serves no useful function other than being a distraction, it’s not there when minimised only full screen… Microsoft really needs designers (actual UI designers) who can tell them how bad this **** is.
  • Currently, it annoys me to no end that now apps, the taskbar and the Start/Action Center have 3 different levels of transparency/blur. I know Neon is a RS3 thing, but the current inconsistency is driving me insane.
  • added a new Album to Music Folder 2 days ago, still not shown in Groove library today,
    But good design.
  • Please stop it with the NEON thing. Blur / transparency effects are far more Vista than the unreleased NEON. NEON is animations + design language + styling. And it's not here yet.
  • what is it - #8.99 a month? its just not worth it. who listens to so much music all the time they need to subscribe to such an expensive contract? groove is somewhat messed up anyhow. the shuffle function is terrible. for example, it only shuffles the tracks I listen to the most. I have over 200 tracks on my phone and it shuffles maybe a quarter of them. and it keeps pushing 'get a music pass.' its not a music pass its 8.99 a month. that's not a pass. I'm complaining - I know, but its just not an impressive app. there, I've had my say. now you can all pile in and crush me.
  • Dunno. Dont like it. Not consistent. Some is transparent, some not. Looks awful.
  • I live in Poland so I don't get many of the new features (Heck, the Groove app over here doesn't even allow us to sign in with a Microsoft Account). So out of all these features, the NEON design is the only one we get over here (That makes me glad though, that's what I like the most anyway :D)
  • Can anyone explain how to get the More Like This feature working?