Groove for Xbox One once again supports music videos

Groove is currently the best way to listen to music on Xbox One, boasting millions of tracks, OneDrive MP3 stream storage, and background music support on Xbox One. The service is even integrated into Forza Horizon 3, replacing the in-game music with your own library.

Since making the jump to the Universal Windows Platform, Groove for Xbox One lost a key feature — music videos. After promising to bring the feature back, Microsoft has now delivered! Here's a quick look.

To make sure your Groove app is fully up to date, head to the Games & Apps section in the top right-hand side of the main dashboard, then select the update tab on the left.

Groove Music doesn't list which songs or albums have music videos available, so you just have to go through and hope for the best. Metallica's self-titled album has lots of examples if you want to give it a try with a Groove Music Pass.

You can toggle music videos on and off on the right side of the menu. Background music will no longer function with music videos enabled, so take note of that if you're planning on using the feature.

Groove Music has improved by leaps and bounds on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices since its debut as Xbox Music. We can only guess as to what features the Groove team are cooking up for the future.

Will you use Groove's music videos feature? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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