Everything you need to know about Groove Music for Windows 10

As of December 31, 2017, Microsoft will be killing off the Groove Music Pass and eliminating music purchases from the Store. That means that the pre-installed Groove Music app that comes with Windows 10 is going to lose a whole bunch of its features.

But while the streaming subscription will die, Groove is still a great music player for your own local and cloud stored music.

Here's everything you need to know.

How to move your music out of Groove

Groove and Spotify

Groove Music and Spotify (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has partnered with one of the biggest players in streaming music, Spotify, to make it simple for its customers to move their music somewhere new. Inside the Groove app there's a simple one-click method to move everything across to Spotify for you, assuming you set an account up first.

If you're going elsewhere for your streaming, there are ways and means to move your playlists. The guide below tells you what you need to know.

How to move your Groove playlists to any other streaming service

Local music

Groove Music

Whether you've got a collection of personal music from your own sources or amassed through online stores like iTunes and Google Play, the Groove app on Windows 10 will catalog it and play it for you. In most cases, all you need to know is where on your PC the music is stored and tell the app where to find it.

The links below are specific to two of the bigger online services, iTunes and Google Play, but several of the basic steps apply to any form of local music you have on your computer.

Key settings

Groove Music

The Groove music app is actually pretty simplistic. There's no huge list of confusing menus and settings, and it's very easy to get going with. But, should you go looking, here are what some of the key settings are and what they do for you.

Music on this PC

  • See the above section on "Local music" for more on these settings.

Media info

  • Automatically retrieve and update missing album artwork and metadata: If you're a stickler for keeping your music collection in line, make sure you keep this turned on to replace any album art that went missing somewhere.


  • Are you a light theme or a dark theme kind of person?

Streaming your own music from OneDrive

Groove doesn't just allow you to stream music from its online catalog; you can also create your own personal cloud locker with OneDrive.

By adding your music to OneDrive, you can point the Groove apps to play it on all your devices. If this sounds like something you're interested in, check out the video above or the link below for everything you need to know.

How to use OneDrive to stream your own music

Selecting and playing music

Groove Music

We've just about covered everything you need to know about getting your music into Groove, but what about actually finding something to play? The three main tabs are "Albums," "Artists" and "Songs."

Albums are shown as squares, artists as circles and songs as one giant list.

Groove Music

There are a couple of ways to deal with your music once it's playing. The bar along the bottom of the window keeps your timeline scrubber and play controls at hand. But, if you hover your mouse over the Groove icon in the taskbar you get mini controls for play and pause, skip back and skip forward.

Oh, and if you fancy going full screen, there's that option, too. You'll get a background of artist-related images, some text and not a lot else. To access this, tap on the "now playing" segment on the bottom left-hand side of the media control bar, then hit the full-screen icon on the artist title bar.


Add to playlist

We've already covered how to bring over existing iTunes playlists, but what about creating your own within Groove? It's super simple, and they can sync across your different devices, too. The option for "New playlist" is right there in the sidebar, just hit it and give your new creation a name.

Supported file formats

Groove Music supports more file formats than you may think. It won't play everything, but it covers the most popular bases.

List of file formats that Microsoft's Groove Music app supports

Updated December 15, 2017: We removed all information on Groove Music Pass and introduced information on how to move your music away before it shuts down.

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  • So what app/program is going to control the syncing of our phones now? Not just music, but video also? I wish you could sync with your one drive music library.
  • I believe the phone app on desktop will. When being hardwire to it of course
  • Wish they would stop with this ten headed mess. Put video, music, podcast, syncing, etc all in one app.
  • I completely agree. But it's mostly in do of favor to update their apps more frequently I'm guess
  • Let's just say it and we all know, Microsoft fucked with this app. Should have merge music, videos, and pics in this app...and it's so stupid if you want to buy music you have to open the store app. WTF would anyone open the store app to look for music, who the fuck are these idiots at Microsoft?! Sorry for the cussing, but this makes me angry everytime I open this stupid app.
  • Agree. Not a big fan of the app. Btw, can sombody ask Cortana to "play music"? In my case she insists on playing only Eminem music. She creates a "Cortana" playlist containing only Eminem. And if you try to modify that playlist she changes it back. Ok, I understand she really likes Eminem, I like it too, but I would like a bit of variety.
  • This made me choke on my cup of tea - I am going to have to try it and see what happens.
  • She chose Ac/Dc for me, and is playing a mix of all songs onmy phone but I can't get to the list at all, launching the music app manuallly , I'm greeted by the blank now playing screen waiting fo rme to hit play like nothing is already playing... 
  • Well, I was talking about Cortana on my laptop playing Eminem. On the phone she just complains I have no music, and I have lots. Strange.
  • Hahahaha, that made me laugh. It would be a nice trick like Cortana saying, randomly, she likes Eminem. More like a prank, I'd say... :-)
  • It's only 2 songs for me. Specifically it's songs with protection set to 'no' in file explorer. If protection is blank Cortana won't play them. Not sure if it's a glitch or a marketing scheme by MS so people will but music from them..
  • she picks the music i have downloaded on my phone so maybe you neeed more music saved to your phone .. or is she not useing what you have?
  • You can ask Cortana to play specific playlists, artists and albums. Cortana picked random music from my collection for me.
  • You are replying to a 2 year old comment. You couldn't do that then.
  • Thanks for pointing that out /s Like I couldn't figure that out from the timestamp!!!!
  • If you have a Groove/Xbox Music pass, you don't need to go to the Store to add music to your collection. If you want to buy music, I think it makes sense to go to the Store to do it. This decouples the purchasing from the Groove app, because when you purchase music, you aren't locked into the app you use to play the purchased music. For example, why should Media Player Classic users have to go to the Groove Music app to purchase music? This democratises the purchasing experience so that any music player can more easily leverage the common purchasing experience.
  • Maybe I'm missing something but in the phone app when I search for an artist/song it tells me that it cannot find anything in my collection but there is no option to then check the Store. In Xbox Music in 8.1 you could click on Search more in Store and it would search the store without leaving the app. In the Groove app on the phone there is no such option and I have to click the hamburger menu and choose Get Music in Store, which takes me to the web page of the store. Again, unless I'm missing something. And I have an Xbox Music/Groove pass.  
  • Right now, the phone app is probably not in the same state as the PC app because of the staggered release dates. More work is probably being done on the desktop app in preparation for the Windows 10 release. Then as the W10 mobile release comes closer, I expect that the phone app will be closer to ready.
  • I am having the exact same issue where I can't search outside of my collection.  I was beginning to think that it was just me, i haven't heard anyone else complain about this.
  • Windows Media Player still exists  in Windows 10, right?
  • Yes, and it's still the way I sync music, and organize my library most of the time... I went back to WMP when Zune disappeared and aftermonths of disappearing playlists, and songs no longer being able to play for various reasons (most likely DRM bullshit) I liked the look and it is pretty snappy but nothing MS has put out has been a proper solution for me. You would think with all the redone versions of music apps they would just make one, that was universal, supported wifi syncing and did everything that they empowered users to do with the launch of Windows phone years ago.  Call it whatever you want to call it, but get it working correctly, and let it actually work with my device.  Sync app, for files & pictures Windows Media player to create a syncable playlist Store to get to new music Video to play my movies/vids Store to rent, or buy, or search for what I'm watching later I understand that they wanted something easy to update and not burieed in the OS but whya are there so many different things I go through before I can just synce a playlist or two, some albums, video, and pictures (too be fair the photos app is the best of the new versions) The music experience has been the worst part of Windows Phone for a long time for me. I don't think it will be getting better anytime soon because everyone has complained, all the same comments on uservoice but no fixes
  • Yes, it's all still there. You just have to change it to the default player.
  • Yeah, the first time I searched for an artist in the app I couldn't believe it took me to the store. Such a step backwards. I really wish they'd implement family sharing like Office 365 as well
  • The cursing is warranted in this one. Its like developers that try to be architects. You get ugly buildings that have no value. Numbers people that don't understand, fucking it up.
  • really? This de-coupling of playback and purchasing is actually one of my favorite aspects of the new music app. I rather hate how Xbox music feels foremost like a store. What I do really want combined with this app is a proper syncing function. I like to manage playlists on my desktop computer and sync them to other devices, and MS does not make this at all easy to do. Turned to Musicbee for this functionality so, in the end, I probably won't get much use out of Groove music.
  • I'm intrigued, why do you say MS f****d up with this app? Personally I like the split. and besides if you configure it correctly OneDrive handles all this for you, I use Windows 10 on a laptop, desktop and tablet, and have a windows 8.1 phone (eagerly awaiting the Lumia 950's), I also have an iPhone, and an iPad and an Android tablet. I use groove music on all the above just for listening to music with no problems, I also have pictures available on them all through the OneDrive app, and any videos I have in OneDrive are also available on all devices, Film & TV from XBox Video is currently only on MS based devices (I think that is still the case) so thats all I loose going across platform Addressing the things you mention seperately: Music: I have all my music (from my CD's, my itunes library in OneDrive and Groove (XBox) Music and they are all accessible/downloadable on any of my devices with minimum of effort, i just log into the app and pick what I want to download from my library or indeed Groove Music and BAM a few moments later its on my phone and ready to go, If I want to mass copy albums to my phone from OneDrive/my PC I just connect the phone and open File Explorer and copy and paste, and again BAM job's a goodun! Video: Same sort of deal anything I have in OneDrive I can download on the move, I can download from the Film/TV app on the phone as well, and if I have a load of video on my PC I want to transfer, I just connect the phone and open File Explorer and copy and paste, and again BAM job's a goodun! Pictures: OneDrive again it syncs all my pictures from the phone up to the OneDrive Camera Roll (and pulls them down to the other devices) any other pictures stored in OneDrive are available to view and/or download out and about and guess what if i want to mass transfer from my PC. I just connect the phone and open File Explorer and copy and paste, and again BAM job's a goodun! File Explorer is your sync tool and it's more powerful than any other sync tool out there because you can pick exactly what you send, and when you access your windows phone via File Explorer all you have to do is copy the files you want (including documents) into the appropriately named directories and the indexing in the windows phone apps will take care of the rest for you. As for your comments about the store app, I don't understand fella, even an iphone will open the itunes store when you want to go and purchase new music...
      I'm not trying to piss you off or anything but I think seperating those things up is a good thing, I was very happy when Apple finally got around to sorting out iCloud syncing of photos, music and videos (which happens seperately in each appropriate app) just like on Microsoft's apps. because it meant I could finally break away from the good awful disaster that is the Windows iTunes application (would have been nice if apple had included ringtones and alerts in the iCloud sync as well) I always found it a nightmare to sortout my iphone, whereas it was dead easy with my windows phone (I have used Windows Phone since the CE days). Seriously for all the stuff you mention just use File Explorer. Regards
  • I have over 40 thousand songs and don't feel like adding them 1 at a time to one drive. I just use 1 device so the cloud aspect is useless to me. Making playlists by picking one song at a time is a pain. Zune allowed smart playlists, xbox/groove is so dumbed down that it is actually more difficult to use.
  • I think it makes sense to buy music in the store.  That's what we do in stores.  We buy stuff.   If you had to buy music in the Groove app people would complain about that saying "WTF???? Isn't that what a store is for???"  
  • Agreed,  I cancelled my groove subscription and am using apple music....Happy camper now. 
  • But Apple music doesn't merge photos and video like the original ranter was whining about. The Groove app is excellent. I subscribe to Apple Music and Groove pass, and I use Spotify. They all have their pros and cons. Spotify has the best curated playlists (Groove is still relying on algorythms rather than humans). Apple music obviously works well on iPhone, so I use that there and my iPad. But I don't want to use the horrid monster that is iTunes, so I keep Groove on my PCs. Too mch overbloated emotion, many "issues" people talk about are either solved or non existent.  It makes complete sense to had separate buying exprience from playback, and I suspect most people makes only a small number of purchases per month, which you can do from web or app so is it such a big deal? no, its almost like whining for the sakes of whining at times.
  • Thank you. And why when i tag a song does it not show up in the music app? I have to go back in through Cortana again to see what music I tagged. Does Microsoft not use what they create?
  • music and movie maybe... why pic?
  • I think they should put music, radio and podcast in one app, and photo and video in another one. It'd also be nice if they unified all camera apps (Lumia camera, panorama, hyperlapse etc.)
  • YES EXACTLY!!! Centralize related features into unified and universal apps to provide a comprehensive experience.
    AND change the name to Microsoft Music, Microsoft Audio One, or Microsoft Music Hub. Likewise for Video.
  • NO ! pls NO.   _You_ might want this, but I don't, I don't want my app to be bloated with videos and photos, I waaaayyy prefer them being seperate. What is the actual benefit of them being together????! We've all learnt that "unbundling" apps means greater freedom for inidivual apps and faster releases. Bundling them together now would be backwards and horrible. Pls stop asking for this :)
  • Instead of wishing,provide feedback on the groove feedback or Microsoft feedback hub
  • I think the overall performance will take a huge hit them...itunes is a good example of why they shouldn't bundle it all in one...
  • Exactly, I don't know who these vocal minority are. They won't "win" anyway, the days of bundling are over. I don't take every utensil to the table when I eat dinner. I take the ones I need, so if I don't have desert I am not pointlessly carrying a desert spoon. Bundling makes little sense in an age where we want rapid development.
  • That's the function of Windows Media Player
  • It's not hard-wired in any way and people are leaving OneDrive to Google Drive, at least we have more than 5GB now, I have 100GB with Google Drive via installing the METRO DRIVE app from Google play. No need for the 5GB insult Microsoft are giving, in hoping or forcing you to buy the OFFICE set of apps. Already waved Goodbye to Apple, seems I;ll be also leaving Microsoft if you keep going for profit over the Customers being happy.   Alienmoon, Steam Gamer
  • Not when you have 1TB of storage from an Office 365 subscription as well as the free storage given to me as a long time user of OneDrive and the fact that I opted out of the space reduction, that 100MB doesn't even come close!!!!
  • Will windows media player remain in win10?
  • @pallav Bing it. But from what I know they were removing it, hints why we a music app and video app now
  • Most of the people I know loved wmplayer.
  • Don't confuse Windows Media PLAYER with Windows Media CENTRE. It's the second one that is being removed. No mention of WMP being removed (and for their sake, they better not remove it because it's still years better than any of the new apps)
  • I almost never agree with you, but this time is a full agreement, WMP is much better than Xbox Music, so after seeing that no equalizer + SRS sound enhancement, crossfade between tracks, play speed, etc is being added in Groove, I think as you say WMP its light years better.
  • Windows Media Centre was removed as of the initial release of Windows 8.
  • WMP will not be in W10. It's reached EOL effectively but it'll still work on 7/8.1
  • I'm running W10 (latest build 240) as an insider and still have WMP installed (I didn't realise it was until it popped up yesterday!). Does that mean they're removing it this week for the launch?
  • Don't worry,  as soon as microsoft hears that even one person loves it,  they will axe it.  guaranteed! 
  • Lol
  • I still have WMP in W10 TP. WMC will not be available and is EOL. :P
  • Its tied into Grove a lot more - when you create playlists in WMP they show up in Groove.
    I keep all my stuff on OneDrive now - create playlists there. Its jsut a shame the playlists created via WMP do not appear on the phone or x-box. If you could see all the playlists and download them as and when you needed or stream online I would be very happy.
  • Windows Media Center will not be there in Windows 10. Windows Media Player will be there as always. Even Windows 8.1 does not have windows media CENTER. Its an additional purchase and a different SKU.
  • It would probably be available on 10 also if not I'm staying on 8.1 just because of WMP. Such a great player! Also, if there was a problem with WMP I guess it would be listed in the Get Windows 10 app as uncompatible with the OS.
  • It's still there. It's still great standalone media player (not just music) and do alot of things that Groove Music don't. They should seriously update Groove further to reach the feature parity of WMP and Zune. Or at least just update the looks of WMP to match the flatness of Windows 10 and make it cohesive.
  • What features are missing from Groove that you need?
  • Is it as good as Zune was yet!?
  • Not in a million years.
  • Nope and never will be!
  • Never is a silly position.  Zune was great and I missed it definitely after they removed it (after introducing WP7), but the new Music platform is definitely getting markedly better.  I suppose its just a matter or preference.  I miss the screen saver type album/song display while playing music, for instance.  Managing music was a better experience than WMP, but made annoying enough to avoid once they removed wireless sync.  Now with uploading to OneDrive its just all there with the option to download device-local whatever you require local (including specific playlists) so wireless sync is sort of replaced with a better alternative.  It can take an initial while to sync w​hat you own/have but once its done that its free sailing.  The only thing I've noticed as of LATE is that mysterious songs are appearing.  Upon further investigation, it seems these are audio files from applications themselves.  I don't know why they would appear here.   ​
  • Me too, I missed alot of Zune and WMP features, especially Zune-ish design. Current Groove Music really looks like alpha-ish and still a long way to became visually appealing. Though I'm not against circle photos on Artist, I really hate that it still use freaking big circular photo on the Artist page together with no Biography, Related Artist and other features that we used to have.
    Groove Music is a modest streaming services. Remove the streaming services and it seems it just a basic music player without good looks and forgettable. :/
  • One thing I missed that was added to Groove fairly recently was the ability to edit album information including Album Art.
  • I am not sure what the big deal is about Zune...it seemed very limited on wp7 (probably cause of OS restrictions) and in my opinion was a pain to use on the PC after coming from iTunes...I felt that the design looked really nice but it didn't feel very intuitive or feature rich to me... But I am from India...maybe you guys in the US had a version that wasn't gimped...:D but I think for the rest of us, it kinda sucked... I find Groove a hell of a lot easier to use both on pc and phone...
  • I'd agree about Groove but I found iTunes to be very slow and bloated, Zune was very fast in comparison.
  • Streaming has made music so much more complicated... and expensive. Not only do we have to pay for a music pass, but we also have to pay for larger data plans... and even higher fees if we go over our limit. No thanks!
  • Soluttion: Don't use music streaming services and play local files. I don't use any music streaming service and I don't complain.
  • You would think, wouldnt you? This is what happens when people only believe what they are told and dont think for themselves....
  • I Feel sorry for those on limited data plans.
    Three (UK) Unlimited Data £15 per month Edit: its now All-you-can-eat
    data 200
    minutes 12
    Months £17.00*
    a month.
  • You can typically save playlists for offline use which avoids having to pay for data.  And there really is nothing line access to every song ever.
  • You can download the songs on your phone or you can upload your files onto onedrive to stream or download the files for offline use. Yes, this is a streaming service, but it is not a pure streaming service, it is a music pass that allows you to stream or play the songs on the catalog offline.  It is your choice, if you can't figure it out how to use it, then that is your issue. Get on wifi and dl the songs and you wont have to use data everytime you use  it while not in wifi zone.     
  • A legitimate concern, but nothing is being forced.  In fact, we are given options. Download the playlist/songs/albums to local and be done with it. There is an occasional license check but it isn't a nightmare.  If you have constant access to WiFi, however, this is a God send. You have your library on in the cloud and play whatever wherever however much you want.
  • That's why, even with a Groove Music Pass, I download all my music over WiFi before I go anywhere.
  • I was also hoping that since its a music service that they would launch Groove on all mobiles same day as windows 10. But, if i look back at the horrible track record of the Music/Xbox music app, then.... there will probably be no such thing. Which means that there is no music eco-system from day one (untill WM10 is released i guess).   We'll see.... (fingers crossed)
  • There really is no need to have an app to sync anymore. Put your music in OneDrive and manage it there.
  • Yeah, because putting my 104GB of music on Onedrive is so convenient. It's even more convenient when I turn on the online music collection on my phone and it shows every song I've ever downloaded over the past 9 years with my music pass (over 16000). The best part is where it will actually remove songs from my local memory on my phone when it decides to update my correct offline playlists with the broken nonsense it thinks they should be online, because it never correctly syncs a playlist to the cloud.
    You're right, why would I want local, easy to use syncing when I have all of that?/s
  • 104GB, pfft that's small :-D. Try 200GB, I'm not uploading all 200GB of music to OneDrive even if I do have the space for it.
  • I really am not a fan of the new name :( but question. when buying music, do I own the actual music file?meaning can I move the file to an external hd and play it else where Or is it cloud base? As in I can only listen to it though Microsoft services
  • If I'm not mistaken this works a bit like iTunes where you can go find the files and move them off. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to.
  • The file is yours to keep. Purchased tracks are high bit rate MP3 files
  • You can listen it elsewhere !
  • The phone companion app will
  • I don't mind the name. Groove is better than Xbox Music IMO (As an xBone fanboy) and I stopped caring when they stopped using "Zune". Yeah, it was an odd name, but it was unique! I loved the functionality of the Zune app aswell. Easy syncing galore, hearts for what you wanted or didn't want. It was great. Anyone having any luck syncing music to their phones? Companion app doesn't do it, can't drag and drop because of DRM (Thanks Microsoft), and the desktop app constantly "forgets" what music I have synced to my phone and ends up deleting the rest of my library when syncing new tunes. As a workaround, I save all my phone music into a playlist before syncing, just in case, so I can redownload from the cloud, but this is annoying and unless the app is open all the time, it's usually a week or two before all my music is back on the phone. Syncing devices has been a thorn in my side ever since they dropped the Zune desktop app. I love the Groove Music app, really do. Just wish Syncing was wayyyyyyyyy easier than it is now. I use to love the simplicity. Now I get anxiety anytime I have to deal with the Desktop App. Microsoft, halp?
  • You have to sync playlists with Windows Media player, no errors. Your songs no longer disappear, and it's honestly freaking easier than every other current option.  MS led the way with wifi playlist, and podcast sync. Now Ios does it, (and probably Android) but we can't anymore...  Sometimes you have to step back to go forward, but hell, we still haven't started moving forward on the music apps yet. Just keep changing themes basically 
  • WMP doesn't work with music pass songs though, so it's useless if you have one.
    I used to love changing up the music on my phone with Zune, it was so easy. I almost never want to now because it's such a huge hassle. I sync mainly playlists and that's pretty much only possible now with the desktop phone app, which still messes up. Online syncing is a no go even if I wanted to deal with the extra step of uploading songs to the cloud because the software is apparently incapable of correctly uploading a playlist. They are always missing songs and often have songs replaced with others that have a similar name from the catalogue. It's really frustrating.
  • Rising from the ashes of XBOX Music? That's pretty optimistic.
    Scavenging the XBOX Music corpse would be a better description. Groove Music has the same quirks and missing features than its predecessor.
    It is the same app. Microsoft actually never changed the executable file name. There is, as of today, no additional sign that Microsoft is serious about their music ecosystem. They never were. It does not yet seems they will.
  • I beg to differ, Groove on phone is miles better than Xbox Music app and while the desktop apps are similar, Groove does have a more user friendly interface and works nearly the same way as the Zune software ...if they would include drag and drop music/playlists (similar to Zune) to phone through Groove, it would be a very welcome addition to sync files rather than having to use WP desktop app
  • Don't waste your time... Xbox Music was a bad service with a terrible app. Now, as Groove Music, it's the same service with a better app. To be true Groove has its strong points like onedrive integration and a good cloud collection management, but that's it. It lacks too much to be taking serious by anyone. There's no curated playlists, any kind of recommendation service or social integration. MixRadio was way better than Groove. I hoped that MS would merge Xbox Music with MixRadio, but... Seriously, I'm not trying to offend anyone. I used XBMC for many years since Zune, and if you use Spotify, Rdio, Deezer etc... you'll see that there's nothing that makes you stick with Groove Music.
  • I use Rhapsody, the granddaddy of all these services.  And I agree.   These days, MS simply does not know how to make good software. Every single thing they release is half assed.  Windows 10 most notably included.
  • Rhapsody was great 10 years ago and still is. It doesn't seem to get the love it deserves that Pandora and Spotify get. Although it does lack the local and SkyDrive integration. But you don't really need it either with a subscription service.
  • Media info sounds great! I need album art for all my music :D
  • I've read that gapless playback is still coming soon. What exactly goes into making this function? It just feels like it's been "coming soon" for a while now.
  • It is likely a framework, as in WinRT, issue. There have been so many asks for this, that if it was straight-forward, it would have been done already. I have always found the 8.1 player to be near-gapless enough for me, but I totally understand that others want absolute gapless.
  • I don't see how this is so difficult to implement; iTunes and even the open source Rockbox player have had gapless playback for ages.  Even Zune did as well.
  • Gotcha, makes sense. I'm doing okay without it, but it sure would be nice to have. I find myself lately using my CDs when possible to avoid the break in my mixes. Hope it gets addressed sooner than later.
  • The playlist should have more customization options, like recently added, ratings etc ... Hope to see that in a future update
  • I don't have that "radio" option on my Groove Music menu??!!
  • I do, might be region restricted.
  • Anyone know if the android/ios apps support streaming from OneDrive yet?
  • IOS yes, i use it today on my 6+, android not sure.    To clarify, streaming AND download for offline.   
  • yes
  • I wish they would add picking up where you left off when you are listening to a playlist.
  • I was thinking the same the other day.
  • I just want the ability to make a radio station like Pandora does it. I choose one artist, and then add other variety in to the mix. So I can listen to hard rock followed by Beethoven.
  • Still not reading my music pass on windows 10 mobile :'(
  • Same here. Credential management seems a bit buggy throughout Windows 10 mobile. Lots of web redirects to log in when my account on the phone should be supplying credentials for all of my MS services.
  • Doesn't work
  • Buggy on 8.1, too...not sure that's an Insider issue.
  • "Microsoft Account Sync Inconsistency" has been my number one frustration since Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8, I just hope they fix it this time. Once you sign in with your MSFT Account on a Windows OS, all your services should auto-activate when Apps are launched.
  • What if i want to play by genre? That seems to be missing now.
  • It's Microsoft, their apps and services are always unreliable. Better get used to it or move to OS X and iOS.
  • Then use the feedback app and request it.
  • paypal available yet
  • It can't even rip CDs and add them to your library, so iTunes and Windows Media Player it is, still.
  • Why would you want to saddle a universal app with functionality that can only exist on a PC? Besides, there are plenty of great rippers, better than Zune ever was, available for little or no cost. Additionally, adding encoders to the app would cost money, as in licensing costs for the codecs. These costs would have to be offset somewhere. Lastly, with more and more computers not including optical drives, sadly it's a dying segment. I personally use EZ CD Audio Converter to rip and prep my music that I upload to OneDrive. I rip using WMA lossless, which I find works great for Xbox/Groove Music.
  • Why not give the option to those on a PC and hide it on mobile? Isn't that the point of a truly universal app? I would love to be able to export my Groove Music playlist (purchased songs of course) to a CD.
  • Wow.  You just gave a great argument as to why Universal Apps are doomed. They will always cater to the lowest common denominator. A better question would be, what kind of PC music application wouldn't be able to rip a CD!?!?
  • What year are you from? They still sell cds?? Or I just am not looking. I'm digital 100%
  • CD is digital, smartie.
  • The real question is WHAT YEAR ARE YOU FROM?? Or is it you are just out in the boondocks so far that they don't have brick and mortar stores like they do here in the big cities, that actually have hundreds of isles dedicated to CD's/DVD's/Blu-Ray, or even online stores such as Amazon, F.Y.E, etc.  Ask your mommy and daddy to take you to one sometime (i.e. F.Y.E., Amoeba Records, Dimple Music).  They are all digital too by the way, and can't be accidentally deleted.
  • 2015 still using CDs. Some people like having a hard copy.
  • You still rip CDs, that's so 90s!!!
  • If it is an Universal Apps, why doesn't it support Xbox Music Pass in Win10 mobile? It should be the same feature set in this context.
  • I think it is credential management problems in Windows 10 mobile, not the app itself. I see other problems that require logging in to do things, even though my account is the core account on the phone.
  • It does, I've downloaded loads of music via my Groove Music Pass on my 950XL
  • I need Windows 10 to be available on my phone already
  • It's coming.
  • Will the automatically retrieve media info bit completely butcher my albums like it did in Windows 8.1?
  • This issue was fixed as part of the move to OneDrive streaming. Of course provided your metadata is clean.
  • Clean as in right, or clean as in empty?
  • Possibly but Groove now allows you to edit album info and artwork
  • Thank you for this article ! Can someone tell me if the current Xbox Music (on Windows 8.1) issues are solved with the Groove Music App on Windows 10 : - gapless playing (you ear about 1 second of silence between each track, this is a problem for live albums) - can we modify the metadata of the songs (change year, album or track name, cover illustration, etc.) or is iTunes still needed for this ? - is the problem of multi-disc albums solved ? Hope yes !  
  • on all three: nope......
  • What ???? How is this possible ? I'm a big fan of Microsoft, but this very very disappointing ! Apple has done this years ago with iTunes...
  • They changed the name, what more do you want?
  • I expected the Windows 10 version of this app (whatever the name) had solved these problems...
  • Yes, multi-disc issues have been resolved. I have plenty of multi-disc albums. They use to be all over the place in early Xbox Music releases, and then the issues went away. Using correct ID3 tags is part of the solution. Also, alot of the issues were prior to the implementation of OneDrive streaming, when they were doing the Cloud Matching and Cloud Collection where they tried to match albums you have locally with what is in the catalog. This led to issues where in the catalog it was songs 1-20, but locally it's two sets of 1-10. Anyway, glad those issues no longer exist.
  • Windows Media Player is still a far better solution. As for modifying metadata on songs etc, instead of using iTunes which is a pain, allow me to recommend you mp3tag. It's free and I've found it do be way more useful than iTunes. You can get it at mp3tag(dot)de ;)
  • I think iTunes is a very good program to manage your music. It keeps everything inside and out pretty organized. I wouldn't stop using it if I were. At least not anytime soon.
  • iTunes is painful, I'd migrate out of it regardless of your expectations of Windows 10
  • What about W10 mobile version? Wondering is it possible to buy tracks/album using carrier billing just like the apps and game?
  • I wish they hadn't removed free streaming from xbox music (without music pass). It was really nice.
  • Is groove going to windows mobile 10
  • It's a universal app. So, yeah.
  • It's already there :)
  • So they upped the devices to five, nice.  It was four as xbox music. 
  • Sadly my limit is still 4... and can only de-authorize one device per month (really weird system).
  • I feel like you already wrote this article
  • @RichardDevine
    I think you should mention one thing on the OneDrive-Music syncing. In Windows 10 Groove your music will only show up if you sync your Music folder (setting in OneDrive app) locally.
    My music collection on OneDrive is quite big, so i didn't want to sync it locally (and excluded the folder in OneDrive app)) and as a result of that, my music wasn't available anymore in Groove Music.
    Very, very annoying and i'll hope MS will fix that as soon as possible.
  • Since 6 months they "concentrate" on making this app. And all they will deliver has only feature parity with the old W8 app. Even gapless is still missing, which seems to be an OS wide problem (despite Spotify managing to circumvent it), still not fixed, which is just bad customer service. And still no unbranded basic media player. Where is the team that developed Windows Media Player? A show pathetic beyond belief!
  • is it possible to play .flac and scrobble music to last.fm?
  • I'm also a last.fm user, and this is what I didn't liked from Xbox Music, that you couldn't scrobble, thats why I sticked to WMP on Windows 8.1. Hopefully now that Windows is a service, the Groove team can add these features in the future.
  • same. I chose Spotify over Xbox Music mainly because it has Last.fm support. but now Spotify's local file playback it is broken. so I'm considering switching back, but atm kind of stuck inbetween/using both...
  • Vote here http://bit.ly/GMLastfm to make Last.fm support Groove Music.
  • Yes, Windows 10 supports FLAC
  • I have a few questions not covered in the article. Is this an all new app, or just an updated version of the awful Xbox Music app? Does it handle multi-disc albums the way it should (disc 1 in its entirety, then disc 2...), or does it carry over the completely fucking retarded method introduced in the Xbox Music app where it plays disc 1 track 1, then disc 2 track 1, and so on? How about gapless audio playback?
  • I asked the same question a few minutes ago, and the answer looks very disappointing. I hope Windows 10 will bring better surprises...
  • I certainly hope so. The music experience on Windows Phone sucks compared to iOS and Android, and there's no reason for it. At least on the desktop I can still use Zune. For now.
  • Wireless sync and ability to sync from within the app and it'll have everything I need
  • And when groove music passes would be available in India?
  • Does Groove "match" music in my private collection on my OneDrive or am I literally/physically playing a file from my OneDrive?
  • I have used XBox Music and I think OneDrive works the same in Groove, you first need to upload your albums in a folder called Music in OneDrive, after that you can stream on any device (phone, tablet, PC or Web). This works much better than Google Music which streaming is not as fast as on Microsoft's cloud services.
  • Hope its more than just a new candy wrapper. My surface pro 3 goes a week working, then suddenly I get music rights issues that my songs cant be played. I have to uninstall and then reinstall the Xbox music app to make it work again.
    Wonder if Groove Music will do the same? Me thinks it will.
  • So nothing about manually editing info? Screw this trash, I'll stick to MusicBee. I don't stream music, I solely use my local content. Xbox Music was a nightmare upon first use, as it mislabeled much of my music. I have no interest in having my library wrecked by Microsoft's garbage servers.
  • Regional restrictions is bsh!
  • And quality? High bandwidth? Lossless formats?  
  • For FLAC just stick to VLC, is the best audio software to play music in lossless formats, and VLC works great on Windows 10.
  • Flac sounded bad when played on vlc as well as unable to play it on background.
  • VLC is far from the best for FLAC (or anything for that matter).  VLC doesn't even support bit-perfect playback (ASIO or WASAPI).  VLC is a great swiss army knife program that I often use for quickly checking files, but for FLAC playback, you will want to be using either JRiver or foobar2000.  Heck, even Winamp supports bit-perfect playback with plugins.  For audio devices without ASIO or WASAPI drivers, this is okay, but audiophiles often use external DAC's with better drivers (I'm using a Grace Design m920 for example). Also, I said that VLC is't the best at anything, so I should clarify.  VLC does video very well, but it is not the best.  The best you can do is using MPC-HC with properly setup madVR and if necessary, reclock.  madVR is capable of the best scaling I have ever seen, and can push a modern graphics card pretty far if set high enough.
  • FLAC is supported natively by Groove and Windows 10.
  • Xbox music was terrible. I wouldnt work if you have one device set to one region and another device set to another region, no family plan, support on site didnt want to help... I think i will stick to spotify and hope they release an xbox app
  • Will this be limited to the U.S. the same way the music app is now? If I have a non-American Microsoft account (even after I've moved to the U.S.), none of the online features of xbox music work, just playing my own offline catalog. OneDrive locker doesn't work for the same reason
  • If you're a stickler for keeping your music collection in line, make sure you keep this turned on to replace any album art that went missing somewhere. Nothing worse than a bare album cover!
      I'd argue the opposite. If you're a real stickler, you'll want no one or anything meddling with your carefully tended and curated tags and artwork. Nothing worse than a large carefully tagged collection ruined by bad tags and album covers!
  • Absolutely. Every Microsoft music app I've ever used has tried to stamp over my metadata with poor quality data, and Groove is no exception. Turn it off if you want to retain your sanity.
  • I haven't played w/ Win 10 yet, but remember this setting (update media) already being toggled on when I first entered the XBOX Music App in Win 8. I already had my music directory set as a library, so it saw that and started to go to work on the collection on first launch.  Very frustrating, hope they default it to off.
  • The winRT APIs are pathetic to put it at best, they'll never make good apps out of them, no wonder why devs don't show interest. And not to mention the "mobile first" Microsoft
  • I think Groove is much better than Google Music, but I think its inferior to Windows Media Player or iTunes. On the latter you can use equalizer, and do many things like RIP CD's, burn CD's, convert between audio formats, etc. I am expecting Microsoft to put all these features into Groove, but if they don't I'll stick to WMP and iTunes (I still use both). And if there is a plan to get rid of WMP or iTunes in the future, I'll stick to third party software like Winamp, Foobar 2000, etc.
  • Miss you Nokia mixradio.
  • Why. It is still there. Use it.
  • not in Windows 10 it's not...
  • Do we know if it will integrate with Sonos?
  • Does Groove include Equalizer? SRS Sound ehnancement?, CrossFade between tracks, playback speed configuration? THis is why I still use Windows Media Player. Not using Groove until they fix this.  
  • Newly branded.... Try newly re-branded.. I am a pass holder...
  • Compared to JRiver this is a pile of underwhelming digestive by-product! Then there's that dated app name... Oh dear Microsoft. Just hire me and I'll easily sort it all out for you.
  • For a multi billion dollar company they truly have some of the worst external promo's. Some of their best adds never made it to screen in Australia. ~Original Surface Teaster ~ Kinect "Something magic" SDK  
  • Unlike the Windows 8.1 Music app, Groove cannot "Cast" your music to DLNA devices. A step backwards. Thankfully, Windows Media Player is still present in Windows 10, and this still has the "Cast to" function.
  • Nice one, also Lumia phones have always had excelent support with WMP using the PlayTo app which uses DLNA. Another reason to keep using WMP
  • LOL, nice... hopefully the reason is because it's still "preview" :D
  • Don't hold your breath. Microsoft has said: "Eventually the new music app should have support for casting to such devices". I note the use of both "eventually"and "should" in this reply. See: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_devices/why-doesnt-my-denon-receiver-show-up-in-the-action/fb72ec52-22e8-4943-a201-6ec43403fc35
  • Does it play flacs?
  • yes
  • I miss the Zune program.  It was, hands down, the best.  Groove is really no improvement over the Xbox Music app.  And it still totally destroys the library.  It completely ignores the MP3 tag information, particularly the cover art.
  • I still use Zune on my Win8.1 PC. HueHueHue
  • Zune is still available, and plenty of us still use it. I can't believe how many years it has been and MS still can't put out a music app that comes close to rivaling Zune.
  • I love the Zune app, it was ahead of its time.
  • Bring on the Groove music for every music fans. 
  • Still can't create smart (dynamic) playlists in Groove
  • That Avantasia album!!
  • Yeah! I had the same thought when I read the piece. Cool!
  • What about exporting play lists and associated files to your device? I can't see an option for that in groove.
  • So what's the solution in windows for ripping your music if you need to? With the Zune software it used to rip, none of the software after Zune did this, and if they are removing WMP I guess they expect users to use ITunes
  • WMP is still present and will rip as before, they are deprecating Windows Media *Center*. Sadly, for us CableCARD users who love the DVR.
  • Groove offers native flac support, but does it support streaming flac files from onedrive?
  • So having all of your music on Onedrive. Does that allow you to download the tracks to your device from there for offline/local play? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes it's a good thing that tho music streaming service is finally getting the attention it deserves, as far as I'm concerned This Is The Best of The Best.
  • If people were confused about Xbox Music, will Groove Music make things less "scary"? Why not just "Music" for the app and "Groove" for the streaming service?
  • This seems cool and all. Especially having a dark theme for me. I'm sure I'll use it on the Xbox. But until syncing comes along it'll be just another app. I'm a grandfathered subscriber and the best way to enjoy is still thru the Zune app for me and then just a separate playlist on the Xbox. This way you can make a playlist containing the music videos that Xbox has and not have to worry about having the same song like 3 times just to get the video when it's the same song :/
  • Wasn't Groove the old name for OneDrive for Business?
  • My music is on one drive. Cool I can stream and download to device. BUT no option to remove from device, only delete which deletes track from One Drive!
  • No live tile still???
    We want live tile as same as it was in windows phone 8....
    Nothing can me drive in about Microsoft's new music service until it doesn't provide new live tile but not as same as Windows phone 8.1....
  • Groove on mobile still doesn't sync with my pass, it only shows my local collection.
    No playlists, streaming collection and can't download music from the store without having to pay for it.
  • Still no XBOX Live, fellow Groove Pass users or Social Media Friends List Integration?? People Like to share playlist amongst their friends from time to time. It's not that hard or revoluionary of an idea to implement. Sometimes I want to check out what other people are listening to. It can help diversify your listening tastes. Those features are the only glaring omissions. I like the service. The mobile apps could be better but the PC, XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE apps are pretty awesome. I like the name. It was time for XBOX to go. Get those sharing and social features in Microsoft
  • Have I missed something, or am I the only one having an issue with Music Pass not working in Windows 10 with Groove???
  • See my comment below, im having issues too.
  • Try the explorer option in the pc, but as far as I know, phone is still broken.
  • Microsoft, please stop forcing the cloud down my throat.  I love OneDrive and use it a lot.  But I do not want to upload my whole music collection to to the cloud just to be able to listen to the music that you don't have in your catalog.  So for Gods sake can't you guys over there in Redmond just have an option in Groove to be able to sync our playlists to our Windows Phone without some cockamamie midle-man app (talking about you, Windows Phone app?)  Seriously, just let the Groove app sync my songs to my phone through a USB cable the same way Zune use to sync songs to Windows Phone 7.8 (doesn't even have to be wireless.)   Really tired of this cloud bullshit.
  • I have a music pass for years, but that came to an end today... I moved to Spotify, cheaper and works ok, without having login problems like I had yesterday, that I couldn't listen to my collection the entire day, or when it works it simply stops working ignoring the Bluetooth commands sent to it... The 3€ difference will help to maintain my office subscription....
  • Im on windows 10 preview. Why can I download or stream music from groove music? Latest buil 10240.
  • No, thank you. I will continue using Winamp.
  • try muwicbee, its everybit as good as winamp and then some.
  • AIMP undefeated.
  • Has anyone else had issues with digital rights when playing music from their OneDrive Music folder on Xbox Music app on Windows phone? I have all my music stored on my OneDrive Music folder. Because of that, I hugely depend on a playlist that I manage for the music that I actually want to listen to on a day-to-day basis. However, even with all my tracks being MP3 files purchased from Amazon or ripped off CDs, I have noticed that for at least 20% of the tracks on my playlist, I get a digital rights issue warning when trying to play the song on any device that the song is not saved locally (e.g. Xbox Music app on phone, music.xbox.com, Xbox Music app on Surface). Is anyone else dealing with this? Screenshot: link
  • I don't know about you guys but I thought the Zune software was pretty great for finding and managing your music collection. I still can't wrap my head around why when they rebranded the first time features that were in the Zune software were not in Xbox music. I'm no developer but couldn't they just have given the Zune software a facelift and left features intact? Either way I think they'll get there if they put some thought and effort in. Definitely need a family pass. I just hope they start giving Groove music more attention than they gave Xbox music because as a Zune user still I'd hate to be left out in the cold again.
  • I think it's a goopple infiltration that got rid of key developers and buried them and the Zune software in a ditch somewhere.
  • Does Groove allow sorting by genre then artist/album? Xbox only allows genre/song, which could only have been set up by someone who never listens to classical music. Renders it useless.
  • "Nothing worse than a bare album cover!" Imagine, then, how I feel about Groove when it fails to find artowrk for almost half my collection, even though it is all sitting there in the folders with the songs. Still, it is better than Xbox Music, which only finds around 20% of it. If I extrapolate, it should only be another four or fice years before Microsoft can get back to where Zune was 5 years ago and show all my artwork. I'd also caution against allowing the app to automatically change your metatdata, as it has a nasty habit of misidentifying songs and attriuting them to the wrong artist (who I assuem has a song with the same name). Fortunately, there is another app in the Store called Groove that uses LastFM to get band photos and artwork and does a far better job all 'round than Microsoft's lame, though improved, effort.
  • And the old zune desktop had auto playlists, voting up/down of songs, wireless sync to phone, and they just threw it all away. No point in having Gbs of songs in onedrive if I can't use auto playlists. And the phone app won't use the music pass yet either.
  • I like the idea of streaming from OneDrive. But my biggest problem with xBox Music, is the crappy albums/artists promos that you are forced to look at when you open the app. Not kid-friendly at all. I just want to see & play my music and artists. That's why I love the app on my surface pro that is already named "Groove."  
  • I have all my music on OneDrive.  I also have a subscription to Groove (nee Xbox Music).  But it seems like you have to have a non-cloud based folder added to the app in order to download songs.  And these new downloaded songs get saved to the non-cloud based folder.  This kinds defeats the purpose of the cloud to me by making all your PCs have non-cloud based folder downloads.  Am I doing something wrong?  Also, it is really silly to have to launch another app to buy a song...  Such inefficiency.  And you can't search by artist name.... If you put in an artist's name, it will try to match it as a song, album, app, movie.... but not as an artist.... Stupid..
  • I love the whole part where it finds album info for me, especially since I've got so much music off cds, but I had to turn that off after it's initial sweep through my music because it kept changing my manually corrected information back to the wrong stuff. It put every song in one album in different versions of the same album so none of them showed up in the same album. No biggie, for me. I just go to edit the information in file explorer. But my biggest issue is the album art. I've got music that a friend of mine made- from scratch -on my computer that I wrote in to the same album with the right names and all that. But since they aren't published songs, this app made up stuff for these tracks and kept trying to pull the music apart. That's when I turned the auto-album-corrector-thing off. After changing his second song in his album to Creed six times, I was done with that. Only part of this I don't know how to fix is how to change the album cover from some Creed cover to a picture of my friend's band.
  • I found out the hard way that the maximum amount of devices is FOUR not five right now. And I can't de-authorize more than one device withing 30 days...
  • I dont like this app. I am not interested in seeing all my albums etc listed with pretty pictures all over them. I am not interested in seeing album covers or any of that rubbish. I want an old style DETAILS view without pictures, but not these days everything has to be served up with pretty pictures. Now I am forced to look for an alternate media player because Groove doesn't allow me to customize the view. Why couldn't you have just given people the ability to choose how to view their music because not everybody needs frickin pictures all over it. Unsatisfied customer.
  • Dude, if you want an alternate music player which is highly customizable, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you download MusicBee. It's an amazing app.
  • MusicBee is awesome, I cannot reccoment it enough.
  • I cant seem to find out how to get my music from my phone files to show up on groove becuse now im just useing up all of my data and it dosent say withch file i need to put it in ive put them in all of my music files and they dont show up    
  • Well Groove can't find all my music no matter what path I give it nor does it pick up the album art. It picks up one album completely but leaves others in the same folder out. They are all the same format. I find that if I wanted to I can put the various albums into play lists, but hey why bother my Samsung S6 has already done this automatically for me.  
  • What format are the files in? Groove can be slow to pick up music, I've had the exact problem you're having before and I found that resetting the database helped. Groove also lets you edit album info.
  • Pity the Goove Music App (named after the Groovy Billy Gates) didn't crash all the time. Windows 10 is starting to remind moi of Windows ME. I have lost count of how many times I had an App chrash for no reason in Windows 10- (spelt: Windows 9) . Plus many of these Apps (especially Groove) forget where they are located... Computers with a bad memory,, they are becoming more human every year.  
  • Depends whether you are on the Insider Preview and which ring and whether your device is able to handle Windows 10 reliably.
  • "Microsoft has taken the decision that having Xbox in the name presented unnecessary confusion with consumers since you don't need an Xbox to use it." Microsoft was JUST as confused. Calling for support would invaribly elicite a request for which console you were using. It was several months before staff even knew there was a product called Surface. The web site was no better. Searches for Xbox Music frequently ended up in console pages. I'm glad the lunacy is almost over. 
  • This was one of the first modern Win 10 apps I looked at after completing - successfully - my 'upgrade' from Win 8.1 to Win 10. Sadly the Groove 'app' seems to be worse than even the old XBox Music app on my WP8.1 phone and that is saying something. Remember it took XBM about 2 years to finally be able to show Album Art from properly tagged local media. Groove cannot do this reliably, obviously keeps looking up local music on line, gets it wrong but re-writes all the tag anyway. Resut a nightmare of incorrectly tagged albums - again. So MSFT screw up again. Don't need this 'app' anyway. Media Player is improved now, plays Flac at last, and finally does not mess up existing album art etc. I can only summise MSFT employ school leavers or temp staff to create these modern apps, don't bother to check if they work and don't care much anyway. Pathetic.
  • You can disable the option to get album information and even edit the info yourself. Oh and Groove plays FLAC files as well.
  • Why can't I sync this with MP3 players?  That irritates the hell out of me.
  • There is one (1) feature that is missing that keeps me from ever having any interest in Groove/MS/Xbox/Zune Music:  The inability to search playlists.   In Spotify, I search for "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" or "Office Space" or whatever other non-album cultural touchstone (Lithium Radio!) and get a bevy of playlists other users have meticulously curated, which I can then immediately add and edit to my own taste.
  • when a play a song how come it does not automatically playthe music video?
  • You have to enable it by clicking the button next to the info for the album that's playing. Not all songs have a video either, so you may enable it but that doesn't mean that a video will play.
  • Microsoft! For the love of god, it is not difficult!! The filenames contain the track number even if the meta doesn't!!!! Winamp has been doing it for over 20 years so what is your excuse? I'm trying hard to give you a chance, but you won't even let me play my music in the correct order. Thank allah This upgrade was free. I don't think I'm going to need the full 30 days to decide that Windows 10 is not right for me... Seriously!?!!? You make me want to break things on a daily basis lately!
  • Ps. The only reason why I am here is because apple is stealing MY music and the one thing I can't tolerate is theft of my personal property... Track 1 goes first, in case you didn't know. Most of my music is live so imagine my frustration when I discover that it is literally impossible for me to teach my computer howto do something that it has been successfully doing for 20 years now.. End of today's rant.
  • The fact that I had to Google (not Bing) "how do I get groove music player to correctly order and play my music tracks is extremely laughable. Then to find this forum and learn that not only will you not display or play them in the correct order, but you will likely re-label my music incorrectly is so sad that I can't stop laughing. Forget software and try making a ball. If you can do that correctly, take baby steps until you have an operating system that works. Jobs dying was the best thing that could ever happen to Microsoft, yet you refuse to capitalize. Back to winamp for me...
  • Did you try Right clicking the album and then click Edit Info. That would have saved you a web search, it amazes me how people just won't try things and give up instead.
  • I can't get the edit link to work so I can fix a typo. Even this forum is a sad joke!
  • this app is crap. I did a clean windows 10 install and it still can´t handle my collection completely. It´s missing lots of albuns and when i minimize it, the song stops. I gave up on that shit, i´m using Zune
  • Radio:  Is it not possible to pick a Genre? I personally don't cluttter my head keeping track of artist's names, but would like to play, indy, rock, pop, clasic rock, today's hits, etc. without limiting myself to one artists and artists 'like' them. Why can't I thumbs up/down songs and get a better Radio streaming content based on my likes and dislikes? Afterall, I am paying money, I should be able to slowly filter in/out content.
  • How do I tell the groove Music app where to look for some mp3 files?
  • Click the cog at the bottom of the sidebar > Click "Choose where we look for music"
  • Groove Music is getting to be competitive with iTunes and iPhone except the video playback is too basic. Movies now Films does not see videos on OneDrive.
  • Zune was good. Xbox Music sucked and now Groove is Xbox Music 2 rebranded.  It still blows my mind that Microsoft killed a very good player about four years ago and in that time they have only managed to accomplish mediocre.  Four years is plenty of time to bring good software to full maturity .   
  • I concur 100%, I live in the UK had to import my Zune and the Zune music pass, I discovered a lot of new music using the Zune application, hell it even recommended songs / albums I was interested in.  Xbox music was meh, and Groove on my WP10 device is absolute bollocks. Download for offline listening, err no it didn't though decided to burn through a good lot of battery power, choose Radio and it decides that Virtual Riot (EDM) should contain heavy metal tracks wtf? Look at Google Music / Spotify that was the level that Zune was, such a shame.
  • I can't say that I have that problem, music I choose to download on W10M gets downloaded no problem, depending on what you use to download you need to, as I'm sure you know, have a signal. I make sure I download music before I leave using my home WiFi.
  • NICE TO SEE YOU CAN SHOUT, if you're having an issue then use the Feedback App and report it. Shouting on here won't get it fixed.
  • I hope they will add a feature to sync playlists to our lumia devices.
  • I wish it would be possible to buy music on Groove Music from India the way we're able to buy from iTunes.
  • So I have mulitple playlists but I cannot find a way to either drag and drop them to a usb stick for playing in the car or to sync/drag drop to an mp3 player.  Any ideas? 
  • You can't do this through Groove Music, you can either use File Explorer or Windows Media Player.
  • Lumia 550 + Groove Music + downloaded iTunes songs: doesn't seem to play stereo on my earphones, which are the ones I use with my iPod.
  • How can I remove Groove Music from my phone?
  • You can't, it's a system app.
  • I think Groove has all the potential in the world, and I love the clean aesthetic! I like the aesthetic better than either iTunes or GPM. I guess I'm fairly agnostic towards whether you can buy music right from whitin the app a la iTunes, or whether you have to go to he external store. I suppose my knee-jerk reaction favors not having to go to another app to do business, but I really can see the argument both ways, and with more exposure, I may change my mind. I do wish there was baked-in support for podcasts, though. Or at a minimum, I wish there was a 1st party podcast app from MS. I have Grover Podcast on my 2-in-1, and it works beautifully and looks just like Groove....but as one who is historically an Apple an Android guy, all the apps we have to depend on 3rd parties for is still a bitter pill for me. Anyway, it's a great start that still needs some work, but I'm fully convinced that it will be awesome when all's said and done, and on a visceral, basic aesthetic emotive level, it's already my favorite of "the big three"...for what that's worth. :-) Cheers!
  • For podcasts I use Grover Pro, looks very similar to Groove Music and has an integrated "Store" if you can call it that.
  • I completely adore Groove Music. It's in every way an upgrade to Xbox Music which I also felt was a weird name for something that had nothing to do with Xbox.
    My two cents.
  • Wondering if there's a graphics option like on Windows Media?? Seems to be unavailable with Windows 10...so I'm having to use Groove but miss the graphics since I stream through my TV and stereo system. Much appreciated! ✌
  • Imay be old fashioned but I like my CDs and would like to play or rip them like windows media player
  • You can rip them using Media Player and they'll play just fine in Groove, just remember to disable the DRM and you'll be good to go. That's what I did with my CDs.
  • After spending literally hours figuring out how to transfer my music from my PC to my smartphone...yea not as easy as they make it look...I go to play a song on my phone and get told that I have to purchase a music pass for $99/ year just to play music that I've already bought thru Itunes! What a rip-off! No Thanks!
  • So, it took you literally hours to figure out how to connect your phone to your PC and drag and drop files in the Music folder? If you play a song on your phone that should be possible without a music pass. Simple as that.
  • I am deeply saddened by all of this. I dont want the peice of spyware you call windows 10, I'm happy with 7, but unless is succumb to your latest peice of spyware I cant even use my subscription to what is now the grove subscription (lousy name by the way), but now my zune pass (yes I've been using your service that long) is worthless. seriously, I have a zune 80 and a Zunehd both of which function just fine, but are now worthless. You didnt even give me a reach around by opening them to be used as standard MP3 players. you basically made them worthless. I spent a lot of money on those two pieces of hardware (well 3 if you include my wifes) and now they are little more than boat anchors. Thanks a lot Microsoft. Congratulations you just lost a consumer. I wont be buying another MS hardware item. EVER. and as soon as you phase out windows 7 the only version of windows I will own will be purely for gaming. at least until linux catches up for gaming. for the last 25 or so years I have been a total MS fanboy, well not any more. I'm not sure what your new model is, but its definately driving away all your old school users. And I'm sure that you dont care about losing a single user, but I've been selling your products via word of mouth for as long as I've been using a PC. That ends today.
  • I am deeply saddened by all of this. I dont want the peice of spyware you call windows 10, I'm happy with 7, but unless I succumb to your latest peice of spyware I cant even use my subscription. My zune pass (yes I've been using your service that long) is worthless. seriously, I have a zune 80 and a Zunehd both of which function just fine, but are now worthless. You didnt even give me a reach around by opening them to be used as standard MP3 players. you basically made them worthless. I spent a lot of money on those two pieces of hardware (well 3 if you include my wifes) and now they are little more than boat anchors. Thanks a lot Microsoft. Congratulations you just lost a consumer. I wont be buying another MS hardware item. EVER. And as soon as you phase out windows 7 the only version of windows I will own will be purely for gaming. At least until Linux catches up for gaming. for the last 25 or so years I have been a total MS fanboy, well not any more, looks like I'll be singing the praises of linux and open office. I'm not sure what your new model is, but its definately driving away all your old school users. And I'm sure that you dont care about losing a single user, but I've been selling your products via word of mouth for as long as I've been using a PC. That ends today.
  • This player's driving me crazy. A couple of dozen folders won't display album art, or display the incorrect album art, and there seems to be nothing I can to to change it. All my albums have the artwork embedded via mp3tag. The jpgs are in the same folder as the mp3s, and they're all resized by me in photoshop to anywhere between 200x200 and 300x300, all at 72 dpi. Yet Groove just refuses to display some of them. I discovered that Groove can "find album info" for some of theses albums, but often the correct version it finds doesn't have attached album art, so in order to get the right art to display, I have to choose a "bonus tracks" version or "US release" which have somewhat different track listings than my versions. In one case today, it found a Japanese album I was missing the art for - well "I" wasn't missing it, but Groove was ignoring it for whatever reason - so the version it found was the correct one, with 10 songs and the album art. Yay me. So I clicked to allow Groove to update the metadata which didn't need any updating, and the album disappeared from my playlist. Where did it go?? Well, turns out Groove edited the metadata so that the album is now filed in a brand new folder under the artist's Japanese name, as opposed to the rest of her albums which are all filed under her Romanized name. So now there's this one stray album at the bottom of the album list. Can I change it back? Of course not. I tried in mp3tag, but it lists the same metadata I originally put in. So how do I change this Groove-edited metadata so that I can get her album back into its proper folder? Preferably with the album art, It's just really really frustrating.
  • Right click > Edit Info is your friend
  • Why does windows 10 give the impression that its spying on you. Music player says "Change where WE look"  .Who is WE.
  • Let me see if I can find an online manual on how to fold a tin foil hat... Please go offline...and run! Run!
  • It's really too bad they still don't have social playlists.
  • This seems to be just another fumble for Microsoft.  They seem to have the all talk and no action plan here.  You hear all about this multi-platform integration concept from them with their Surface products and Lumia phones as well as PC.  But nothing seems to really be easily cross platform and practical.  Multiple apps to do things and failed cloud loading between platforms etc.  Before i make my next statement i will say I am not an Apple fan nor have I ever owned any of their products.  If Microsoft really wants to become truely cross platform compatible they need to look at Apple.  Their phones and laptops and PC's recognize and link up seamlessly, sharing data as needed without the user having to even think twice about what they want to do. just plug the phone into the Mac and voila there it is and ready for your needs.  Groove should have been like iTunes.  It should see your Windows phone and open as soon as you plug your phone in and it should be an easy drag and drop of music to your phone and off.  It should handle all media for the phone and be a one stop PC app to integrate your phone with your PC.  Even now with Windows 10 the entire Microsoft ecosystem still feels like a disjointed disfunctional family of products that really want to play nice with each other but just dont have what it takes to shine.
  • Have you used groove?if not try it first before yapping!
  • Microsoft's ecosystem is just fine not "disjointed" or "disfunctional". Maybe you should try using things within Microsoft's ecosystem before going off on a long rant.
  • Does it have social playlists yet?
  • Hate this app.  Cant download or save my own files where I want them and I now have kids music playing on my Tomtom when I'm running.  No control and can't find any 3 dots.  Need to organise my files but cant find anything.
  • To whoever wrote this line: "The Groove music app is actually pretty simplistic." "Simplistic" means "stupid," stupid.
  • You need to look up what both of those words mean because they don't mean what you think they mean!!!!
  • Can you search others' public playlists yet?
  • Great article. MS needs to push this service more though including advertising iOS and Android versions. I don't know anyone who has even heard of Groove before. I love Groove given the recent additions and improvements. Can anyone say give us a Family Plan?
  • But Microsoft doesn't put alot of resources in advertisement.
  • Until Groove is able to index all my music held on my Synology NAS, I wont be using it. PLEX is the future for me. I can access and stream my collection on my Windows Phone anywhere in the world, its fantastic.
  • They don't have Hindi music in groove music app.
  • I would imagine it's a rights issue.
  • You mean people don't know Groove!? Very funny
  • What I know is that the service does not fully include songs not from Asia, so it's just a local music player for me. -___-
  • Not sure what you're trying to say here, it does have non Asian music so it may be a case of Microsoft not having the rights to that music in your country.
  • Your Groove it's kind of pointless when it only makes playlists based off of newly added music. I have over 10,000 tracks in my collection and 90% if them were released before 2000.
  • All I need now is the capability to stream hi-res audio from my NAS over the internet without down-sampling, ie. Plex, which is good for video but sucks for audio.
  • Have they yet figured out that Oceana the post-hardcore band isn't the same thing as Oceana the German soul singer?
  • I don't see it on the play store though Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok. I am missing a feature. I would love to have access to a social space where people share their play lists. Within groove. I would prefer following good djs mixing the music for me to play...
  • No Last.fm support? Pass.
  • "Automatically retrieve and update missing album artwork and metadata: If you're a stickler for keeping your music collection in line, make sure you keep this turned on to replace any album art that went missing somewhere. Nothing worse than a bare album cover!" Can someone please explain this better and how I can get to do this because I do not think it's possible on my Lumia 930 as I have tried but no luck.
  • The only thing you need to know about Groove is to use any other music player...
  • I just purchased a subscription to Groove Music Pass to listen the new Chevelle album instantly on the go.
    I was pleasantly surprised how many new options Groove Music Pass opened up to Groove Music.
    Price isn't bad and when you can download the songs to your internal memory to mix with the songs I own, you have GOT to love Groove ! <3
  • When will groove store come to India?
  • I know it sounds like joke but when in India? I am eagerly waiting for it.
  • I still miss the last.fm integration.....
  • Intergration is what Microsoft should've done and allow spotify to be Groove's music service because the spotify app is not very good. Real partnering would've gave Groove a unique feature as being an app that can consolidate multiple streaming services into one player. Groove could have been the roku player for portable music but in typical Microsoft fashion, they went out of their way to not promote their own platform.
  • I might very well be missing something, but Groove is a non starter for me. I have a 300+ GB collection stored on a NAS which the app doesn't support. I've been using a spare Lumia 735 for a year or so as my music player, and after upgrading (?) to W10Mobile couldn't get any of my playlists to sync. Back to WP 8.1 in a hurry!
  • If i get the groove music pass in one of the listed countries and then move to a country where the music is unavailable, would the service still be up and running ?  
  • Is it normal that all the playlists generated under Your Groove only have 5 tracks? This makes the playlist 15-20 minutes long so it loops and i hear the same 5 songs on my 30 minute drive to work.
  • Can anyone tell me what happen to the video music in the new Groove Music app?
  • You have to click the Music Videos button in the bottom left, next to the album that's currently playing. Not all songs have a music video but for those that do Groove will play it.
  • say if i got myself a groove pass and downloaded some songs will i be able to transfer those songs like nokia music did as mp3 without drm
  • "try groove music pass for free". EVERY ******* TIME I CLICK TO PLAY A SONG I SEE THIS MESSAGE. I am two angry letters away from designing my own operating system. **** you microsoft. stop trying to shove unwanted **** down my throat.
  • At least you're living up to your name ;-D
  • Does anyone know where a purchased album is downloaded to? Can't find it anywhere on my PC
  • music folder/Purchases: you can type purchases in to the search box / Cortana
  • Sort by purchased or albums.
  • I can't find music and movies in my window 10 store, if anyone know please tell me how to fix it, thanks.
  • Is there any family subscription?
  • I'm having trouble finding any music videos, either the number in the catalog is small or I am doing something wrong. Are they available on all devices (PC, phone, Xbox) or just some of them?
    Do you need a Groove Music Pass to see them and if not, does the "Hide app features related to Groove Music Pass" setting need to be off?
  • Thailand love Windows and want GMP.
  • I really want to be able to select the songs in an album or song list that should play. I think there used to be a checkbox for that function that no longer exists. Any way to deal with this that I'm overlooking?
  • That option does exist in Groove, hover over the track name.
  • One thing I'm seeing in these comments is how Groove doesn't allow you to edit album info, it does provided it isn't from the Store or Groove Music Pass.
  • Still no easy way to subscribe to Groove (Music Pass) if you have a MS account registered in a different region as you are living in and want to pay with a bank account or CC from another country. I am just not able to get that stupid pass. :'(
    Other providers have no issues with such things.
  • My only issue with groove is that I can't seem to thumbs down a track to better tune my music lists. Am I missing something here?
  • You are missing the fact that Groove wasn't supposed to be just a music player. It was supposed to be a frontend to a streaming service. The feature you are looking for was on Zune and partially Xbox Music because they were actual full featured media players that was Window's answer to iTunes. When Microsoft made Groove, they killed every feature that made xbox music and especially Zune usable.
  • How do I thumbs down a track?
  • In your OWN library?  Seriously?  You DELETE it.  Remember, the actual streaming service is going away.  So, you'll only be able to play what's in YOUR library.  If you're the type that actually likes to create playlists, then simply create playlists only consisting of songs from your library you want to hear.  It's silly to have a thumbs up/down option for songs in your own library.
  • What @ScubaDog said is my thinking too. That said, I suppose even within our own music libraries, we have songs we like better than others, and maybe I bought an album to support the artist, and wouldn't want to delete any, but only really like 2-3 songs on it, so maybe a rating option would be nice (did we used to have that in Windows Media Player or Zune?).
  • I know it's late... and I know music subscription business is competitive and most people won't switch service unless they have to. But why MS didn't try bundling music subscription with office 360 or xbox gold?
    Back in the day when I was using PlayMusic, I was thinking I might make my switch if MS provide a MusicPass + Xbox Gold bundle subscription cause it'd be nice to play my own list when I race. ps: I think MS should really do bundles. Work people also game right, it make sense to have a office 360 (OneDrive on Demand is a good feature too) + xbox gold bundle to save you 90% each month. And if you add a 3rd service e.g. GamePass, it save you 85%? 4th will give you 70%?
  • Anybody know how to tranfer the playlists over to Plex?
  • Long live ZUNE!
  • I hate it when stories are made up from old threads, this thread started 2 years ago. I would still use Groove as an app, it works well on my phone and PC and supports .flac format, but falls down on the Xbox One, it doesn't support "Local" music on the Xbox One and .flac format doesn't work over One Drive so useless and that means I now use VLC (However poor it is compared to Groove) as it works the same on Xbox One, PC and mobile.    
  • Yeah - if they could add locally stored music to XBox Groove, that would be awesome.
  • Zune.... > Groove.... > .......
  • I like Groove a lot and love the OneDrive integration for access to my music, audiobooks, etc. everywhere, but I have two purely technical issues with it, which may both stem from the same root cause: 1. If Groove is my default MP3 player, I can't play MP3 files in Outlook that come through e-mail as attachments (e.g. all of my voice mails). This means I either have to open them (slower than just playing in Outlook Preview) or set Windows Media Player as the default MP3 player. 2. For regular radio stations that provide streaming, they work fine in Windows Media Player but Groove says that the player stub is an unrecognized format. In both cases, it seems that Groove is not yet ready to replace Windows Media Player for everything. I would like to see MS just roll the features that require WMP into Groove so it can truly be the media hub in Windows.
  • Groove is absolutely horrible, and like all UWP "apps" it simply cannot compete with the more modern and feature rich win32 programs, it can't even match or come close to the features and functionality that WMP had for that matter.
  • Hit me up when "more modern and feature rich win32 programs" support media keys the same way as UWP and Android music apps do. That's all I want from a music player - to support my media keys and the OS' music notifications. Y'know, like a nice integrated ecosystem and all that.   And ffs, it's a music player. What mindblowing neckbreaking features can you possibly need that Groove can't deliver ?
  • I've never had issues with media keys using vlc or even old WMP for that matter.   And groove should at least been on par with WMP but its not, in fact it's not even close, like pretty much all UWP "apps", too weak to compete.
  • Too bad that Groove for Android is such a steaming pile of crap. It cannot even play local files! A HUGE disappointment. I am using Rocket Player on Android in it's place.
  • Its not even that good of an app lol
  • Moving music playlists over from Groove to Crapify was a horrible experience because they made it look like they cared for a start, which they didn't, secondly the app on WM hardly ever works on any of my phones. Terrible. Deezer always works. MS can stick this bullshit operation where the sun don't shine.