How to import your entire iTunes library to the Groove music app on Windows 10

Microsoft made it really easy to import all your iTunes playlists to the Groove music app on Windows 10, but what about the rest of your library? While there's no 'one-click' solution, it's still very straight forward to get all of your iTunes music into Groove.

You just have to know where to look.

It only takes a few steps. Here's what you need to do.

1) Open up the Groove music app on your Windows 10 machine. Click on the cog icon to open "Settings."

2) Under "Music on this PC" click on the option for "Choose where we look for music."

3) You'll see all the currently watched locations in the box that pops up. You need to click on the "+" button.

4) Navigate to This PC > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > and highlight the "Music" folder.

5) With that folder highlighted click the "Add this folder to music" button.

Groove Music

With that all your offline iTunes music will now appear in your library in Groove. If you don't see it at first make sure you haven't filtered out to only see music from your Groove Pass subscription. To check this, under Albums look for the "Filter" label and ensure it says "All." If not, click on it and select this option. You'll now see everything available to you in Groove, both streaming and local music.

This option also allows you to keep using the iTunes Store to buy music on your PC if you wish and not have to worry about importing it to play in Groove. As more music is added to your iTunes music folder, Groove will keep importing it.

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  • That groove's icon is so ugly... The headset of Xbox music was better.
  • The headphone icon was better.
  • But hey, guess what? The Groove app is better to use than the old Xbox Music app. Which is what really matters, no?
  • zune logo is even better
  • Personally I think Groove's icon is a way better than those boring headphones that everyone else uses.
  • They made that icon so that it looks like a G, I guess.
  • They should change that! now it is very ugly!:) I agree with you!
  • I like the new icon. It's a record player and a "G" for Groove. It's nice, better than a generic set of headphones icon.
  • Who cares what the Icon looks like if the new program works better.  I dislike XBox on my Windows Phone 8.1 - but don't know when 10 will be available.  If the program is more manageable - I'll be happy.  
  • I'm almost positive but wasn't there an article the other day about this
  • Playlists and library are different things entirely. There's going to be a whole lot more help and how-to posts for Windows 10 as well. Microsoft gives you a one tap option to import playlists. They don't for your library. And believe it or not there's a lot of people in the world who don't know where to find iTunes music on their computers. And you know...I do love writing here. But not so much to write the same post twice in 2 days.
  • If you back up your itunes in onedrive music folder is it not added to grove automatically?
  • Yes, but i guess you know that by now :)
  • Bizarre that they don't make this front and centre - one main reason people stick to apple is fear of migrating music.
  • Yeah, and so many people don't know where the music is actually stored on the PC, either. Apple does a decent job at burying it.
  • Fools
  • This! Apple's "basic usage" commercials and "Getting Started" investment is the reason the majority of my family, extended family use Apple.
  • Ok.. Done uninstall iTunes.. Btw is it possible to purchase music/track/album using carrier billing on the w10 mobile build 10166 store..? Just wondering since I'm not on the tp..
  • Would I be able to do this with my old hard drive (once primary drive) now connected as a USB device?
  • Yes you should. I did the same thing with Zune, and with MediaMonkey I use a mapped network drive
  • Just point Groove at a physical location to find your files and sure.
  • Sure, so long as your computer recognises it as a storage device.
  • Sadly like the former Xbox version, Groove does not know how to look for music on you network which really sucks when I have all my media is on a NAS...
  • So do I! Is this not a joke? They still can't look for files in locations different from 'My Music'? This is so 1988.  This app is born dead.   (Btw I had posted this before under this article. Did someone remove this?)
  • I finally got it to work! I tried to get another free 30 day trial which it turned down and BAM it started to import my music from my NAS!
  • Are you sure?  With the old Windows 8, using a NAS failed, I agree.  However, I tried this last month with Windows 10 and it suprisingly worked (granted, it was still called 'Music Preview').  It also worked with my movies library.  Also, I had the drive mapped to a letter (Z:\), if that helps. I'll check again when I get home...
  • I to have a mapped drive with my music. I've just tried it again and it still won't find anything :/
  • No issues here with all my music on the server. Just added the path to the folder, and all was there after 10 minutes or so (big library..)
  • Thanks captain obvious
  • For some reason my app refuses to import my iTunes playlists. They were there before, but I deleted them from my (8.1) phone because it had a ton of repeat playlists for some reason, and somehow that got rid of them on Groove too. Now I've added them back onto my phone using the Windows Phone desktop app, but I can't get them onto Groove again no matter what I try.
  • When can we finally get rid of itunes and use a microsoft product!?
  • Step 6. Remove library folder from Groove because it displays your music collection as a terrible jumbled mess and ignores embedded artwork. Step 7. Sigh at the fact that you can't uninstall Groove.
  • Haven't had any issues so far here. Where's your music from?
  • Similar experience here. Historically, MS has never bothered to support ID3 v2.4 tags despite it being about 15 years old now so some commonly used tags just won't work on Windows. On top of that Groove (Music), like the various incarnations of the app before it, doesn't support tags like "Album Artist" so all of a sudden artists who perform individually and as part of one or more groups are different artists. I've been faithfully filling in feature requests / feedback forms but I suspect it'll never be addressed as people who own their music aren't the target market of these apps any more.    
  • The last/latest versions of Music/Groove are displaying the proper artwork I added to the songs. Only thing that is still missing is artist art, Groove is still showing that silly icon.
  • Unless it's stored on a NAS... WMP it is for now
  • Had already done this! Works great!
  • Here's the real kicker... does adding your music on the desktop app magically make it playable from your mobile. Logic says no, but it would be so cool if a path was made so the answer was yes. I.e. if all Groove clients just streamed to one another and shared playlists automatically...
  • Add it to your onedrive and it is
  • Will Groove play old iTunes DRM tracks?
  • iTunes stores its library in a subdirectory of the User Music directory.  There is, literally, nothing to do to "import" music there except just have it exist.  The only time you have to tweak a setting, is if you tell iTunes to store its library in a non-default location, and almost no one does that.  Some may, but that's quite a rare situation in the grand scheme of things. iTunes for Podcasting or iTunes Radio then you won't be using Groove Music app, anyways, cause it's never been as good a music player as iTunes. I guess on a Tablet you'd probably use Groove instead of iTunes, since Apple is not going to develop a Universal App for Windows 10.  Maybe the Apple Music app will work...  Unless it requires a subscription to function (probably will be the case), assuming it's coming to Windows Phone and they make it usable on Tablet systems.
  • This app doesn't work worth a crapola.  fails to import itunes songs even though i've done everything suggested.  I'm deleting it in a day or so if it doesn't clear up
  • hey anyone know why i cant find the groove app on my ipad air 2  
  • I was really reluctant to move from itunes, have to admit it is Apples biggest success right. So I transitioned slowly, first of all, on my MAC I went into itunes preferences and changed where it stored music to be in my Onedrive music folder, then I made all my music in itunes available offline. This was a lot of data so it took a whlie. I opted for itunes to consolidate as it does so my folders are by artist, not that it matters I suppose. Then viola, wherever I logged into Groove, there was all my music ready for download or streaming and any new purchases and downloads were imported too. Of course the stuff from Apple Music subscription isn't there. I was keen to use Groove as my preferred player, so again reluctantly I purchased a Groove music pass to get the same service, and to get that music I hadn't purchased. Next step, cancel my Apple Music pass, I can use Groove which is'nt ony available on Windows machines, I can use it on my (retired) iphone, my Windows Phone, my Mac or my PC. Its a great option if you have say a work phone and a personal phone of different types. Love how the artwork shows on the live tiles and the full screen artwork in the player.