How to import iTunes playlists to Groove music on Windows 10

If you're making the upgrade to Windows 10 there's a good chance you'll find yourself using the Groove music app. It's much improved from its predecessor, Xbox Music, on Windows 8.1 and one nifty feature is bringing your stuff from iTunes with minimal fuss.

Microsoft has made it really easy to bring your playlists from iTunes into the new app.

Here's what you need to do:

1) Slide out the hamburger menu from the left of the screen

2) Click on the cog towards the bottom to open "Settings"

3) Under "Music on this PC" you'll see an option to "import iTunes playlists"

4) Click on this, then hit "Import" in the box that pops up

Groove Music

That's all you need to do. From here the Groove music app will do its thing and once complete your iTunes playlists will be available. Since creating a playlist in iTunes actually requires the music to be on your PC, Groove will have no issues locating and playing your tunes.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • It's Groove. Not Groove music. Just Groove.
  • There is still a Groove music app on Windows 10. Go ahead and open it. See what it says. For now, that's what it's called.
  • What about Zune playlists??
  • Simply just "groove" even sounds more incredibly lame, to me at least.
  • No worse than iTunes or Spotify or Pandora.
  • And let's not forget "Tidal" formerly "Wimp".
  • No...its groove music
  • Nice
  • On a side note, does Groove allow the creating if smart-playlists or are we still playing catch up to 1985?
  • Nope
  • WTF? If it is still that far behind Zune. What the hell is the point? Microsoft: We are listening
    Us: We want Zune back
    Microsoft: No you don't Video and music consumption went from one of their highlights to a complete joke.
  • Radio is there in the Windows 10-app, but not in the Windows Phone app.
  • Is groove on par with Spotify in terms of tracks for streaming cuz I'm contemplating switching over there cuz maybe this time on windows phone first party stuff will be great
  • Groove has 10 millions tracks more than Spotify
  • Thank you if the app works better than spotify on windows phone(not a very high bar but who knows) guess ill be switching over
  • I've recently switched from Deezer. The mobile app is definitely better than Spotify (I used Spotify months ago)! Really really fast even if it's not final yet.
  • The main downside about Groove is the lack of community for playlists etc. But for just playing back music it does the job.
  • Will the groove music subscription be there in India bcoz after mix radio demise we don't have any music streaming service.
  • Gaana , Saavn , Hungama Music are there
  • Saavn is good but not on WP. Rest suck if I compared them to MixRadio
  • Well gaana is available and it widely promotes WP. But yeah the app, though slow and fully functional, is horribly designed compared to android. The only reason I use it is to stream Radio Mirchi web stations.
  • I just don't get why Groove is not the same app in Mobile and in Destkop! MS are always saying that the apps are the same, they are sharing the same coding, but the Mobile side is lacking so many features! We still dont have the "Explore" section, whe can't sort by Genre, or by Release Date, we dont have the "Full Screen Experience" and so on...
  • The mobile version isn't finished. You have to remember that windows 10 mobile won't be released until later this year.
  • The Op has a point, if they want to sell universal apps it must come from top down (from Microsoft). They have been selling the idea how easy it is to make a phone app with almost all the store app code.
  • The desktop app isn't finished either, it can't even "cast" yet.
  • Got it.
  • Who cares about iTunes? Will we finally be able to sync playlists from our local collection (even if it's not under 'My Music' but on a network drive) - that is .m3u-lists - and can we sync playlists from and to Deezer etc.?  MS makes it so superhard to use their apps...
  • Syncing from other services would probably be done by matching ID3 tags for track info but i'm wondering under which format playlists are going to be saved now... xml? m3u? wpl? zpl?
  • Those of us who are less myopic than you and use multiple platforms.  iTunes also has a much better media ecosystem adn it has features, like iTunes Radio which are missing in Groove Music.  I'm not paying $9.99 a month just to stream some radio stations on my devices. iTunes is also supported by virtually every service so it just makes sense to use iTunes on Windows with the Library in your Music Folder (from there, Windows Media Player and Groove Music Player will still see everything), buy from iTunes, and when you want to sync to other devices or services, do it from iTunes. iTunes, as a media (namely music) player, is also better than anything Microsoft has in Windows.  Windows Media Player is still, IMHO, the better than the universal video player (Frame Stepping, Variable Playback speed, etc.). Well at least you can finally scrub through a music track in the Universal Music Player.  That's a stunning advancement for the Universal Platform /s
  • I wish I could import Spotify playlists.
  • Yup. Second this.
  • I really hope they have stepped into the 21st century with regards to playlists in Windows 10.  I fear that upgrading my WP to 10 will erase my current playlists, which will really piss me off.  I tried to manually backup my WP 8.1 playlists so that I wouldn't have to recreate them after doing a hard reset but the playlists ended up being invalid/empty.  Please Microsoft, get with the program and use standard and local playlists.
  • Does Groove have the function to rip CD's?
  • If you want to import Playlists from Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, etc. You can use It even imports/exports to YouTube!
  • It's not working for my local files though although it claims to.
  • too bad Groove is too stupid to use my playlists made on both Phone 8.1 and WMP.  Nice that it supports iCrap  Iguess, cause as everyone knows iCrap is so intuitave and easy to use and has no problems whatsoever and we all should be grateful to Jobs Ghost and the fine team of engineers that put together that terrifyingly awesome feat of software engineering. </sarcasm>    
  • Is that true? Playlists cannot be transferred? You're kidding.
  • Any luck w/ that? I moved my 100g collection to the cloud, and Groove plays them fine but Playists, all from WMP, don't show and don't play. Zune drove me nuts w/ its separate playlists format and wouldn't play autolists. Dammit, Please plaese let me kow if you have a working solution. Meanwhile, I'm going to try Soundiiz per recommendation here.
  • Yeah, they really need to add support for more import of playlist. I mean Spotify is really popular, at least here in Sweden. All I need though, is the ability for Groove to read my local music playlists thats in .m3u or .wpl format. Then when I update my playlists in the PC, this should sync to my Windows Phone, even if it's new songs added - thats not on the phonbe - they should be able to sync over and be downloaded for offline play in the phone.
  • I just hope they add all of the features from Zune to Groove. Otherwise, im going back to ripping CDs.
  • I'm not confident that it will; just look at the abysmal state of Xbox Music, before that was ditched for Groove.     For content consumption AND management of your own media, the now ancient Windows Media Player and iTunes are still my go-tos.
  • Nice, thanks......
  • .wpl? .m3u? Playlists from OneDrive? What is happening here? 
  • Can't get import to work on my Surface Pro 3. If I knew where the app is looking for the playlists, I would copy them there.
  • iTunes may still be sluggish and slow at times on Windows PCs, but it has One Thousand times the functionality of Groove, that would take two years of updates from Microsoft to even come up to par to. And THAT'S assuming that Microsoft doesn't ditch their native music player and management software (for the Third? Fourth time...? I've lost count) and start over again from scratch.
  • "iTunes may still be sluggish and slow at times on Windows PCs, but it has One Thousand times the functionality of Groove".   ...and half the functionality of Zune Player.
  • iTunes has all the functionality of the Zune Player, and then some.  I am not sure why you think Zune ever did more than iTunes, when it never has.  Zune just looked good, that's about it. And I honestly don't have any performance issues with iTunes on Windows.
  • I can't get it to read my 1TB music library on my NAS. I've pointed it at it and I get nothing. Does it take a while to build the library or are networked locations not supported? In parallel I had Media Player also building and that's pulling everything in fine. I notice the two apps are linked though, because when I removed the source in Groove it stopped in Media Player. I love it on the phone though, it's so much better than that XBox crap. I don't want to stream or pay a pass for my music thanks, just play what I give you.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's great.   But how do I sync my ZuneHD????
  • Are people still downloading the Zune app on Windows 10 or is Groove a sufficient enough replacement? Right now, I'm unfortunately forced to use Zune (to manage my Zune player and auto playlists), iTunes to manage the iPod in my car (car doesn't work with Zune), and Xbox Music to have my imported iTunes playlist (which mirrors my auto Zune playlist, though manually updated) sync with OneDrive to my Windows phone. Anybody else out there relating to this or understanding the pain?
  • No, I use a SIM-less M8 as my dedicated PMP when I don't want to risk my phone in certain situations (risk of theft, drops, humidity/weather, etc.). No point in using 6+ year old hardware for that, and cluttering up my PC with software that is otherwise worthless. You can get a Lumia 640 from AT&T these days for < $100 and completely phase out the Zune Player with that an a cheap large SD Card (32-64GB).
  • not working ><!
  • Yeah, this sucks. For me it only imports 5 random (although usually the same) playlists out of 50 I have. And that's all. No matter how many times I try. If Microsoft wants me to leave Apple's ecosystem they could at least pretend to try. To this day "Windows Phone app for desktop" manages to perfectly synchronize iTunes playlists to my phone (what new Phone Companion is not able to do), but suprisingly this code cannot make way to Groove to assemble all necessary functionality in one place.