GroupMe's dark mode goes darker on iOS

Microsoft's GroupMe is getting an update that, while minor, should be welcome news for fans of its dark mode. In this latest update, Microsoft has extended GroupMe's dark mode to cover the whole application, making for a more consistent experience no matter where you are.

Here's a look at the full release notes for GroupMe 5.8:

  • Dark theme now covers the whole application.
  • Added option to automatically select theme based on the display brightness.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Aside from the improved dark theme, the option to automatically select a theme based on display brightness is sure to come in handy whether you're in bright sunlight or a pitch black room. If you want to check out all of what's new in Microsoft's group chat app, you can pick up GroupMe's latest update for iOS at the App Store.

Download GroupMe at the App Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • This is cool, but I wish GroupMe had a dark mode in their W10M app. (I'll have to poke around to see if there's already one there so take my statement with a grain of salt.)
  • The windows app gets the same features, but it usually lags by a month or so
  • That's true. Hopefully we'll get dark mode shortly.
  • Which is pretty upsetting. This kind of development strategy sends the wrong message to Devs. It says, hey, even for us, our own in-house platform is a second thought. It would be awesome if GroupMe and all other Microsoft apps and updates got released first for us if not same time as the others.
  • This should be in iMore not here. The app is from Microsoft but not for Windows
  • Windows Central is a name, they cover everything Microsoft related. Go to iMore and they cover everything Apple, not just "i" products.
  • That's right, Windows Central. This has nothing to do with Windows. It should have been posted on imore.
  • Do they post Android articles on iMore about Apple software for Android? Example, when I go to Android Central, I expect to find an article about Apple Music for Android, I don't expect to go to iMore to find out about Apple Music for Android. Like it or not, the sites were OS specific, giving a place for users of the respective OS to find news about products and services for their OS of choice. Windows users come to Windows Central, Android users to Android Central, iOS users to iMore to find information that they can use for the OS that runs their devices. This news is useless to a user that doesn't use iOS. This news is useful to an iOS user. There is a site for iOS useers. I can understand mspoweruser as that is a single site about all things Microsoft, regardless of the OS and it is fair game to get Windows, Android, iOS and more about Microsoft related content. This is Windows Central though and it is becoming less and less the central place for Windows users and is now having less and less focus on information that is useful to Windows users. Yes, the focus change was announced way back in 2014 with the renaming of the site BUT they have other sites better suited for the content for other OSes and it comes off as a big disregard for the dedicated Windows users. It comes off as forcing other OSes on readers and saying "We don't care that you don't want iOS and Android related news, we are going to do it anyway." Again, Mobile Nations has dedicated sites to cover iOS and Android related news and the Windows faithful simply do not want iOS and Android news, especially considering the harsh realities of the current state of devices and services and apps for Windows users, it comes off as insensitive to readers, when articles about software and services for iOS and Android or devices that run iOS and Android are pushed out when they could easily be published on iMore or Android Central. Mobile Nations may have thought this was a good direction to go in this year, as the articles unrelated to Windows has vastly increased, but it is not a good idea for the people who actually come to this site, the readers, which are the whole point that this site exists, to post content that people will read.    
  • That's a long rant. Listen, Windows Mobiel has less than 1% of market share. However, I am very firmly in the Microsoft ecosystem. As a non-windows phone/mobile user, I still want to know what's going on with my OS maker of choice. This article could be posted in iMore, but why not here? It's a Microsoft app. By your logic, this site shouldn’t bring mention anything Microsoft-related that’s platform agnostic. I personally like hearing about other random things they are doing. Oh, Bill Gates is doing an AMA on reddit? I want to know it’s happening. Where would this sort of news story live in your view? iMore because there’s a reddit app for iOS? I think it’s really flawed logic to go down the path you’re thinking. This isn’t a world where Windows Mobile and Windows 10 have 70% market share.
  • My post isn't a rant and long is subjective. Your example of Bill Gates AMA would would be expected to be on Windows Central as more than likely, Bill will talk about Windows related news. I wouldn't expect an AMA will Bill Gates to be on iMore or Android Central. Of course it can be but I wouldn't expect it and some readers on iMore may feel a certain way about it. Also this isn't about my logic, I was explaining how some readers feel and possibly why they feel that way, even though Windows Central announced the change back in 2014.
  • I see your point but disagree with part of it. As you mentioned yourself they announced a change in focus prior to them doing it, so I don't see how it's a disservice to people who come here since they are doing what they said they would do (there are no surprises). Yes, there are other sites that are dedicated to Android or iOS, but that's irrelevant to what Windows Central does. With Microsoft providing cross-platform software/apps, it is completely relevant to Windows Central news regardless of how it makes people feel. I'm a Microsoft fan myself and am just being totally objective here.
  • Yes, they are doing what they said they would do and that's why I pointed it out but I also was just pointing out why some readers may feel the way that they do in case anyone may not understand the comments from readers who don't want iOS and Android news on Windows Central.
  • Windows Central is dead...
  • We need dark mode on W10!!! PLEASE. 😂☹
  • Is this a cross-post from iMore? Or are you trying to poke a hornets' nest to see which sour W10M fan bites the bait? :-)
    Dark mode would be awesome. Love GroupMe and can't wait until we get it. Somehow, GroupMe for me is much faster than Skype (it used to be the other way around) and it much more reliable, also, having the "read" and "typing" notifications is a huge help. 
  • GroupMe is fantastic and I use it all the time on both W10M and W10. I just wish they would add video calling so I could drop Skype xD
  • There's no dark mode for groupMe in w10m, even when your Lumia is itself in dark mode !!
    I never used groupMe, installed it after reading this article. ;-)