GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has a ton of free holiday content available for all Xbox One owners. Most of the new items, including new cars and weapons, are available permanently, while some of the more festive things, like snowfall in San Andreas and holiday masks, are only around until January 5. On top of the new items, Rockstar is also kicking off a #FestiveSurprise holiday photo contest with a big $1 million prize in in-game cash.

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The update also includes the ability to own a third property and a handful of other new features. Here's all of the holiday goodies you'll be getting in the latest update.

  • Homing Missile Launcher and Proximity Mines
  • San Andreas snowfall
  • A friendly snowball fight
  • Holiday pajamas
  • 'Ugly' Christmas sweaters
  • New scarves, hats, masks
  • Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader
  • Slam Van
  • Massacro and Jester sports cars
  • Holiday Special Crate Drops
  • Firework Launcher and Firework rocket ammo

How many of you guys are playing GTA Online? Are you going to give the photo contest a try?

Source: Rockstar