Guilded closes one more Discord-shaped hole with the announcement of a public API for bots

Guilded (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Guilded announces its first public API for third-party bot makes.
  • Available in early access right now and developers can request to join the program.
  • The biggest gap to Discord is going to close up now with the arrival of third-party bots.

Folks have been gradually starting to switch from Discord to Guilded in increasing numbers and the latest announcement from the platform is going to make that process even easier. Guilded has announced a public API for the first time which will allow third-party bot developers to build for the platform. As I recently covered in a piece on Guilded, third-party bots were the biggest gap when comparing the service to Discord.

"The Guilded Bot API will have all of the functionality that you've come to expect, and then some - eight more channel types worth, to be exact. Guilded bots will be able to access and manage your server's schedule via calendar and scheduling channels, automatically manage support queues using list channels, dynamically create and join voice rooms, and much, much more."

Guilded servers already have a rudimentary bot system built in, allowing its members to create their own custom tools without the need for any programming knowledge and use trigger systems IFTTT and Zapier. But what everyone really wants is the third-party bot ecosystem enjoyed by Discord servers.

And it sounds like it won't be a copy and paste, either. Guilded offers a number of additional features on top of Discord, such as integrated calendars, and Guilded bots will be able to hook into all aspects of a server.

Initially, the API is in early access and interested developers can submit a request to be part of it. Initial partners include some well known bots, including Statbot, PatchBot, Pixel Chat and More information can be found on the Guilded blog.

Richard Devine
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