Halo 3 and three other Xbox 360 titles getting enhanced for Xbox One X

Microsoft has today announced via the folks at IGN that four of its backward compatible Xbox 360 games will be enhanced for Xbox One X.

No, you didn't read that wrong.

Some titles now have 10-bit color depth unlocked where they previously had 8-bit, others have HDR lighting enabled, and all have nine times the on-screen pixels.

The four lucky titles are Halo 3 (opens in new tab), Assassin's Creed (opens in new tab), Fallout 3 (opens in new tab) and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (opens in new tab). All are currently available on backward compatibility and the Xbox One X enhancements will be available as a free update on November 7.

The backward compatibility program is one of Microsoft's finest recent achievements, bringing a huge range of older titles back to life on the current generation console. It's about to be joined, too, by games from the original Xbox, making three generations of Xbox games playable on the same console. You'll never have an excuse again for not having something to play.

Enhancing older games for the Xbox One X isn't something we knew was coming, but now we're left wondering how far Microsoft and its partners could go. November 7 continues to get more exciting the closer we get.

If you haven't yet pre-ordered an Xbox One X, hit the link below to get your name in for one.

See at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
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  • Recent XBox strategy to not leaving anyone behind impresses me.
  • It's like...Xbox is not under Microsoft (Nadella)! 
  • Spencer for CEO!
  • I could see Windows phones being a true extension of the Xbox gaming experience in addition to what it already did. Maybe even have an actual marketing budget!!! We can all dream about what could have been. *sigh*
  • Let's dream about Xbox mobile then 💪💪💪
  • My Xbox 360 Kinect games and Kinect peripherals feel pretty left behind. Not buying Xbox One X as a result. Lost my business.
  • Yeah, Kinect is a sad thing, please move on.
  • They should just add Kinect capabilities directly into the Xbox. At least the microphone for voice commands
  • There was never any likelihood of these being resurrected. That would mean building in support for the 360 Kinect (if it could even plug in to the Xbox One?). Honestly, when you bought them did you ever expect to be able to play them beyond owning the Xbox 360? When the Xbox One came out there was no backward compatibility at all.
  • Amazed that they bother, but it is great that they do.
  • I still hope that Halo 3, ODST and Reach are getting a remastered version soon.
  • For Halo 3 this is probably it.
  • THE Orange Box next, please.
  • playing HALO 3 with 4 way split screen will really benefit from the update.
    Now you will be able to see everything.
  • It's this extra building of the Xbox game ecosystem with back compat and enhancements of some older games is what will keep me on Xbox for the foreseeable future. Now if only this strategy was applied to Windows phones... Sony was kicking their butts yet they continue to fortify their position. All of this is about gaining consumer confidence and improving their experience. Whether the masses will utilize back compat or not doesn't matter. People love having options.
  • So which would be better? Halo 3 through MCC or Halo 3 back compat?
  • Both are being Xbox One X enhanced. I guess you just gave us a post to write :)
  • YES! I have been searching and tweeting to find the answer! And can I finally get my name on the bottom of a windows central article?!?!
  • Both for twice the achievements.
  • Great news!)