Halo Infinite: 343i increases XP gains for Battle Pass progression

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Heroes Of Reach
Halo Infinite Battle Pass Heroes Of Reach (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • 343 Industries is making changes to Halo Infinite's Battle Pass progression that increase how much XP players can earn daily.
  • For the first six matches of every day, players will earn significantly more XP from "Play 1 Match" Daily Challenges.
  • These changes ensure that players can level up their Battle Pass once a day by playing six matches.

While the core gameplay of the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience has quickly won over the hearts of many Xbox and PC gamers, many fans have been frustrated with how Halo Infinite's multiplayer progression is more tedious than it needs to be. The game's Challenge-driven progression has been difficult to engage with thus far, and since "Play 1 Match" Daily Challenges only give 50 XP, it's very difficult to meaningfully progress through the Halo Infinite Battle Pass once you complete all your Weekly Challenges.

In response to these issues, 343 Industries' Community Manager, John "Unyshek" Junyszek, has announced that the developers are increasing how much XP players earn during their first six matches each day. Players will get 300 XP for playing their first match, 200 XP for playing a second and third match, and 100 XP for playing a fourth, fifth, and sixth match. Any further matches played that day will reward 50 XP. This change will make it much easier for players to rank up their Battle Pass, as they'll get a full level each day just by playing six matches (each Battle Pass level requires 1,000 XP).

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Junyszek then stated that 343 Industries knows that "many of you want even larger changes and we're committed to doing so," but noted that "those will take time." Still, it's great to see the developers make a big improvement like this, as this change will no doubt make consistent time investment into Halo Infinite feel more rewarding.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is one of the best Xbox shooters available right now, and since it's free-to-play, everyone can pick it up and give it a try. It's available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs through both Steam and the Microsoft Store. The game can also be played through Xbox Cloud Gaming as well.

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  • I think this will help significantly, but make game play actually count too. If I'm getting killing sprees left and right, reward me. If I drag the whole team down, punish me.
  • Yea I do think they should have additional XP for certain medals. Not going to lie I really like how knockout city does things for XP.
  • @Avatar of Apathy Agreed and I'm sure many of gamers would also want to see the same. Also, XP rewards for team play and highlight moments - pulled off successfully (not for attempts or repeated attempts though as that would just result in griefers taking advantage). The latter, would really make people try some creative stunts and that would lead to more memorable moments. Sure, some or most may backfire but that would create some hilarious moments boosting camaraderie amongst team mates.
  • Swat mode when
  • They should do something like 50XP for playing a match, add 50XP if you win, add 50XP for each medal you earn.
  • This helps a bit, but I think it addresses the smallest of the game's problems. People complaining about the progression rate are needlessly impatient. The season runs for 6 months, and you can pretty easily gain 10 levels/week over those 24 weeks. I think I got to L11 in about 3 days. IMO, it could be faster (especially when they go back to 3-month seasons), but it's not bad unless you're expecting a 3-month pass to be cleared in 1-2 weeks, so you can complain you're bored. The bigger issue is the locking of customization around cores and colors and the way that stuff is monetized. That's the stuff that convinced me to stop playing, and it's been completely unaddressed so far.
  • There is actually a real problem with just doing the challanges for progression though, they don't help in a team game environment. Many times there have been instances of someone running around trying to do personal goals at the cost of a goal like capture the flag. I think it would be fine to have a little of both, but actual goal of the game type progression should also be encouraged.
  • why don't they just get rid of XP altogether and just let players choose what level they want to be..
  • They basically already have that. They let you buy levels.