Halo Infinite multiplayer confirmed to be free-to-play and run at 120FPS on Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • We previously reported the multiplayer in Halo Infinite would be free-to-play.
  • Additional rumors indicated the multiplayer would be free and run at 120FPS on Xbox Series X.
  • The official Halo Twitter account has confirmed both of these rumors.
  • Halo Infinite is set to release at some point in Holiday 2020.

Today, the official Halo Twitter account confirmed that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be completely free-to-play and will run at 120FPS on Xbox Series X. This comes after rumors had been building, including a listing on Smyths Toys yesterday.

We previously reported that the multiplayer might be free as part of a shift to a service model for Halo Infinite. While 343 Industries has explained that story content will take the form of updates and possible campaign expansions, expanding the multiplayer to be free-to-play makes sense for non-campaign content.

343 Industries will be sharing more on the multiplayer and Forge mode in the future. The team is also addressing the feedback regarding the graphics in the gameplay demo.

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