Halo Infinite removed its tank gun, so a fan put it in Halo 2

Halo 2 Tank Gun
Halo 2 Tank Gun (Image credit: The Vengeful 'Vadam on YouTube)

While the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2 brought several new maps, game modes, and cosmetics to the game, the patch also controversially removed several tricks, glitches, and exploits that many in the community enjoyed using. One of these was Halo Infinite's famous "tank gun," a glitched version of the Scorpion tank's main cannon that could be found in one of the campaign's opening levels.

Many were disappointed about this since the tank gun was a ton of fun to use, and while the removal may have been necessary for campaign co-op to work properly, the lack of official communication from 343 Industries about why the weapon was patched out has frustrated many. In the wake of the tank gun's removal, though, one fan — a YouTuber known as The Vengeful 'Vadam — has made a great suggestion: why not turn the tank gun into an official asset instead of a glitch?

To illustrate just how cool this could be, 'Vadam recreated the tank gun in Halo 2, but with an actual Scorpion tank turret that's visible in the player's hands. The above video shows 'Vadam playing through the Halo 2 campaign with the weapon, blowing Covenant forces to smithereens with volleys of machine gun fire and tank shell after tank shell. Hilariously, his version of the tank gun can even be given to AI allies like Marines or Elites, who will then proceed to blow up everything and then themselves when encountering enemies.

At the end of the video, 'Vadam then argues that in the future, the developers should bring the tank gun back to the Halo Infinite campaign in a similar manner. "Embrace the meme. Bring back the tank gun, but do it right this time," said 'Vadam. "Make it a legitimate art asset. Turn it into the next Scarab Gun. Even go so far as to make a community-wide quest to unlock the tank gun."

Source: The Vengeful 'Vadam on YouTube Four Elites using tank guns while riding on the side of a tank. Because why not? (Image credit: Source: The Vengeful 'Vadam on YouTube)

Overall, I think this is a fantastic idea, and I'd love to eventually see the developers add the tank gun back to Halo Infinite as an unlockable Skull or as a Scarab Gun equivalent. I can understand why the tank gun was removed if it was interfering with Halo Infinite co-op, but considering how much the community loved the weapon, it would be a shame if it never returned in some form. Plus, walking around Zeta Halo with a literal tank turret in your hands would be peak badassery.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available now for free on Xbox and PC, and while it hasn't had the greatest start, it has the potential to grow into one of the best Xbox shooters ever made.

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