Halo Infinite is a 'spiritual reboot' for the franchise says Bonnie Ross

Halo Infinite is the next game in the acclaimed franchise, and is expected to launch some years down the line if rumors are to be believed. However, we keep on getting new information about the title from Microsoft and 343 Industries. Recently, studio head Bonnie Ross sat down with IGN to discuss the upcoming game and how development was going. Comic Book compiled a selection of the most important moments.

According to Ross, Halo Infinite is a "spiritual reboot" for the franchise. The team wants to do more with the game, that's why they developed a new engine. You can read part of Ross' interview below.

We're kind of calling it a spiritual reboot. That's kind of how we talk about it... The Halo engine is a very technical, engineering-focused engine. It's super hard for creatives to work in. It's super hard for a lot of creatives to work in, at one time. We did a ton of work on Halo 4, on the engine, to get it to look... I think it looked amazing for being on the last-generation on the last year of the platform. We promised the team we would do the work on the tools and pipeline for Halo 5, so it wasn't such a challenging environment to develop on. You know... best-laid plans... we didn't do that and the team, rightfully so, basically called us on it... we want to do more with Halo... we want to have a team that can do their best creative work within our engine. So it really was taking the time off and, as we announced the Slipspace Engine last year, it is all to make sure we're building the platform for the future of Halo.

There are rumors that Halo Infinite will be going the open-world route, but only time will tell. The teaser showcased during E3 2019 definitely gave us that impression because we saw vast landscapes you have to traverse in a Warthog. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

Hopefully Halo Infinite will live up to expectations. Gamers loved Halo 5: Guardians for its addictive multiplayer, but the story fell short when it came to its direction and length. The single-player component has to really shine this time around.

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  • Hope it will follow Halo 5 direction. The game was awesome and was already a reboot concerning it's multi-player base (no power ups, same weapons for everybody)
  • Only if there is 2 player splitscreen and no jumping/jetpacks just like COD. That's just horrible. Should be boots on the ground.
  • Jumping has always been a part of Halo (as it should be considering your character's armor and super strength). The last thing the world needs is another COD clone.
  • Jumping sky high in the air? That was never part of Halo 1, 2, 3. I think that stupid trend started with Halo 4. Agreed we do not need another COD so get rid of the jetpack jumping.
  • I prefer those agile moves, plus, there are trade offs, like you cannot recharge your shield while you are redirecting energy for dashing. Move choice, needa react faster.
    It's hard to go back to slow moving shooters, esp, when you see a rocket flying towards you and you are wearing a high tech armor, you only option is "walk". I was playing Doom demo... I want my dodge button.
  • And no lot boxes based progressing in the armor I loooooooved how I halo 4 you had to earn your armor doing certain challenges. Your armor had bragging rights and it was great!
  • E3 2019 hasn't happened yet
  • I think open world would be pretty fun, however, there are usually multiple worlds so this could be absolutely massive. Of course, the story will affect a lot of this...
  • Open world would be great for Halo. I would love to see it have multi-team objectives, where you have two teams of 4 completely different objectives that work toward the same goal. For example, one team take out a Covenant array and the other destroy a base. The main objective can still be completed, just much more difficult, if one of the teams fail their mission. Reinforcements would be sent to the mission that's still in progress. This would also be time based. If one team takes too long getting to their objective, reinforcements will be sent to both objectives, making it difficult to complete for either team. Now, that would be great! That's something I've not seen in any video game that I'm aware of. Yes, I just had a massive geek moment. I would love to see them implement something like that in Anthem, considering the open world. The objectives are team-based, but nothing were teams can work together or against eachother, yet.
  • I'm really interested to see where this goes. My main problem with 5 was that they didn't have split-screen even though they promised it few times. This time they said it'll be there so that's good.
    Another thing is the microtransaction+loot box. I hope they won't be there.
    I hope they listened to real fans of the franchise and improve it massively from Halo 5.
  • But are you really a fan of halo? Which halo do you own at the moment?
  • @jams
    A fan? I wouldn't say I'm a fan but I like the franchise. I used to play so much split-screen with friends and family. For me, when I think of Halo I think split-screen fun. That's why 5 was such a letdown.
    What Halo do I own right now?
    Well, right now I got the first Halo for the original xbox (I'll never sell that one) and I have Halo Reach for the 360.
    Anything else you want to ask?
  • The multi-player was hailed as some of the best of the series in 5. But the campaign story pacing was off. Relied to much on people having read the books. Oddly 4s storytelling was some of the best in the series. So bit weird there. Yet 4s multi-player was considered the worst. I don't mind if they keep War one MOBA mode with those card Lootbox things. As long as it stays away from the actual Halo Arena. Which never had use for the Lootbox. Which is fine. Keep Arena Competitive and lootbox free.
  • I also hope they keep Warzone mode as it is immense fun, but ditch the loot boxes, make cards progression based and once you have access to them you can use what you want.
  • I can gift you mine if it's possible. I earn them. But as I never play War one ( not really my cuppa) I literally have thousands of weapons and vehicles for Warzone. Rofl.
  • If you look back at Halo 1, the game was revolutionary AND creative for the gaming world. People expecting a game like Halo to stay the same all the way through multiple generations makes no sense. What I would like to see though if we are trying to duplicate Halo 1... A vast world with multiple different biomes, habitats, architech etc. A slow playing campaign where there isn't constantly someone to fight, but is a story and you explore to make it happen and to experience new environments. That's Halo, despite the changes in game play.
  • I been saying for about a month that Halo was being rebooted with an open world genre and RPG mechanics. Because I just put the info we had together. RPG job lsitings, leaked screenshot of a way point 63 km away. And the trailer showing wildlife and weather ecosystems. The visuals if that was in game as well are going to be incredible. This could be Halo coming back with a 90s meta critic score. It's more the type of game genre that scores well these days. The extra Dev time will only make it more polished as well. Currently the longest any Halo has been in development ever. Can't wait.
  • "It's more the type of game genre that scores well these days."
    I think the only type of games that scores well are "good games". Games without flaws. There isn't a genre that gets better scores and others bad scores.
    An small indie platform game like Celeste, an action adventure game like God of War, A walking simulator like What Remains of Edith Finch, a souls type of game like Bloodborne, racing games like Forza Horizon 4 or mario kart 8 deluxe, JRPG like Persona 5, a great metroidvania like Ori and the Blind Forest, an action-adventure stealth/infiltration game like MGS5, a multiplayer FPS like Overwatch, a RPG like the witcher 3... They are all different genre and they all got great scores. So please stop with the "only certain genre gets good scores".
    If a game is good and doesn't have flaws it'll get a good score.
  • Easy papa. i didn't say only. Just more the type that does. Story driven linear games with big cinematic cutscenes and adult overtone does great. Or open world. Even Horizon adopted open world and it reviewed and sold really well. As opposed to the others. But I'm not saying other titles can't. It's just a big part of the gaming phsyc at the monet in time. Platformers did well in the 90s. FPS 00s. And in this decade its been more open world or story based games that have done well. Both in sales and reviews. Although a new genre looks to have come onto the high end scene in BR. Which could dominate the next decade of gamers attention. Just circles of gaming life.
  • Can you prove any of it? If there are some genre that gets more games wouldn't it be statistically more likely that it will have more games with high scores? If you say that there are some genre that are more popular in different periods. Yes. But that has nothing to do with reviews. Reviewers will just review a game on it's merit.
  • This is one of the many times I will say this, but screw split-screen multiplayer. Seriously. What a waste of time, allocating resources to allow two people to sit on the couch together and play the game. I agree with what Phil Spencer said in interviews about it not being intelligent to spend the time and money developing something that seriously needs to die. The Xbox is already the laughingstock of this generation because it has "no" games. Allocating resources to allow 2 people to play side by side together is a time-old tradition that makes no sense in this day and age. The game will consequently be compromised to look worse than it could look without the needless feature that will likely be utilized by less than 10% of the fans. 343i needs to stop listening to the deluded people crying foul for the lack of split-screen co-op in Halo 5, and refocus on the GAMEPLAY and the GRAPHICAL POWER OF THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE IN THE WORLD AT PRESENT TIME. Seriously. Make Halo 6 a swansong for the franchise, running in 4K at 60fps. Drop the split-screen co-op. My friends and I who played couch co-op nearly two decades ago didn't miss it for Halo 5, and we are already annoyed at the talk that Halo 6 will bring back a dead and completely useless feature. Halo is already on its last legs with the disastrous story that has been told by 343i since Bungie left. 343i needs to pull out all the stops. And dedicating resources to a sub-par experience for people who have the 1X because the few "loyal" fanboys want to play with their grandpas and relive the early 2000s again. Grow up. Halo has evolved: its time you did the same. I didn't buy a 1X to have a laundry list of sub-par game experiences like Crackdown 3.
  • Seems like you should have bought PS4 and a Switch.
    Split screen never took away from the game. At least not with halo.
    You are talking about bad story with 343i? Halo 5 almost had requirements to read the books that's how close to the story it was...
    To me it sounds more like you are not a halo kind of guy or a console kind of guy... Get a PC and join the master race. And be done with it... If they integrate split screen it's because data shows them it is a thing not because 10% of the fans want it... It's a business run like a business... Especially à company like MS which sure does know how to do business...
  • Don't get nasty just because you don't have anyone to play with, I always play Halo with my housemate, except for 5, we still go back and do some Firefight in Reach occasionally as well, because it's fun. But it's mostly fun because we are doing it together, drinking beers, "accidently" killing each other. He rages at me. Good times, good times.
  • Yeah don't underestimate how many people love to still play couch coop. It's fun online but nothing beats ownin gat Halo in the same room as your friends. Or winning at the last corner on Mario Kart. Killer Instinct ownage right in the actual face. Online is great. But face to face is pure ownage.
  • And why do you care so much about the time and resources that MS spend to make their game?
    Isn't having option good for the consumer/gamer? You may not care about split-screen but many people actually cares for this feature.
    MS already admitted that not having the feature in Halo 5 was a mistake. Why? Probably because they looked at what it would have cost them to include the feature and how many people would have bought the game if it had the feature...