Halo Infinite voice actor leaks potential November 2021 release date [Update]

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Update 3/26/2021: We've updated this story with information that Steve Downes, the voice of the Master Chief, has also stated that Halo Infinite will release in November 2021.

What you need to know

  • Actor Verlon Roberts has stated in a podcast that he's playing a character named Spartan Griffin in Halo Infinite, and that the game is planned to release in late November 2021.
  • Spartan Griffin is a Spartan-IV briefly introduced in Halo: Shadows of Reach who works alongside Spartan Sarah Palmer as a member of the crew of the UNSC Infinity.
  • Steve Downes, voice of the Master Chief, has also stated that the game will release in November.
  • There's no way to verify if Roberts' assertions about the game's release are fully true, but 343 Industries may clarify the release date soon.

Beyond knowing that it will release in Fall 2021, the official release date for Halo Infinite has been a mystery ever since its delay. However, actor Verlon Roberts recently revealed the specific launch window of the game before it was supposed to go public in a podcast on YouTube. Roberts stated that the game is going to launch in "late November of this year," which means that Halo fans can expect to get their hands on Halo Infinite in late November 2021. Notably, Steve Downes, the voice of the Master Chief, has also stated on a podcast episode that the game will release in November. Neither of these statements have been confirmed officially by 343 Industries, but the studio may clarify the release date soon now that the voice actors have talked about it.

In terms of what role Roberts is playing in the game, it was stated in the podcast that he's voice acting the character of "Spartan Griffin." While most Halo fans probably don't know about this character, people who have read the Halo: Shadows of Reach novel will remember that he's in the book and goes with Spartan Sarah Palmer and other Spartan-IVs to link up with Master Chief in the story.

Assuming everything Roberts and Downes said in the podcasts were true, it's cool to see a new character from the expanded universe make it into a Halo game. Also, it's awesome to finally have a specific launch month to look forward to for Halo Infinite, though the news will no doubt be disappointing if you were hoping for the game to launch in early Fall. It's important to keep in mind that the information the voice actors have may be outdated, however, and things may change.

Halo Infinite is expected to launch on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows 10 PCs. The game's price is expected to be $60 much like other big AAA titles, though the multiplayer will be free and will run at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X and Series S. Additionally, we highly recommend checking out the Master Chief Collection while you wait for Halo Infinite, as it bundles all of the pre-Xbox One Halo shooters together for an excellent price. This easily makes it one of the best Xbox One shooters out there.

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