Halo live action television series directed by Steven Spielberg and more shows coming to Xbox One

Some good news for Halo fans out of the Xbox One event in Redmond earlier this morning. There’s a television series coming soon to an Xbox near you.

Details are light at the moment, but 343 Industries has partnered with Steven Spielberg to direct and produce a live action television series centered on the Halo universe. No word on the story or when we can expect to see the show, but we’ll update you when we learn.

On that note, Microsoft is taking a unique approach to content on the Xbox One. There are currently teams in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver working on new programming for the Xbox community. We expect to see new experiences centered around SmartGlass and Kinect.

And on that note, Microsoft has announced a partnership with the NFL to bring that new experience to the upcoming football season. There will be exclusive content with both Kinect and SmartGlass interaction. Users will be able to watch games live and snap their fantasy information to the side of the screen.

More as we learn.

Sam Sabri