Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC to support uncapped framerates

343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard has confirmed on a ask-me-anything (AMA) thread that Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) on PC is set to launch with no cap on framerate for each title.

Here's his full quote, posted via Reddit.

Current plan is to support 'uncapped FPS' in each title. But, as we move deeper into development on each title, we'll have to determine what's feasible within each game.

This is fantastic news for PC players that have high-end rigs, as the highest framerate possible is almost always more desirable than lower framerates. However, there is a chance that this plan will change down the line, as 343 Industries is taking a cautious approach to bringing the MCC to PC. Anything that threatens stability will surely cause plans to change, and uncapped framerates on aging engines may cause issues. For now, though, things are looking optimistic.

For more information about the MCC on PC, make sure to read our full breakdown on everything so far. If you can't wait for Halo to hit PC, the full MCC is available right now on Xbox One, too.

Brendan Lowry

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