Minecraft: Halo Edition swaps pickaxe for energy sword on Xbox 360 tomorrow

Halo and Minecraft are some of the most popular video game franchises in recent memory, and now they're getting all mashed up together. Minecraft: Halo Edition has been announced and it will feature some recognizable characters, objects, and locations from Microsoft's well-known sci-fi first person shooter series. All told, the mash-up pack includes a custom texture set, craftable items, 31 music tracks, 40 characters (including Master Chief and Cortana), plus pre-made worlds based on maps like Blood Gulch and Sandtrap.

It's an interesting contrast seeing a highly competitive game mixed in with one that's primarily co-operative and constructive, but the end result has an undeniable charm, especially if you're into either game. Obviously Halo is hugely popular, and Minecraft is doing pretty well for itself too; with any luck, combining the two will only mean good things.

Minecraft: Halo Edition will be available starting tomorrow for $3.99 in the Xbox 360 store. Anyone holding out for an Xbox One version will have to wait until August.

Source: Xbox Wire

Simon Sage