The Halo series has an expanded universe chock-full of exciting stories, intriguing lore, and memorable characters. Ever since the first book was published back in 2001, Halo's book portfolio has swollen to almost 30 complete novels, as well as several comic books, graphic novels, and in-depth encyclopedias. Here's what we think are the best nine Halo books you can buy right now.

Where it all began: Halo: The Fall of Reach

Halo: The Fall of Reach is the first ever Halo novel published, and it contains a wealth of information about the series' main characters and serves as an excellent entry point for people that want to get into the series' expanded universe.

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Explore the Covenant: Halo: Broken Circle

Halo: Broken Circle is a deep and thought-provoking novel that focuses on when the Covenant was founded and provides amazing context for the series' infamous alien menace. If you love the Covenant, this book is for you.

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Bridge the gap: Halo: First Strike

Halo: First Strike is set between the events of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, and tells the story of how the Master Chief managed to make his way back to Earth, encountering new friends and dangerous foes along the way.

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Behind closed doors: Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

Halo: Ghosts of Onyx is a novel that focuses primarily on the secretive Office of Naval Intelligence and how the SPARTAN-III program began, while also following the story of a skilled and cunning Covenant leader.

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The beginning of the end: Halo: Contact Harvest

Halo: Contact Harvest follows Avery Johnson (as seen in the Halo games) as he leads several UNSC Marines and other rag-tag resistance fighters against the Covenant on the planet Harvest, marking the very first battle of the Human-Covenant War.

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An epic collection: Halo: Evolutions

Halo: Evolutions is a massive anthology containing countless short-stories that focus on all kinds of settings and characters within the Halo universe. This is a book that every Halo fan should read.

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Post-war intrigue: Halo: Envoy

Halo: Envoy is a dramatic action thriller set in the years after the Human-Covenant War, in which humans and Elites attempt to negotiate peace on a colony world that both groups live on.

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The Banished rises: Rise of Atriox

This anthology is a collection of all five of the Rise of Atriox comic book issues, which follow a Brute warlord that rises up against his superiors in the Covenant and forms a new faction known as the Banished, which prominently feature in Halo Wars 2.

$14 at Amazon

A broad overview: Halo: Mythos

Halo: Mythos is a gigantic encyclopedia of information that gives a broad, but detailed look at every nook and cranny of Halo's expanded universe. If you want to know everything there is to know, then Halo: Mythos is right up your alley.

$24 at Amazon

Overall, every single book on this list is a fantastic read. However, if I had to recommend one, it would be Halo: Broken Circle since the Covenant is my favorite part of Halo. Fans of the human side of the universe will get a real kick out of Halo: The Fall of Reach, while people who like all of Halo will likely enjoy Halo: Evolutions the most.

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