Halo: Reach.

Halo: Reach hits Xbox One and PC, as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection in December, and Microsoft just released the Xbox Achievements you can unlock. The list was compiled by TrueAchievements after the servers were updated.

Halo: Reach brings 100 achievements for 1,000 Gamerscore. You can take a look at them all below.

Name Description Gamerscore
We're Just Getting Started Complete Winter Contingency 10
No Picnic Observe a grizzly scene on New Alexandria 10
Protocol Dictates Action Complete ONI: Sword Base 10
I Need A Weapon Complete Nightfall 10
To War Complete Tip of the Spear 10
You Flew Pretty Good Complete Long Night of Solace 10
Into The Howling Dark Complete Exodus 10
Dust And Echoes Complete New Alexandria 10
This Is Not Your Grave Complete The Package 10
Send Me Out... With A Bang Complete The Pillar of Autumn 10
Welcome to Reach Complete every level of the game on Easy difficulty 10
The Soldier We Need You To Be Complete every level of the game on Normal difficulty 10
Folks Need Heroes… Complete every level of the game on Heroic difficulty 20
Gods Must Be Strong Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty 30
A Monument To All Your Sins Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty, by yourself 30
Winter Urgency Beat the par time on Winter Contingency 10
Just Like Storming a Castle Beat the par time on ONI: Sword Base 10
Now Just You Gúta Minute Beat the par time on Nightfall 10
Generous Tipper Beat the par time on Tip of the Spear 10
Sabre Metrics Beat the par time on Long Night of Solace 10
Quicker Than Reading the Book Beat the par time on Exodus 10
One For the Record Books Beat the par time on New Alexandria 10
Speedy Delivery Beat the par time on The Package 10
Wait, How'd the Ship Get Down Here? Beat the par time on The Pillar of Autumn 10
Fast Fall Beat the par time on all Halo: Reach levels 20
Ice In Your Veins Beat the par score on Winter Contingency 10
Still Sharp Beat the par score on ONI: Sword Base 10
Moon's Out, Goons Out Beat the par score on Nightfall 10
Bake That Cake Beat the par score on Tip of the Spear 10
Insomnia Beat the par score on Long Night of Solace 10
Parting the Sea Beat the par score on Exodus 10
Nine Lives Are a Myth Beat the par score on New Alexandria 10
How Did I Lose All My Fingers? Beat the par score on The Package 10
Precious Cargo Beat the par score on The Pillar of Autumn 10
We'll Be Back Beat the par score on every Halo: Reach level 20
Keep It Clean Kill 7 Moa during Winter Contingency 10
They've Always Been Faster Clear Winter Contingency without setting foot in a drivable vehicle 10
Wake Up Buttercup Destroy the Corvette's engines and escort in under 3 minutes during Long Night of Solace 10
Two Corpses In One Grave Kill 2 vehicles at once with the Target Locator during ONI: Sword Base 10
Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet Kill the Elite Zealot before he can escape during Tip of the Spear 10
I Didn't Train To Be A Pilot Kill 3 of the anti-aircraft batteries during New Alexandria 10
Tank Beats Everything Finish The Package on Legendary with the Scorpion intact 10
Swift and Shallow Hijack a Banshee during the Reach Campaign 10
Forza in the Fall Flip the switches to become a Reach Racer 5
HBOrg Special Party with the DJ Brute 5
Play Us a Sad Song, Claude Listen to a hidden music cue 5
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Ship Fly both the Pelican and Phantom on New Alexandria 5
Front Page News Find me in the club 10
The Humble Beginnings of Wiljax Brantley Now that's a value meal 10
Did You Major in Marine Bio? Encounter the hidden marines on Exodus 10
Fly, You Fools! Find the hidden Banshees on The Package 5
This is Not the Greatest Lab in the World… Find your way into Halsey's Lab on The Package 5
Hey, You Dropped This Find Data Pad 1 on Winter Contingency 5
Read Halsey's Journal Find Data Pad 2 on ONI: Sword Base 5
Meeting of the (Artificial) Minds Find Data Pad 3 on Nightfall 5
Rampant Speculation Find Data Pad 4 on Tip Of The Spear 5
Minority Report Find Data Pad 5 on Long Night Of Solace 5
Info Dump Find Data Pad 6 on Exodus 5
Paper Trail Find Data Pad 7 on New Alexandria 5
Terminal Conditions Find Data Pad 8 on The Package 5
Digital Destinies Find Data Pad 9 on The Pillar Of Autumn 5
Unreliable Narrator Find Data Pad 10 on Winter Contingency on Legendary difficulty 5
What Does It All Mean? Find Data Pad 11 on ONI: Sword Base on Legendary difficulty 5
Unsolved Mysteries Find Data Pad 12 on Nightfall on Legendary difficulty 5
Meddling and Madness Find Data Pad 13 on Tip Of The Spear on Legendary difficulty 5
The Answer is Simple Find Data Pad 14 on Long Night Of Solace on Legendary Difficulty 5
Of Patience and Partiality Find Data Pad 15 on Exodus on Legendary difficulty 5
Curious Composition Find Data Pad 16 on New Alexandria on Legendary difficulty 5
Silent Shepherds Find Data Pad 17 on The Package on Legendary difficulty 5
Assembled the Majority Find Data Pad 18 on The Pillar Of Autumn on Legendary difficulty 5
Yes No You Decide Find Data Pad 19 on Lone Wolf on Legendary difficulty 5
Canonical Conundrum Find all Data Pads 20
Why Do This To Yourself? Complete the Halo: Reach LASO Campaign playlist 30
Reach Has Been Good to Me Complete a Halo: Reach playlist 10
Who Needs Red Flag? Complete three Halo: Reach playlists 20
Remember Reach Play a game of Halo: Reach on the 14th of any month 5
Keep Your Foot on the Pedrogas Complete all Halo: Reach Legendary campaign missions in under 3 hours 30
Clear and Present Danger Pad on the run 5
Left Behind Achieve a score of 30,000 points on Lone Wolf 10
One Final Firefight Achieve a score of 150,000 points on Lone Wolf 20
What About Bob? Find and eliminate one of the hidden Ranger Commander Elites 10
Jorge Can't Have All the Big Guns Use a Pelican turret 5
I'm Sorry, Dave Find the hidden binary signature 5
Workers' Compensation Splatter an enemy using the forklift 10
Because It Wasn't Hard Enough Complete a Legendary campaign mission with 3 or more skulls enabled (Scoring Only) 20
Classic Completion Complete Exodus without using any armor abilities 10
Confused Callouts Trigger a humorous callout on your HUD's position indicator 5
Collection Eligibility Confirmed See, he IS in the game 10
Mind the Skill Gap Observe the logo of a buttoned-up mining company 10
Easy to Overlook Access hidden UNSC radio chatter 10
New Ways to Save a Quid Hear a familiar voice on New Alexandria 10
T'vaoan Terminator Kill 100 Skirmishers 10
Chol Von's Not Gonna Like This Kill 1000 Skirmishers 10
Enemies Everywhere! Complete a Firefight set on Normal or harder 10
Negative, Ghostrider Get a Skullamanjaro in a matchmade Headhunter game 10
Skunked Won a matchmade game of Invasion in the 1st phase 10
Capacious Cartography Create a custom map using Forge World 10
Requiescat in Pace Complete 10 assassinations on enemy players 10
Run and Gunned Headshot 10 enemies while they are sprinting 10
Game Breaker Kill 10 enemies while using a Jetpack 10

Halo: Reach will be available through Xbox Game Pass or you can buy it individually as an add-on for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Are you going to play Halo: Reach again? Let us know.

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