Halo TV show's first episode wins over majority of Windows Central readers

Halo TV series
Halo TV series (Image credit: Paramount)

What you need to know

  • Halo's TV show recently had its big Paramount+ debut.
  • We polled readers to find out their thoughts on the show's first episode.
  • It turns out readers' thoughts are very much aligned with the wider critical and casual consensus.

It's a rare day, in the sense that the general mood over the Halo TV show is more or less unified across the board. As of this writing, 60% of critics and 60% of Rotten Tomatoes-surveyed audience members approved of the show's debut, and 69% of our own readers liked it as well. When's the last time you can recall multiple opinion aggregates of a show being within 10% of each other?

Though no likes or dislikes of the show are a matter of fact — arts and entertainment are highly subjective, after all — seeing everyone come together with the same general split in likes and dislikes does help give a general idea of whether the show's meeting its mark of adequately entertaining people. In our poll's case, 69.29% (828 votes) liked the show, 15.15% (181) disliked it, and 15.56% (186 votes) were apathetic. In other words, over 69% of watchers had a positive opinion of Halo's start, while roughly 30% ranged from neutral to unhappy with the production.

Many voiced appreciation for the show straying from the game's narrative for sake of telling a fresh story, and the action sequences were generally well received. Those unhappy with the show cited uneven writing, sloppy CGI, and similar quality-control issues as their reasons for not enjoying the series so far.

If you've yet to watch the show and don't know what all the fuss is about, consider scoring a free trial of Paramount+ via Xbox Game Pass. That way, you can have an informed opinion about the series without paying a penny.



Paramount+ is your one-way ticket to the Halo TV show. Want to see Master Chief pew-pew things in real life? Then pay up (or get a free trial via Xbox Game Pass).

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