Do you like the new Halo TV series so far?

Halo TV Series Master Chief
Halo TV Series Master Chief (Image credit: Microsoft / Paramount+)

Halo is Microsoft's pride and joy. Not only is Master Chief the face of Xbox, but he's been everywhere, including Windows 11 marketing materials. The point is, Halo and MC are a big deal and even when the games sometimes divide fans (Halo 5), the franchise remains at the forefront of people's minds. But despite its merits, popularity, and ability to withstand the test of time, can it translate well to TV?

If you form your answer based on the show's Rotten Tomatoes score, the answer is: Eh, kind of. But — and we have a big "but" to add here — those are just other people's opinions. Even if the show's not a narrative tour de force poised to redefine the medium, it can still be plain-old fun to the right watcher. So that's why we want to know your opinion of the show. How's Master Chief's Paramount+ adventure striking you, so far?

Maybe you absolutely loved the debut episode and are eager for more. Perhaps you hated how it diverged from established Halo tropes and are going to go back to Halo Infinite and give up on the show. Or, you could be entirely neutral about what you watched. Whatever your stance is, we want to know.

Here at Windows Central, we had a positive assessment of Halo Season 1 episode 1, enjoying the action despite some of the questionable character choices along the way.

In case you haven't watched the show yet and want a cost-effective way to give it a test drive, know that Xbox fans can stream the series for free via Game Pass. Or, you can pony up some cash and pay Paramount for programming the old-fashioned way.

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  • Call me picky, but the effects were off putting. A couple of specifics were when Master Chief jumped down in one scene, it looked so awkward. And then again when he threw down his MA40. WTF man, you couldn't make a prop rifle, it HAD to be CGI?? As for the story...meh. Jury is still out. And Pablo, I'm sorry, he's still the evil ****** from SVU. He's going to have to do a lot for me to forget that role...
  • I liked it, but critics who saw the following episode say the quality takes a big drop. I'm not hoping much, to be honest.
  • (Upvote) I know it often takes a show the better part of a season to find its legs, and I'm willing to give it that, but you're right. I don't need this to be a success. I like Star Wars Battlefront 2 even though the Disney movies were a dumpster fire full of dog crap...
  • I wasn't expecting much but I actually enjoyed it. How was presently surprised how brutal it was.
  • Same here. I'm really excited that it's only very loosely tied to the video game story. I think it's given the writers a lot of creative freedom.
    Was also pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • I agree with this and I like how they let us know before hand that it wasn't going to follow the games/books. Instead of just releasing and it deviating so much you're like what the heck (looking at you resident evil)
  • We were pleasantly surprised by the first episode. Wife didn't want to watch it but ended up liking it quite a bit and is looking forward to the next one.
    It is a life action video game adaptation which has a success rate of near zero, so if it ends being decent will be a huge win. Hopefully it does finish in the 'good' range and they give it a budget that lets them spend more time or $ ensuring that there aren't all the rough edges on the CGI that are distracting folks.
  • I enjoyed it but something about the sound design was very disappointing. I have a decent home theater setup and the lack of impact from a sound design perspective was very obvious. I expected the guns, engines and most of bassier sounds to be deeper and have a larger impact.
  • I just watched the first episode, and I am disappointed. I was hoping for better. CGI wasn't the best and the writing felt lazy at times. I understand they aren't following the existing universe, but there are some things that should be considered sacred. Master Chief and his personality being one of those. I am completely upset about Captain Keyes. They destroyed him worse than they did Chief. I have no issues with the decision to cast who they did but choose a different name. Keyes is one of the most beloved characters in the lore and they butchered him both in the casting direction and personality. I am willing to give it another few episodes, but my hopes aren't high.
  • The CGI was horrible
    The spartan communications were terrible.
    No grunts and jackels.
    Rebel bullets did nothing to the elites. Only spartan guns work....
    All the armour was too clean and brand new should have been beaten up.
    The only highlight was the game accurate weapon and ship models.
    (I've read the books and played the games)
  • I was hoping that they kept Steve Downes as the voice of master chief. It feels different.
  • Can't say anything, why u ask...........cuz the Paramount+ app doesn't work on my Samsung TV, it just hands there doing nothing.
  • Seriously man, why did you even post a comment?
  • They need to drop the spartan shield sound effects from the game and create similar ones for the show. Also, when those sounds should not be happening in the TV show unless you are seeing things as the spartan. No once else would hear the sounds. There was no hud shown when the sounds played. I just seamed totally out of place and must have been weird for anyone that doesn't know the games. As others have noted, the CGI was not the greatest at times, mainly in the openning battle. The show is good enough to keep me watching so far. Kind of like a B movie (but better than the Netflix Action Movies where are usually worse with CGI and acting).
  • I had low expectations and was still disappointed. It really seems to me like this was originally another generic sci fi show that they ended up reworking a little with the halo license in an attempt to make it popular. It is average at best which makes me sad. Two of my favorite franchises ever get shows in a 6 month span and both are a let down.
  • Is Wheel of Time the other?
  • Unfortunately yes, too many changes that didn't seem necessary. I was totally expecting changes needed for the book to show format change but they changed so much other stuff that was totally separate plus for such a short season there was too much filler that resulted in story that was actually important to get skipped. And don't get me started on that final episode.
  • So far so good. Haven't played much Halo, so I can't even figure out the game's story line. I'm just watching it as an Sci-Fi action flick.
  • My complaint is that prior to Halo, I had no problems watching the first 3 episodes of Picard. The HD was clear and suffered no buffering. Suddenly Halo debus and Paramount + keeps erroring on my turned off ad blocker which since last year has not caused any issues with streaming from Paramount. None of their suggestions to fix the problem worked. I couldn't even watch Picard either. Using the Google Chrome browser resulted in piss poor SD. It just wasn't worth it. If they don't fix their error soon, I will cancel my subscription. GD shame.