One of the most unique pieces of hardware to come out of CES 2019 was the ASUS ROG Mothership, a gaming PC that borrows heavily from Microsoft's own Surface Pro. With a detachable keyboard and a kickstand around back, the ROG Mothership adds some aggressive gaming looks and power, making for a beefy PC that is anything but understated.

Backing up its massive 17-inch display are NVIDIA RTX 2080 graphics, up to an Intel Core i9-8950HK processor up to 64GB of RAM, and three 512GB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD drives for storage. The Mothership also packs 802.11ax Wi-Fi, the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard that is just now starting to hit the market in PCs and routers, making it one of the first to do so.

ASUS isn't talking exact pricing or availability for the ROG Mothership just yet, but you can bet it won't be cheap.