Hands-on with Windows Mixed Reality's new 'Skyloft' environment (video)

Coming in the Windows 10 'April 2018 update' for Windows 10 are a couple of new improvements and changes for users of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). The biggest new change is the inclusion of an environment called "Skyloft" that now exists alongside Cliff House.

The update adds a new dedicated "Places" button in the Start menu that lists all the environments you have installed on your device. So far, there are only two, being Cliff House and Skyloft, but this new Places'area may house more locations in the future.

The new Skyloft environment is rather different from the old Cliff House, and is far more open complex with big rooms and lots of space to mess around in. There's also lots more virtual furniture, which can be customized or removed at will.

Other changes to WMR involve how users manipulate windows and objects. You can now more easily manipulate them with two controllers, including the ability to resize and rotate. You can now also scroll by clicking and dragging, just like if you were using a pen.

The changes made to Windows Mixed Reality in the April 2018 update are small but useful. If you have a WMR headset, make sure you check out the video above to see these changes and then download the Windows 10 April update when it begins rolling out to see them for yourself.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • You can resize windows in the current 1709 release by grabbing them and stretching them as well.
  • Thanks for making this video Zac! :)
  • So, British Sky Broadcasting sued Microsoft for using SkyDrive (now OneDrive); can they now sue MS again for Skyloft? Maybe they'll rename it to OneLoft. :)
  • shouldnt they be making other cool stuff for MR other than this?
  • Of course Skype is the one that's unfinished.
    Other than that it'll take Microsoft and the gang a couple more years to get you a headset to actually replace your office. I work with 2 monitors, a laptop and a Surface and I guess the next gen headsets will be replacing all of them. You just put them on and BAM you're behind your desk with awesome looking hardware in front of you to work with as you look out the window to see the futuristic landscape.
  • Nice! And if they've upgraded the WMR experience let's hope that means they don't intend to leave it for dead. Yet.
  • Dear lord, what a shaky head there, Zac!