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We go hands-on with the cool new features on 6tag 4.0

The official Instagram app for Windows Phone hasn't seen an update since March last year. It's still lacking features offered by the official apps on iOS and Android. The good news is that 6tag, a popular third-party Instagram app for Windows Phone, continues to add new features that are absent from the official one. With latest version 4.0 update, you can adjust filter strength, play with five new filters, and edit existing posts. Want to see it in action? Check out our hands-on video.

The new feature to be able to edit captions after the photos have been uploaded is really handy. This is a lifesaver if you missed a really embarrassing typo. Instagram officially added this feature for Android and iOS last November. To edit your caption on 6tag, go to one of your photos and tap the three dots at the bottom. Tap the pencil icon to edit. You can change the caption and location of the photo.

Another cool new feature is the ability to change the filter strength. Sometimes, you just want to add a little bit of editing. When you're at the filter selection screen, tap the three dots at the bottom and tap adjust filter strength. Drag the slider until you're happy with your photo. Instagram officially added this feature for Android and iOS last June.

Speaking of filters, 6tag has also added five new filters. They're called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. You can find them in the filter selection screen located all the way to the right. Ludwig looks to be my favorite. Instagram added these filters to their official iOS and Android apps last December.

How do you feel about the new features for 6tag? Do you still use the official Instagram Beta app? Sound off in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Thank heavens for periods, otherwise the one pic would say "Bang mi so good". Roflmao!!!!
  • LOL I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. Thank heavens, indeed!
  • That was the first thing I noticed xD Mark what's happening bruh?
  • .
  • its correctly called "Bánh mì" in Vietnam tho..
  • Auto correct probably screwed that up...
  • That's what I thought. I see those on the menu every time I go get Phò. Damned autocorrect. Lol.
  • Phò is great.
  • You are thankful your wife/gf has her period? Oookaaaaayy then :P
  • 6tag rocks!
  • Thanks Rudy Huyn for bringing this app for lumia 530!
  • Just installed on my Lumia 530 but it keeps rebooting my phone after showing the splash screen for a couple of seconds. Does it works on yours?
  • I'm happy that we have 6tag. It doesn't have every feature but it's pretty much fully fleshed out. I can't wait to see the windows 10 app
  • This is so much better than the instagram apps on ios and android.
  • How is it better?
  • Multiple Accounts Built-in without having to log out and back in which is important for people like me who run social media for companies for a living. haha. Also the whole themes and ability to change appearance, it is so much better looking. On top of that we have the ability to choose to view the newsfeed in a zoomed out mode that shows mulitple photos at a time instead of one at a time which is awesome. I loved our version of Snapchat when it was still around that he made. It allowed you to send snaps to all people at once, as well as upload photos you had already taken. Those abilities weren't in snapchat at the time.
  • The extra features are great, but I'd honestly rather have feature parity first. We still need video upload, real time notifications, user names in notifications, the people tab on discover, plus there's numerous bugs Rudy apparently plans on leaving there until the end of time.
  • You say it ALL.
  • Hate to admit it but this app will be handicapped until and when real time notifications are there.
  • I think some of these will be in the next version (5.0)
  • Because Rudy wrote it.
  • Yeah exactly i also wanna know how? Posted via zenfone
  • Still can't upload custom videos...
  • True. But you can use an excellent app called Movie Maker for that.
  • Tks man, i will ty this app
  • Awesome
  • How about an app for uploading photos with music to instagram? Or make this in app feature? Could that be possible? Because Flipagram doesn't have the feature and MovieMaker is messed up atm.
  • I usually would blame MS for Instagram not caring for the platform, but this is ridiculous..
    Point being either do something right, or don't do it at all.... Every product a company puts out represents them, so they should be equal on all platforms....
    Now, if they didn't want to support WP, and pulled the app, I wouldn't blame them because MS has done little in the past 5 years to appeal to MOST developers, as far as increasing market share...... But, as long as it's there they should support it as well as both iDroid apps.... SMDH.
  • They don't have proper official instagram on windows phone, yet Microsoft points and highlight instagram for advertising..This is unfair to the new users.
  • Yep❗
  • Really? Microsoft has done little to attract developers? What specifically have they not do? Just asking...
  • Dude, just ignore him and move on. He doesn't have a clue at all... just rambling.
  • Plus one Posted via zenfone
  • Seriously. A personal grudge is nothing you can reason with.
  • +1020
  • Marketing... Marketing increases market share.. Market share is what attracts developers... Less than 5% market share in 5 years isn't good enough.....
    Now, some might say that MS is doing things now, like universal apps, and W10, but those things have yet to yield results.... My comment is why we are in the situation that we're in.... Notice I said that in the past 5 years they haven't done enough.... Well, according to market share figures that's true... Nothing wrong with the truth..... I think some people might take what I say as "MS isn't doing anything to attract developers"...... Well, I wouldn't say that.. We all know the things that they are trying... But, a huge aspect of attracting developers is also attracting more users.... That is something MS still seriously needs to work at.....
    Nevertheless, that's not really the point of my comment..... Lol. My comment was about Instagram.
  • That seems to be true! Even MS develops android and iOS apps first. :(
  • As far as the Office app goes I don't think they had a choice because of W10... It was just bad timing.
  • No they don't.
  • Market share os nothing Lumia sells ruse every year and soon as othet manufacturers join Windows The market share Will ruse :)
  • Actually, this year they fell... Even if they did rise in some areas, they fell in many others... If you're not in the US you might have a different point of view.
  • I beg to differ, Ms has made it easier for developers to code for Windows, it's much easier to code for than for android. Visual studio and all the available tools makes it easier, it's quite a hustle to set up an android set up but what appeals more to devs is,.... android and Ios I guess
  • That's not what I mean when I say make it easier... You're right though.. MS has done all those things, and it's great.. I actually mentioned a few in a comment above... But, that's not the only aspect of attracting more developers... They also need to attract more users to the platform, and increase market share... You don't agree with that❓ Well, we're going to have to agree to disagree.
    Oh, let me add that one isn't more important than the other... They need better marketing, and it's also important to continue to make it easy to actually develop for WP.... I'm sick of this chicken/egg BS situation...
  • I see you every time in every post cribbing about past.. Man just let it go.. Yeah they ficked in past ok? Cause at that time fochs of msft was not phone but their cloud azure. They wanted to be a service to app developers.. Any app developer.. They promoter .net framwork.. If anything I personally feel what windows phone upto was.. Just a beta or preparation in what actually windows for phone should have been. Coz first look at windows 10 makes you feel.. This is how it should have been all along. Its common sense
  • How is it the past though? Has marketing improved?.. No, this stuff is still going on... The situation isn't fixed yet.. But, it's ok if you don't agree. I see your side.
  • Advertising is what will get people to buy its not rocket science.
    See, I have seen s3, s4, s5, htc m8, apple devices' adds on my tv set(right here in Botswana)... Have I ever seen a windows phone add on my local tv?? A fat NO!.. I know about WP because im a tech geek. Would a Tom, Dick and Harry know about wP??
  • This is exactly my point..
  • Another example, watching carrier ads in Canada...bell,rogers,telus,fido,etc... What do they show? Androids aand ios!? Ask people what is samsung phone lineup?! S3,S4,S5,alpha? Ask them WP lineup?! Most of them they dont know. For 5 years not even one?!
  • I figured so... This is another aspect of marketing... Sometimes I just wish Microsoft owned it's own carrier... Seriously❗
  • Your just repeating yourself over and over...kicking the dead horse....
  • Actually, my comment was about Instagram... I only touched on the real issue....
    That's just it.. Every problem with WP stems back to low market share, and terrible marketing... Nevertheless, I know what, and why I post this, so what's your point?
  • I must have missed the point then. But Ms needs to do more in terms of advertising WP and they also have to drop a flagship that will wow everyone.
    I was baffled yesterday when my lecturer after holding my l730 said " you have a nice phone, just that these nokias don't have whatsapp"
  • Your lecturer is very ignorant to be quite frank with you.
  • If it's so easy why hasn't Instagram done jack shit since the app was released?
    MS probably begged them to make something at the time-October 2013 I think, when the 1520 was announced-and this beta forever is what we got.
    So again if it's so easy what does MS have to do to get this app on par the the other two OS's?
  • Increase market share..... Remember, WP is at a stagnant 5% market share worldwide... That's not appealing to developers...
  • I know it, you know it. Back to the chicken and egg thing-gotta have share first to get the devs to WP or the apps to get the share.
  • Hmmmmmmm.... This is the reality... MS literally can't make Snapchat make an app for WP... But they can sell a phone to someone who doesn't necessarily care about Snapchat.... Getting more devices in more peoples hands increases market share, which makes carriers, and OEM's take notice.... This is exactly what happened with Android, and this would makes WP more popular.... So, MS needs to use W10 to help sell Lumia devices, and they need to get whatever team that's in charge of Surface marketing to take care of Lumia marketing....
    It's really up to the Lumia brand if you think about it....
  • I can never take you serious. You rant about how bad Microsoft is on every post. Plus with all the "SMDH" and the over excessive amount of periods, it just sounds like an idiotic rant. Rudy is a great developer, and he has already announced that windows ten will have all the features you're asking for.
  • What are you even talking about.
  • rodneyej please stop with your silly winning on almost every post. It's borderline retarded to suggest that Microsoft isn't doing enough to attract developers when its common knowledge that they bend over backwards to do so, even writing the apps themselves when possible.
  • Careful...he'll report you to Windows Central for 'harassment'!
    I agree though...there must be something fundamentally wrong with someone when they choose to do the same thing day after day, despite everyone telling them to give it a break. I'm so bloody tired of having to read his posts. Perhaps WC can add a feature to their comments system that allows us to ignore users?!
  • we rant because we care, we know why WP fails, and when someone gives a valid reason, people like you simply can't take it. How will you feel when all those loyal WP users left WP, and then WP just dies and google have monopoly in the mobile world!! We want our platforms to be better, It is true MS has done little about WP, advertisement!! and also a decent Music player! and limited api for dev. and constantly pushing apps for rival platform, which is not a bad thing, but i want them to deliver the same product at the same time for all platforms!
  • Valid reason?!
    Rodney and others have no real concept of the global marketing effort MS are putting in. I see more adverts for WP devices than I do for Samsung Galaxy's!! Or indeed any other Android.
    Given the huge structural changes they have gone through in absorbing Nokia, and the huge changes they have brought to the entire Windows system since Nadella took charge, I personally think they are doing a good job.
    The problem with you people constantly speaking in downbeat terms is that it drags the rest of us down too. There is much to be optimistic about - how on earth can developers continue to ignore Windows Phone when the app systems are unified across 3 major platforms?!
    I am just sick and tired of reading the same vitriol from the same people on these threads.
  • "Rodney and others have no real concept of the global marketing effort MS are putting in"
    Did you heard of US exclusive bullshit!! cortana is not available in all country yet, MS band is not available worldwide! surface is not available in lots of countries! Bing is just awful outside of US.
    did i miss any global marketting you are talking about! 'I see more adverts for WP devices than I do for Samsung Galaxy's"
    really!! cause i have seen only android posters on most of the places. 'Given the huge structural changes they have gone through in absorbing Nokia, and the huge changes they have brought to the entire Windows system since Nadella took charge, I personally think they are doing a good job."
    i don't know about you, but they are doing some darn good jobs on prioritizing apps for other platforms! God damn it! Give us a decent music player already! and fire the xbox music/video team and bring back zune!!
    Your personal matter doesn't matter a shit, if the market is rejecting MS. "The problem with you people constantly speaking in downbeat terms is that it drags the rest of us down too"
    WP users are already leaving, look at the stats! Because we are giving them a feedback, so that they can revive the platform, by listening to reasons not fanboy shit. "how on earth can developers continue to ignore Windows Phone when the app systems are unified across 3 major platforms?!"
    why can't they!! they can ignore because MS has no market in both tablet or phone!! they can create simple win32 apps(which are more powerful) and get away with it!
    I just hope this won't be the case!!
  • 1.MS Band was never supposed to be a world wide release. Microsoft don't want to destroy their partnerships with Fitbit etc etc. If you paid any attention to the articles on this website, you would realise that Microsoft are hoping to licence the tech and have companies using Microsoft Health as their data aggregation tool - NOT become a major smartband brand in their own right. Microsoft aren't at fault for you not understanding that! 2.I am from the UK - and here, I see more adverts for Lumia/Cortana/Surface than I do for Samsung Galaxy devices. I don't know (or really care) where you are from...but of course, your mileage may vary with regards what adverts you see in your daily life. 3.With regards releasing the apps on other platforms - would you prefer Office 365/OneDrive/Microsoft Health etc to be an irrelevant offering, or a market dominating offering?! Microsoft are subsidising Windows Phone via their other world beating software products. Now if they didn't offer such software on the world's leading smartphones/tablets, then they would become irrelevant. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face ;) 4.You are not giving constructive feedback. You are just providing an inarticulate rant - that makes the WP community sound like petty idiots. Stay classy. 5.Microsoft has a competitive offering in the tablet space (surface/Dell Venue etc etc etc). Microsoft's strategy is ambitious - and Windows 10 puts them far ahead of iOS/Mac and Android/Chrome OS. The entire product offering from MS is now aligned. Windows apps are easier to develop than their competitors, and apps in one part of Microsoft's platform are now 95% the same as on the other two. A free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8 brings potentially hundreds of millions of users into the Windows 10 unified ecosystem. That is a HUGE deal. Windows Phone *app* market share will essentially jump from 40 million people, to 600 million+ within the first year of Windows 10 deployment (assuming people take advantage of the upgrade offer, and asuming devs take the small amount of extra time to release apps on Windows Phone as well as on Windows computers/Xbox). Seriously, you are shooting the wrong goose at the moment. Microsoft's strategy is aligning well. Their phones are v.competitive, especially here in the UK - & the unified OS strategy will give them momentum...have no doubt about that. So yes, PLEASE, just stop going off on your inarticulate rants. Stay classy....and try and offer something constructive rather than overwhelmingly negative. Windows 10 deserves a chance - and it certainly doesn't need people like you and Rodders taking relentless pot shots at it!
  • 1. I wonder if the company itself have any vision of thing called GLOBAL!! And btw, fitbit is not available in many countries where they could've relese their smart band!
    "Microsoft are hoping to licence the tech".... wait what! they created a smart watch just so that other company can take data from it!! I mean come on, no company can be that stupid!! it is utterly crap.
    what next "they are hoping to license the tech for SURAFCE!!" "Microsoft aren't at fault for you not understanding that!"
    So if a customer don't understand something, it is customer's fault not their!! right... "I am from the UK"
    there is whole world out there...... not only UK.. " Now if they didn't offer such software on the world's leading smartphones/tablets, then they would become irrelevant. "
    is it too hard for them to push update or create apps for all platforms at the same time!! do they even trying!! I am not telling them to ignore other platforms but give all platform same app, same time! "You are not giving constructive feedback. You are just providing an inarticulate rant - that makes the WP community sound like petty idiots. Stay classy."
    I am sure you were one of those people who bashing others for not adapting windows 8 and their revolutionize tiled interface that looks utter crap on PC and makes your pc less pc more mobile!! since our feedback is not so constructive, your feedback certainly looks constructive....... wait where is your feedback all you did was simply telling others to express their opinion! so much for constructiveness! "Seriously, you are shooting the wrong goose at the moment. Microsoft's strategy is aligning well. Their phones are v.competitive, especially here in the UK - & the unified OS strategy will give them momentum...have no doubt about that"
    when did i last hear that!! OH I REMEMBER, when the god damn windows 8 came out!! and look at the mess!
    I am also excited at the unified OS, but there is tons of things that are still lacking! we need more desktop apis for modern apps! and also much more robust apps, not the lame XBOX shitty music app. and i have doubt, cause MS is simply dumb sometime! their UI department was so pathetic that they had to hire random people from diventart! who makes some awesome mockup. and they somehow thought mobile is suited for dektop! does any company any get dumber than this! "So yes, PLEASE, just stop going off on your inarticulate rants. Stay classy....and try and offer something constructive rather than overwhelmingly negative. Windows 10 deserves a chance - and it certainly doesn't need people like you and Rodders taking relentless pot shots at it!"
    someone made a mockup, it is not constructive, someone gives valid reason, it is not constructive, someone fingers out the problem from the past, it is not constructive!! really!!
    I gave windows 8 a chance and it was horrible on my pc!! Now comes windows 10 with some really ugly UI, and Icons, they they created with MS paint with 8 bit color and a horrendous recycle bin icon, that alone makes me stick to windows 8.1+classic start. i know it is TP, but come on, those icons are just awful....
  • Do some reading before writing an essay. It'll stop you wasting your time (and mine). 1. Microsoft created the MS Band to showcase the sensors that they have built, and the Microsoft Health platform that supports it. Microsoft owns the patents for the sensors in the Band, and they are looking to licence that to other developers (like Fitbit). If anything, you should be praising Microsoft for sharing their innovation with others - and hopefully bringing in other smartband companies like Fitbit. 2. There is no point trying to be a walled garden these days. If you do that, you just end in obscurity like Blackberry. Yes, it would be nice to have some apps released at the same time as on the other platforms. However, in case you haven't noticed, Windows 10 has already showcased Office and Outlook on the phones....and by the nature of the OS (turning core services like email/office into apps), Microsoft will be able to update these things without needing OS updates. Microsoft are doing what you want, but you are too blind to notice. 3. I never told anyone to switch to Windows 8 for the tiled interface. Once WP8.1 came through, I told people to switch for the increased speed, stability and security. Personally though, I love W8.1 on my touchscreen tablet. But since you don't like the tiles, I guess you are going to be well suited to Windows 10. Or you would be if you weren't so butthurt that Microsoft haven't finished the UI yet!! I mean seriously....were you expecting them to give you a polished OS straight out of the gate?! Perhaps they should just keep it in a closed beta so people like you don't get to see what's going on ;) 4. Someone constantly moaning about the marketing errors in Microsoft's past - and offering NOTHING constructive about how MS should do things going forward... Yes, that is a big waste of time! Aligning yourself with such a person just makes you seem like a bit of a wally too. These comments threads are becoming a real chore. Probably time to leave you cats to play....and I'll just check back in a few months when you will probably still likely be moaning about things from 10 years past!
  • See.... People from different regions have different points of view about the platform...
    We just have to understand why people think the way they do...
    Nobody is stupid
    Nobody is uninformed
    Nobody is crazy
    It's just all subjective......
    So, there's no reason in getting upset about someone's opinion, and there's definitely no reason to ask someone to not post something because you don't believe it's relevant, smart, true, false, or whatever...... IOW. If you don't like what someone says then let them know why, and move along.... Take it with a grain of salt...
    Because if you can't then you are the real fool..
    The message isn't for you, Avik. It's just a general message for anyone who's guilty of this.... Who knows, maybe I'm guilty as well, but I'm writing this, so everyone knows where I stand..... People need to just let other members be. Everyone is here to support Windows, and no idiot should be allowed to dictate what someone has to say... Just ignore people when, and where, you see fit.
  • The truth! But I love WP though.
  • They can't accept the truth....
    Us real Windows fans address the issues, not cover up the facts.
  • Like srsly, Bing really sucks outside US. I love WP but I too have bad experience. Even Xbox apps sucks in unsupported regions, at least in my experience.
  • Nothing wrong with admitting that... It's not bashing MS, as some of the immature WP fans might perceive it.... Rather, it's telling the truth.
    But, these guys who cry all day about what others post are free to ignore it if they don't agree... But, instead they harass others, and try to force their opinions on everyone... Really immature.
  • Have you ever read back one of your comments? Assuming you have....has it ever occurred to you that you are the one who sounds rather immature in all of this. You throw your teddy out the pram at the first sign of anyone questioning what you write.
    A heads up for you - I am far from the only one that finds you tiresome on here.
    If you want to moan about Microsoft's approach to marketing - create a dedicated forum thread. Please stop spamming these threads though. You are making it a real chore to read the articles, when it used to be enjoyable.
    Just give us all a break.
  • Dude... This guy obviously has some kind of emotional issues... Just ignore him.
    All he does is talk about what I don't know, which is dumb because we all read the same news.... And, he follows me around trying to prove a point, and get me to change my mind, which is ridiculous....
    He's still not ignoring me, which I've asked him to do many times, so we're going to just have to completely ignore him, and others like them, who can't get over others opinions... Just ignore him.
  • Errr... I could have sworn he was talking about marketing and not developers that needed improving. .
  • Well, I was talking about Instagram.. The real Instagram, and how it's ridiculous... I only brought up marketing to make a point why developers treat windows like this... And it's true... We just have these blind WP dudes around here that get mad when you tell the truth, and don't know how to ignore comments they don't like... That's kinda pathetic.
  • It's difficult to ignore a commenter who overwhelms the comments thread with the same old diatribe. Spin a new disc Rodders....the current one is stuck on repeat.
  • Tell me how my comment above is silly.... And, what part of it is not true? Make sure you understand first before you reply....
    And, remember. You also have the option to ignore it if you don't like it... But, if you're going to reply to me have something other than the fact that you want me to stop posting something because you don't agree with it.... Now, give me something reasonable to work with.
  • We can't hide your comments unfortunately - so ignoring you isn't possible.
  • Come on man. We get it it. Blah blah blah... Marketing.... Blah blah blah... Market share.... Blah blah blah.... Apps... The usual readers here I am sure have probably memorized half your rants. Not that you're wrong or anything but you ranting isn't going to change Microsoft overnight. I'm sure Microsoft is aware of their setbacks and so are most of the WP users. Things will change with a new CEO and this new image they are trying to make for themselves. But clearly it's not a day/night transformation.
  • Ok.. I understand.. Thanks..
    So, if you get it then the comment isn't for you.. You can ignore the rest... Thanks for your opinion though.
  • Rodney. Everyone understands what you are on about. We all recognise that Microsoft made mistakes in the past. What we don't understand is why you so relentlessly churn out the same old toot. Spin a different record, PLEASE!
    Or, at the very least, take note of all the down votes you are getting for your comments. You're becoming one of those commenters on here that people start to loathe. & that's a shame, because you have been a pretty good contributed from the time I have been on this website. You've just gone over the top about the same point for TOO LONG! & it is really starting to annoy people.
    Just pay attention - take note of all the people speaking against you.
  • I don't get it on these conversations often. I may have posted once in the past. I don't really know whether rodneyej's comments are always negative or not. But here us what I do know. I love windows phones. I have 6 in my family of 4. I got my best friends and in laws using them and I brag up the OS, design, interface,camera. ( 2 - 1020's) , and everything else I love about the phones.
    That said, the most wanted things for most people today is apps, and they want them full featured. They don't care about the reasons why windows phone doesn't have full featured apps, they just care that they don't.
    Some examples from my life are instagram and trivia crack. I don't use instagram, I use 6tag which I love but it lacks a vital feature for almost everyone - putting existing videos on. I do it through movie maker but for some it's too complicated.
    Trivia crack for other OS 's has several features that we don't.
    Another awesome movie app for making great home video memories from your existing phone videos is Magisto. I doubt we will ever get that.
    I'm not a negative person, I really, really want WP to succeed in a big way, but realistically, masses are not going to switch over unless the apps they use and love everyday are there.
    On top of all this, here in Canada, I can't even get some of the most awesome Windows phones out through our carriers.
    That's just how I see it, not as e developer or techie, but as a user.
    You can rip me now if you want, lol, just remember though, - I do LOVE my Lumia 1020!!
  • I'm not going to rip you....all that you said is very fair :). There is clearly an app gap still - though in your case, why mess about with Magisto when you have Movie Creator Beta? I use it on my 1020 64GB, and it is superb.
    Why use an online editor for 1080P videos when you have a fast and capable offline editor with a myriad of themes built in too :). Give it a shot if you haven't already.
    The reason I am having a ding dong with Rodney is because he said it was Microsoft's fault that Pebble didn't release their app on Windows Phone. If you read the article, you'll see that Microsoft could not have done anything more than they did....I mean, they built a fully functional app, offered to partner with Pebble in stores, & to bankroll development. Pebble turned it down because their CEO doesn't like Microsoft.
    However, Rodney persists in talking about the failed marketing effort of the past as being the reason why the Pebble partnership (and others) fall through.
    It's annoying because it just isn't adding anything constructive.
    But yes, give Movie Creator Beta a shot. No internet required - just a brilliant offline editor :).
  • I will definitely try it. Funny enough I have it on my phone, must have downloaded it when it was reviewed in one of these articles a while back. Thanks friend
  • I use it when I am cycle touring. It's pretty sweet to be sitting in a tent, in the middle or the Scottish Highlands, doing full HD video editing on my 1020 :).
    Also, if you plan to upload videos to Youtube, you can download hundreds of royalty free tracks from Youtube free of charge. This means you can monetise your videos. Just remember to stick them on your 1020 before you head out anywhere. (You'll then have a complete editing package in your pocket :)!)
  • Dude... We're all Windows fans here, and I think most of us have high hopes for W10...
    Nevertheless, we have to be honest about the current situation that we're in, admit the truth, and discuss anything we may think is the issue..
    We also can't let others stop us from discussing what we want,, as long as we're being respectful.
    My suggestion to you is to not believe others who try to get you to dismiss another users opinion.... IOW, this guy has said my name multiple times, in multiple post, trying to convince others that I'm wrong, which is dumb.. We all have our opinions, and I can respect anyone as long as they come to me correct... You don't have to agree with my opinion, but please respect it and I'll do the same for you... No need in stupid Windows arguments between Windows fans.... I just ignore this guy now.. I really don't know why he keeps trolling me on every post,, especially after I asked him nicely to ignore me... But, he better stop, because we all have the right to state our opinions, whether popular, or not.
  • Rodney - plenty of other people have spoken to you and at you, asking you to stop trolling these threads with the same marketing toot.
    If you have a genuine concern and want Microsoft to recognise it, I'd suggest making a new forum post where you can discuss it with other like minded people.
    All you are doing on these threads by posting the same stuff on each article is alienating the people that did respect your opinion before.
    We all have grievances at MS for the way things have worked out - but your approach is a poor one. You are happy to criticise, yet snarl at anyone who dares to criticise you.
    Go and make a forum post about your contentions. You may even start something positive and beneficial if others chime in with effective marketing suggestions. Alternatively, you can persist with this scatter gun approach...though all you are achieving is annoying lots of people, and making everyone think WP is doomed (which it clearly isn't).
  • So has Instagram officially abandoned Windows Phone? The app is never updated and never went out of beta
  • I think most devs are just holding out until W10, including MS.
  • I don't use twitter but afaik, that app was never even updated to 8.1
  • Twitter was updated to 8.1 a while ago...
  • Yes it was... Check your facts! Were got full 8.1.1 integration now. Twitter Links in people hub open in the app now and not in IE.... And more...
  • This is the lie I'll be telling myself for the next several months
  • No, they just "hiatused" WP...
  • Bang mi so good rofl
  • Auto correct messed it up...
    "Banh mi. So Good." It almost did it to me just now...Banh mi is a sandwich
  • Instagram beta? What's that I thought the picture / video sharing app was called 6tag
  • We should say thanks to ig not being as mean , and being a douchebag as snapchat. Although I'm not a frequent user, I still get a permanent threat. One day, I hope Microsoft bought snapchat, and fool their ass around, force google user to pay ( counter to softcard) ;)
  • I like the jabs taken at IG during the article. It's like "hey your app doesn't have features added months ago and now a community favourite dev is doing your job for you, you sorry asses"
  • ^This is so true
  • So I asked this before, but this post seems more on target. When we use 6tag does is register as a windows phone or is it spoofing an android phone. Wouldn't that throw off analytics for usage. Maybe its just tinfoil hat syndrome but isn't that how the unofficial apps work? So by using 6tag more we are giving more credibility to the no usage from windowsphone?
  • Yes
  • So I should post more from the beta app then? Man what a catch 22.
  • When posting, tag your photos with #6tag, #Windows and/or #WindowsPhone
  • Hmm is that an official way to show analytics ? I had never thought about doing that before... I'll start doing it next time I post.
  • Love this app! Kept hearing great things about it last year and didn't have an instagram account at the time, but tried it out and it's been one of my favorite WP apps ever since!
  • Can't login. Gives me an error message that reads, "checkpoint required." :/
  • I logged in via cellular signal and that fixed it as opposed to logging in via Wi-Fi.
  • You can also login via the website and verify your account that way. Then login via 6tag and it should work.
  • Noticed HUGE difference in clarity from pictures POSTED and UPLOADED. Before when I would upload a picture it would lose its clarity pretty bad, I know IG reduces resolution but on 6Tag it was way worse. I un-installed the app then re installed the new 4.0.1 and I noticed right away lol the first picture on my feed was some up-close food shot and the clarity difference was very obvious to me. Anyone else seeing same results!?
  • I noticed clarity issues when posting with 6tag but only when using the built-in crop... It i cropped photos to square before posting them they retained their clarity.
  • Oh yes i have never square cropped on 6tag cuz of that issue lol so i basically posted all my pics on the other mode (zoomed out, full image) Great change nonetheless.
  • I noticed immediately that the resolution was bad.  I though at first that maybe I jiggled the phone when I took the pic but I didn't.  It just uploaded a blurry representation of my original pic.  From now on I'll crop out of the app and upload it.
  • yo what windows phone did you use in the youtube vid?
  • Yo Lumia icon
  • no im talking about what phone it is, like is it the nokia lumia 830 or what cause idk
  • Yo that's what he is telling you. Lumia icon is the phone (or Lumia 929 as it was Called then)
  • Yo
  • oh thanks i did not know their was just a lumia
  • Huh
  • Jesse Pinkman, is that you? ;)
  • answer plz  
  • Didn't know that there was just a Lumia? I don't understand. He used a Nokia Lumia ICON...just Lumia for short. All new phone by Microsoft will just say Lumia from here on out.
  • The Nokia Lumia Icon. The phone is called the ICON. In other countries it is called the Lumia 930.
  • I know 6tag is not official IG ,but will i be able to see my friends froms the offical IG in 6Tag??? 
  • probably  
  • Yes
  • TicomFreak what phone was used in the youtube video for this
  • Someone already answered you... The Lumia Icon
  • Yes, if u r not sure, download the beta app and compare
  • Ues
  • Yes
  • Positively YES
  • Great app and one that ive used quite a bit, however, a few things still need to happen to make it great and similar to android /ios instagram:
    1. There are a number of detailed editing options in-app on android/ios IG apps.
    2. Image quality: There is a considerable difference in published image quality when posting with 6tag vs. others
    3. Video: I know its been talked about alot, but we've been awaiting the option to upload previously shot video for awhile now
    Keep it up Rudy..
  • Read the article about the universal ago coming to Windows 10... It covers some of your suggestions....
  • The best thing about this app is I can add multiple pictures without using diptic or other apps like it.
  • is this FREEmium already??
  • I downloaded the app and logged in with my official user name from IG but after logging in its say no post from your friends 
  • Must be a random bug. Uninstall and reinstall. I don't see any other posts of people having this issue
  • So far i know there is a hues problem with any third-party apps that is uploaded photos is hidden from search.. Is this problem solved now? Posted via zenfone
  • I've never had a problem with my photos being searchable...been using 6tag since the day it became available. Actually became a featured user for a couple months... It's the reason 6tag became my most used app and how my enthusiasm for photography returned. :)
  • Now Rudy should make an Skype app, that shit just refuses to be enjoyable
  • And call it 6ype lol
  • Awaiting that video feature urrgg
  • The video is not FREE?? wont buy it. still looks like instagram beta, for me.
  • Not at all like instagram beta. Does everything have to be free???? How does a developer make money? Guess you would rather have it completely free and have ads throughout the app....
  • Yea what you said. Why are you people still refusing to buy apps ? Some people don't even have the App for this site yet are on here all the time I don't get it
  • coz not ALL people have cards, ya know?
  • Why don't you work for free?
  • Nice when it becomes universal we will have the upper hand then
  • Can any 1 tell me why my friends and follwers are not there in 6tag even though i logged in with official Instagram account?
  • It's a bug... Uninstall and reinstall...
  • Still crashing for me when I've selected a photo to post. Updated, uninstalled, reinstalled. Version
  • Yep same here. Used to love this app, can't even use it now.
  • So glad there is a developer providing the platform with popular apps. Where would we be without Rudy's 3rd party apps? I hope Windows phone survives and Win 10 is the savior everyone how's it will be. If so, I'll stick around. Lately though, I've been secretly thinking it wouldn't be so bad moving to another platform and having ALL the apps, immediately updated.
  • 6tag
  • I'm gonna finally switch back to 6tag (I still have it installed, but I'm not signed in).  I switched to the "Official" app once it was released, and continue to use it instead of 6tag with an assumption that maybe Instagram gets usage analytics and I want to show usage for Instagram on Windows Phone.  But 6tag has always been so much better.  6tag is the real official Instagram app for Windows Phone.  Love Rudy's apps, and I always purchase the paid version to support him.
  • Youre still unable to upload saved videos in your phone.
  • Apparently that's coming in the 5.0 universal app update
  • Read the other article and stop complaining....
  • Best instagram app
  • Now all we need is people integration.
  • Rip official Instagram App...!
  • And rudy u r awesome bro..! (:
  • Why cant i see my followers and friends from instagram on 6tag?  
  • Not sure. Never had that problem before.
  • The big question is....are they really cool?
  • Nope, not using the official one. And still considering deleting instagram for the same reason
  • Last November, June, December.. We're so not important..
  • I hardly ever use the official instagram app. But the notifications in 6tag still isn't that proper. Most of the time o don't get toast notification. But i get them from the official one
  • Cool!! better everytime!
  • Rudy had done a great job. I liked the unofficial yet better than official instagram app. I wish that official instagram app will definitely make an update before 2020.
  • Cool, now we need to be able to rotate photos like we do in lumia camera
  • I wish the girls on instagram would bang mi so good
  • Used instagram beta once but didn't appeal to me so I don't look forward to using it again. I prefer 6tag so far.
  • Kinda tired of seeing posts from Rodney....
  • Scroll past then.
  • Everyone is, and have been for a long time.
  • Anybody else having the problem of 6tag telling them "username/password invalid" after posting a pic with the new version???
  • Did you uninstall and reinstall?
  • Original filters is what makes Instagram good ! The filters in 6tag are different. I'll stick to Instagram even if its forever in beta. (No problems with me so far, I'm a heavy user)
  • Yes yes yes me too :D agree!! Filters on 6tag are different
  • I'm sorry, I know this is meant to be a relatively positive, innocuous article but the fact that this is newsworthy is a problem.     Great for the power users of WCentral, you're getting features iOS and android users have had for months. But that person you're trying to convert to WP? If you manage to convince them, they're going to download the official IG app and be appalled and confused at all the missing features. They're not going to know about this random 6tag thing and even if they're savvy enough to google alternatives and find out about it who wants an app written by an unknown entity with random filters? Then maybe after finding out there's absolutely no snapchat they'll return the phone to Verizon or whatever, screwing the poor rep out of a commission. And then people wonder why carriers don't push WP. Little bit of a tangent there but basically nice work Rudy, still very troubling situation.
  • We want new UI, unique UI for 6tag. Please.
  • I don't even have the official instagram app I've always rather 6tag
  • I used 6tag more often that Instagram official app. I only open Instagram when the notification on Instagram live tile comes first before the one from 6tag.
  • Wow, hands-on a third party app for Instagram on WpCentral. Only on Windows Phone. Thanks
  • Downloading installing attention required. Why you happen
  • Instagram hire him already to turn 6 tag into the official app
  • Haven't tried or check yet but, how is the quality of image when published on Ver 4?
  • Has anyone else experienced buggyness with app ever since the update?? I've had the app tile get stuck on a number and the app continues to crash if I choose certain pictures to post from my library. I actually had to download the official, eternally beta, Instagram app to upload my last picture which is a first. It's also not as smooth as it used to be, although the new features are cool. Sporting a L1520 here aka the lineup's best model. Hoping @RudyHuyn rescues us with a fix asap! #don't_let_dropbox_consume_you #we_were_first #jk #notreally
  • Can someone explain why Instagram doesn't brand this as their official app and just hire Huyn as a freelance dev? They'd have to do almost no work and gain the goodwill of millions of WP users. I don't claim to understand how corporations work, but this seems like a no-brainer.
  • The way DropBox did? Yeah, I too do not understand it. They could even say Rudy is the developer and everyone would switch right away.
  • Please somebody tell me how to unregister from instagram and join 6tag? It's saying 'e-mail already used'. And will I lose something?
  • You don't have to unjoin Instagram. You can use the email address you use in signing in to IG to sign in to 6tag. They are not separate services.
  • 6tag is not letting me use the same e-mail address
  • I need help. I have a Nokia Lumia 625. So I downloaded 6Tag yesterday, it worked completely fine - until I went to post a comment on someone else's post and the "Feedback_Required" message appeared. I figured there HAD to of been some way of fixing it so I did some research. I've done several things: I've uninstalled and reinstalled 6Tag, I've checked to see if there were any updates for the app (even though I knew I've only had it for a day), I've tried logging in via mobile data instead of WiFi - from here I was able to verify my account but still no fix, I didn't breach any app guidelines because I was only tagging someone, I reset my phone, changed my password, changed other settings like my bio via web browser - and still absolutely nothing has changed.
    WHAT do I do??? I have no idea on what else I should try - and I'm getting rather frusterated. I didn't think all this was necessary for the app to work but all I want is for it to work again.