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6tag 4.0 temporarily pulled due to crashing bug, fix due soon [update: it's back!]

Update: Well that didn't take long. It looks like 6tag is back and ready to download.

Original story: This morning, Rudy Huyn released 6tag 4.0, bringing some of the latest Instagram features to Windows Phone like new filters and finally being able to edit posts.

One issue many of you are noticing is that after you update your existing 6tag app, the program fails to load. Instead, it back out and goes back to your Start screen (or menu). Turns out it is a cache incompatibility problems and uninstalling and reinstalling the app appears to fix it.

Huyn has temporarily pulled the app from the Store as he works to patch it.

"6tag 4.0 has a problem with cached data from 6tag 3.4, an update is coming, for the moment, you can uninstall & install the app to solve it"

Your best bet if you have not yet updated is to wait a few hours when the version hits the Store. Waiting for the fix prevents the need to re-login into Instagram and your associated social networks and alter any settings that you previously had configured.

Huyn has unpublished the app from the Store to prevent any further update woes. This removal is on purpose, so just sit tight and wait for the bug fix update to hit the Store.

Download 6tag 4.0 for Windows Phone (Temporarily unavailable)

QR: 6tag

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • What is the purpose of Instagram?
  • Photo networking app.
  • Sexy selfies in dirty bathrooms
  • Omg I see so many of those lol.
  • You. Nailed. It. Sir. Here's your cookie.
  • Two years ago, there was a hype that Instagram was going to dominate over twitter and facebook... But I still don't see a minor chance...
  • To take a perfectly good high res widescreen image and crop it down to some tiny little low res square shaped image for a follower's approval. Perfect for iPhone users that still shoot videos in portrait mode.
  • ^ Haha, the last sentence.. :D
  • Hahahah so true
  • I love instagram! I follow visual artists, cookers, fitness cookers, makeup artists, fitness trainees, friends, travelers, all kinds of people. You just have to pick the right accounts to follow.
  • Thanks for the information guys.
  • Ohhh i thought i am alone
  • Did the uninstall/ perfectly
  • Yes!
  • As noted in the article the app is no longer available so this does not work any longer.
  • Yes. I am on 4.0
  • remove the "Temporarily unavailable" at the bottom of the article
  • I did and works. But when click on edit it closes.
  • I found that reinstalling 6 tag fixes the problem.
  • Yea and it works fine after reinstall
  • Problem is the app is pulled from the Store now and not available.
  • Ridiculous...i hope this BS doesn't delete all my existing data!
  • no, did you read? that's the exact reason he pulled the app, to keep your login and settings etc
  • Amazing developer with a curious habit of consistently breaking his apps with every second or third update.
  • Lol..... Nobody's perfect, I guess.
  • As a developer myself, having thousands of lines of code to debug isn't a simple task. And it is tougher to "update" your own app and see if it crashes.
  • He pulled it out of the store so I can't reinstall
  • Uhh would u install and reinstall if he pulls the app!?
  • Simple, for a few hours it was available and that was the solution. Now it is not, so wait for the update. This also prevent you from having to re-login and set up you social networks again.
  • Could this be the problem why the pre-saved videos speed up when uploaded from the Movie Maker app? Or will that be a problem within the other app?
  • I lost 6tag due to this update ,now its showing not available
  • That's why you need to wait.
  • Read the comments above plz...
  • ...and the article above plz...
  • so thats why i cant update mine. :(
  • Well if the man said"sit tight" well... We have no other choice smh!
  • Not cool.. :(
  • There are also 2 bugs that I found: 1. live tile does not use the phone's accent colour (nor transparent - I'm not sure if we can do this though) despite the corresponding setting is set to on. 2. app crashes when upload a photo from phone
  • Interesting...i will test when it becomes available to download
  • Instagram is the place where social media whores pose naked for likes and comments
  • Lmfao well said... You're right
  • I reinstalled the app 30 mins before this article.
  • Luckily,I reinstated the app as soon as the update went live.
  • I also reinstalled before Rudy pulled it out. But have faith in Rudy people, it'll be back in no time.
  • It was a bug. But I got around it! If you can still get it to download just delete the app and reinstall! Boom! It works! :)
  • And video upload? Haha.
  • Any reason it won't install on my 635 with w10?
    ... Or was it made unavailable not removed?
  • pulled/removed, it'll still show as a placeholder i think
  • And the crash fix for editing photos
  • Reinstalled before it was pulled; app crashes when trying to edit a post. Anyone else with this issue?
  • like that how people respond to us like rudy and dani
  • I uninstall and install it again... Now it is working fine for me
  • I reinstalled already ;)
  • From the best wp dev... Wow. Wtf
  • He's a very busy DEV and nobody's perfect!
  • According to Rudy on Twitter, version 5.0 of 6tag will finally be a universal app. Would love to use it on my Surface 2! 
  • It's amazing how many people comment before reading.
  • But reading is so difficult.
  • Shit I updated before and its not even opening
  • That's why he is the best WP developer, works sincerely for platform and fans
  • Thanks
  • Doesn't happen to me after the update. Even without reinstalling it.
  • I just uninstalled and reinstalled.  Works fine now...
  • Back on the store, I tried to reinstall it, it claims that it is installed but it is nowhere on the app list, so I am stuck. Is there any way to uninstall an app without the app list?
  • Wish there was an update for the official instagram app...
  • I can't download it, it says "item not available in store" ! What to do ?
  • Wait, I guess. In my case I am downloading the app right now.
  • Great app and one that ive used quite a bit, however, a few things still need to happen to make it great and similar to android /ios instagram: 1. There are a number of detailed editing options in-app on android/ios IG apps.
    2. Image quality: There is a considerable difference in published image quality when posting with 6tag vs. others
    3. Video: I know its been talked about alot, but we've been awaiting the option to upload previously shot video for awhile now Keep it up Rudy..
  • No.2, i need someone or rudy to answer this. "vs. Others" you comparing to what app? I see instagram beta app also published lowres images or its just me.
  • Im comparing it to publishing pics using the android IG app on my tablet
  • I agree with @ebk14. Image quality seemed to be "downgraded" when it is successfully published. Maybe the developer can focus more into this as this has been an issue. Image quality drops below standard if we make a comparison with ios/android.
  • Good to see it back again. Btw, 6tag is way ahead to the official (beta) one, so is there any people here still preffer the official over 6tag?
  • I have another bug, when I select a photo the app close it, again and again.... and again....
  • Updated fast. Rudy is fast.