Hands-on with 'Project Prague,' Microsoft's gesture controls for Windows apps (video)

Microsoft recently launched its new Cognitive Services Lab at Build 2017, and one of the first projects to come out of it is Project Prague, an SDK that lets developers easily add gesture-based controls to their apps. We got a quick demonstration of Project Prague in action on the show floor, and the results are pretty amazing. Check it out below:

Project Prague is still in early development, but it's a pretty neat look at what can be done with a bit of code and an Intel RealSense SR300 camera. Though it's only available in a limited release, developers who are interested in experimenting with the Project Prague SDK in their own apps can learn more and apply at the Cognitive Services Labs site (opens in new tab).

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  • Wow, I can see a lot of potential for that. First thing first, I would love to integrate it into my PowerPoint. My presentation will look sweet.
  • nothing new, do you remember Xbox KINECT? This is it on the PC
  • except you dont sit far away from the PC like you would with a TV.
  • I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the hand gesture notification that flashed on my notebook screen two days ago
  • pretty sweet
  • "Hands-on" 😁
  • Isn't this similar to xbox kinect
  • Not any more: Microsoft forcibly removed Kinect gesture navigation from Xbox One. Up until October 2015, it had them, and it was awesome. I sometimes went weeks without ever turning on a controller.
  • This means it might make a return in full force, and maybe be even more advanced. A guy can dream, right?
  • It seems like an evolution of kinect, seems more advanced
  • Combine this with HoloLens! Minority report time :)
  • Awesome for presentations
  • Project soviet union
  • Dear MS   Please stop showing off what you don't implement. Less words more action.   Kind Regards    Concerned fan
  • This is almost exactly the same as the Leap Motion control which was released 4 years ago and was smaller. Yet again this will be a device nobody will use frequently. I should know being a regretful leap motion pre-order customer.
  • Leap motion was very limited in its range and applications. If prague comes with hardware that breaks this limitation (leap motion precision, kinect range), and is compatible with VR/AR, it might succeed.
  • It looks like the Leap Motion. I had one. It's cool for 20 minutes. After that, you want to put your arm on the desk.
  • I think this would be more used as a supplemental way of controlling devices rather than a primary. Like using it to go to the next step of cooking instructions on a UWP app when your hands are dirty or controlling a PowerPoint presentation without using a clicker
  • Prague is the capital of my country!! 😲
  • Also a great place to visit.
  • Experience/knowledge from Kinect 1 & 2! I have a Kinect for my windows hello/cam and of course one for my xb1.