Hands-on with the Mozo leather covers for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL

Although Microsoft's new Lumias – the 950 and 950 XL – have been nearly universally panned for looking a bit cheap, there was always the promise from Mozo who is one of the official partners for Lumia accessories.

The Mozo deal was snuck in at the October New York event where we first saw the leather cases for the new Lumias and today our order arrived.

Here is our hands-on video and first impressions of these covers for both Lumias!

Mozo cases shown in video

  • Back cover for Lumia 950 (Black, White) €48.50 / ~$51 USD
  • Back cover for Lumia 950 XL (White, Brown) €48.50 / ~$51 USD

Mozo's leather covers for the Lumia 950

What you should know

  • Lumia 950 back Mozo cover is 23 grams (versus 19 grams for original)
  • Lumia 950 XL Mozo back cover is 26 grams (versus 24 grams for original)
  • Orders could take 2-4 weeks
  • NFC and Qi Wireless charging are built in
  • Genuine cow leather
  • Premium finish with non-conductive vacuum metal coated polycarbonate

Mozo's leather covers for the Lumia 950

Where to buy?

You can order these direct from Mozo. It is not yet clear if retailers will be stocking the accessories as well. They do ship worldwide.

Order Back cover for Lumia 950/950 XL from Mozo


The cases are what you expect. They certainly add a more premium feel to both Lumias especially the Lumia 950 as you are gaining 4 grams in weight. That is a tiny amount, but just enough to make the device feel a little more substantive.

All the cases look really good, but you have to give a nod to the brown leather with white stitching. We'll also look to order the red and gold variant as well.

Mozo's leather covers for the Lumia 950

Should you buy? Between the cost of the back cover and the shipping, you are adding a significant bump in cost over the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Alternatively, if you are dropping $550 or $650 on a phone, you want it to look – and feel – good. Well, these cases fit the bill.

We'll have to spend at least a few days if not weeks with them on our phones to see how they hold up. For now, watch our hands-on video, check out Mozo's website or jump into our forums to see what others are saying. No need to take just our word!

Also, remember that Mozo has said other designs and materials for these back covers are being worked on including flip covers. So if you prefer not to use animal products on your phone or would like different colors, watch this space.

Let us know what you think in comments. Are these back covers something you will consider?

Update: Some people are concerned that on the Lumia 950 XL these '5 mic array' near the top and bottom is blocked by these cases. This is not true at all. Four out of five of those holes are actually faux, only for design. There is only one HAAC mic at the top and one HAAC mic at the bottom (the other two are on the front of the phone). So the Mozo cases match just fine. See the above image.

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  • Hnnnnggggg that metal band
  • It is not metal But that "pimple" to the right of the camera, on the brown one will lead me to return it instantly. My eyes will be drawn to it constantly.
  • Each one is unique. Yours would not have that same "pimple".
  • Each one is unique. Yours would not have that same "pimple".
  • You noticed that too huh?
    What caused it??
  •   It was probably cold. Poor thing.
  • Yup mine eyes too...
  • That's not a pimple, it's a cow's nipple :)
  • They look nice. However, am I alone in loving the weight of my 950 right now? Not sure I wanna put additional 'heft' on it...
  • 4 grams is nothing, its the weight of water in a teaspoon
  • Not very impressed, waiting for plastic stilish covers. I hope they produce them fast. I prefer the standard white plastic compared to these from the video they really need to create something unique to make me swap the white cover with metal MS logo.
  • I totally like that white one for the 950, but $50? I'll wait and see what else Mozo comes up with first.
  • Someone said the Qi and NFC stuff in the cover that came with the phone looks like it could be removed without damage. Replacement backs that let you reuse the Qi and NFC parts should be cheaper. If its possible, they will happen.
  • I'm hoping that they bigger back covers that house larger batteries
  • I'm pretty sure once Lumias 950/950xl take off there will be at least a few Chinese back covers for them at prices ranging 4-6-10$.
  • You get what you pay for.
  • Make sure to buy a few cause they'll look, fit and feel like crap :-) Also they'll break easily. I have had my share of cheap stuff, though sometimes cheap is ok.
  • Simply gorgeous!
  • Oh, you got XL too. Now you're going to giveaway 2 phones and that's why we love you Dan XD
  • Wish the black and white ones had smooth leather instead of grainy... Oh well
  • The black and silver one looks like a 1960's Star Trek Tricorder.
  • Quote: The black and silver one looks like a 1960's Star Trek Tricorder. And that would have been a nice promotion trick, could have drawn attention of at least some of the fans.
  • Hmmm...smooth leather would be really great to have. Also it would be nice to have that "metallic" sides to be less shiny and more matte but have chamfered edges which will add to the style but not too blingy.
  • ordered  
  • those are some sweet looking cases.... i'll wait for the followup review before dropping $50+ on it...
  • Do the phones get or feel more thicker? 
  • Funny that wasn't mentioned. It looks as though it does add thickness because the camera hump isn't visible once they are on. Also is there a gap visible around the flash on the 950?
  • That's it right there folks, the word of the day. Not gonna best that. Thickier ftw.
  • Are you mocking me becouse english is not my primary language? If not, there, edited, thanks btw.
  • Shall I tell him or are you gonna?
  • Your comment cracked me up :D
  • ^this
  • you could have left out the word "more" as thicker already indicates that. also pay the scoffers no mind.
  • Oh I see... Thanks
  • Is there really an i in your last name? Just curious, never seen that spelling.
  • Before you mock mate, you need to 1st know how to spell it. It is an english word that is used a lot..Thicker as in people.
  • You need to follow the thread better. It initially said "thickier", then was corrected to "thicker", post ridicule.  
  • It is thicker than the stock ones. I think that's because of the additional layer of material such as the leather. The stock one is just too thin already and it's almost impossible to make it as thin without sacrificing the build quality. So this is a reasonable compromise I guess since these new Lumia at least are considered thin phones already. Maybe they can make it little thinner but it would be insignificant.
  • That's what she asked...
  • Nice video. That "pimple" on the brown one, to the right of the camera, will drive me crazy! Also, did you test out the wireless charging and NFC to see if they were impacted in anyway?
  • We tested, they work just fine.
  • Does Mozo have any plans to bring a complete metal back cover? If they do, That's gonna calm down lot of folks out there .. Share if you have any insight on this :)
  • Or even just a real metal band for drop and screen protection
  • Then they'll complain if NFC stops working or wireless charging isn't supported or reception is affected. Then they'll want it free, regardless. People just like to complain.
  • They complain about evething here...want smoother leather, that is expesive, it has s dimple in it..geeesh guys get a life. It is what it is and if you want something else contact Mozo.
  • That might sacrifice having the wireless charging unless they will use newer wireless charging tech that allows that which is unlikely. They can since options won't hurt, expect the compromise though.] I hope they will make more shells with slightly different aesthetic elements other than materials in the back. Examples like chamfered edges, non-metallic sides, etc.
  • So, Dan..... What caused the pimple on the brown one?
  • i wanna know that too hahahahaha
  • The cow ate too much chocolate, as a teenager.
  • Wonka would be proud.
  • Can't wait for my 3 to arrive next week
  • I hope the non-leather shells/backs come out soon. Preferably with the "metal" rim/trim. Just not a fan of how leather feels. 
  • Yeah, but if are eco friendly or love animals, you should go with leather. The leather doesn't take 10,000 years to decompose and many cows would never even be born if nobody wanted the leather and meat. ;)  
  • Yeah, born into a prison, live a little, get slautered in a warehouse, then your skin ends on some dick's phone. True life! La vita e bella!
  • The rigidity and light-weight of polycarbonate with the look of metal: the best of both worlds I'd say!
  • Until that fake metal coating wears off from sliding it in your pocket 50 times a day. Also, if the buttons are plastic and coated with that stuff, it's going to wear through there too probably.
  • Didn't you buy jeans that were already worn off? :)
  • The ring around the 950s camera has the same "fake metall coding" and I don't think it will wear off if you treat your device well.
  • I think these phones should have been sold with these covers.  Or included.  It would have given the phone a richer look right out the box.
  • Or these covers/shells should be available on the same shop where as these new Lumias, anywhere in the world. The problem with these 3rd-party accessories is that they're not available everywhere, many people like to have the option right in front of them when buying these devices. Especially on some countries where online shopping isn't common, these will be non-existent for those markets. It would be nice also on some shops especially on international Microsoft Stores (converted old Nokia stores), these cases should be on the shop windows with these cases already installed, just to show the people different looks of these Lumia. I think that would attract potential customers especially for people who love this kind of things. Better indeed if they have special edition package with the selected cases/shells. 
  • In countries where online shopping isn't common people are not that finicky, they rarely invest 50$ in a cover. In many such countries people have the whole budget for the phone equal 50$. But it would help if those covers were present in shops around the developed world.
  • That is up to the shop owner to get them in. Clove UK have them, so do other shops. It is not down to Microsoft to stock up shops.
  • I have the brown leather ordered for 950xl...of course I will show it off.. If I love it enough I'll get another one, hopefully by then they will have more options.
  • I really like the looks of these.  Ultimately, I decided to pre-order one (brown) for my soon-to-be-delivered XL.  Now that I've seen this video, I'm pretty confident I'll like it--however, I wish they could've worked out a branding deal with MS to use the Microsoft logo instead of Mozo's. 
  • I concur on the branding.
  • Mozo brand on the bottom isn't bad, it's great that they choose to make it subtle but it's there. But yeah it would be better if they put the chrome Microsoft logo at the back too, same chrome looks like they use in Surface. The Microsoft logo on stock ones seems kind of "cheap" looking.
  • At first, i didn't think it was such a big deal about the branding. Now I'm thinking it would be nice to have the Microsoft logo on there. After dropping closer to a grand (Canadian) on the XL I definitely want to show off the Microsoft logo.
  • Ordered this, my 950xl, two wireless chargers, one for the car and one for my night stand, a Microsoft foldable Bluetooth keyboard and a glass screen protector! Can't wait for this baby to arrive! And can't wait for the free display dock :D
  • That brown leather cover looks so good. I'm sold. I really hope Microsoft makes these covers a package deal like the dock or wireless charger. They're lovely.
  • How could you not order the red????
  • I hope they don't sell those in India.* People could get hurt. Or worse, killed.** * I'm currently in India. Hindus worship cows, and these cases are made with cow skin. Go figure. ** An old man was recently lunched for allegedly possessing beef.
  • I hope I never get lunched... even though i don't know what it is, it sounds not fun.
  • The old man was eaten instead? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • These guys even worship personal parts of Yogis ( Yogi - practitioner of yoga ) ... Search Kumbh Mela in YouTube and get amazed :D
  • At least better than worhsipping and following a paedophile prophet, Aisha never forget :-)
  • Tofu cases wouldn't last very long.
  • So what you mean is "Wen not in India"?   Don't worry.If these are made of cow leather like the G4 backs were, it'll turn out they're made of vegetable leather actually and not cow.
  • This is why they need more materials other than leather. Even polycarbonate backs would be still way better than the stock ones, making it 930-ish.
  • So you don't wear shoes made of leather?...If so what leather do they use in shoes over there.
  • Not sure about the US (shouldn't be so different), but lots of shoes you can buy in Europe, especially the cheaper ones <100 Euros, are allready made out of artificial leather for decades. It's the same with "leather" jackets, covers for car seats, or furniture.
  • The tiny speaker holes on the brown leather case for 950XL will surely block the sound out of the speaker. The 950 cases do not have this issue.
  • Dan, very nice...I'm going to get the black leather for my L-950....but definately like the brown leather with white stiching on L-950XL...as I'm currently based in W. Coast USA...will have to call my AT&T Corp store...lol Loving the device thus far!
  • What does calling the AT&T store have anything to do with this? They arent carrying these.
  • How much thicker does it make the phone? Thought that would be the most important aspect to address in a review/first impressions of a case/cover. 
  • It's not a case, or a cover. It's a shell/back-plate. It's about (if not) the same as what comes installed on the phone to begin with. 
  • ...u get my point though  
  • Well, they are not cases but replacement back covers. The only change in thickness should be the minimal amount that the natural cover material itself adds. (Leather molded to a thin plastic cover is thicker than a thin plastic cover by itself.) They certainly don't appear to add a lot of bulk judging by the video and photos.
  • I didn't address it because it's basically negligible. If there is a different, we're talking maybe 1 or 2 mm.
  • 2mm would be quite a bit, actually. hopefully it is closer to 1mm. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • On the plus side, camera not protruding means it would be more protected.
  • 2mm would be a 25% increase in thickness! 
  • If you look closely on the Flash module of 950, it's little thicker but not much. The good side though, the camera hump is not present thus the back feels flatter, means more stable when you lay down on the table. http://i.imgur.com/VYOd04U.png
  • Daniel, not brown: Cognac
  • Courvoisier :)
  • Red...950... Done
  • Is there a video of it anywhere?
  • Does anyone know if the back cover alters the size of the phone?
    I intend to buy o Brodit pro clip and I want to know if it will fit there...
  • I'm thinking about the same thing. I hope it fits. I have my back cover but no phone yet. Fyi, proclip/brodit are getting the docks in stock in January.
  • Where is the red one for crying out loud??? The only COLOR cover we got and you decide "oh well, who cares"???
  • Dude, chill. We dropped $220 on those cases for your amusement. Let's be a little grateful as we did say we'll try to get red (which is preorder). Good lord, some of you make this job tougher than it is...
  • Some?  We'll try harder... http://pocketnow.com/2013/02/07/microsoft-fans-are-killing-windows-phone​
  • Link doesn't work.  
  • Ah, Pocketnow doesn't allow links from other sites.  If you copy and paste the url it seems to work. Actually, it's hit-and-miss whether it loads for me... I dunno, web server weirdness.
  • I never said I wasn't grateful. Me reading this article is saying thanks to you and gets revenue to the company you work for. In the end you are getting paid because of me reading your stuff and that should be enough thanks for you. Don't be so easily offended. In this black and white (and grey) world live in we NEED a little color and it is depressing that you chose to skip it. Black (West) and white (Asia) colors are used at funerals and they make me feel sad :'(
  • Daniel is right though. you shouldn't complain because he didnt get your preferred color.
  • But he ordered two white ones! Instead of ordering another white one he could've ordered a red one instead! Sorry Daniel, you know we love ya!!
  • ...and I even point that out in the video. And the article. And say we're going to order it. I mean, I could have ordered just one color for one device too.
  • The comments on this site kill me xD Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh, I thought you said in the video that "red wasn't your thing". There I got the impression that you made the video for yourself. I could be mistaken of course.
  • Dan, try to ignore such critics.
    For some of "those people", this IS their entire world. Case studies and research papers are written about such folks. Thanks to advancements in medicine and alternative treatment methods (and gov't cutbacks), those folks are now interacting within society almost harmoniously. I say "almost".
    So, just smile and carry on.
  • ttThat's the problem with todays internet bunch. Just look at the comments at the other Windows webside, that posted a private, fan made unboxing of a Mozo cover. The people went crazy because he didn't try to scratch his own privat case with a screwdriver, or cut the leather in two pieces just to test if the leather is colored through and through. They thought it was an official review of the webside and expected that the side would have received the covers for free from Mozo. So you know what they expect from you. Hurry and get a screwdriver and maybe some acid too. ;) BTW thanks for the video. :)
  • Wade into the comments to complain about the gig, that's the way to handle unreasonable random people on your site alright!
  • Ordered the red and gold, but I am seriously tempted by the look of the brown.
  • Is there a video of red one anywhere?
  • Will Microsoft stores ever stock these and save us the ridiculous shipping charges and wait time?
  • Probably.  They stock all kinds of accessories and third party products.
  • I have ordered a black one for my 950 XL, but now I kind of want a brown also, hmm, first world problems.
  • I hope they make colorful cases to match the previous Lumia colors, like green, cyan, red and yellow. To me those were amazing, specially the mate ones. Some may disagree but to me those are nicer than this leather ones.  
  • So, anyone other than Mozo on-board with this stuff? I really don't want leather. It sounds like the plastic offerings are going to be quite a ways off for them as well, and I'd hate to have to roll without a case while waiting on Mozo. The other problem I have is that they seem to offer 0 extra protection. The $5 gel case I got for my 920 sticks out in the front so the glass isn't ever touching another surface, and I would want that with a case for my 950 (or XL, depending on which I get). They look fancy, and good for fans of the 930 (I didn't like the metal band) and leather. I'm more of a polycarbonate guy, I love my 920's look and feel, so I'd aim for a similar material with my replaceable back. I suppose I'll have to go look around. I know someone mentioned an Otterbox-like Amzer offering, but I'm not a clumsy person, so something that bulky might be unnecessary for my use. I'd like something that allows my phone to look nice, the gel case on my 920 is scuffed really badly after 3 years, and it's quite boring to look at. I imagine the 950 XL will look like a giant 830 with a plastic offering from Mozo, I wouldn't totally hate that in orange (but, again, I worry about protection).
  • Satisfying you on anything is a tough job I must say :D
  • Honestly, it isn't. I just know what I'm looking for, but once you get into that general area, it's not too tough. I don't think "plastic" is an unrealistic request. It's more that I express ideal preferences. If they did a polycarbonate with the metal, it wouldn't be a dream case, but I'd have no major qualms--I am just not too fond of light metal coloring. But plastic and offers some screen protection are all I'm really looking for. After that, I'm just indecisive. I've gone back and forth on getting the 950 on AT&T (possibly more expensive, but I could get it quickly) or the 950 XL (more immediate money, cheaper long-term, but might have to wait a month to get something). Both have some software disappointments (no double-tap to wake or Dolby audio), but neither is a problematic device for me by any means--except when it comes to a decision. Really, I'm just thorough in explaining a position. It makes me come off as (in addition to long-winded) very critical and demanding, but I'm mostly not. I get irritated by stupid business practices (Microsoft charging $550 for a 950 and $100 for a Dock, then giving the Dock free with the $650 XL...dumb), but from a product standpoint, I'm pretty accepting.
  • There were also the Krussel ones announced, I think those were wallet folio types.
  • Tried looking on Krusell's site, no mention of the 950 or XL, sadly.
  • http://www.krusell.se/en/products/mobile/microsoft/designed-for-microsoft-lumia/ Looks like they have a couple of options for the 950, and just the Foliowallet for the 950XL.  No mention of whether they work with NFC or Qi though.   I would assume not, as they look more like the type of case that snaps over the original phone back instead of replacing it.
  • Weird, they don't have have the 950 or XL in the drop-down filter list. NFC and Qi can work through cases, at least Qi definitely can--people tested this with the DT-900 when the 920 came out, and they'd do things like put the charger on the bottom side of a (presumably thing) table and charge the phone on the tablet's surface. Neither of those does much of anything for me, though. The Boden doesn't seem to offer any protection, and I just don't care for flip cases. That said, the flip case's kickstand feature might be kind of cool in some situations. If the Boden DOES offer some frontal protection, then I'd just wish it to have some color options.
  • They don't protect the screen, because it aint a real cover, but a replacement of the backside battery cover. There leather flip-cover, which also replaces the back, also protects the screen. ATM Mozo is the only official partner. But if you take a look of there shop, you'll see that there will be some other options in time. :)
  • Yeah, that really sucks. I guess I'll be looking around for unofficial partners. Spending $50-60 to get no protection is crazy, IMO, and I don't care for flip covers (kills the concept of Glance, and they're cumbersome and bulky). Like I said, the gel case on my 920 wraps around to  the front just slightly, which keeps the glass from contacting other surfaces. That's what I'd prefer to have, in terms of style, though the case is really bland and scuff-prone (for $5, I'm not disappointed in it).
  • Got my "iron man" colored cover BEFORE I got the phone :/
    Never been this hyped before...
  • I'm interested to see how that trim looks after a few drops.
  • I'm pretty sure that it will look much better than an iPhone after a few drops :P
  • Not even kidding. I "dropped" and iPhone on pavement from a height of half an inch. Scratched and knicked the metal to all hell, it was unbelievable. Half. An. Inch. lol
  • Mostly I wonder whether the trim is "coated", and if so, how it will wear over time. Will a few drops leave obvious nicks where the "metal" is chipped away? Will it wear down in spots where you always grip it, or as a result of being in your pocket? The Nokia polycarbonate bodies seemed to really hold up well, and the color was uniform all the way through- so you never worried about flaking.
  • what were you doing so close to the pavement? Long night out? :P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • nah, literally picking up. iphone is so flat and thin though with rounded edges that as my 'claw hand' was grasping it slipped half an inch. That was enough to scuff it and scratch the metal.
  • ah, so I guess it wasn't actually pavement then. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, after a few drops you just take the back cover off and put another. Done, your smartphone is new again. Try do this with an iPhone...
  • ^this
  • Yes because we'd love to spend that amount of money every couple of months. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I too would like to know if it adds enough protection that an additional cover is not required.
  • I mean, it depends if you're a clutz or not, lol. I never use cases on Lumias. Galaxy S6 Edge? iPhone 6/6Plus? Oh, definitely.
  • No need... You can always replace it.... Cases are for phone with bodies that cannot easily be replaced... The phone is tough enough... You can shatter a screen with any case... The finish was the eyesore outside of the screen... #StopFuckingUpPhonesWithCases
  • My 1520's body can't be easily replaced and I'm yet to use a case on it. Guessing I can't really expect that kind of robustness with the new Lumia's. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We need the Microsoft logo on these
  • This ^
  • Do the US based Microsoft stores carry these beautiful cases..?  
  • I'm sorry,  those are eight kinds of ugly.
  • Aren't you happy you have a choice, and there's the possibility of other designs in future? Most device makers expect us to be satisfied with yet another metal wannabe
  • Then brown is so fresh, refined, and premium. That is one that will stand out... One would say it does not work but would not be able to stop looking at it... You work it like a real boss... That brown case makes the 950/xl the best looking phone I have seen in years. It is not cold and snobbish... But rather warm and quite lovely... I almost want to the buy the phones even more...
  • Thank you for writing exactly the comment I was about to write ;-)
  • Yeah I think it looks very classy. Got mine ordered. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The brown one with the Microsoft logo "pressed" on the center would be just awesome :)
  • They all would (heh heh)
  • I'm here waiting for someone to release a red polycarbonate back cover with windows logo on the middle. I have a red lumia 920 to replace... but have to admit, that cognac one looks really good.
  • Just order the red leather one with the gold metal look. And if it's to feminine, just think about it as "iron man" colored, like someone here called it. ;)
  • Almost makes it look like an ICON/929/930 in white with the silver/wana-be-metal band around it....
  • Ordered a Mozzo cover for my 950 XL that is on it's way.  I liked the looks of the brown with white stitching as well and that is the one I ordered. 
  • Unforunately, the Microsoft stores do 'not' have this product....dam, will wait ..  
  • When I look at my 950XL edge on with the original case, the metal bezel that surrounds the camera lens area is protected from whatever surface you put the phone down on by the plastic hump that meets the metal bezel because the plastic hump is taller than the metal bezel and the glass protecting the camera lens.  It looks like the Mozo case dispenses with the additional height thus exposing the metal bezel directly to whatever surface you put the phone down on while also bringing the protective glass for the actual camera lens closer to the underlying surface. The metal bezel is slightly taller than the protective glass which may be sufficient to keep the glass off any flat surface you put it down on.  However, the distance between any surface and the protective glass is halved by the Mozo case.
  • Am I the only person who feels like there is a noticeable hype about the MS flagship phones?.. Never seen this much push and support during the Nokia days.. May be it's just my thought .. it's definitely a good sign I think
  • I've not seen anything that I'd call "hype".  I HAVE seen some websites insist on referring to these two devices as "flagship".  I'd call them high-end, but certainly not flagships.  I think Microsoft has, overall, been fairly lukewarm in their promotion.  Why?  Because they KNOW neither of these devices really brings anything dramatic to the fight with competition and that their operating system is clearly flawed. 
  • Thats because you spend time on windows friendly sites. Other mobile sites have a single mention and that's it. There is nothing great about these phones. They are for the fans and that's it. Definitely not recommending Lumia to any friends or family. I will wallow in disappointment alone. Posted from my Note 5
  • I disagree completely. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Here in Germany quite a few (non windoes fokused) sites are talking about the phones. Not all articles are positive, but there is a lot more fuzz than with the old phones.
  • Are the brown and black covers the same thickness? The stitching makes the thickness deceiving since there doesn't appear to be a curved edge like the black cover. Is the black leather more supple, or does it seem thinner or have padding behind it? I'm basically curious if it feels like a firm cushion or more like an old-school camera.
  • It is little thicker than the stock ones. http://i.imgur.com/VYOd04U.png​
  • So these covers weigh a little more than the stock ones, but are they bigger/thicker?
  • I was wondering about the microphone holes. I beleive the 950XL has 5 holes at the top and at the bottom for the microphones and these replacement backs have only 1. Does this impact sound quality when recording?
  • True story: 4 of those holes are faux ;) Seriously, they have a cover over them on the inside. The 'five holes' are a design element, not functional.
  • Oh wow.
  • Design element? Can this desing be more ugly with or without this holes? Big fail for me. Waiting almost two years to replace my 930 and what? Plastic phones, and not even plastic. My old 1020 is plastic, but single pice. That is terrible. Drop it and it splits on two. Mozo did not make any difference to cover ugly design of camera humps on both 950's.  
  • I love those but I have one question, wont you buy a case for the phone which will cover the back cover and protect the screen when you drop the phone?
    Do those covers offer any protection for the phone?
  • They also over leather flip cases, with the same colors, that also replace the back aswell.   Personally I don't use extra protection on my phones. I carry them in a smartphone-wallet combo and never have dropped a phone while using during the last 15years. *knocks on wood*
  • "cow leather"? No thank you. I won't be spending a dime in animal killing and cruelty. Shame on Mozo and on Microsoft for supporting this. Boycott fur and leather
  • So, are you a vegetarian? ;)
  • Narrow minded much?
  • Moooooo......
  • Yes. Shame on them for having an entirely different opinion than you!
  • So no leather shoes, leather sofa, belt, etc for you? Good for you!
  • Tempted to get two just to make up for the one he's not getting
  • This^ Love it. I did order 2 prior to this... I dedicate my second case to luisvase.
  • Ahahahaha!
    Why do you object to killing animals?
    Seriously though.
    When we kill a cow we use the meat, the coat, the hoofs, the tail, and the horns. All that's left are the bones that can be used as well.
    We also kill the cow using a spear at times.
    You should come visit and participate. Posted from my Note 5
  • I wonder why we care so much about animals yet have no problem with human abuse ... I mean, look around what you are using today - clothes, shoes, electronics - most of it is made in China in overcrowded factories where people are being pushed over the limits ... not mentioning precious metals in electronic devices mined in Africa by kids. Are animals better than those people?
  • Soooo... We should stop buying phones and laptops....
  • So once the cow is eaten we should throw away the rest of it? Kind of a waste don't you think? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am a vegetarian and can totally respect that. On the other hand, have you ever watched a documentary about the production of digital devices like phones, the rare elements they need to use, where those come from and the "blood" those are covered in? Or a documentary about the slavery like work in China and the environmental pollution the production causes around those fabrics?
  • I'll stick with the standard Microsoft case. Btw the Lumia 950XL's camera design is so much better
  • In your opinion. I'm the complete opposite, I think the camera hump on the XL is ugly compared the the 950.
  • Most people don't like the 950 camera ring. You're in the minority for sure but of course it's your preference. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For me it depends. I love the big black one of the XL with the white leather cover. But the silver ring looks awesome with the brown one. https://youtu.be/dDWhzNojYng?t=2m37s
  • Just placed My order For the 950xl. Shipping date is from no November 28.but it will not be like the band 2 from uk..got it 2 days. No, it will be shipped in 5/7 days (free of charge ) or slightly earlier if I pay 13 euro. I went for the free of charging ... But question is why so long? They don't have in stock in Italy? Anyway only goodie is the dock!
  • While the cases look good, I have a hard time paying another $50+ for a case for a phone I just spent $650 on.
  • Def be getting one of these when I get my 950XL. Adding the metal looking sides is a huge improvement and gets it looking like my sweet 930. Hopefully they release some standard green and cyan ones. Not a hundred percent sold on the leather. Never rated the LGs with leather backs. Looks a little tacky to me.
  • Very gorgeous back covers. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Daniel, the standard 950XL back has an array of microphone holes top and bottom. If I remember correctly, those holes, as in the 1520, are key to the directional sensitivity of the audio in video recordings. The Mozo case does not have them. I wonder, therefore, if the Mozo cases will reduce audio quality in video recordings.
  • The Mozo case does have them
  • Actually, based on the photos on the company's website there is a single hole at the top and bottom, which will obviously block most of the holes for the microphone array.
  • Actually, 4 out of 5 of the holes are fake on the XL. It's design only. There is only one. I'll put a photo on twitter.
  • So here's the thing and I'll follow up on this with an article. There is not 10 mic holes on the Lumia 950 XL (5 on top, 5 on the bottom) there are just two on the back and two in the front. 4 out of 5 of the holes are covered on the inside of the cover. No joke. It's for design, not function.
  • Enlightening! Thanks.
  • Sure thing. Refresh this article, you can the images of what I am referring to
  • Make a cool superman one and other licensed versions.  I'm sure ironman could loook good.
  • I like the stock look and feel of the 950. My friend, a diehard iPhone user, actually thought the 950 looked really nice.
  • Funny how that works, right? I've seen more interest/praises from non-Windows Phone users, which is odd.
  • Same here. We are a confused bunch...
  • Maybe iPhone users get fed up of metal or they're sick of holding a case most of the time :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ASK them (because I'm tired of doing so) why my order from last month still hasn't arrived.  Thanks!
  • @Daniel how thin is the side of the covers ? More or less than 830 ..? Thank you :)
  • yeah, pretty similar
  • For once no one is asking "when in India" and I think I know why ;-)
  • lmao, no comment
  • Smart ;-)
  • Hah =)
  • I like it. Bit pricey though. Hopefully there will be other without NFC and wireless charging to keep the cost down. That pimple on the tan leather would be a reason for return for me. The cow is not too blame, neigher the mosquito biting the cow but the quality manager letting it go through...
  • Good u mentioned about the material...its made out of cow leather...am opposing and manufacturing should be stopped....
  • Im all about using all of the cow. About to get a new chest freezer to throw half a butchered cow in.
  • Let's discuss this over a steak.
  • Aged and medium rare please. Thanks.
  • Well, the cows are killed to feed the world and the leather is a by-product. It would be silly not to use it. But, Dan kindly gave the warning on video that these are not for those who object. Choices! Mine will be medium but marinated in Jack Daniels, please.
  • At 60+ Euros you need a gel cover or something else to protect the Mozo back.
  • I bet if feels like my hp envy laptop, maybe if you have one you can understand what I mean, it feels cold like metal but kind of bland like plastic, it is a really confusing feeling and some people say its aluminum but I'm sure it isn't, and it most likely is some variant of this vacuum coated thing here maybe its the best balance? looks and feels premium but can also absorb hits like plastic, and it also feels like it discharges some static as you slide your hand over it sometimes :P
  • I saw somewhere that they add support to PMA in addition to qi, can you confirm that? seems plausible since the att version has both
  • Hell Yeah Dan!
  • So for $50 you can make your cheap looking 950 or 950XL look like a cheap looking Samsung Galaxy. Cool.
  • Id like a flip cover with wallet thing.
  • I believe Mozo offers them for these devices, vertical fold.
  • I take the brown as soon as it is back on sale.
  • I've ordered the black one and the brown one for the 950 XL that I should have by mid-December. I'm in Australia and ordered them from MobileZap, which is based in England but has a .com.au web site that does everything in AU$.  They have local web sites in the UK, US and 28 other countries as well. They ended up being about AU$10 cheaper than they would have been direct from Mozo. I also ordered a black one for my boss' 950 (he bought me a Surface 3 earlier this year through the company so it's the least i can do) and a Krussel Boras wallet cover for my 950 XL (for those times I may want extra protection for the screen) and shipping was AU$29.
  • More holes for faux design deceiving users into thinking that 950XL might have better HAAC recording than 950. I wish companies would stop doing that and become more transparent about intricate details like camera, filming, screen quality/glass protector and audio which might matter a lot to some people spending premium on devices. Ofcourse, these are just the few areas. Ideally I'd like hem to pay attention to each and every detail to deliver a premium product and then be vocal about it.
  • Some Mercedes cars have faux exausts on the rear bumper because that looks cool and premium. Some faux people have expensive phones because that makes them look premium.
  • Pretty much every car manufacturer does that.
  • Thanks for ordering all the brown leather... They're sold out now! :(
  • so cows killed ugly cover. wow poor cows.
  • Seems . . . flashier.
  • some how they still doesn't look good
  • Maybe this is what MS actually planned after all..? Customizing your phone. But I wish MS include these beautiful back cases bundled with the phones with that price range..
  • I hope to see the Mozo flip cover fore sale soon: http://www.mozoaccessories.com/shop/index.php/default/lumia-950-phone-ca...
  • Found a Mozo Leather Flip cover I have never seen before: https://www.komplett.no/img/p/2400/3068c99e-5ee9-d521-6dda-f1771c30b35c.jpg
  • Man that looks sweet! More choices dang it
  • Can't wait to get one of these. I guess it's best to get the phone first though I guess
  • I'm definitely getting one for my XL.
    They do look sweet.
  • What about the freaking flip cover ones? The brown flip cover is the case I want for my Lumia 950xl because it adds screen protection. It also looks like it folds out of the way of the camera. That's the one gripe I had about the leather folio case for my 1520.
  • The lack of Microsoft logo on these covers is a deal breaker for me.
  • +950
  • I'd love to have a custom fully metal cover of the 950 XL.
  • What is that tiny zit-like bump on the brown case just right of the camera housing?
  • Moo! (genuine cow leather)
  • Strange that, wherever you go in the world the cows sound the same, just no accents!
  • Honestly dont understand he "cheap phone" sentiment. About 85% of the "premium built" iPhones and Samsung devices I see are wrapped in cases anyway. The ones that aren't tend to have smashed screens or are scratched to s#!t.
  • If you live in Norway, Sweden or Denmark they sell these at Komplett.no/.se/.dk. In Norway I think Komplett have free shipping, so it will be cheaper then buying them directly from MOZO.
    At Komplett.no they also show some models that are not on the MOZO site yet.
    The newest one I have not seen before is the black leather cover with black sides, instead of the silver. That one look very good.
  • Leather looks nice, but how it will look after two or three months of intensive use?
  • Don't be a Bozo, buy your phone a Mozo!
  • Should have been called MooZoo :)
  • Gotta say, seeing the devices in person really makes all the difference. In pictures, the 950's backside looks like an Emerson Research stereo from 2006, but it looks more decent than that in RL. Still, I opted for the black XL. It also feels better than it looks, feels kinda like the LG Optimus tablet if it was a bit more refined and had tighter corners. Having solid metal buttons and windows logo really brings out that feel. Also, the screen absolutely is blowing me away on the XL. Switch theme to emerald coloring, and bask in the hue(y) goodness. Also, that core and ram config is nuts. 60fps in survival craft, or 30 fps for max distance as far as the eye can see. Got down to 6fps by creating massive explosions rendering +500 items and pixels at once, but it wasn't easy at all. Furthermore, the device merely got toasty-warmer than warm, but comfortably hot, nothing like the blistering heat of the 920, and ONLY when taking it to the limits. Another thing of note- in games, the first thing to go will be the disk, not the memory. And that's a full load. 99% disk, 101+ 101 Mb RAM. So it still had a bit of RAM left over for background OS function. 9.7/10 would highly recommend over the 92x-1020 range of phones. Especially the XL for post processing pictures.
  • Why Mozo didn't put the Microsoft silver logo to identify for everyone including someone who doesn't know Microsoft Devices that this is actually a Microsoft device.
  • Not having the Microsoft logo or name is keeping me away from the covers. Phone already looks cheap
  • CYAN, YELLOW, ORANGE and Pantone 376C - in leather or pleather - please!
  • For now I'll stick with skinomi.. Always gives the device a nice look. http://ep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-38148694942392/microsoft-lumia-950-matteskin-...
  • These covers look interesting. However, ultimately, I would prefer a cover from SPECK, with their characteristic rubber front-edge that protects the screen when the phone is placed face down. If you would like a cover from SPECK, try sending email to their Custome Service: customerservice@speckproducts.com
  • According to Mozo site. The brown leather back is sold out for both 950 and 950 xl for next couple weeks.. Glad I already ordered.
  • Dan, I really feel kind of sorry for anyone running a Windows centric site like you. For some masochistic reason, I get drawn into reading comments and it really is so depressing. I honestly thought that with my business, I dealt with the most anal, picky, people in the world. But it does not hold a candle to the complaining and anality of those posting on MS sites. And I am not even talking about the trolls-but the so called fans. For example these backs are incredibly elegant and I might just have to get a phone just for the back. And if the craftmanship and fit and detail are as good as they appear to be, they look like they are very reasonably priced. I have come to the conclusion that MS fans or users will never, ever be happy with any price. And for that reason, perhaps MS should abandon the consumer market. And why in the world would one want a shiny silver MS logo on something like this is beyond my understanding. 
  • Yeah dude totally agreed ita incredible how much the peasants bitch about price they won't even pay $5 for an app they use every day without moaning about it not being free
  • For me, these cases save the 950. The white one though, I can imagine it'll look filthy after a few weeks.
  • I think they look great! Particularly the stitched brown leather! The only things I miss with the look are the shiny silver Windows logo, and the small Zeiss logo. See, this is actually one of the big advantages of the older, removable back system. You can customize it how you like, and that customization is not permanent. Yes, you can get leather backed Android phones, but that's permanent and that leather will almost certainly wear out before the phone does, and then what? In the case of these Lumias, when that happens, you just get a new back and presto. Or you can get several backs, and just switch off whenever the mood strikes. And with great backs like these with serious materials, I think it's a great situation! So yeah, I really like them!
  • Thanks Daniel and Mark :) nice video presentation of the unboxing and overview of the fitting... will definitely be interested to see how the vacuum deposited metal holds up and if the leather ages... i love that box - thats a really nice touch with the paper inside; very nice.  
  • White XL mozo case looks incredible what an improvement!
  • "Substantial," not "substantive." Completely different meanings.
  • These cases are so gorgeous! 
  • Did anyone else have issues with their covers? I got my case delivered by UPS at noon and I picked up my 950XL from the MSFT store in Square One, in Mississauga, Ontario, this morning. I put the microSIM + microSD card in and within 6 hours the case had cracked twice, once near the headphone jack and the once at the bottom right corner. The phone hasn't been dropped, knocked around or anything like that (I just spent $959 CAD on it for goodness sake!), so I'm VERY surprised and very disappointed. I emailed Mozo to see what they can do about it, but I'm totally bummed. I'm not sure if WC will let me post a link to the pic (I don't think I can embed a pic), but here's the link to the picture of the crack in the corner of the case on onedrive.  
  • Any creaking noise like the original case?
  • I'd really would have liked to see WC intentionally try to scratch the leather and edging with a key or other semi sharp object.  Curious if that leather is colored through or just a shallow stain.   Also, that plastic trim concerns me.  That's a really narrow band.  Will this plastic have the strength to withstand a drop from a foot off the ground, let alone 4 feet, without shattering into pieces?   Anyway, that's what I'd like to see done on a "review".   What Dan did is just not very helpful in deciding whether these will hold up for a year, or just a month and worth the money.     One last thought, that brown one looks nice but I would bet money that stitching will be frayed in weeks of inserting it in and out of your pocket.  
  • cool covers, just noticed there is no lanyard on these phones? I was hoping to replace the 1020 by the 950, I got so used to the lanyard!
  • Folks I think these fancy leather covers  make the MS Lumia 950/950XL smart phones really look like expensive Flagship smartphones. Microsoft was wise to get third parties to make them for these smart phones. a lot of reviewers did not give the 950/950XL high scores however have some Faith Windows smart phone fans because the Windows 10 mobile OS will improve and get more features. More Universal Apps from Microsoft and Developers are coming. Folks Developers already see the power of the Contimuum feature and will make  Microsoft Universal Apps to take advantage of it. Windows smart phones are not dead they are reborn through Windows 10 mobile and will become respected.
  • I'm liking what i see with the Mozo cases and would love to Red one from Santa (ie. wife) for Christmas.   What I'm looking to understand is if i can somehow afix the iOAuto badge to the case and still get the Qi wireless charging?        
  • Do these covers protect the screen in any way?
  • Been a few reports about the camera button not working on the lumia 950XL with a Mozo case installed, Any problems with your Mozo cases Dan?
  • Picked up a Lumia 950 XL at the Windows store on 5th avenue in NYC yesterday. Have to disagree with the "universally agreed" opinion that it looks and feels cheap. The front is all glass and the back is light plastic, it seems that if Microsoft makes it heavier everybody calls it a brick and if they make it light it is suddenly cheap. You can put this phone in the inside pocket of a suit jacket and it doesn't look like you are carrying a concealed weapon. Will get the Mozo cover because they look very smooth, not because the phone looks "cheap". I needed a dual sim phone, with a great camera and the option to watch Netflix on a big screen without being limited to the 4 Gig tethering allowed in my phone plan (thank you for Continuum!) 
  • With the original case, my 950XL gets quite hot when charging wirelessly.  Is this normal?  Have you tried wireless charging with Mozo on?  Thanks.
  • Daniel, After some time with them, do you notice any flex/creakiness at the edges like the stock backs seem to have?  
  • hows the heat on the 950xl with this case.  I noticed mine with the standard backing gets pretty warm.  does this help at all?
  • For anyone ordering from the US and not used to high sales taxes, be prepared to add 24% to your entire order *and* shipping cost. I'm posting this for informational purposes. Just something to bear in mind. I'm placing an order for two of these right now, and the total is coming to €111.9​0 (about $121.81)
  • I just ordered mine for $46.98. At first, I wanted a white leather one, but then thought about a black leather. In the end, I ordered the brown leather. I was trying to wait to see if the price would go down on the Mozo site. Instead, I just found it elsewhere for not much cheaper, but cheaper, nonetheless.
  • I want the brown one... But no store in sweden have them...
  • Would the red Mozo leather case best match the Surface 3 type cover in red or bright red?