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Hang up your headphones with the NZXT PUBG Pan Puck and enjoy your chicken dinner

NZXT and PUBG teamed up to announce the new Pan Puck, which is essentially a PUBG version of the NZXT Puck. The Puck is a headphone holder and cable management aid. You simply attach this accessory to your case using the built-in magnets and you can prevent cables and headphones cluttering up your desk.

Because this Pan Puck is part of NZXT's CRFT line of custom products, there's only going to be 2,000 units made — it'll make the perfect gift for the PUBG fan in your household this holiday season, especially if they already have the PUBG H700 case. Just don't try and cook anything on the pan.

$29.99 at NZXT

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