Happy 1st Birthday Windows Phone 7

This week marks the week when Windows Phone was officially released in Europe last year. The platform has turned one and boy what a year it has been! We've gone through two updates since launch, NoDo (opens in new tab) and Mango (opens in new tab), and the future looks bright with Nokia coming on board.

It's been a year, how do you think Windows Phone has done so far, and what are you looking forward to most next year? Happy Birthday Windows Phone (opens in new tab). Feel like reliving some memories? Click here to see our coverage a year ago of the Windows phone 7 launch.

Thanks TheWeeBearUK for the image!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Happy Birthday Windows Phone :p
  • Happy bday WP7! Hopefully you'll see many more.
  • It is really being a year? I swear it was november.
  • It was october in Europe and Novemebr in the US.
  • Happy bday WP7! I was at my T-mobile store on launch day getting my hd7. It was great day leaving punk android! Today Im as happy as I was when I got it even more so! Looking foward to Nokia bringing some heat!!
  • HBD Windows Phone!! Can someone make a comparative of Android vs WP7 in the first year? Thanks
  • I think windows phone has done very good for itself. We aren't perfect yet but we are better then most were in one year. I think that the focus S should have been released on more then one carrier just like the galaxy 2. They need to put most phones across most carriers. It makes no sense how at&t has the focus s, focus flash, and the titan. Hopefully tmobile users and can see some of these phones. I just pray that the Nokia searay/Lumina comes out for something else other than at&t. The radar isn't enough to hold people on tmobile who want a flagship device. Lets not forget that they need to step the advertising up a bit but it seems like they are starting to do that already so lets just wait a bit. Other then that this is one of the most beautiful and stable OS in the world.
  • Happy Birthday. I think after Mango WP7 has become at least equal to Android and iOS in terms of functionality, and has easily surpassed Android in terms of usability, polish, stability, etc. It is perhaps on par with iOS, but of course there are some other things they need to work on. Marketing is the biggest thing lacking, with many store reps not even knowing that WP7 is any different from windows mobile 6.5 (seriously, it's very sad). Hopefully with windows 8 (which I've been playing around with) people will go for WP7 a bit more. In any case, there are alot of things to look forward to.
  • I'm afraid people won't go for WP7 after using Windows 8 - they will go for WP8 :-D
  • Hahahaha well said... I'm a little worried about the naming convention there, considering that the number after the "Windows phone" might change. I think in the end they will just call it "Windows Phone", except that it will be version 7 or 8. We'll see soon enough.
  • i have had wm 6.5 and now with WM7 and Mango it is like hand with glove, it just fits so right on my SSfocus. I cant wait for the SSfocus S or the Nokia lines coming out. it was so cool to show my co-worker the other day my SSF, she asked WOW whats that. i then turned to explain the live tile feature on my phone. Yes many have the Andriod or the Ios iphone, but only because the are the THING to have, try the WM7 phone and see for your self that it is the best phone on the market right now.
  • That is exactly right. People buy android because other people already have it. The iphone is actually a great phone, but most android phones are horribly slow and laggy. As has been mentioned many times, even the store reps have no idea what WP7 is. They all look at mine and say "Woah, THAT'S windows phone 7?!" How sad, I hope they get their act together. This OS deserves users.
  • Happy Birthday Windows Phone long live \0/
  • ... and prosper!
  • Happy birthday!For me Windows Phone was born in March 2010 though (with first preview of DevTools :-)
  • Why are the android fanboys posting on here? Must be a good sign that the fanboys feel threatened. I'm all about wp7 and have never ever gone to or thought about going to an android site and complaining, since I in no way feel threatened. I'm sorry but using my friends phones before I had wp7 deterred me away from android. It is just so ugly with the grid icons and the OS is immensely fragmented and buggy. I had wm6.5 and I wanted a beautiful OS/UI and that's why I chose wp7 hands down after using iPhone and android. Android has been out for how many years? Wp7 is just now hitting the 1 year mark and they've done this darn good so far? Can't wait to see how far wp7 gets when it has been out as long as Android. Fanboys seem to forget that android has been out much longer than wp7... Maybe that's why they feel threatened.Happy b'day wp7. Keep kicking a** baby!
  • Microsoft is choosing it's moves regarding software very carefully, and at the very least I admire their caution. They have alot of smart people working for them, and I like that we can tell by looking at their software. I'm actually really excited to see what will come of all this. It has the potential to be pretty significant.
  • I'll wait until november to bake a cake.
  • And typically Microsoft doesnt even make a mention of this anywhere. However turn on your Xbox and there's an ad about the upcoming 1 year anniversary of Kinect. Tells you where their priorities are.
  • Sweet, happy birthday WP7, hopefully some good deals are coming our way.
  • lol theweebear would stick his avatar in the picture. hahaha
  • In Decemember 2010, I wandered into my local AT&T store and made them activate a LG Quantum for me to look at. I was just starting to do research for my wife and I so we could get really good devices at out next contract. True to form, the salespeople were showing me iPhone's and Androids, when I finally got them to help me. I played with the LG for over an hour, with a salesman and the Manager hanging out and learning right along with me. Not just one, but three fans were born that day. I am truly excited for WP, and WP8 will only bring better along with it on it's second B-Day. Right now, I just want a Mango in every carrier and a sales person in every store willing to support it for it's present.
  • Yeah, I work at a Walmart, and we just stopped carrying Windows Phones. I asked the Connection Center guy why, and he was like, "Because they're kinda... old." I responded, "Old? They came out (in Canada) less than a year ago!"He blinked a couple of times, and said, "Wait, what are you talking about?"I showed him my phone. He said, "THIS is the new Windows Phone? Damn."
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