Microsoft announces second-generation Surface Hub 2S coming later this year with new version of Windows

Surface Hub 2S
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has quietly announced that a second-generation Surface Hub 2S is on the way.
  • The new Surface Hub 2S is coming later this year, and ships with a new version of Windows dubbed "Teams Rooms."
  • Teams Rooms on Windows features a new UI and more collaborative and management controls. 

Microsoft has today announced that a second-generation Surface Hub 2S is on the way, and will begin shipping later this year with a new version of Windows dubbed "Teams Rooms on Windows." Not much else has been revealed about the hardware, though Microsoft says it will feature the same 50" and 85" design as the current Surface Hub 2S.

The company says that the existing Surface Hub 2S will continue to be supported until October 14, 2025, which is when support for the version of Windows it currently runs is set to end. Unfortunately, Microsoft says the new Teams Rooms on Windows update will only be made available for second-generation Surface Hub 2S devices.

The new Surface Hub 2S (Image credit: Microsoft)

I reported last year that Microsoft was gearing up to ship a new Surface Hub 2S cartridge codenamed Upward. The newly announced second-generation Surface Hub 2S looks to be that, which sources say features an Intel 11th-generation chip. It's currently unclear if Microsoft plans to sell the new cartridge standalone for existing Hub 2S customers to upgrade to.

The new version of Windows that will ship with the new Surface Hub 2S is called Teams Rooms on Windows, and is a major upgrade over the existing Windows Teams OS that Surface Hub 2S currently uses. It features a new user interface, which matches that of Teams Rooms for Android devices, along with more management options and better collaborative features.

Microsoft says it will share more about the new Surface Hub 2S later in the year, including availability and other hardware specifications. 

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