HARMAN and Microsoft partner up to offer Office 365 features in cars

Microsoft is betting that office workers will want to continue working with their Office 365 applications while they are driving their car. The company announced a partnership with HARMAN as part of CES 2016 that will hopefully result in cars that support Microsoft's productivity software features in HARMAN's infotainment systems.

HARMAN said:

"This collaboration is a first for Microsoft in the connected car space and represents a new emphasis on productivity within the car. With access to relevant Office 365 services through intelligent personal assistant software, drivers can complete tasks without compromising safety, including scheduling meetings, hearing and responding to emails, automatically joining conference calls without having to manually input the phone number and passcode, and seamlessly managing events and tasks throughout the day. Drivers will also be able to hold Skype calls and conferences when in park, or on the road with autonomous vehicles. In addition, with HARMAN's over-the-air (OTA) incremental update capabilities, the most current version of Office 365 will always be accessible to drivers."

There's no word yet on when these new Office 365 features will be include in HARMAN's car systems.

Source: HARMON

John Callaham