Has your Windows phone gotten an official update?

The following comment was posted yesterday on the "Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7, and their tag-team match with Android and iPhone" story.

... if you want a device that you are sure will have periodic upgrades look no further than Blackberry or IPhone, because you will not ever have many chances to upgrade Windows Mobile. The reason I believe this is because I have had at least 9 WM devices with not a single rom update available anywhere but XDA's hacked roms.

That got us thinking. We're not going to ask the commenter to back that up and list his nine phones that might or might not have received updates, but let's start a list of phones that have received official, carrier-sanctioned ROM updates. (And, no, we're not talking about through that joke of an on-board update system.) Gonna have to dig back, people. I'll start.

Has your Windows phone gotten an official upgrade?

Phil Nickinson

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