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Having trouble logging into Microsoft services? You're not alone.

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If you've had some trouble signing into any Microsoft services today, you're definitely not alone. Microsoft has acknowledged an issue with its authentication infrastructure that is impacting the ability for users to access Microsoft 365 services across the board.

From the Microsoft 365 status page:

User impact: Affected users are unable to authenticate to and access Microsoft 365 services.Current status: We've received reports of an issue affecting access to Microsoft 365 services. We've identified a degraded portion of infrastructure that manages authentication requests and have restarted that infrastructure to mitigate impact.

According to Microsoft, the issues started cropping up around 4:15 p.m. ET / 9:15 p.m. UTC. Down Detector, a site that reports on outages for a number of major web services, is also showing a spike on issues for Microsoft services ranging from Office 365 to Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more.

Updated January 29 at 6 p.m. ET: Microsoft has released further details on the status of its services and the impacted services. From Microsoft:

Customers that have their authorization cached are unaffected by this issue, and new authentications are succeeded approximately 50 percent of the time and rising.Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and other services that leverage Azure Active Directory (AAD) are also affected by this event.Current status: We've moved services to an alternate network provider and performed numerous targeted service restarts. Our telemetry indicates that service availability has improved significantly and most authentication requests are succeeding; however, we still are observing residual impact to some services. We're working to develop a remediation strategy for all remaining impact.

If you're experiencing problems accessing Microsoft services, there's not much you can do other than wait until the authentication issues are cleared up. Microsoft is expected to provide further status updates throughout the day.

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  • This is what happens when your head is stuck in the cloud.
  • I think this is more of an example of that new 'edgy computing' thing. You know, like the October update. Makes using Windows more exciting, who doesn't love that adrenaline hit when you go to open your documents? Woohoo, better than Vegas baby!
  • Yep,that one of the problems with the cloud, if the server goes down, you are stuffed.
  • Is this affecting update and the store also, my daughter's Go is having issues in both.
  • The Cloud sucks. You heard it here first
  • And I just thought it was a slow day...
  • It was CenturyLink's DNS that broke that caused the outage... Not rly Microsoft's fault. Made for an interesting evening for work though.
  • I don't know if it is related to it but I've noticed issues on syncing Cortana, To-do, Calendar app to Outlook Calendar website. Last night, I deleted a task on To-do and both Cortana and Calendar app don't show it; but it is still present in Outlook Calendar website.
  • I noticed that too , same scenario
  • Microsoft was not alone in this. My Android phone was refusing to sync for a entire day. I checked my Gmail from my computer and it wouldn't update my emails. It just started to work last night.
  • Does this affect Windows Update service because it's saying it couldn't connect. Of course I'm online if I'm able to post this so wondering what's down again...
  • I think there is a larger issue going on here. Multiple sites hosted under various services have been having "authentication issues" over the last several days. This includes services hosted by Microsoft, Amazon, and others. Reddit was down for nearly an entire day to most (just as an example). It is possible that there is either a large scale attack going on or an exploit has been found.
  • I just got off a chat with MS. It is a bigger problem across most builds. None of my 4 systems (Release 1803 through 1809 Fast Ring) can update or update/install store apps. They told me it is a larger issue they are aware of an trying to patch... someone really borked up the system somewhere.